Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Polyurethane construction sealantJC 482-1992
Calculation of heat balance for mechanical cement shaft kilnsJC/T 732-1984(1996)
Test method for softening point of quartz glass (wire drawing method)JC/T 751-1984(1996)
Cement bulk loading equipment. Cement bulk loading machine for automobilesJC/T 608-1995
Chinese Industry StandardJC 711-1990
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 202-1992
Construction and inspection of float glass furnace masonry worksJCJ 13-1998
Test method for resin content of prepregJC/T 780-1987
Test method for performance of asbestos yarn and plateJC 328-1982(1996)
Mortar coater of prestressed concrete pipes for waterJC/T 877-2001
Test method for tensile strength of preimpr egnated rovingJC/T 777-1985
Cast stone products, application engineering technical specificationsJCJ 15-2000
Methods of chemical analysis of silicious materials for cement industryJC/T 874-2000
Metal skinned EPS Sandwich PanelsJC/T 689-1998
Fiberglass reinforced plastics water tanks Part 2 hand lay-up molding integral type water-tanksJC/T 658.2-1997
Fly ash bricksJC 239-1991
Metal skinned rigid polyurethane foam sandwich panelsJC/T 868-2000
Steel castings intended to be used in building materials machinery. Rules for defect handlingJC/T 401.3-1991
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Mixer for cement pasteJC/T 729-1989
Concrete tilesJC/T 746-1999
Vacuum brick extruder. Grading of product qualityJC 343.3-1995
Case-hardened reducer for rolling press in the cement industryJC/T 878.5-2001
Steel castings intended to be used in building materials machinery. Technical specification of deliveryJC/T 401.4-1991
Bitumen flexible waterproofing membrane with double reinforcementJC/T 690-1998
Glass fibre reinforced magnesium oxychloride cement corrugated sheet and ridge tileJC/T 747-1988
Expansive perlite ornamental sound-absorbing panelsJC/T 430-1991
High strength refractory castingsJC/T 498-1992
Ultra-rapid hardening regulated set aluminate cementJC/T 736-1985
Wire mesh asbestos-cement small corrugated sheetJC/T 851-1999
Flat glass plant design requirements of environmental protectionJCJ 08-1995
Dry-hanging nature facing building granite slab and fixing stainless steel systems. Part2: Fixing stainless steel systemsJC 830.2-1998
Type I low pH value sulphoraluminate cementJC/T 737-1986
Inorganic high-temperature synthetic mica paper laminated boardJC/T 354-1984
Diamond circular saw blade for processed non-metallic crisp and hard materialJC 340-1992(1996)
Rapid curing and rapid hardening Portland cementJC/T 314-1982
Twin-shaft mixing extrudersJC/T 662-1997
Extruded ceramic tiles Part 4: Stoneware tiles (6%<E≤10%)JC/T 457.4-2002
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Vibrator for compacting mortar specimenJC/T 723-1982
Granulated calcium enriched liquid slag intended to be used in cementJC/T 454-1992
Crank type blank cutting machineJC 348-1983(1996)
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Mixer for mixing mortarsJC/T 722-1982
Low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cementJC/T 659-2003
The clinker bucket conveyer with plate link chain for cement industryJC/T 821-1988
Ball valves of modified phenolic glass fiber reinforced plasticsJC/T 783-1987
Corrugated metal pipe couplingJC/T 1044-2007
Grading of energy consumption of rock woolJC 522-1993
Sheet molding compound (SMC) window frame intended to be used in train passenger coachesJC/T 492-1992
Rubber gasket ring of prestressed and self-stressing concrete pipeJC/T 748-1987
Special type decorative stone. Part 1: Arc slabJC/T 847.1-1999
Fusion-cast synthetic micaJC/T 813-1985
Methods for heat-measuring of mechanical cement shaft kilnsJC/T 731-1984
Case-hardened vertical mill-reducer used in the cement industryJC/T 878.4-2001
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 456-1996
Glass-fibre reinforced poluester resin corrosion resistant horizontal vesselsJC 718-1990
Air sliding conveyor for cement industryJC/T 820-1988
Zinc sulfide crystal intended to be used in the window of infrared detectorsJC/T 439-1991
Test method for burnability of cement raw mealJC/T 735-1988
Twin-shaft mixer. Grading of product qualityJC/T 346.1-1995
Limestone portland cementJC 600-2002
Inorganic high-temperature synthetic mica paper laminated boardJC 354-1984(1996)
Case-hardened kiln use-reducer in the cement industryJC/T 878.3-2001
Fiberglass reinforced plastics. Test method of tension fatigue resistanceJC/T 349-1983
Straw based paper panel intended to be used in constructionJC/T 444-1991
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 486-1992
BentoniteJC/T 592-1995
Reclaimed rubber linoleumJC 206-1976(1996)
Glass fiber latex clothJC/T 171-1973(1996)
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 409-1991
Gypsum panels with cavitiesJC/T 829-1998
Processing of non-metallic materials with section block brittle blade diamond frameJC 470-1992
Transparent quartz glass tubes for semiconductor technologyJC/T 755-1988
Compression fixtureJC/T 725-1996
Designation for coated glassfibre productsJC/T 766-1984
Grading of energy consumption of cement productsJC/T 710-1990
Carbon steel and low alloy steel intended to be used in building material machinery. Technical specificationJC/T 401.2-1991
Polymer emulsion architectural waterproof coatingJC/T 864-2000
Heat reflecting glassJC 693-1998
Roller press for cement IndustryJC/T 845-1999
Freeocement farming boatJC/T 745-1987
External fixed faucets of bathtubJC/T 760-1985
Regenerated rubber linoleumJC/T 206-1976
Alunite expansive cementJC/T 311-1997
Cement bulk loading equipment. Pneumatic switch valvesJC/T 610-1995
Standard test method for finish content of woven glass fabric, cleaned and after-finishedJC/T 770-1989
Phenolic resin paper based winding tubesJC/T 784-1987
Asbestos-cement pressure pipe for gas transmissionJC 703-1982
Perforated gypsum boards for acoustic useJC/T 803-1989
Alkali cement kiln bricksJC/T 496-1992
Measurement and calculation method of thermal balance of fibrous glass chamberJC/T 617-1996
Alkali-resistant lightweight castableJC/T 807-1989
Lightweight and refractory ceramsite concrete block for cement kiln liningJC/T 804-1987
Extruded ceramic tiles Part 3: Fine stoneware tiles (3%<E≤6%)JC/T 457.3-2002
Glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks first part of SMC combined water storage tanksJC/T 658.1-1997
Alkali-resistant glass ballJC 719-1990
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 424-1991
Aluminium pastes for aerated concreteJC/T 407-2000
Test rules for wall building bricksJC/T 466-1992
Ore sand of expanded perliteJC/T 809-1988
Methods for heat-measuring of mechanical cement shaft kilnsJC/T 731-1984(1996)
Flexible shaft and pipe of hand-held motor operated toolsJC/T 109-1999
Autostressing aluminoferrite cementJC 437-1996
Film mounting glassJC 846-1999
Test method for grindability of cement raw materialsJC/T 734-1988
Composite bending creep test methods inJC/T 778-2000
Land transport. Safety glasses. TermsJC/T 754-1984
Methods for chemical analysis of glass making sandsJC/T 753-1982
Fusion casting alumina refractory products intended to be used in glass melting furnaceJC/T 494-1992
The methods for the measurement and calculation of heat balance, heat efficiency of tunnel dryerJC/T 792-1985
Inorganic waterproof and leakage-preventing materialsJC 900-2002
Glass fibre filter fabricJC/T 768-1987
Determination of total sulfur content in aluminate cement Eschka methodJC/T 913-2003
Aqueous PVC tar water-resistant paintJC/T 634-1996
Dense zircon brick intended to be used in glass melting furnaceJC/T 495-1992
Granulated ferrochromium slag intended to be used in cementJC/T 417-1991
Specification for natural marble of quarry stoneJC/T 202-2001
Fitting of water closetJC 707-1997
Specification for design, construction and acceptance of steel pipe reinforced concrete structureJCJ 01-1989
Glass cloth used for reinforeing rubberJC/T 769-1987(1996)
Loose heat insulating water suppressing material (powder)JC/T 594-1995
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Electrically driven flexure testing deviceJC/T 724-1982
Accelerated test for cement strengthJC/T 738-1986
Walk-through type separators intended to be used in the cement industryJC/T 404-1991
High manganese steel castings intended to be used in building materials machinery. Technical specificationJC/T 401.1-1991
Sheet molding compound (SMC) window frame used in train and passenger coachesJC 492-1992(1996)
Mould for cement mortarsJC/T 726-1997
Brass drainage fittings sanitary wares. Universal technical termsJC/T 761-1987
Decorating gypsum boardJC/T 799-1988
Sealing strip for doors and windows. Technical specificationJC/T 635-1996
Transparent quartz glass tubes for light sources and vacuum instrumentJC/T 756-1988
Fiberglass reinforced plastics pressure vessels used on groundJC 717-1990
Test method of heat conductivity coefficient of aerated concreteJC/T 275-1980
Building materials and mining engineering construction and acceptanceJCJ 07-1994
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 446-1991
Swing sand sawing machines intended to be used in the stone industryJC/T 828-2000
Fly ash small hollow blockJC 862-2000
Specification for inspection, packaging and storage of quartz glassJC/T 192-1981
Crank type blank cutting machineJC/T 348-1983
Types and basic parameters of double-roll crusherJC 344-1983(1996)
Products of expansive vermiculiteJC/T 442-1991
Flat glass plant process design specificationsJCJ 04-1990
Centrifugal former for circular reinforced concrete poleJC/T 822-1988
Compressed straw building slabsJC/T 794-1988
Test method for gel time of prepregJC/T 774-1982
Cement tileJC/T 410-1991
Composite mica-based pear lescent pigmentsJC 467-1992(1996)
Bricks and blocks. Definition of termsJC/T 790-1985
Pyroelectric single crystal for high performance infrared detectorJC/T 2545-2019
Test method for volatile content of prepregJC/T 776-1985
Vinylon fiber reinforced cement flat sheetJC/T 671-1997
Standard methods of testing rubber gasket ring of prestressed and self-stressing concrete pipeJC/T 749-1987
Self-adhering polymer modified bituminous sheet materials using polyester reinforcements for waterproofingJC 898-2002
Tank type feeding machine. Grading of product qualityJC/T 347.1-1995
Ceramic mosaic tilesJC/T 456-1992
Measurement and calculation method of heat balance and thermal efficiency of ceramic industrial tunnel kilnJC/T 763-1987
Definition of terms for bricks and blocksJC/T 790-1985(96)
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Standard sieve for testing finenessJC/T 728-1982
The methods for the calculation of the efficiency, unit heat consumption and unit coal consumption of tunnel dryer annular kiln systemJC/T 793-1985
Cast stone products. Cast stone straight tubesJC/T 514.2-1993
Method for static test for corrasion resistance of refractories of glass melting furnace to molten glassJC/T 806-1988
Glass cloth used for reinforeing rubberJC/T 769-1987
40mm×40mm Jig for cement compressire strength test machineJC/T 683-1997
Roll crushing models and basic parametersJC 450.1-1991
Cement bulk loading equipment. Electric flow control valvesJC/T 609-1995
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 449-1991
Non-shrinking and rapid hardening portland cementJC/T 741-1988
Phosphate combined high aluminum brick intended to be used in cement kilnJC/T 350-1993
Soap emulsifiecl asphaltJC/T 797-1984
Ferrocement motorized farm boatsJC 223-1981(1996)
CinderblockJC/T 525-1993
Functional ceramic toilet flushing test methodsJC/T 502-1993
Opaque quartz glass productionJC/T 182-1997
Definitions of terms relating to calculation and measuring methods of heat balance for building material kilnsJC/T 795-1989
testccccJC/T 421 -19
Specification for natural granite of quarry stoneJC/T 204-2001
Test method for resin flow of prepregJC/T 775-1985
Roller Crusher technical conditionsJC 450.2-1991
Flat glass plant construction project preliminary design depth of content provisionJCJ 06-1992
Glass fiber reinforced plastics bathsJC/T 779-2000
Test method for interply shear strength of unidirectional fiber reinforced plasticsJC/T 773-1982
Polyurethane waterproof coatingJC 500-1992
Synchronous strip cutting machinesJC/T 660-1997
Expansive vermiculiteJC/T 441-1991
Plastic toilet (water closet) seatsJC/T 764-2001
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 407-1991
Granulated blast furnace titanium slag intended to be used in cementJC/T 418-1991
Cement industry types and basic parameters of an electrostatic precipitatorJC 358.1-1992
Mica scrapJC/T 815-1987
Rotary kiln for cement industry (JC/T 333-2006)JC 333-2006
Reinforced asbestos-cement middle corrugated tilesJC/T 447-1991
Case-hardened side driving reducer used in the cement industryJC/T 878.2-2001
Wired glassJC 433-1991(1996)
Steam pressure sand lime hollow brickJC/T 637-1996
Autostressing aluminate cementJC/T 214-1991
The cement roto-packerJC/T 818-1998
Quality test method of concrete building units of farm housesJC/T 624-1996
Glass fibre needle felt filterJC/T 590-1995
Chinese Industry StandardJC/T 204-1992
Medium hollow blockJC 716-1986
Glass fibre and magnesium cement boardJC/T 688-1998
Test method of void content of fiberglass reinforced plasticsJC/T 287-1981
Bag filters series CXBC for cement industryJC/T 819-1987
Mortar for concrete small hollow blockJC 860-2000
Synthetic mica pearl pigmentJC/T 467-1992
Self adhesive rubber-asphalted membranes for waterproofingJC 840-1999
Water absorption test method of honeycomb core of fiberglass reinforced plasticsJC/T 289-1981
Asbestos-cement pressure pipe for bittern transmissionJC 704-1984
N-M relevant design and calculation chart of steel tube-concrete building unitJCJ 02-1990
Natural marble building boardJC/T 79-1992
Portland fly ash building productsJC 409-1991
Processing additions for use in the manufacture of hydraulic cementJC/T 667-1997
Guides of laying for asbestos-cement water and gas pipelinesJC/T 743-1984
Ceramic tiles scissionJC/T 457-1992
Decorating gypsum board for lay-in installatingJC/T 800-1988
Cement ton bagJC/T 579-1995
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Compression jigJC/T 725-1982
Alumina grinding ballJC/T 848.1-1999
AutoclaveJC 720-1997
Paper base coal tar feltJC/T 505-1992
Specification for environmental protection design of cement plantsJCJ 11-1997
Methods for the measuring of heat balance of cement rotary kilnJC/T 733-1987
A complete set of 6L water-closet and chamber pot systemJC/T 856-2000
Methods for chemical analysis of alunite expansive cementJC/T 312-2000
Coal pitch paper based linoleumJC 505-1992(1996)
Glassfiber reinforced cement duct for ventilationJC 854-1999
Ferrocement farming boatJC/T 745-1987(1996)
Chemical analysis method for dolomite intended to be used in the glass industryJC/T 440-1991
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Apparatus for testing normal consistency and setting time of pasteJC/T 727-1982
Gypsum blocksJC/T 698-1998
Cement industry sub-room high-voltage pulse jet bag filterJC/T 530-1994
Apparatus for physical test of cement. Specimen mold for use in testing mortar strengthJC 726-1982
The methods for the measurement and calculation of heat balance, heat efficiency of annular kilnsJC/T 791-1985
Test method for exudating temperature of glass phase of refractory for glass melting furnaceJC/T 805-1988
Polymer modified cement mortars for waterproofJC/T 984-2005
Content of preliminary design and depth requirement for cement plant construction projectJCJ 05-1992
Fire-resistant gypsum plaster boardJC/T 802-1989
Test method for flexural creep of GRP sheet and GRP sandwich construction with honeycomb coreJC/T 778-1985
Mixer for mixing mortars of ISO 679JC/T 681-1997
E-glass ballJC/T 557-1994
Technical condition centrifugal ventilator for cement industryJC/T 879-2001
Testing method for particle size distribution of cementJC/T 721-1982
Clinker of portland cementJC/T 853-1999
Pumping aid for concreteJC 473-1992
Cement oscillating screenJC/T 580-1995
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