Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
O-nitrotolueneHG 2026-1991
The quota&calculation method of energy consumption per unit product for magnesium oxide HG/T 5819-2020
Isoprothiolane original drugHG 3304-1990
Glass-lined vessel parametersHG 2036-2006
Industrial ε-caprolactoneHG/T 5618-2019
Regulations for Packaging, Marking, Transportation and Storage of Adhesive ProductsHG 3075-1982
1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-3-hydroxypyrazoleHG/T 5711-2020
Determination Method for Water Absorption of Paint Film HG 5-1612-1985
Determination Method for Conductivity of Electrophoretic PaintHG/T 3335-1977
Cuprous oxide for industrial useHG/T 2961-1999
Zinc oxide desulphurizerHG/T 2508-2004
Rubber coated fabbics-Determination of flex abrasionHG/T 3048-1987
Photography. Processing chemicals. Specifications for boric acid, granularHG/T 3013-1999
Rubber threadsHG/T 2448-1993
Photography. Processing chemicals. Specifications for sodium tetraborate decahydrateHG/T 3014-1999
Graphite T equipment technical conditionHG/T 2370-2006
Vessel of glass - lined steel for distillationHG/T 3126-1998
Design Standard Piping Mechanic for Chemical Plant (International Design System and Method)HG/T 20645.1~20645.5-1998
Rubber fenderHG/T 2866-1997
Rubber Factory saving design requirementsHG 20526-1992
Potassium perchlorate for industrial useHG/T 3247-2000
Industrial boron trioxide (boric anhydride)HG/T 5551-2019
Fluorescent whitening agent CXTHG/T 3675-2000
Chinese Industry StandardHG/T 3413-1990
Glass-lined agitatorretreat curve impeller typeHG/T 2051.3-2019
m-AminoacetanilideHG/T 3603-1999
Plastice hoses, textile. reinforced, for general. purpose water applicationsHG/T 3044-1999
Cupric pyrophosphate for electroplating useHG/T 3593-1999
Conveyor belts with fabric carcass. Specification for appearance qualityHG/T 3046-1999
Emulsifier S-80HG/T 3508-1999
Appcarance guality of tyresHG/T 2177-1998
Equipment installation drawingsHG 20519.9-1992
Sulphur yellowish beown 3RG (sulphur yellowish brown 5G 150%)HG/T 3598-1999
Standard Drawing for Sight Glass HG/T 21619-1986
Water treatment chemicals-Emulsion anionic and non-ionic polyacrylamides HG/T 5750-2020
Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics-Determination of resistance to combined shear flexing and rubbingHG/T 3048-2002
p-Sulfanilic AcidHG/T 3678-2000
Method for analyzing chemical composition of supported ammonia synthesis catalystHG/T 5586-2019
SPE autofrettage fill function pipeline expansion jointsHG 21628-1990
Celestite ores. Determination of hygroscopic moisture content. Gravimetric methodHG/T 2958.10-1988
Tube and pipe segment table Characteristics TableHG 20519.15-1992
1-Naphthylamine-8-sulfonic acid (Peric acid)HG/T 3389-2002
Classification of textile, dyeing and finishing auxiliariesHG/T 2995-1987
Reactive turquoise blue K-GL (Reactive turquoise blue K-GL)HG/T 3417-2002
Analytical method of content for cypermethrinHG/T 2987-1988
Mechanical seal series and operation parameters for process tanksHG/T 2098-2001
Glass lined close vessels for agiatorHG/T 2372-2003
Oleoresinous EnamelsHG/T 3370-1987
Thermal and sound insulation CodeHG 20519.30-1992
Specification of Strength Calculation on Pressure Parts for Chemical Process FurnaceHG/T 20589-1996
Chemical Reagents - Phenol RedHG 3-19959-1976
The Safety Code for Works at Height in WorkplaceHG 23014-1999
Classical V-belts fatigue(torque-free)testing machine HG/T 3708-2020
Technical Requirements for Akron Abrasion MachineHG 2073-1993
Piping and instrumentation diagram of the equipment, machinery LegendHG 20519.31-1992
Principle of nomenclature of textlle, dyeing and finishing auxiliariesHG/T 2996-1987
Sight Glass Sintered from Steel and Glass HG 21605-1999
Determination Method for Iodine Value of OilHG 5-1610-1985
Dye and dyestuff intermediateHG/T 2893-1997
Calcium phosphate dibasic for tooth-paste industryHG/T 3257-2001
Determination of carbon and sulfur in petroleum refining catalysts High frequency combustion infrared absorption methodHG/T 5594-2019
Specification for Chemical Automatic Control Design [Bound Volume]HG/T 20699~20700-2000
Liquid piston chlorine compressor mechanical sealsHG/T 2100-1991
High purity barium titanate for electronic industrial useHG/T 3587-1999
Tobias acidHG 2548-1993
Special pipe rack FigureHG 20519.16-1992
Ammonia synthesis catalystHG/T 3550-2004
Tubular silicon carbide heat exchangerHG/T 5633-2019
The catalyst oxidizing sulphuric dioxide into sulphuric acidHG/T 2086-2004
Sodium Perborate for Industrial UseHG/T 518-1993
The natural gas catalyst for secondary reformingHG/T 2273.2-2004
Direct deep red4BR (Direct Fast Bordeaux)HG/T 3402-2002
High temperature carbon monoxide shift catalystsHG 3546-2002
Determination of vulcanized rubber high temperature tensile strength and elongation at break ofHG/T 3868-2006
Determination of Sulfate Sulfur Content in Alunite Ore - Barium Sulfate Gravimetric MethodHG 2957.4-1984
Activated Clay HG/T 2669-1994
Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for steamHG/T 3036-1999
Sodium metbisulphite for industrial useHG/T 2826-1997
Sodium Monofluorophosphate Used in Toothpaste IndustryHG/T 2764-1996
Chemical mine construction and acceptance of plastic pipeHG/T 20271-1997
Analytical method for technical phosphamidonHG/T 2977-1984
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene lining board for chemical industryHG/T 5629-2019
Rubber, vulcanized -- Determination of abrasion resistance under slippingHG/T 3836-2006
Acid nigrosine crystalsHG/T 2663-1995
Industrial circulating cooling water-Determination of mercaptobenzo-thiazoleHG/T 3518-2003
Piping and instrumentation diagramHG 20519.5-1992
Industrial zinc chlorideHG/T 2323-2019
Chinese Industry StandardHG/T 2020-1991
Disperse Red S-G 200% (scattered red GS 200%)HG/T 3806-2006
Determination of Aluminium Content in Alunite Ore - Volumetric Method HG 2957.5-1984
Vat yellow 3RT (C.I.Vat orange 11)HG/T 4160-2010
Feed grade choline chlorideHG 2941-1999
Vertical glass lined steel vessel for storageHG/T 2374-2004
N-methy anilineHG/T 3409-2001
Rubber building gaskets-Materials for preformed solid vulcanized structural gaskets-SpecificationHG/T 3099-1989
Conveyor belts Gulde to storage and handlingHG/T 3056-1986
Specification on content and procedure of detail design for chemical plant - Part 5 - Pipeline machineryHG/T 20519.5-2009
Acid Brown P-RB (Weak Acid Brown RL 200%)HG/T 3597-1999
Specification of fluid bed equipment for sodium ion exchange water treatmentHG/T 3133-1998
1-Naphthylamine-4-Sulfonic Acid Sodium saltHG/T 3387-1999
Analytical method of content for thiocyclam hydrogen oxalate technicalHG/T 2979-1987
Determination Method for Coulombic Efficiency of Electrophoretic PaintHG/T 3337-1977
Gasket CodeHG 20519.40-1992
Determination of free chlorine and total chlorine in industrial circulating cooling water N, N-Diethyl-1, 4-Phenylenediamine spectrophotometric methodHG/T 2028-1991
Alunite Ores HG/T 3577-1986
Chinese Industry StandardHG/T 2601-1994
Unified Specification on Contents and Procedure of Detail Design DWN of Industrial Furnaces for Chemical PlantsHG/T 21536-1992
Material Codes and Abbreviations in Piping and Instrument Diagrams HG 20559.5-1993
Sodium orthosilicate for industrial useHG/T 5746-2020
J52-81 and J52-61 CSM anti-corrosion paint matching system (two-component)HG 2241-1991
Photographic chemicals. Coupler COY-2HG 2253-1991
Miehailing aerosol type BHG 2218.2-1991
Water treatment agent. PFSHG 2153-1991
L type cooling tower fanHG/T 3132-1998
Rubber-test rule for distribution type of testing dataHG/T 3104-1989
Injection molding shoesHG/T 3084-1999
Rubber hose. On shore oil suction and dischargeHG/T 3038-1988
Chemical reagent Barium sulfateHG/T 3033-1999
Water - jacket graphite hydrochloride synthetic furnaceHG/T 3189-2000
Industrial circulating cooling water-Determination of sulphates for sludge and corrosion productsHG/T 3535-2003
Determination of ammonia synthesis catalyst reduction degreeHG/T 5758-2020
Suiphur Navy Blue 3RB (Sulphur Blue BRN)HG/T 2896-1997
Plastic equipmentHG/T 20640-1997
Falling Weight Impact Test Method for Polypropylene Pall Ring Filler HG/T 3213-1989
Stirring Driving Device [Bound Volume] HG 21563~21572-1995
Rubber or plastics coated fabrics Accelerated ageing testsHG/T 3049-1999
Alunite ores-Determination of total sulphur content-Barium sulphate gravimetrlc methodHG/T 2957.8-1984
Rubber coated fabrics-Determination of roll characterististicsHG/T 3050-1987
Determination of flex resistance of whole rubber shoesHG/T 2871-1997
Bipolar ion membrane electrolyzerHG/T 3981-2019
Glass lined - lift down valvesHG/T 3218-1999
Rubber hose-On shore oil discharge hose-SpecificationHG/T 3039-1988
Laminated dishes glass lined steel condenserHG/T 2056-2004
The specification for package mark, transportation and storage of adhesive productsHG/T 3075-1982
Preparation Specifications for Pesticidal Chemical Product Standard HG/T 24671-1996
Ebonite. Determination of impact strengthHG/T 3845-2006
Geotechnical engineering investigation standards for contaminated sitesHG/T 20717-2019
Sodium antimonate hydration for electronic industrial useHG/T 3254-2001
Sodium chlorite for industrial useHG/T 3250-2001
SPE autofrettage fill function pipeline expansion jointsHGJ 533-1991
Drive for glass-lined steel vessel with agitatorHG/T 2052-2019
Acid Red 5BHG/T 3385-1999
Coding principle for organic additives in photographic materialsHG/T 3012-1989
Vat brown 2R power fine for dyeing (Vat brown BR power fine for dyeing)HG/T 3406-2002
Graphite heat dissipation pressure-sensitive adhesive sheetHG/T 5609-2019
Glass - lined diaphragm valveHG/T 3220-1999
Spring summary tableHG 20519.19-1992
The determinatino of high temperature carbon monoxide shift catalystHG/T 3544-1989
Direct Deep Blue L-RB (direct light blue B2RL)HG 2082-1991
Hose station layoutHG 20519.12-1992
Alunite ores-Analytical methods-General instructionsHG/T 2957.1-1984
Photographic chemicals. KI (emulsions)HG 2259-1991
Dibasic lead phosphateHG 2339-1992
2-Naphthol-3, 6-Disulfonic Acid Disodium Salt (R Salt)HG/T 3413-2000
Celestite ores. Determination of barium cantent. Barium chromate volumetric methodHG/T 2958.2-1988
Analysis methods of boiler water and cooling water Determination of iron and copper content Voltammetric polarographyHG/T 5564-2019
2,4,6-Trimethylbenzoylphenylphosphonic acid ethyl esterHG/T 5654-2019
Reactive brilliant red K-4BCHG/T 3426-2002
Water treatment chemicals. Polyatomic alcohol phosphate esterHG/T 2228-1991
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