Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Safety operation regulations for batch type recirculating grain dryerDB32/T 4194-2021
General technical specification for melt-solidified slag aggregate used in asphalt pavementDB32/T 4081-2021
Specification for production and evaluation of administrative law enforcement filesDB32/T 4181-2021
The technical specification of energy-saving for plate-tube heat exchangerDB31/T 1253-2020
Technical specification for performance testing of electrical energy storage system in smart grid—Part 3:Frequency regulation applicationDB31/T 1146.3-2019
Weishan patridge duckDB37/T 355-2020
Management specification for operation and maintenance of the public credit information platformDB32/T 4144-2021
KLD reflective insulation coating EIFS application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 181-2013
Technical specification for rain-proof and frost-proof cultivation of sweet cherryDB37/T 4169-2020
The norm of energy consumption for per unit product of tyreDB31/ 674-2020
Technical Regulations of Storage for Red Fuji AppleDB37/T 3237-2018
Management specification for the disinfection of dental impressions and modelsDB31/T 1325-2021
Specification for third-party environmental servicesDB31/T 1179-2019
EJ soil foam glass insulation system board application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 161-2013
General rules of potential hazards investigation & treatment for special equipmentDB31/T 1182-2019
Technical specification for plant protection on river or lake bank slopesDB32/T 3985-2021
Technical code of practice for propagation of oil palm tissue culture seedlingDB46/T 554-2021
Specification for cotton notarization inspection on laboratoryDB32/T 4090-2021
Technical specification for self insulation wall system of fired energy-saving brick made from urban and rural sludge (silt)DB32/T 4132-2021
Technical specifications for the operation and maintenance of wastewater on-line monitoring systemDB37/T 4079-2020
ZES glass foam insulation system application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 123-2013
KL reflective insulation coating inorganic thermal insulation wall insulation systems application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 097-2013
Diagnostic techniques for fowl adenovirus group Ⅰ infection Part 3:An indirect ELISA for detection of antibody against fowl adenovirus group Ⅰ serotype 4DB37/T 3128.3-2020
Intellectual property training and competency requirementsDB37/T 4293-2020
Emission standard of air pollutants for coal and sludge co-fired power plantDB31/ 1291-2021
Geographically Indicated Product Hainan Island SaltDB46/T 544-2021
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of natural finishing stones processingDB31/T 1181-2019
Technical requirements of instruments in network for earthquake monitoring.Geoelectrical meters. Part 1: Direct current meter for geoelectrical resistivityDB/T 29.1-2008
Security system requirements for critical facilities—Part 17:Places of custody and imprisonmentDB31/T 329.17-2019
Technical regulation for planting Lycoris Herb. under forest canopyDB32/T 4101-2021
Code for compiling preliminary design report of well-facilitated farmland construction projectDB32/T 3724-2020
Elevator emergency response service specificationDB32/T 4130-2021
Production Technique Criterion for Commercial duckDB37/T 381-2003
Technical regulation for cultivation of rice Suxiangjing 3DB32/T 3927-2020
Implementary guidelines of double safety prevention system of production safety for ammonia refrigeration enterprisesDB37/T 4283-2020
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of wafer fabrication in integrated circuitsDB31/ 506-2020
Management specification of voluntary service in children welfare institutionDB32/T 4083-2021
Technical regulations for water lily cultivationDB32/T 4102-2021
Construction specifications of industrial development zonesDB31/T 320-2020
Protocol of training and application for security guard dogDB31/T 1155-2019
Requirements on quality of tourism information & service center (point)DB31/T 491-2020
Requirements on service quality of revolutionary historical baseDB31/T 1126-2019
Calculation methods of refund quantity for gas metering faultDB31/T 1149-2019
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