Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Pajamas FZ 81001-1991
Fabrics for protection against molten metal splashFZ/T 64083-2021
Woven resin lining BCFZ/T 64001-1991
Cotton face towels and bed sheets. Determination of length and width of piecesFZ/T 60024-1999
Textile Machinery - Warper Beam - Terminology and Main DimensionsFZ/T 90035-1992
Stretch cotton apronFZ 93005-1991
Cotton and acrylic blended grey fabricFZ/T 13047-2019
Energy audit method of textile enterprisesFZ/T 07017-2021
Sampling program of inspecting to production classification for grey yarnFZ/T 10016-1999
Cylindrical tubes. Dimensions, tolerances and designation of perforated tubes for cheese dyeingFZ/T 90107.7-1999
Silk Polyester Stretch Silk FabricsFZ/T 43042-2016
Spinning and twisting flat steel bead recipientsFZ 93002-1991
Marking and packing for gray pure cotton, pure chemical or blended fabricFZ/T 10009-1996
Wool, knitting wool test methodsFZ/T 70001-1991
Test method for identification of textile fibres. Comprehensive methodFZ/T 01057.11-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 81010-1999
The cotton spandex core of the SeshaFZ/T 12011-2011
Knitted thermal underwear flakes classFZ/T 73106-2000
The air spinning cotton yarnFZ/T 12001-1992
Cylindrical tubes. Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for continuous spin-drawn synthetic filament yarnsFZ/T 90107.5-1999
Polyester silk fabric simulationFZ/T 43002-1991
ComberFZ/T 93046-1997
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 20017-1999
Polyester filament ribbonFZ/T 63013-2021
Polyethylene / polyethylene terephthalate (PE / PET) whitening composite short fibersFZ/T 52047-2016
Printed and dyed cotton flanneletteFZ/T 14003-1994
Cotton and viscose yarn interwoven grey fabricFZ/T 13053-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01077-1999
Handkerchief FZ 62003-1991
Test method for identification of textile fibres -- IntroductionFZ/T 01057.1-1999
Insect Resistant Wool Textile Products FZ/T 20013-1996
Nonwovens spinneretteFZ/T 92082-2016
Scrim for filter mediaFZ/T 64082-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01074-1999
Technical specification for eco-design product assessment—recycled polyesterFZ/T 07015-2021
Acrylic blanketsFZ/T 61002-1991
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01078-1999
Textile machinery product packagingFZ/T 90001-1991
Test method for identification of textile fibres. Burning behaviorFZ/T 01057.2-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01084-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01075-1999
Determination method for blending ratio of silk and cashmere blended textilesFZ/T 01048-1997
Cotton/spandex elastic grey fabricFZ/T 13021-2019
Sewing threads of polyester drawn textured yarnFZ/T 63055-2021
Water-repellent,oil-repellent and stain-resistant cashmere knitting goodsFZ/T 24012-2021
Test method for physical properties of beltFZ/T 60021-2021
Technical specification for eco-design product assessment—Knitted gramentsFZ/T 07010-2021
Polyester sewing yarn qualitiesFZ 63001-1991
Knitted grey fabricFZ/T 72004.1-2000
Stainless Steel CylinderFZ/T 92065-1998
Carding machine rubbing sheetFZ 93006-1991
Spinning and twisting metal hookFZ 93003-1991
Waterbased pigment dispersion for spun-dying viscose fibersFZ/T 51016-2019
Test method for identification of textile fibres. Fibre melting pointFZ/T 01057.7-1999
TowelFZ/T 62006-1993
Corrected method for breaking strength of pure and blended products of cotton, chemical fibres to temperature and regain. Corrected method for breaking strength of grey yarns, dyed and finished yarnsFZ/T 10013.1-1999
Cylindrical tubes. Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for open-end spinning machinesFZ/T 90107.2-1999
Cylindrical tubes. Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for textured yarnsFZ/T 90107.4-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01082-1999
Cotton sheetsFZ/T 62001-1991
Silk Weft Knitted SilkFZ/T 43004-1992
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 92069-1999
Requirements for assessment of green factory in spun-dyed yarn industryFZ/T 07022-2021
Color system of textilesFZ/T 01099-2021
High modulus fibers -- Test method for tensile properties of single high modulus fiberFZ/T 50046-2019
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 93015-1992
Guides for energy efficiency assessment of textile enterprisesFZ/T 07016-2021
Polyester Grey Yarns for Sewing Thread FZ 63001-1992
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for dyeing machineFZ/T 07018-2021
Polyester wool and silk fabricsFZ/T 43003-1991
Pulp board for viscose fiber. Determination of alpha cellulose contentFZ/T 50010.4-1998
Flat screen printing rangeFZ/T 95013-1999
Textiles resistant dye bath of iron and copper in color fastness test methodsFZ/T 01089-2000
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01086-1999
Selenium-rich viscose staple fiberFZ/T 52056-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 95006-1994
Method for measuring the twist-setting effect of single yarnFZ/T 01056-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01085-1999
Recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate) partially oriented yarns FZ/T 54046-2020
Woollen knickerbocker cashmere knitting yarnFZ/T 22017-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 32001-1991
Combing roller of spinning unitFZ/T 93054-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01083-1999
Requirements for assessment of green factory in wool textile industryFZ/T 07021-2021
Textile Industry Design Specification for Occupational Safety and HealthFZ 117-1993
Test method for identification of textile fibres. Density gradient column methodFZ/T 01057.9-1999
Nylon filament and textured yarn dyeing uniformity test methodFZ/T 50003-1991
Technical specification for eco-design product assessment—spun-dyed yarnFZ/T 07013-2021
Low melting point polylactide (LMPLA)/ polylactide (PLA)bicomponent staple fiberFZ/T 52058-2021
PajamasFZ/T 81001-1991
Determination of non-woven fabric mass per unit areaFZ/T 60003-1993
Technical specification for eco-design product assessment—Cashmere goodsFZ/T 07011-2021
Cotton/wool blended and covered polyester (DTY) core-spun grey yarnFZ/T 12069-2021
Printed and dyed meta-aramid fabricFZ/T 14022-2021
Test method for bulkiness and elasticity performance of hollow polyester staple fibresFZ/T 50009.4-2019
Canopy covered with waterproof canvas stained VilleneuveFZ/T 14009-1999
Viscous Fiber BlanketsFZ 61003-1991
Printed and dyed polyamide and polyester interweave fabricFZ/T 14052-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 99007-1992
Wool and Wool Blended Blanket FZ 61001-1991
Cylindrical tubes. Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for crosswound packages in winding and twistingFZ/T 90107.6-1999
Techinical Conditions of FXD-Series Textile High-Efficiency Multispeed Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors (H160~200mm)FZ/JQ 166-1988
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01076-1999
Cotton face towels and bed sheets. Determination of number of threads per unit lengthFZ/T 60025-1999
Testing method for polyacrylic sizes used in textile warp sizing-Determination of involatile substance content FZ/T 10016-2020
Cots cotton stretch hoseFZ 93014-1992
Dyed viscose staple fiberFZ/T 52061-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 92012-1991
PAN-based carbon fiber large-tow precursorFZ/T 54130-2021
Cotton and lyocell blended grey fabricFZ/T 13052-2021
Twisting spindlesFZ/T 92054-1999
Blanket test methodsFZ/T 60007-1991
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 64008-1999
Handkerchief inspection rulesFZ/T 62004-1991
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 64009-1999
Bottom fluted rollers for drafting systems. DimensionsFZ/T 90104-1999
Water-proof and moisture permeable polyester (polyamide) fabric for raincoatFZ/T 14023-2021
Cylindrical tubes. Dimensions, tolerances and designation of tubes for tape yarnsFZ/T 90107.3-1999
Chinese Industry StandardFZ 65001-1991
Recycled poly (ethylene terephthalate) drawn textured yarns FZ/T 54047-2020
Polybutylene terephthalate drawn textured yarnsFZ/T 54040-2021
Technical standard on energy conservation supervision for the textile industryFZ/T 07020-2021
Textile Industry Design Specification for Occupational Safety and HealthFZJ 117-1993
Technical specification for eco-design product assessment—polyester productsFZ/T 07014-2021
General guideline of the water footprint accounting,assessment and reporting for textile productsFZ/T 07023-2021
Pulp board for viscose fiberFZ/T 51001-1998
Bamboo viscose staple fiberFZ/T 51006-2006
Sewing threads of colored polyester fiberFZ/T 63054-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01079-1999
Test method for identification of textile fibres. Qualitative observation of colour-production for chlorine and nitrogenFZ/T 01057.6-1999
Test method for identification of textile fibres. Dye and stain testsFZ/T 01057.5-1999
Technical specification for eco-design product assessment—Wool worsted productsFZ/T 07012-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 92018-1992
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01080-1999
Textiles. Testing method for colour fastness to metals in the dye-bath: Iron and copperFZ/T 01089-1999
Core spun polyester/cotton sewing threadFZ/T 63009-1999
Mesh for electronic printingFZ/T 64084-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 53002-1999
Polyester netting twineFZ/T 63048-2019
Textile dye-resistant metal complex salt bath for color fastness test methodFZ/T 01088-1999
Allowance of energy consumption per unit product in knitted printing and dyeing fabricsFZ/T 07019-2021
Chinese Industry StandardFZ/T 01081-1999
Combed woolFZ/T 71004-1991
Cotton and polyamidester fiber blended grey yarnFZ/T 12072-2021
Process belts for nonwovensFZ/T 64085-2021
Large gauge warp-knitted spacer composite fabricFZ/T 64081-2021
Textile Machinery - Warp Beam - Terminology and Main DimensionsFZ/T 90036-1992
Spinning and twisting with a plastic hookFZ 93004-1991
Man-made fiber—On-line and intelligent detection of appearance defects for yarn packageFZ/T 50054-2021
PAN-Based carbon fiber precursors-Test method for oil content FZ/T 50043-20182090-12-28
Casual wear FZ/T 81007-20222022-10-1
Skirts and skirted suitFZ/T 81004-20222022-10-1
Stretch and recovery testing method for knitsFZ/T 70006-20222022-10-1
Textiles—Tests for colour fastness to flat abrasion—Emery methodFZ/T 01156-20212022-4-1
False-twist texturing machineFZ/T 96023-20212022-4-1
Cotton spinning drawing frameFZ/T 93043-20212022-4-1
Bottom rollers for drafting systems of cotton ring spinning machinesFZ/T 92019-20212022-4-1
Spunlace nonwovens production unitFZ/T 93121-20212022-4-1
Flat-bed knitting shoe upper machineFZ/T 97041-20212022-4-1
Wool wadding garmentsFZ/T 08001-20212022-4-1
Elmendorf tearing testerFZ/T 98023-20212022-4-1
Spandex winderFZ/T 96030-20212022-4-1
Textiles—Tests for colour fastness to flat abrasion—Screen wire methodFZ/T 01157-20212022-4-1
Yarn-dyed elastic fabric with spandex FZ/T 13019-20212022-2-1
Printed and dyed cotton/vinylon blended fabricFZ/T 14008-20212022-2-1
Poly(ethylene terephthalate) elastic drawn/partially oriented air-textured yarn(EDY/POY ATY)FZ/T 54131-20212022-2-1
Elastane filament yarns-Test method for dynamic drawabilityFZ/T 50055-20212022-2-1
Sleeping bags with filling fibersFZ/T 62045-20212022-2-1
Polyester and viscose blended color elastic fabricFZ/T 13056-20212022-2-1
Printed and dyed fabric with water-proof,oil repellency, anti-soil and easy-care functionsFZ/T 14021-20212022-2-1
Recycled polyester yarn for sewingFZ/T 63056-20212022-2-1
Cotton products dyed by natural dye FZ/T 13054-20212022-2-1
Fiber grade poly(ethylene terephthalate) popcornFZ/T 51021-20212022-2-1
Cotton and silk interwoven yarn-dyed fabric FZ/T 13055-20212022-2-1
Antibacterial viscose staple fiber FZ/T 52059-20212022-2-1
Polyamide 66 staple fibreFZ/T 52002-20212022-2-1
Polyurean mold transfer printing sofa fabricFZ/T 62043-20212022-2-1
Polyamide 6 staple fibreFZ/T 52057-20212022-2-1
Spun-dyed poly(ethylene terephthalate) staple fiber for nonwoven fabricFZ/T 52060-20212022-2-1
Synthetic fiber—Test method for hydrophibic performance of staple fiberFZ/T 50056-20212022-2-1
Electro conductive yarnFZ/T 12071-20212022-2-1
Air-jet vortex spun polyester and cotton blended grey yarnFZ/T 12068-20212022-2-1
Antibacterial cleaning wipesFZ/T 62044-20212022-2-1
Color master batches for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiberFZ/T 51019-20212021-10-1
Color master batches for polycaproamide(PA6) fiberFZ/T 51020-20212021-10-1
Needles for needle loom—Part 1:Felting needlesFZ/T 93048.1-20212021-7-1
Textile paper tube machinery and accessories—Part 3:Paper tube finishing machineFZ/T 92063.3-20212021-7-1
Semi-worsted wool knitting goodsFZ/T 73034-20212021-7-1
Testing method for flaking powder from adhesive-bonded interliningsFZ/T 60034-20212021-7-1
JacketsFZ/T 81008-20212021-7-1
Test method for fluff shedding of blanketFZ/T 60029-20212021-7-1
Woolen cashmere fabricFZ/T 24007-20212021-7-1
Painting for the products of textile machineryFZ/T 90074-20212021-7-1
Split warping machineFZ/T 97040-20212021-7-1
Rotor type open-end spinning machineFZ/T 93015-20212021-7-1
Test method for water-insoluble impurities of wool tops—FiltrationFZ/T 20034-20212021-7-1
Cotton/wool blended and covered polyester drawn textured yarn grey fabricFZ/T 13051-20212021-7-1
Flat screen and digital integrated printing machine FZ/T 95030-20212021-7-1
Needles for needle loom—Part 2:Fork needlesFZ/T 93048.2-20212021-7-1
Raschel knitted fabricFZ/T 24028-20212021-7-1
Adhesive-bonded laid-intricot knitted interliningsFZ/T 64028-20212021-7-1
Worsted low content wool blend and wool-like woven fabricFZ/T 24004-20212021-7-1
Resin-finished adhesive-bonded woven interliningsFZ/T 64080-20212021-7-1
Low twist cotton grey yarns for terryFZ/T 12025-20212021-7-1
Raw silk/spandex wrapped yarnFZ/T 42007-20212021-7-1
Mercerizing rangeFZ/T 95033-20212021-7-1
Circular locus pilling testerFZ/T 98022-20212021-7-1
Rotor type open-end spinning machine—Bearing of rotorFZ/T 93069-20212021-7-1
Worsted wool woven yarnFZ/T 22001-20212021-7-1
Domestic fine wool and its modified scoured woolFZ/T 21002-20212021-7-1
Worsted cashmere fabricFZ/T 24009-20212021-7-1
Flat screen printing machineFZ/T 95013-20212021-7-1
Natural lustre finishing machineFZ/T 95034-20212021-7-1
Linen-like polyester filament fabrics for upholsteryFZ/T 43056-20212021-7-1
Cashmere knitting goodsFZ/T 73009-20212021-7-1
Textile paper tube machineny and accessories Part 2: Paper tube dryerFZ/T 92063.2-20212021-7-1
Indigo dyed cotton yarnFZ/T 12024-20212021-7-1
Knitted silk garmentsFZ/T 43015-20212021-7-1
Meta-aramid fiber grey yarnFZ/T 12023-20212021-7-1
Test method for relaxation dimensional change and felting dimesional change to washing of wool textilesFZ/T 70009-20212021-7-1
Textile machinery nameplate-Part 2:InformationFZ/T 90089.2-20212021-7-1
Magnetic rotor type false twisterFZ/T 93110-20212021-7-1
Wadding of spray-bounded nonwovensFZ/T 64003-20212021-7-1
Needle-punched nonwoven interliningsFZ/T 64026-20212021-7-1
Polylactide filament fabricsFZ/T 43057-20212021-7-1
Batt-on-mesh papermaking feltFZ/T 25005-20212021-7-1
Domestic fine wool and its modified wool topFZ/T 21004-20212021-7-1
Textile machinery nameplate—Part 1:Types,dimensions and specificationsFZ/T 90089.1-20212021-7-1
Low wool content blend and wool-like knitting goods FZ/T 73005-20212021-7-1
Test method for mulberry spun silk yarnFZ/T 40003-20212021-7-1
Rotary screen end ringFZ/T 95019-20212021-7-1
Cashmere knitting yarnFZ/T 71006-20212021-7-1
Mulberry spun silk yarnFZ/T 42002-20212021-7-1
Woolen wool woven yarnFZ/T 22002-20212021-7-1
Wool knitting goodsFZ/T 73018-20212021-7-1
Textile paper tube machinery and accessories Part 1:Spiral paper tube machineFZ/T 92063.1-20212021-7-1
Composed thermal insulation material—wadding composed of coated metal filmFZ/T 64002-20212021-7-1
Dyed adhesive-bonded nonwoven interliningsFZ/T 64021-20212021-7-1
Airflow dyeing machineFZ/T 95031-20212021-7-1
Cotton spinning filter equipmentFZ/T 93052-20212021-7-1
Sanitary thin nonwovenFZ/T 64005-20212021-7-1
Long loop steamersFZ/T 95032-20212021-7-1
Cotton and viscose blended grey fabricFZ/T 13025-20212021-7-1
Soybean protein composite fiber topFZ/T 21005-20212021-7-1
Printing worsted fabricFZ/T 24014-20212021-7-1
Recycled poly (ethylene terephthalate) monofilamentFZ/T 54127-20202021-4-1
One/Half piece braFZ/T 73046-20202021-4-1
Carded polyester/cotton blended grey yarn FZ/T 12005-20202021-4-1
Low melt point polyester/polyester bicomponent draw yarnsFZ/T 54126-20202021-4-1
Viscose fiber colour yarnFZ/T 12045-20202021-4-1
Braided piping tapeFZ/T 63053-20202021-4-1
Knitted shirtsFZ/T 73043-20202021-4-1
Polyester conductive drawn/drawn combined yarnsFZ/T 54124-20202021-4-1
Combed flax blended knitted fabricFZ/T 72028-20202021-4-1
Natural color cotton yarn and mixture of natural color cotton yarnFZ/T 12015-20202021-4-1
Knitted brassiere for pregnant and breast feeding women FZ/T 73066-20202021-4-1
Touch cool feeling knitted clothingFZ/T 73067-20202021-4-1
Spun-dyed ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) filament yarnsFZ/T 54129-20202021-4-1
Cool-feeling fabric beddingFZ/T 62042-20202021-4-1
Test method for identification of regenerated cellulose fibres—Microscopy method after stainingFZ/T 50053-20202021-4-1
Polyester spun yarn ribbonFZ/T 63052-20202021-4-1
Polyester and wool blended grey yarnFZ/T 12067-20202021-4-1
Polyacrylic sizes used in textile warp sizing FZ/T 15002-20202021-4-1
Coral fleece fabricsFZ/T 72029-20202021-4-1
Textile—Quantitative chemical analysis—Mixtures of cattle hide fibres with certain other fibresFZ/T 01155-20202021-4-1
Knitted garments with blended alginate fibersFZ/T 73068-20202021-4-1
Low melting point polyester drawn yarnsFZ/T 54125-20202021-4-1
Medium or high tenacity polyamide 6 drawn yarnsFZ/T 54128-20202021-4-1
Textiles—knitted sports protectorsFZ/T 74001-20202021-4-1
Knitted shape underwear—Figured-styleFZ/T 73019.2-20202021-4-1
Polyamide dipped chafer fabricFZ/T 55002-20202021-4-1
Knitted thermal underwear—Wadding categoryFZ/T 73016-20202021-4-1
Recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate)drawn yarnsFZ/T 54048-20202021-4-1
Polyester filament grey yarn for sewing threadsFZ/T 63051-20202021-4-1
Testing method for polyacrylic sizes used in textile warp sizing—Determination of viscosityFZ/T 10020-20202021-4-1
Sodium alginate for fiberFZ/T 51018-20202021-4-1
Polyester (polyamide) filament/spandex covered yarn FZ/T 12040-20202021-4-1
Knitted garments dyed by vegetable dyesFZ/T 73065-20202020-10-1
Printed and dyed polyamide and cotton interweave fabricFZ/T 14018-20202020-10-1
Printed and dyed lyocell and polyester/spandex covered yarn interweave fabricFZ/T 14049-20202020-10-1
Green factory evaluation requirements for intelligent dyeing induatry of cheese yarnFZ/T 07009-20202020-10-1
Printed and dyed polyamide/spandex elastic fabricFZ/T 14048-20202020-10-1
Evaluation index system of green supply chain management for textile industryFZ/T 07005-20202020-10-1
Pigment dyed and washed cotton fabricFZ/T 14020-20202020-10-1
Copper antibacterial masterbatchFZ/T 51017-20202020-10-1
Antibacterial polyester(PET) drawn textured yarnsFZ/T 54122-20202020-10-1
Digital printed towelFZ/T 62041-20202020-10-1
Man-made filament yarns—Test method for cool feeling in contact instantFZ/T 50048-20202020-10-1
Polyester colour yarnsFZ/T 12028-20202020-10-1
Atmospheric temperature jet-overflow dyeing machineFZ/T 95029-20202020-10-1
Synthetic fiber—Test method for shrinkage rate of chemical industry filament yarns in hot airFZ/T 50050-20202020-10-1
Adhesive-bonded woven interlinings for coated fabricsFZ/T 64025-20202020-10-1
Woven interlinings containing hair fiberFZ/T 64001-20202020-10-1
Polyester and viscose colour yarn/spandex wrap yarnFZ/T 12066-20202020-10-1
Printed or dyed cotton jacquard fabricsFZ/T 14019-20202020-10-1
Acid dyeable elastane filament yarn—Determination of dye-uptakeFZ/T 50052-20202020-10-1
Printed and dyed modal and polyester drawn textured yarn interweave fabricFZ/T 14050-20202020-10-1
Measurement and calculation method of heat balance for setting stenterFZ/T 07008-20202020-10-1
Test method for dynamic thermal stress of polyester(PET) partially oriented yarnFZ/T 50051-20202020-10-1
Testing method for dimensional change after steam-press on garment interliningsFZ/T 60031-20202020-10-1
Lyocell and viscose blended grey yarnFZ/T 12065-20202020-10-1
Meta-aramidgrey fabricFZ/T 13024-20202020-10-1
Green factory evaluation requirements in silk textile industryFZ/T 07006-20202020-10-1
Numerical control system of batch dyeing machineFZ/T 99021-20202020-10-1
Testing method for adhesive penetration of interlining after pressingFZ/T 01110-20202020-10-1
Test method for yarn hairness--Projection counting methodFZ/T 01086-20202020-10-1
Electric motor base axle sizeFZ/T 90010-20202020-10-1
Technical regulations of general textile electric-driving control gearFZ/T 99015-20202020-10-1
Testing method for appearance and dimensional change of adhesive-bonded interlinings after enzyme washingFZ/T 01111-20202020-10-1
Lyocell and viscose blended grey fabricFZ/T 13050-20202020-10-1
Dope-dyed polyester drawn yarnsFZ/T 54006-20202020-10-1
Durable antistatic cashmere knitting goodsFZ/T 24013-20202020-10-1
Adhesive-bonded woven interlinings with hydrosoluble binderFZ/T 64024-20202020-10-1
Aahesive-bonded nonwoven interlinings resistant to enzyme washingFZ/T 64023-20202020-10-1
Acid dyeable elastane filament yarnFZ/T 54123-20202020-10-1
Adhesive-bonded woven interlinings for non-iron garmentsFZ/T 64022-20202020-10-1
Man-made Fibres—Test method for amino acid contentFZ/T 50049-20202020-10-1
Cashmere blanketFZ/T 61010-20202020-10-1
Dope-dyed polyester drawn textured yarnsFZ/T 54005-20202020-10-1
Bamboo-charcoal viscose fiber nonwovens for skin maskFZ/T 64079-20202020-10-1
Minimum allowable values of water efficiency and water efficiency grades for dyeing machineFZ/T 07007-20202020-10-1
Acrylic grey yarnsFZ/T 12009-20202020-10-1
Knitted casual wearFZ/T 73020-20192020-7-1
Bag dust collector device for textilesFZ/T 93107-20192020-7-1
Carding top with import wool by internalFZ/T 21001-20192020-7-1
Chitosan fiber nonwovens—Part 2:Spunlaced nonwovensFZ/T 64077.2-20192020-7-1
Stainless steel guide roller flat washing tankFZ/T 95005-20192020-7-1
Polyester filament shape memory fabricsFZ/T 43053-20192020-7-1
Cotton covered polyester drawn textured yarn grey fabricFZ/T 12065-20192020-7-1
Regenerated cellulose fiber matFZ/T 62013-20192020-7-1
Air yarnFZ/T 22016-20192020-7-1
Semi-worsted wool woven yarnFZ/T 22005-20192020-7-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles—PlushFZ/T 20015.8-20192020-7-1
Pure wood and wool blended blanket FZ/T 61001-20192020-7-1
Semi-worsted wool knitting yarnFZ/T 71008-20192020-7-1
Spacer fabrics for brassieres FZ/T 72027-20192020-7-1
Numerical control twisting machine for high tenacity threadFZ/T 93109-20192020-7-1
Nonwoven fabric for building coatingFZ/T 64076-20192020-7-1
Rotor type open-end spinning machine—Opening rollerFZ/T 93054-20192020-7-1
Classification denomination and coding of wool textiles—BlanketFZ/T 20015.7-20192020-7-1
High temperature and pressure jet-overflow dyeing machineFZ/T 95027-20192020-7-1
Rotor type open-end spinning machine—RotorFZ/T 93053-20192020-7-1
Chemical Fibre BlanketFZ/T 61002-20192020-7-1
Elastic knitted fabrics for vamps FZ/T 72026-20192020-7-1
Polyester filament coated fabrics for equipments FZ/T 43054-20192020-7-1
Nonwovens - Description of defects - VocabularyFZ/T 01153-20192020-7-1
Embroidery lace FZ/T 44006-20192020-7-1
Raising machineFZ/T 95028-20192020-7-1
Technical provisions of temple cylinders for loomsFZ/T 94037-20192020-7-1
Test method for non-recoverable extension of blanket FZ/T 60008-20192020-7-1
Single layer heat-setting stenterFZ/T 95012-20192020-7-1
Knitted theraml underwearFZ/T 73022-20192020-7-1
Woven sleeping bags for infantFZ/T 62039-20192020-7-1
Test method of blanketFZ/T 60007-20192020-7-1
Cotton for wadding FZ/T 62040-20192020-7-1
Polyester and viscose blended colour yarn FZ/T 12022-20192020-7-1
Raised silk scarf and shawlFZ/T 44007-20192020-7-1
Polyester/spandex elastic grey fabricFZ/T 12066-20192020-7-1
Test method for bonding strength of nonwovens FZ/T 01154-20192020-7-1
Chitosan fiber nonwovens - Part1 : Air-through bonded nonwovensFZ/T 64077.1-20192020-7-1
Compact spun combed cotton grey yarn FZ/T 12018-20192020-7-1
Cotton covered polyester drawn textured yarn grey fabricFZ/T 13048-20192020-7-1
Textile waterproof performance tester—Hydrostatic pressure methodFZ/T 98021-20192020-7-1
Meltblown nonwoven fabric FZ/T 64078-20192020-7-1
Acrylic weft-knitted blanketFZ/T 61006-20192020-7-1
Polyamide filament skin fabricsFZ/T 43055-20192020-7-1
Top apron cradleFZ/T 93106-20192020-7-1
Mulberry native silkFZ/T 42009-20192020-7-1
Knitted trousersFZ/T 73064-20192020-7-1
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