Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Solid Waste―Determination of Mercury, Arsenic, Selenium, Bismuth, Antimony― Microwave Dissolution / Atomic Fluorescence SpectrometryHJ 702-20142014-11-1
Solid waste-Extraction procedure for leaching toxicity-Sulphuric acid & nitric acid methodHJ/T 299-20072007-5-1
Solid waste-Extraction procedure for leaching toxicity-Acetic acid buffer solution methodHJ/T 300-20072007-5-1
Solid waste - Determination of total chromium - Flame atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 15555.6-19951996-1-1
Solid waste-Determination of total mercury-Cold atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 15555.1-19951996-1-1
Solid waste-Determination of copper, zinc, lead, cadmium- Atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 15555.2-19951996-1-1
Solid waste - Determination of nickel - Flame atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 15555.9-19951996-1-1
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