Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Determination of hydrogen in sintered cobalt coreEJ/T 20146-2016
Standard for Design of Sodium - fast Neutron ProliferationEJ/T 20115-2016
measurement method for 235U enrichment of PWR fuel rod by gamma spectrometryEJ/T 686-2005
The liquefaction of uranium hexafluorideEJ/T 895-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron multiplication pile design criteria secondary circuit sodium purification systemEJ/T 20111-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteria cable laying and isolationEJ/T 20110-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteria accident analysis and safety criteriaEJ/T 20105-2016
Radiation grafting single alkaline battery separatorEJ/T 1240-2015
Rules for the preparation of geological records for hard rock type uranium deposits - Part 1: Drilling integrated histogram, exploration line profile, ore body longitudinal (horizontal) projectionEJ/T 20138.1-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteria one loop coolant systemEJ/T 20116-2016
Uranium and mine radiation protection and environmental protection design requirementsEJ 348-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteria steam generator protection systemEJ/T 20120-2016
Radiation staff personal monitoring managementEJ 943-2016
Determination of 13 kinds of impurity elements such as magnesium in cobalt powder and sintered cobalt core. ICP - AES methodEJ/T 20147-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron multiplication reactor operator license examinationEJ/T 20100-2016
Portable energy dispersive X - ray fluorescence analyzerEJ/T 684-2016
Specification for Distributed Monitoring System for Centrifuge Speed ??and Friction Power ConsumptionEJ/T 20126-2016
Uranium conversion plant fire protection design requirementsEJ/T 20098-2016
Radioactive material transport radiation protection programEJ/T 20122-2016
Estimation and Evaluation of Dose of Plutonium in Radiation WorkersEJ/T 308-2016
Uranium dioxide powder and pellets - Determination of uranium isotope abundance - Thermal ionization mass spectrometryEJ/T 973-2016
Determination of oxygen and nitrogen in cobalt powder and sintered cobalt coreEJ/T 20148-2016
Space thermal ion reactor nuclear power plant thermal ion fuel element design guidelinesEJ/T 20132-2016
Code for design of marine reactor containment and its systemsEJ/T 20130-2016
General requirements for state monitoring of shielded pumps for marine nuclear power plantsEJ/T 20131-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron proliferation reactor operator training and test simulatorEJ/T 20129-2016
Formulation and Correction of Operational Intervention Level in Reactor AccidentEJ/T 20121-2016
Determination of tantalum, thorium and hafnium in uranium dioxide and pellets - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometryEJ/T 1106-2016
740-liter UF6 containersEJ/T 350-1994
Detection and dose estimation of intraocular irradiation in fission products and activating productsEJ/T 942-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron proliferator design criteria sodium coolant quality controlEJ/T 20103-2016
Radiation cross-linked polyolefin foams - Part 2: Polypropylene foamEJ/T 1241.2-2015
Sodium cold fast neutron multiplication pile design criteria sodium fire safetyEJ/T 20114-2016
3 cubic-meter UF6 containersEJ/T 424-1994
Uranium fuel component manufacturing plant safety requirementsEJ/T 20128-2016
Sodium - cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteriaEJ/T 20117-2016
Design of core support structure for sodium - cold fast neutron multiplication pile design criteriaEJ/T 20101-2016
Uranium enrichment plant fire protection design guidelinesEJ/T 20099-2016
Data collection format and related requirements of personal dose for occupational exposure to nuclear industryEJ/T 726-2016
Determination of total gas in uranium dioxide pelletsEJ/T 897-2016
Radiation cross-linked polyolefin foams Part 1: Polyethylene foamEJ/T 1241.1-2015
Reactor characteristics and test methodsEJ/T 632-2016
Corrosion Testing in Autoclave of Zirconium and Zirconium alloysEJ/T 1028-2014
Design Criteria for Accelerated Fast Neutron Proliferation Pile Design and Fault ClassificationEJ/T 20107-2016
Sodium - cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteria one - way sodium purification systemEJ/T 20118-2016
Uranium processing and fuel manufacturing facilitiesEJ/T 20125-2016
Design Criteria and Control System for Na - fast Fast Neutron ProliferationEJ/T 20119-2016
1000-liter UF6 containersEJ/T 306-1994
Fluorescence trace uranium analyzerEJ/T 823-2016
Uranium enrichment plant design guidelinesEJ/T 20097-2016
Guidance on the estimation of resources / reserves for in - situ leachable sandstone - type uranium depositsEJ/T 1214-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criterion electric heating systemEJ/T 20109-2016
Method for Measurement of Uranium Contamination of PWR fuel rod surfaceEJ/T 733-1992
Design of shielding standard for sodium - cold fast neutron breeder reactorEJ/T 20104-2016
Specification for centrifugal cascade dedicated electric control valvesEJ/T 20127-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron multiplication reactor design criteria argon massEJ/T 20106-2016
Uranium mine ventilation and discharge radon technical requirementsEJ/T 359-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design guidelines radiation protection in the factoryEJ/T 20108-2016
Requirements on application of uranium hexafluoride cylinderEJ/T 307-2014
Determination of 90Sr in urine by HDEHP extraction chromatographyEJ/T 20124-2016
Energy dissipation around neutronsEJ/T 20123-2016
Sodium vapor fast neutron brecery reactor design criteria nuclear steam power conversion systemEJ/T 20112-2016
Sodium cold fast neutron breeder reactor design criteria structural system and component safety classificationEJ/T 20102-2016
Rules for the preparation of geological records for hard rock - type uranium deposits - Part 3: Metallogenic regularity and prospect forecastingEJ/T 20138.3-2016
Determination of carbon in nuclear-grade plutonium dioxide powder by high frequency combustion-infrared detection EJ/T 20142-20162017-3-1
Testing method for the thermal-stability of sintered UO2 pelletsEJ/T 689-20162017-3-1
Specifications of cobalt adjuster rod assembly used for CANDU-6 heavy water reactor EJ/T 20145-20162017-3-1
Design criteria of neutron measurement method for Plutonium inventory monitoring instrument for processes in reprocessing plant EJ/T 20139-20162017-3-1
Inspection method of the gap between pellets and plenum length in fuel rod of PWR by gamma ray transmission EJ/T 1092-20162017-3-1
Requirements of aerial monitoring of nuclear emergency EJ/T 20144-20162017-3-1
Determination of the trace uranium in nuclear-grade plutonium dioxide powder-by laser-fluoremetryEJ/T 20141-20162017-3-1
Determination of equivalent water content in the fuel rod-gas chromatography EJ/T 20143-20162017-3-1
Specification for series of geological maps on hard rock-type uranium deposits Part 2 : the Structure Outline Map EJ/T 20138.2-20162017-3-1
Determination of 241Am in nuclear-grade plutonium dioxide powder-by γ-spectrum EJ/T 20140-20162017-3-1
Containers for low and intermediate level radioactive solid waste- Steel drumEJ 1042-20142015-2-1
Classification for structures, systems and components of nuclear fuel reprocessing plantEJ/T 939-20142015-2-1
Quality assurance for nuclear fuel assembly fabricationEJ/T 868-20142014-10-1
Design criteria for independent spent fuel storage installation EJ/T 878-20112011-10-1
Physical protection of nuclear material and nuclear facilitiesEJ/T 1054-20072008-3-1
Criteria for design of uranium fuel element fabrication plants EJ/T 808-20072008-3-1
Cleanliness and cleaning of PWR fuel assemblyEJ/T 957-20072008-3-1
Testing method and environment condition for qualification of electrical equipment of the safety system in nulear power plantsEJ/T 1197-20072007-11-1
Design and Qualification of Class 1E Control Boards (Panels) and Racks Used in Nuclear Power PlantsEJ/T 574-20062007-5-1
核燃料后处理厂退役设计安全准则EJ/T 1201-20062007-5-1
Design Criteria for Installed Radiation Monitoring System in PWR Nuclear Power Plant BuildingsEJ/T 1180-20052005-7-1
Rules for Operational Radiation Protection in Nuclear Power PlantsEJ/T 270-20052005-7-1
Fire protection Criteria for Nuclear Power PlantsEJ/T 1082-20052005-7-1
Regulations for radiation protection for uranium processing and fuel fabrication facilitiesEJ 1056-20052005-7-1
The load ability test method for sintered uranium dioxide pellets EJ/T 687-20042004-12-1
Regulations of Individual Monitoring for X, γ Ray External ExposureEJ 1153-20042004-6-1
Concrete Radiation ShieldingEJ/T 1144-20042004-6-1
Design Criterion of Radiation ZoningEJ/T 316-20012002-2-1
Qualification of actuators for power--operated valve assemblies with safety--related functions for nuclear power plantsEJ/T 531-20012002-2-1
Design, Location and Application Criteria for Installed Area Gamma - Radiation Dose Rate Monitoring Equipment for Use in Nuclear Power PlantsEJ/T 707-20012002-2-1
Radiation in Nuclear Facilities-Centralized System for Continuous Monitoring of Radiation and/or levels of RadioactivityEJ/T 1097-19991999-4-1
Container for Low-and Intermediate-level Radioactive Solid Wastes Steel BoxEJ 1076-19981998-11-1
Design Criterion of Radiation Shield in the PWR Nuclear Power PlantEJ/T 317-19981998-9-1
The Grounding and Shielding Design Criterion for Instrumentation and Control Equipment in Nuclear Power PlantEJ/T 1065-19981998-9-1
Code on non-destructive test for mechanical equipmentsIn nuclear island of nuclear power plantsEJ/T 1039-19961997-5-1
Welding code for mechanical components of PWR nuclear islandsEJT1027.1~19-19961997-2-1
Welding code for mechanical components of PWR nuclear islandsEJ/T 1027.1~19-19961997-2-1
Packaging Container for Low- and Intermediate-level Radioactive Solid Wastes - Steel DrumEJ 1042-19961997-2-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve-Part 11: Electric actuator EJ/T 1022.11-19961996-8-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve-Part 15: Seismic identification test EJ/T 1022.15-19961996-8-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve-Part 7: Packing, transportation and storage EJ/T 1022.7-19961996-8-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve - Part 5: Technical conditions for austenitic stainless steel forgings EJ/T 1022.5-19961996-8-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve-Part 14: Stress analysis and seismic analysis EJ/T 1022.14-19961996-8-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve - Part 1: General rules for design and manufacture EJ/T 1022.1-19961996-8-1
PWR nuclear power plant valve-Part 22: Product cleaning rulesEJ/T 1022.18-19961996-8-1
Specification for Design of Ventilation and Air Purification of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing PlantEJ/T 938-19951995-11-1
Pressurized water reactor SG heat transportation tube principlesEJ/T 885-19941995-1-1
Nuclear-grade boron carbide - zirconium-2 pellets technical conditionsEJ/T 893-19941995-1-1
Pressurized water reactor SG heat transportation tube principlesEJ/T 885-941995-1-1
Safety Design Guidelines for Away-from-reactor Storage Pool Used for Spent FuelEJ 878-19941995-1-1
Regulations for Low and Intermediate-level Radioactive Waste Volume Reduction SystemEJ/T 795-19931994-5-1
Code numbers of nomenclature and classification of radioisotope productsEJ/T 804-19931994-5-1
Installed Personal Surface Contamination Monitors — Low-energy X and GammaEJ/T 709-19921993-6-1
Fire protection criteria of nuclear fuel reprocessing plant EJ 724-19921993-6-1
Containment Isolation Device for Fluid System after Loss of Coolant AccidentEJ/T 331-19921992-12-1
Fixed Monitoring Device for α and β Contamination on Individual SurfaceEJ/T 586-19911992-3-1
Radioactive Aerosol Contamination Meters and MonitorsEJ/T 587-19911992-3-1
Basic principles of sampling of living objects under monitoring of environmental radioactivityEJ/T 527-19901991-1-1
300000KW PWR nuclear power plant - Test requirements for motor-driven valve operating testEJ/T 396-19891989-10-1
The technical conditions of the fire-resistant high efficiency filter paperEJ/T 369-19891989-10-1
Design Criteria for Electrical Heating Insulation in Nuclear Steam Supply System of Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power PlantEJ/T 337-19881989-1-1
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