Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
KLD reflective insulation coating EIFS application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 181-2013
Technical Regulations of Storage for Red Fuji AppleDB37/T 3237-2018
EJ soil foam glass insulation system board application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 161-2013
ZES glass foam insulation system application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 123-2013
KL reflective insulation coating inorganic thermal insulation wall insulation systems application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 097-2013
Technical requirements of instruments in network for earthquake monitoring.Geoelectrical meters. Part 1: Direct current meter for geoelectrical resistivityDB/T 29.1-2008
Precast Reinforced Concrete Small Bore Square Pile DBJT 08-106-2006
ZC static pile foundation rooted drilling application of technical regulationsDBJ/CT 179-2013
Operation specification for production technology of Cape Jasmine Fruit DB3201/T 113-2007
Ashley can create real gold plate EIFS application of technical regulations TPSDBJ/CT 172-2013
Agricultural socialization service―Part 7:TrainingDB21/T 2800.7-2017
CZ application of technical regulations thick insulation layer of putty wall insulation systemDBJ/CT 166-2013
General Atlas road inspection wellsDBJT 08-119-2015
Comprehensive prevention specification of birth defectsDB33/T 997-2015
Rules of Operation for the Artificial Hatch Technology of Chinese Soft-shelled TurtleDB34/T 1210-2010
Pre-tensioned prestressed concrete hollow plate (bridge) (Atlas)DBJT 08-101-2015
Technical specification of flower bed and border DBJ 08-66-1997
Classification and code of seismic observation item and observation item for earthquake precursorDB/T 3-2003
Assembly of integral concrete components Atlas (Atlas)DBJT 08-121-2016
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