Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Chinese firtree poles inspectionGB/T 4816-1984
Methods for chemical analysis of ferrosilicon--The atomic absorption spectrometric method for the determination of calcium contentGB/T 4333.8-1984
Test method for dielectric strength of insulating adhesive tape at power frequencyGB/T 14517-1993
Copper tube joints--Bends with an angle of 180 degreesGB/T 11618.4-1989
Method for determining the scratch resistance of processed photographic filmGB 12681-1990
Methods of dust character test--Part 6: Determination of hygroscopy--Hygroscopicity methodGB/T 16913.6-1997
General rule for packing, marking, storage, transport and quality certificates of carbonaceous material and productsGB/T 8719-1997
Copper tube joints--Bends with an angle of 45 degreesGB/T 11618.2-1989
General technical requirements of incandescent ceiling luminaire for civil use and buildingGB 6860.3-1986
Method of test for gain in tensile strength of doped fabricsGB 1760-1979
Designational methods of the model number for magnetic head of cassette tape recorderGB 8494.5-1987
Microbiological examination of food hygiene. Examination of cold dish and bean productsGB 4789.23-1994
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational dental erosionGB 16381-1996
Standard test method for acid, alkaline resistance for ceramic materials of daily use (lump test method)GB/T 4738.1-1984
Jewellery--Ring--Size-definition, measurement and designationGB/T 11888-1989
DDZ-3 series process electronic control system--ControllerGB/T 11005.2-1989
Steel cord conveyor belts--Cover thickness measurementGB/T 5753-1994
Test method for measuring flexture strength of silicon slicesGB/T 15615-1995
Tired barrow--Test methodGB/T 3936.7-1983
Water quality. Determinaton of selenium. Diaminonaphthalene fluorometric methodGB/T 11902-1989
Basic enviromental testing procedures for radiation detectors--Moisture testGB/T 10263.3-1988
Detail specification of circular connectors for radio and associated sound equipment--YC type circular connectorsGB 5819.3-1986
Determination of impact resistance of filmGB/T 1732-1979
Technical drawings--Requirements for microcopyingGB/T 10609.4-1989
SF6 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgearGB/T 7674-1987
Washing oilGB 3064-1982
Occupational exposure limit for wollastonite dust in the air of workplaceGB 18546-2001
Basic principles for graphical symbols for use on electrical equipment - Part 1:Creation of symbol originalsGB/T5465.11-2007
Determination of impact strength for friction materialsGB 5765-1986
Method of adhesion test for fusible interliningsGB 11402-1989
Union elbow--BodyGB/T 3740.2-1983
Ammonium hydrogen carbonate for industrial useGB/T 6275-1986
DTE/DCE interface for a start-stop mode data terminal equipment accessing the packet assembly/disassembly facility(PAD) in a public data network situated in the same countryGB/T 11596-1989
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten-molybdenum alloy--The EDTA volumetric method for the determination of molybdenum contentGB/T 3825-1983
2-NaphtholGB 1646-1989
Method for assessing the quality of daylight simulatorsGB/T 8415-1987
Food additive-Sunset yellowGB 6227.1-1995
Lumbered synthetic quartz crystalGB 6628-1986
Holder for ball slide die sets for press tools--Punch holder for diagonal pillar setsGB/T 2856.1-1990
Halon fire extinguishing systems Performance requirements and test methods for pressure gaugesGB 14106-1993
Statistical interpretation of data--Detection and handling of outlying observations in the sample of type I extreme value distributionGB/T 6380-1986
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies -- Part 6: Busbar trunking systems (busways)GB/T 7251.6-2015
Copper master alloy ingotsGB 8736-1988
Glossary of terms for railway locomotive-Names of component parts for hydraulic transmission systemGB/T 3367.2-1982
Glass infusion bottle filling machineGB 11753.2-1989
Testing method for bearing cold and hot alternating change of infrared heaterGB/T 7287.5-1987
Terminology for metal-cutting machine tools--Gear cutting machinesGB/T 6477.7-1986
Chemical reagent--Nickel sulfateGB 1287-1985
Families and products of audio circuit for semiconductor integrated circuitsGB 5228-1985
Measuring method for pH of abrasive grainsGB 3602-1983
Dimensions, shape, weight and tolerances for hot rolled steel sheets and stripsGB/T 709-1988
Insulating materials based on mica--Definitions and general requirementsGB/T 5020-2002
Basic dimensions for fittings of solid web steel frameGB/T 8376-1987
Sulphuric acid for industrial use--Determination of mercury content--Dithizone photometric methodGB/T 11198.9-1989
Agricultural machinery. Equipment for working the soil. S-tines: Test methodGB/T 19987-2005
Methods for chemical analysis of copper ores lead ores and zinc ores. Determination of molybdenumGB/T 14353.9-1993
Determination of flex resistance of whole rubber shoeGB 10509-1989
Inspection method of raw lynx skin for exportGB/T 9702-1988
Rubber--Determination of lead content--Dithizone photometric methodGB/T 9873-1988
Electric submersible vibroimpactor--Technical conditionsGB 8513-1987
Guidelines for the documentation for developing terminology data banksGB/T 15387.1-1994
Specifications for the design of middle and elemerstary school buildingsGBJ 99-1986
Marine cast steel flanged check valvesGB/T 586-1976
Code for design of particleboard engineeringGB 50827-2012
Liquid chlorine for industrial use--Determination of water content by gravimetric methodGB/T 5139.2-1985
Performance requirements of pushbutton telephone with DTMFGB/T 9034-1988
Steel wire--Classification and vocabularGB/T 341-1989
Size and type of screw up-down taps--Laboratory water tapsGB 4627.5-1984
Boots for self-locking nuts, single lugGB/T 939-1988
Determination of iron content in industrial sodium tripoly-phosphate--2, 2-bipyridyl spectrophotometric methodGB/T 9984.6-1988
Test chart for xerographic process A4GB 4592-1984
Information processing systems. Data interchange on 90mm (3. 5in) fiexible disk cartridges using modifide frequency modulation recording at 15916 ftprad, on 80 tracks on each side. Part1: Dimensional physical and magnetic characteristicsGB/T 15130-1994
Methods for chemical analysis of magnesium powders and aluminum-magnesium alloy powders--The 1, 10-phenanthroline photometric method for the determination of iron contentGB/T 4374.2-1984
Screw threads, interference fits, for mating threads in aluminumGB/T 1181-1974
Test method for the reduction speed of vat dyes--Steam processGB/T 4469-1984
Accuracy tests of the defibratorGB 6923-1986
Determination of moisture content in dyes and dye intermediatesGB/T 2386-1980
Slots with round end and slots with square end plate screensGB/T 12620-1990
Classification of adhesivesGB/T 13553-1992
Alunite ores--Determination of titanium content--Diantipyrylmethane photometric methodGB 4581.11-1984
Grades of basket-fired green tea for scentingGB/T 9172-1988
Electric motor in internal concrete vibratorsGB 8529-1987
Safety technical requirements for choppersGB 7681-1987
Chemical reagents--Potassium chlorateGB 645-1977
Quality management and quality assurance -- Quality systems--Model for quality assurance in production andinstallationGB/T 10300.3-1988
Test methods for quality of coal water mixture--Part 13: Determination for the ash of coal water mixtureGB/T 18856.13-2002
Dimension, shape, weight and tolerance for cold-drawn square steel wiresGB/T 3204-1982
RamieGB/T 7699-1987
Universal holder for cold press dies--Die holder, type CGB 2857.7-1981
Clothes--Survey methed for human body head round and size designation for headwearGB/T 17837-1999
Health standard for dust containing more than 80% free silica in the air of workplaceGB 11725-1989
Synchronous belt drives for automotive applications —PulleysGB/T 10414-1989
Food additive--Calcium L-ThreonateGB/T 17779-1999
Colour television telecast--Test chartsGB/T 2097-1980
Food additive--TartrazineGB 4481-1984
Hygienic standard for raffinate (50~220 Celsius) in the air of workplaceGB 11532-1989
General purpose screw threads--Selected sizes for commercial screws, bolts and nutsGB/T 9144-1988
Welded joints impact test methodGB 2050-1989
Maximum residue limits of Quinalphes in rice. Vegetable, Tea and orangeGB 14928.10-1994
Rubber insulated flexible cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V--Part 1: General requirementsGB 5013.1-1985
Wool--Determination of solubility in alkaliGB/T 7571-1987
Determination methods of volatile matter in acrylonitrile-butadiene rubberGB 4484-1984
Methods for chemical analysis of iron, steel and alloy--The combustion volumetric method for the determination of carbon contentGB/T 223.69-1989
International user classes of service in public data networks and integrated services digital networks (ISDNS)GB/T 11589-1989
Calibration method of indication for odometer of motorcycles and mopedsGB/T 5376-1996
Woodworking machines--Band saw blade rolling and stretching machines--Accuracy testsGB 10958-1989
Evaluation guides of energy conservation productsGB/T 15320-1994
Reliability test for electronic measuring instrumentsGB/T 11463-1989
Test method standard for extraction procedure toxicity of solid waste in nonferrous metal industryGB/T 5086-1985
Rubber compounding ingredients--Silica, precipitated, hydrated--Determination of residue on 45μm sieveGB 10520-1989
Technical demand for the induced spawning of grass carp as parentsGB/T 11771-1989
Grinding machines for bearing inner races--ParametersGB 7175-1987
Mechanical drawings--Conventional representation of screw threads and threaded partsGB/T 4459.1-1984
Ammonium sulphate--Determination of nitrogen content--Formaldehyde methodGB 4097.2-1983
Bone meal and animal tankageGB/T 8936-1988
Basic dimensions for gate, stop, globe and check valves with female screw connection--Copper globeGB/T 8465.7-1987
Samarium-europium-gadolinium concentrates--Determination of total rare earth oxide content--Gravimetric methodGB 11065.1-1989
Diagnostic criteria of occupational phosphorus poisoningGB 17059-1997
Fluids for electrotechnical applications—Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear GB 2536-2001
Occupational exposure limit for methyl ethyl ketone in the air of workplaceGB 18534-2001
Determination of boiling range of organic solvents for coatingsGB/T 9283-1988
Methods for determination of pH in alundum powderGB/T 9489.9-1988
Blank detail specification for ambient-rated bipolar transistors for low and high-frequency amplificationGB/T 6217-1986
Flexible coupling of housing for pipe end with rid ringGB/T 8260-1987
Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450 / 750VGB 5013-1997
Technical demand for the cultivation of grass carp as parentsGB/T 11770-1989
Method for determination of pH value of drinking natural mineral waterGB/T 8538.7-1987
Multiple comparison for test resultsGB/T 10092-1988
Rubber compounding ingredients--Silica, precipitated, hydrated--Determination of total manganese contentGB 10525-1989
Yttrium oxide and europium oxide of phosphor grade--Determination of total rare earth oxide content--EDTA volumetric methodGB/T 8762.1-1988
Method for determination of sulfide in drinking natural mineral waterGB/T 8538.41-1987
Electrotechnical terminology--InsulatorGB 2900.8-1983
Test methods of laminated tubes used for electrical insulationGB/T 5132-1985
Specifications for marine disc separatorGB/T 5745.2-1985
Terminology for integrated circuitsGB/T 9178-1988
Cord fabric for tyres--Packaging, marking, storing and transportingGB 2436-1981
Cannular suture forceps for alimentary tractGB 8668-1988
Middle and low speed corrugatorGB 12070-1989
Classified standard of labor intensity at physical workGB 3869-1983
Carbonblack for use in rubber industry—Specification limitsGB 3778.1-1989
Flat belt drive--Pulleys diametersGB/T 11358-1989
Sewing stipulation for cotton knitting underwearsGB 1807-1979
Power supply for airborne and vehicleborne radiometric instrumentGB 4082-1983
Generic specification of spectrum analzersGB/T 11461-1989
Electron-volt and joule conversion tablesGB/T 5112-1985
Measurements of the electrical properties of low-power electronic tubes--Methods of measurement of low-frequency cracksGB/T 3306.22-1982
Jet fuels--Determination of thermal oxidation stability--JFTOT methodGB/T 9169-1988
General specification of primary enroute surveillance radar for air traffic controlGB/T 12120-1989
Blank detail specification for variable tuning capacitors type A fitted with integral pre-set capacitors type C in electronic equipmentsGB/T 11301-1989
Control threshold of tea looperGB 9194-1988
Field vane shear apparatusGB 4933-1985
Measurement at the operatorposition of airborne noise emitted by brush sawsGB/T 14178-1993
Test Method for total normal emittance of metals and nonmetallic materialsGB/T 7286.1-1987
16mm negative photographic sound record on 16mm motion-picture film--Positions and dimensionsGB/T 4643-1984
Flame-resistant and water-proof fabrics and terpaulines coated with PVC on both sidesGB/T 16741-1997
12. 65mm BETA mode helical scan tape cassette recording systemGB 9373-1988
36*36 Dot matrix Song Ti font set and data set of Chinese ideograms for information interchangeGB/T 12037-1989
Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment. Part 4: Blank detail specification: Fixed power resistors. Assessment level EGB/T 5733-1985
End mills with 7: 24 taper shankGB 6117-1985
Determination of the crucible swelling number of bituminous coal--Heating by electricityGB/T 5448-1985
Model DDC belt type electromagnetic separatorGB 3981-1983
Spark plug M18*1. 5 with flat seating and cylinder head housingGB/T 6790-1986
Butadiene for industrial use--Determination of oxygen in the gaseous phase above liquid butadiene--Gas chromatographic methodGB/T 6022-1985
Methods of measurement for magnetic head of cassette tape recorderGB 8494.4-1987
General arrangements for interworking between packet switched public data networks (PSPDN)GB/T 16522-1996
Tearing strength of fabrics by the tongue (single rip)methodGB 3917-1983
Method for determination of bromide in drinking natural waterGB/T 8538.38-1987
Plate shear. Testing of the accuracyGB/T 14404-1993
Test method for physical-chemical properties of electrical carbon product--Rockwell hardnessGB 1994.3-1988
Photometric characteristics of fog lamps for motor vehiclesGB 4660-1984
Determination of sulphate in cathode carbonateGB/T 10304.10-1988
Test method for cone penetration of refractory mortarGB 5024.1-1985
Determination of sound power lever for noise emitted by displacement compressors--Survey methodGB/T 7022-1986
Hook boltGB/T 2166-1991
Phosphor G16 for double-decker screen indicator tubesGB/T 10316-1988
Test method for crazing resistance of glazed tilesGB/T 11949-1989
Multiple handle nutGB/T 2157-1991
General specification for belt conveyorsGB/T 10595-1989
Food additive--Benzyl butyrateGB 10350-1989
Determination of iron content in bastnaesite concentratesGB 2591.1-1981
Hygienic standard for preserved fruitsGB 14884-1994
Chemical analysis of zirconium powder for electro-vacuum uses--The sulfosalicylic acid photometric method for determination of ironGB/T 3256.2-1982
Standard for observation of water levelGBJ 138-1990
Carbon black--Determination of dibutyl phthalate absorption number (Method A)GB 3780.2-1983
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational acute methyl bromide poisoningGB 7796-1987
Technical demand for the cultivation of black carp as parentsGB/T 11774-1989
The series and type spectrum for carbon dioxide lasersGB/T 4932-1985
Copper tube joints--ReducersGB/T 11618.6-1989
Measurements of the electrical properties of low-power electronic tubes--Methods of measurement of cathode currentGB/T 3306.4-1982
Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Determination of copper content. Tribromoarsenazo spectrophotometric methodGB/T 6987.24-2001
Union elbow--AssemblyGB/T 3740.1-1983
Fireclay and high-alumina refractories; Determination of phosphorous pentoxide content; Molybdenum blue photometric methodGB/T 6900.11-1986
Gasoline solvents--Test method of tetraethyl leadGB 11126-1989
Blank detail specification for directly heated negative temperature coefficient thermistors--Assessment level EGB/T 6664-1986
Environmental pollution measuring methods for copying machineGB/T 12749-1991
Dried hot pepperGB/T 10465-1989
Three-strand polyethylene monofilament ropesGB 10028-1988
Manganese carbonate for soft ferriteGB 10503-1989
Copper-nickel alloy stripsGB/T 14595-1993
Inductor and transformer cores for telecommunications. Part 4: sectional specification: Magnetic oxide cores for transformers and chokes for power applicationsGB/T 9628-1988
Straight lock stitch sewing machine heads for household sewing machinesGB/T 4519.1-1984
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment. Part 10: Sectional specification. Fixed multilayer ceramic chip capacitorsGB/T 9324-1996
Male long connector--AssemblyGB/T 3736.1-1983
Forestry machinery. Portable brush cutters. Technical requirementsGB/T 14176-1993
Lead characters for post and telegrapg data-stampGB 9201-1988
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational acute pyrethroids poisoningGB 11510-1989
Determination of resistance to petrol of filmsGB/T 1734-1979
Colour grading of polished diamond by visual matchingGB/T 18303-2000
Low frequency calibration methods of hydrophonesGB/T 4130-1984
Aluminium stranded conductors and aluminium conductors, steel-reinforcedGB/T 1179-1983
Concrete admixturesGB 8076-1987
SGT type lever ground weigh bridgeGB 5038-1985
Potassium silicate solution for use in electronic industry--The methods of determination for nickelGB 9395.7-1988
Motor vehicle safety testing equipment--Technical requirements of verification for filter type smokemeterGB/T 11798.5-1989
Test procedure for single phase induction motorGB/T 9651-1988
Permanent magnetic material series of rare earth cobaltGB/T 4180-1984
General principles for preparation of instructions for use of industrial productsGB/T 9969.1-1988
Size and type of screw up-down taps--Bath water tapsGB 4627.7-1984
Needles used for transfusion and infusionGB 8664-1988
Sodium tripolyphosphate for industrial use--Masurement of pH potentiometric methodGB/T 9984.7-1988
Instructions for use of products of consumer interest--Instruction for use of household and similar electrical applianceGB 5296.2-1987
Detail specification for electronic component--Semiconductor integrated circuit--Ch 2001 HTL Dual 4 input NAND gateGB 7079-1986
Toluene of coal carbonization--Determination of hydrocarbon impurities-gas chromatographic methodGB/T 8038-1987
Rubber sealing rings for vacuum flangesGB 6070.5-1985
Chemical reagent--EthanolGB/T 678-1990
Bus passenger compartment dimensionsGB/T 13055-1991
Methods for ultrasonic testing of seamless steel pipe and tubingGB 5777-1986
Marine pipe flanges--TypesGB/T 10745-1989
General specification for alkaline nickel-cadmium cylindrical sealed rechargeable batteriesGB 11013-1989
Inhibited mineral turbine oils--Determination of oxidation stabilityGB 8119-1987
AI Sn 20 Cu alloy and steel backing bimetal plateGB 8896-1988
Test method for dyeing uniformity of polyester filament and textured yarnGB/T 6508-1986
Acetylene carbon black--Determination of ash contentGB 3781.3-1983
Radiological proterction standard for gamma-ray afterloading brachytherapyGB 16364-1996
Covered wires--Method for mandrel winding test of rectangular wiresGB/T 1343.6-1984
Size and type of screw up-down taps--Joining pipe water tapsGB 4627.2-1984
Test method for amount of filling getterGB/T 9506.9-1988
Analysis of manufactured gas composition by gas chromatographyGB/T 10410.1-1989
General rule for putting on record of product variety. Part 3: Managerial regulations for putting on record of product varietyGB/T 16707.3-1996
Test method for tensile properties of carbon fiber strandsGB/T 3362-1982
Plasticizers--Determination of acid value and acidityGB/T 1668-1995
Specification for 135-size film magazinesGB 9185-1988
Lithium phosphate for production of red luminescent materialGB 8765-1988
Rotary and rotary impact masonry drill bits with hardmetal tips. Part 1: DimensionsGB/T 6335.1-1996
The activation analysis method for the determination of elemental impurities in semiconductor silicon materialsGB/T 4298-1984
Chemical reagent L-CystineGB/T 1296-1992
Meat and meat products--Method for the determination of the water activityGB/T 9695.12-1988
Chemical reagents. IodineGB/T 675-1993
Core drills with parallel shanksGB/T 4256-1984
Casting tin-lead soldersGB/T 8012-1987
International data transmission services and optional user facilities in public data networksGB/T 11590-1989
Small size concrete hollow blockGB 8239-1987
Seamless steel pipes for liquid serviceGB/T 8163-1987
Rolling bearing accessories--Lock plates--Basic dimensionsGB 9160.5-1988
Code of dust control in the compounding workshop of the rubber manufactureGB/T 5833-1986
The determination for alpha-radio nuclide of radium in waterGB/T 11218-1989
Equipments and components used in cabled distribution systems primarily intended for sound and television signals operating between 30MHz and 1GHz--Performance requirementsGB 11318.2-1989
Methods for chemical analysis of manganese metal--The potentiometric titration method for the determination of manganese contentGB/T 8654.7-1988
Coniferous sawn timber--GradingGB 153.2-1984
Light diesel fuelsGB 252-1987
Diesel generating sets of 50Hz for general specificationGB/T 2820-1990
VodkaGB 11858-1989
Vacuum sewer cleaner--Methods for reliability testGB 8531.4-1987
Medical low speed centrifugeGB 12258-1990
Specifications and connecting dimensions of sanitary waresGB/T 6953-1986
Sodium hydroxide for chemical fiber use--Determination of sulphate mass fraction--Barium sulphate gravimetric methodGB/T 11213.5-1989
Turnable treads steel gangway ladderGB/T 1391-1987
Crude petroleum and liquid or solid petroleum products--Determination of density or relative density--Capillary stoppered pyknometer and graduated bicapillary pyknometer methodGB/T 13377-1992
Palm grip knobsGB 4141.28-1984
Test method standard for corrosivity of solid waste in nonferrous metal industryGB/T 5087-1985
Essential oils. SamplingGB/T 14455.2-1993
Straight glass tubes for injecting powder from dosesGB 2642-1981
Methods for chemical analysis of copper ores lead ores and zinc ores. Determination of nickelGB/T 14353.5-1993
Milk powder and formula foods for infant and young children--Determination of vitamin C contentGB/T 5413.18-1997
Methods for the chemical analysis of iron ores--The polarography method for the determination of nickel contentGB/T 6730.40-1986
General principles of measuring methods of MOS random access memory for semiconductor integrated circuitsGB 3443-1982
Breeding stock--Northeast fine-wool sheepGB/T 2416-1981
Praseodymium oxide--Determination of lanthanum oxide, cerium oxide, neodymium oxide, samarium oxide and yttrium oxide contents--X ray fluorescence spectrometric methodGB/T 12690.5-1990
Filled polytetrafluoroethylene soft strip for guidewaysGB 10904-1989
Periodic quality inspection code for motorcyclesGB 5380-1985
Products from phenols--Distillation test methodsGB/T 2282-1980
General rule for analytical method of cathode carbonateGB/T 10304.1-1988
Rubber coated fabrics--Determination of resistance to penetration by airGB 5570-1985
Method for the determination of the ammonia content of concentrated ammonia waterGB 3067.1-1982
Anaesthesia needlesGB 8462-1987
Specifications for close-range photogrammetryGB/T 12979-1991
Photography―Photographic materials―Determination of ISO resolving powerGB/T9045-2006
Quicklime for structural purposesGB 1594-1979
Gamma radioimmunoassay counterGB/T 10255-1988
Portable pneumatic extinguishers--Safety requirementsGB 10282-1988
Definitions and terminology of brush holders for electrical machinesGB 5841-1986
Rubber or plastics coated fabrics--Determination of flexibility--Flat loop methodGB 10721-1989
Test method of dimensional stability for radio-frequency cablesGB/T 4098.10-1983
Series of cycle tyresGB/T 7377-1987
National criterion and principle of treatment of human plague area in ChinaGB 15978-1995
Paper-making raw material--Determination of content of benzene alcohol extractGB 2677.7-1981
Standard test method for permeability gas of pottery ware of daily useGB/T 4736-1984
Platinum-10%rhodium/platinum thermocouple wires and reference tableGB/T 3772-1983
Chemical reagents--Hydrazine hydrochlorideGB/T 697-1977
Chemical analysis of antimony--The dithizone photometric method for determination of leadGB/T 3253.3-1982
Tie-plates--Technical requirements for 38kg/m to 50kg/m steel railsGB/T 2826-1981
Measurement of ship vibrationGB/T 7453-1987
Static transfer systems(STS)-Part 1:General and safety requirementsGB/T 34940.1-2017
Components of injection mould for plastics--Spacer blocksGB/T 4169.6-1984
Coarse and fine aggregates of expanded shaleGB 2840-1981
Shipboard control cables--Shipboard ethylene-propylenerubber insulated control cables, type DAGB 9332.2-1988
High pure indium--Determination of iron content--Spectrochemical methodGB 2594.2-1981
Test methods for electroheat installations--Induction channel furnacesGB/T 10066.2-1988
Photographic grade potassium carbonate anhydrousGB 10553-1989
Gear for timing instrument. Gear test methodsGB/T 9821.5-1988
Natural gas--Determination of sulfur--Oxidative microcoulometry methodGB/T 11061-1989
Determination of resistance to water of filmsGB/T 1733-1979
Big washer for tapping screw assemblyGB/T 9074.30-1988
Aluminium piston. Reciprocating internal combustionengines. Technical specificationsGB/T 1148-1993
Chemical reagents--Molybdic acidGB 624-1978
Chemical analysis of antimony trioxide--Gravimetric method for determination of tartaric acid insolublesGB 3254.3-1982
Method for determining the speed of colour reversal camera filmsGB/T 9863-1988
Industrial heliumGB/T 4844.1-1995
Jute yarns and threads for cables--Technical requirements and grading stipulationGB/T 2697-1987
Test method for softness of jute and kenaf fibres. Twist tester methodGB/T 12411.4-1990
Statistical interpretation of data--Techniques of estimation and tests relating to means and variances of normal distributionsGB/T 4889-1985
Earth-moving machinery--Frog type compacting equipmentGB 2657-1981
Straight handlesGB 4141.3-1984
Male branch tee--AssemblyGB/T 3742.1-1983
Gardiac scissorsGB 3341-1989
Reciprocating rubber seals--Design criteria for standard applications--Part 1: Rubber seals of act on single sealGB/T 10708.1-1989
Motor vehicles--Brake linings resistance to water, saline solution, oil and brake fluid--Test procedureGB/T 11609-1989
Asphalt used in roofingGB/T 494-1998
The operating standard for railway shunting--Railway shunting the operating standard for sorting trainsGB/T 7178.6-1987
Maximum residue limits of phoxim in foodsGB 14868-1994
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Coding specification for the national fixed assets investment projectsGB/T 40058-2021
Requirements on services of passenger transport by water--Sightseeing cruise shipsGB/T 16890.6-1997
Boundary dimensions of E. O. T. cranesGB/T 7592-1987
Method for detecting dislocations of synthetic quartz crystal using X-ray topographic techniqueGB/T 11114-1989
Canned tomato pasteGB/T 1215-1993
High elastic alloy 3J9 for springGB 5217-1985
Feed additive--Choline chlorideGB 10818-1989
Method for determination of ignition loss of alundum powderGB/T 9489.10-1988
Fusible plug for gas cylindersGB 8337-1987
Manufacture and acceptance requirements for knife grinding machinesGB 8268-1987
Taper keys--Cross section dimensions of keys and keywaysGB/T 1563-1979
Methods for chemical analysis of ferroniobium--The neocuproine-chloroform extraction photometric method for the determination of copper contentGB/T 3654.2-1983
Numerical control of machines terminologyGB/T 8129-1987
Vocabulary of information and documentation--Basic termsGB/T 4894-1985
Safety glasses for road vehicles (for certification)GB 9656-1988
Metallic and its compound powder. Determination of specific surface and particle size by air permeating methodGB/T 11107-1989
Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products--Guidance for sulphur dioxide test for contacts and connectionsGB/T 2424.11-1982
Determination of plasticizer content in polymethylemthacrylate--Ultraviolet spectrometry methodGB 9346-1988
Cellular plastics--Polystyrene foam for thermal insulationGB 10801-1989
Methods for chemical analysis of brass--The tin-cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide-phenylfluorone ternary complex photometric method for the determination of tin contentGB/T 5122.15-1985
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances--Particular requirements for electric ironsGB 4706.2-1986
Ebonite--Determination of crushing strengthGB/T 2438-2002
Hull quality requirements for ferrocement shipsGB/T 6298-1986
Methods for chemical analysis of silicochromium--The infrared absorption method for the determination of sulfur contentGB/T 4699.6-1988
Fireclay and high-alumina refractories; Determination of magnesium oxide content; Xylidyl blue I-CTAB photometric methodGB/T 6900.7-1986
Spacers for self-locking nuts, single lugGB/T 961-1988
Sulphur for industrial use--Determination of residueGB 7683-1987
Diesel generating sets of 50Hz for rated output, voltage and speedGB 12699-1990
Test method for durability of anticorrosive paint under cathodic protection conditionGB/T 7790-1987
Methods for chemical analysis of iron ores--The oscilloscopic polarography method for the determination of lead contentGB/T 6730.41-1986
Grey cast iron impact testGB/T 6296-1986
Methods for chemical analysis of ferro-chromium--The ammonium persulfate oxidation volumetric method for the determination of chromium contentGB/T 5687.1-1985
Determination of lead element content for compound fertilizersGB/T 14539.4-1993
Safety requirement of shieldGB/T 8197-1987
Horology-functional and non-functional jewelsGB 6872-1986
Chemical analysis of metallurgical products. General rule for spectrophotometric methodsGB/T 7729-1987
Acrylonitrile--Determination of total cyanidesGB/T 7717.9-1987
Agricultural wheeled tractors--Three-point linkage--Part 2: Category 1 NGB/T 1593.2-1987
Terminology of wind energy conversionGB 8974-1988
Industrial circulating cooling water--Determination of copper--Atomic absorption spectrometryGB/T 14638.1-1993
Molybdenum concentrates-Determination of rhenium contentGB/T 15079.11-1994
Rare-earth metals and their oxides--Determination of aluminum content--Aluminum-chromazurol S-hexadecyl-trimethyl ammonium bromide-ethanol spectrophotometric methodGB/T 12690.24-1990
Seed of cereal cropsGB 4404-1984
Axle oils for railwaysGB 488-1986
Diesel engine emissions--Test methods-part 2: For underground mine, rail-traction, marine and other industrial and agricultural machineriesGB/T 8189-1987
Pulp, paper and board--Determination of manganeseGB/T 8943.3-1988
Test methods for the mechanical properties of optical fibre cables--FlexingGB/T 7425.7-1987
Test methods for cable accessories--Part 5: Salt fog testGB 5589.5-1985
General specification for deck paintGB/T 9261-1988
Methods for chemical analysis of melted welding fluxes--The direct combustion-iodimetric method for determination of sulfur contentGB 5292.11-1985
Occupational exposure limit for bentonite dust in the air of workplaceGB 18535-2001
Method for testing EPMA instrumentGB/T 15075-1994
Classification and mounting dimensions for domed metal bursting disc devicesGB/T 12353-1990
Hygienic standard for grainsGB 2715-1981
Environmental conditions existing in the application of electric and electronic products--Ship environmentGB 4798.6-1984
Environmental testing requirements and methods for broadcasting receivers, broadcasting television receivers, tape recorders and audio amplifiersGB/T 9384-1988
Rolling stock terms--Running gearGB/T 4549.2-1984
Fruit and vegetable products--Determination of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acidGB/T 10473-1989
phenolic moulding materialsGB 1404-1986
Low voltage shunt capacitorsGB/T 3983.1-1989
Seismic explosive columnsGB/T 15563-1995
Measuring methods of electrical properties of frequency agility pulsed magnetronGB/T 11487-1989
Operation specifications for four diagnostic methods in traditional Chinese medicine—Part 1:InspectionGB/T 40665.1-2021
Bells for bicyclesGB 3591-1983
Food additive--Allyl hexanoateGB 10349-1989
Specifications for horizontal and rectangular steam sterilizersGB 4027.4-1983
Classification and specification of iron scraps for meltingGB 4224-1984
Skimmed milk powderGB/T 5411-1985
Natural lightweight aggregatesGB 2841-1981
Directives for the work of standardization. Rules for drafting symbol and code standardsGB 1.5-1988
Tin-lead solderGB/T 3131-1982
Maize for fermentation industryGB/T 8614-1988
Test method for physical-chemical properties of electrical carbon product--Tensile strengthGB 1994.9-1988
Semi refined paraffin waxGB 254-1987
Motor vehicles--Seats head restraintsGB 11550-1989
Drinking natural mineral waterGB 8537-1987
Hollow metallic waveguides. Part 7: Relevant specifications for square waveguidesGB/T 11450.6-1989
Basic environmental testing procedures of nuclear instruments--Shock testGB/T 8993.5-1988
Tree seed storageGB/T 10016-1988
Motor vehicles and trailers-Wheel splash and stone throw protectionGB 7063-1986
Technical specification for radiators for water-cooled enginesGB 1195-1984
Specification of international trade contract codesGB/T 16963-1997
Small dumpers--TerminologyGB/T 7920.7-1987
Inspection of vegetable oils--Methods for determination of acid valueGB/T 5530-1985
Occupational exposure limit for high frequency field in the work environmentGB 18555-2001
Textiles--Testing method for colour fastness to spotting--AcidGB/T 5715-1985
Scandium metalGB/T 16476-1996
Methods for chemical analysis of ferrotitanium--The coulometric method for the determination of carbon contentGB/T 4701.9-1988
Electromagnetic compatibility—General—Part 3:The effects of high-altitude EMP(HEMP) on civil equipment and systemsGB/Z 17624.3-2021
Standard test method for packing density of granular activated carbon from coalGB/T 7702.4-1987
Aluminium caps for antibiotic vialsGB 5198-1985
Measuring methods for microwave diodesGB/T 6570-1986
Main technical performance targets for mopedsGB 4558-1984
Method for the determination of shade and colouring strength for sulfur dyesGB/T 2376-1980
Microscopes--Magnifying powerGB 9243-1988
GoldGB 4134-1984
Hygienic standard of shrimp sauceGB 10135-1988
CreamGB/T 5414-1985
General specification for solar simulatorGB/T 12637-1990
The methods for the calculation of the efficiency, unit heat consumption and unit coal consumption of tunnel dryer annular kiln systemGB 6055-1985
Typical assembly with guide stripper for cold press dies--Typical assembly for spring stripper and longitudinal feedingGB 2874.3-1981
Cemented splices for use on 16mm and 35mm motion-picture films--Positions and dimensionsGB/T 5300-1985
Method of specifying colour for paint filmsGB/T 6749-1986
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for external acute radiation sicknessGB 8280-1987
Methods for chemical analysis of silicon bronze and silicon brass--The silver diethyl dithiocarbamate photometric method for the determination of arsenic contentGB/T 6520.8-1986
Zirconium oxide--Determination of hafnium oxide content--Emission spectrophotometric methodGB/T 2590.8-1981
Hygienic standard for soy sauceGB 2717-1981
Extra long parallel shank twist drillsGB 6136-1985
Aluminum and aluminum alloy wires for welding purposeGB/T 3197-1982
General rules for the sampling and sample preparation of minerals in bulk--Experimental method for checking the bias of samplingGB/T 2007.5-1987
Power capacitors for high altitude districtsGB/T 6915-1986
Safety standard of amusement machines and amusement park equipmentsGB 8408-1987
Polyether polyols--Determination of acid numberGB/T 12008.5-1989
Coal tar pitchGB 2290-1980
Flat transmission belting--Test method of full thickness tensile strength and elongationGB/T 6761-1986
Maximum residue limits for 54 pesticides in foodGB 26130-2010
Technical requirements for hot-rolled carbon steels for bridgesGB/T 714-1965
Process data highway,type C (PROWAY C),for distributed process control systems-PLC-MAC interface and service specificationGB/T 9469.5-1988
Sodium tripolyphosphate for industrial use-Determination of matter insoluble in waterGB/T 9984.4-2004
The examination rules and test methods for the ship cargo handling gearGB/T 12927-1991
Ophthalmic forcepsGB 4747.6-1984
Specifications for operation management of poverty alleviation workshop projectGB/Z 35040-2018
Tea--Preparation of ground sample and determination of dry matter contentGB/T 8303-1987
Marking and packingGB/T 2483-1983
Apparatus for physical test of cement Apparatus for testing normal consistency and setting time of pasteGB 3350.6-1982
T Cu C intrauterine deviceGB 11236-1989
Methods for chemical analysis of bauxite ores--The non-aqueous photometric-titration method for determination of carbon dioxide contentGB/T 3257.19-1982
Methods for chemical analysis of rare earth chloride and carbonate--Determination of barium oxide content in rare earth chlorideGB/T 16484.5-1996
Gears. FZG test procedures. Part 1: FZG test method A/8.3/90 for relative scuffing load-carrying capacity of oilsGB/T 19936.1-2005
Terbium oxide--Determination of lanthanum oxide, cerium oxide, praseodymium oxide, neodymium oxide, samarium oxide, europium oxide, gadolinium oxide, dysprosium oxide, holmium oxide, erbium oxide and yttrium oxide contents--Emission spectrograGB/T 12690.11-1990
Method for sampling of conventional abrasive grainsGB/T 4676-1984
Test methods of cork sheetGB 7642-1987
Test methods of spectrum analyzersGB/T 11462-1989
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational chronic acrylamide poisoningGB 16370-1996
Measuring thickness of the aluminium foil--Weighing methodGB/T 6608-1986
Technology requirement of mobile terminal browser softwareGB/T 34998-2017
Boots for self-locking nuts, two lugGB/T 940-1988
22 Hat shape steelGB 8603-1988
Test method for setting time of refractory mortarGB 5024.2-1985
Greases used for rolling millGB 493-1965
Determination of sulfur content in carbon materialsGB/T 1430-1978
Die-cast die components--Guide bushings type AGB/T 4678.6-1984
Raw mule skinsGB/T 8907-1988
Method for determination of sorbic acid and benzoic acid in foodGB 5009.29-1985
End mills--Part 3: Milling cutters with 7/24 taper shanksGB/T 6117.3-1996
Single circle intra-uterine devices of stainless steelGB 3056-1982
Rubber-cork stuffing machine for glass infusion bottlesGB 11753.5-1989
Method for determination of iodide in drinking natural mineral waterGB/T 8538.39-1987
Method for measuring thickness of coated layer on composite metal--The X-ray fluorescent methodGB/T 11250.2-1989
Hygienic standard for frozen porkGB 2707-1981
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for radiation skin diseasesGB 8282-2000
Steel furrings for bulidingsGB/T 11981-1989
Pictorial marking of transit packages containing photoactive materials sensitive to radiant energyGB 5892-1986
Test method for linear density of jute and kenaf fibres. Cut middles methodGB/T 12411.3-1990
Grey cotton canvas for shoes--Rules of acceptanceGB 2907.4-1982
Test method of low-temperature for radio-frequency cablesGB/T 4098.8-1983
Tracing paperGB/T 1468-1987
Technical requirements and test methods for toll service boards (toll recording boards, enquiry deaks)in manual toll telephone switching equipmentsGB 9036.3-1988
Detail specification for electronic component--Silicon frequency modulated variable capacitance diodes for types 2CC24 and 2CC29GB 9528-1988
pH Basic line--Potassium hydrogen tartrateGB 6858-1986
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