Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Magnetic needleJY 0012-1990
Copper electrochemical equivalent testerJY 0016-1990
Equipping standard of educational equipment for physical education and health in senior middle schoolsJY/T 0626-2020
Teaching single trace cathode-rad oscilloscopeJY 0011-1990
Specification for the court construction and equipment configuration of mini-volleyballJY/T 0628-2020
Liquid internal pressure test equipmentJY/T 0421-2010
Specifcation of demonstrator for application of optical fiberJY/T 0349-1996
NewtonringsJY 0300-1991
Quality inspection provisions and test methods for the electronic teaching instrumentsJY 0009-1990
Computer Applications and Software Technology professional equipment with standardJY/T 0402-2008
General specification for teaching optical instrumentsJY/T 0347-1996
U-shaped electric magnel technical requirmentsJY 0013-1990
General specifications for marking. instruction manual. package. transportation and storage of electronic teaching instrumentsJY 0010-1990
SpectrometerJY/T 0351-1996
Specification for transmitting and receiving of electromagnetic wave demonstratorJY 0114-1994
Specification of demonstrator for LenzlawJY 0015-1990
Laser optical demonstration instrumentJY/T 0350-1996
Compulsory education teaching mentally retarded and medical rehabilitation equipment with standardJY/T 0405-2010
TribometerJY/T 0412-2010
Specification of demonstrator for rules of left and right handsJY 0014-1990
Small motor experimenterJY/T 0022-2011
犌犲狀犲狉犪犾狉狌犾犲狊犳狅狉犲犾犲犮狋狉狅狋犺犲狉犿犪犾犪狋狅犿犻犮犪犫狊狅狉狆狋犻狅狀狊狆犲犮狋狉狅犿犲狋狉狔JY/T 0565-20202020-12-1
Capillarity demonstratorJY/T 0519-20192019-9-1
Experiment apparatus for the motion and forceJY/T 0512-20192019-9-1
Demonstrator solid contractilityJY/T 0226-20192019-9-1
CalorimeterJY/T 0231-20192019-9-1
Teaching ruler--Part 2:Straight rulerJY/T 0509.2-20192019-9-1
Counting setJY/T 0060-20192019-9-1
Technical requirements and specifications on the drinking water equipment with membrane treatment for primary and middle schoolsJY/T 0593-20192019-9-1
Teaching ruler--Part 1:Demo straight rulerJY/T 0509.1-20192019-9-1
Transparent plastic water tankJY/T 0053-20192019-9-1
Collision experimental apparatusJY/T 0044-20192019-9-1
Equipping standard of education equipment for chemistry in junior middle schoolsJY/T 0620-20192019-9-1
Equipping standard of education equipment for mathematics in junior middle schoolsJY/T 0618-20192019-9-1
Equipping standard of education equipment for biology in junior middle schoolsJY/T 0621-20192019-9-1
Demonstrator for liquid pressure on container wallJY/T 0229-20192019-9-1
General technical specification for hydraulic turbine modelJY/T 0516-20192019-9-1
Deflagration demonstratorJY/T 0518-20192019-9-1
Geo-board and accessoriesJY/T 0344-20192019-9-1
Equipping standard of education equipment for geography in junior middle schoolsJY/T 0622-20192019-9-1
Pascal ballJY/T 0106-20192019-9-1
Equipping standard of education equipment for mathematics in primary schoolsJY/T 0617-20192019-9-1
Teaching thermistor thermometerJY/T 0042-20192019-9-1
Geometrical models for the primary schoolJY/T 0308-20192019-9-1
The model of clockJY/T 0061-20192019-9-1
Piston pump modelJY/T 0515-20192019-9-1
Counting sticksJY/T 0130-20192019-9-1
Equipping standard of education equipment for physics in junior middle schoolsJY/T 0619-20192019-9-1
Centrifugal machine modelJY/T 0221-20192019-9-1
Classification and codes for fixed assets in colleges and universitiesJY/T 0624-20182019-1-10
Equipment specifications for the major of grain and oil storage,transportation and detection technology in vocational schoolsJY/T 0602-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of grain and oil storage and detection technology in vocational collegesJY/T 0603-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of modern forestry technology in vocational schoolsJY/T 0598-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of agricultural equipment application technology in vocational collegesJY/T 0597-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of agricultural and rural water in vocational schoolsJY/T 0600-20172018-1-4
Equipment specification for the major of the tea production and processing in vocational schoolsJY/T 0604-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of forestry technologyin vocational collegesJY/T 0599-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of tea cultivation and processing in vocational collegesJY/T 0605-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of agricultural equipment application and maintenance in vocational schoolsJY/T 0596-20172018-1-4
Equipment specifications for the major of hydraulic engineering in vocational collegesJY/T 0601-20172018-1-4
Interactive Electronic Whiteboard-Common File Format of Teaching ResourcesJY/T 0615-20172017-8-24
Interactive Electronic Whiteboard-The Instructional FunctionsJY/T 0614-20172017-8-24
Basic education teaching and learning resource metadata Information modelJY/T 0607-20172017-5-27
Equipping standard of professional equipment on electro-mechanical equipment operating & maintenance for the wind plants in secondary vocational schoolsJY/T 0462-20152016-7-18
Equipment standard for solar energy & biogas technology (solar technology application ) in secondary vocational schoolsJY/T 0463-20152016-7-18
Equipping standard of professional equipment on wind energy & wind powering technology in higher education institutes/collegesJY/T 0464-20152016-7-18
Equipping standard of professional equipment on photo-voltaic powering technology & applicationJY/T 0465-20152016-7-18
Equipment specifications of the major of CNC technology in higher vocational collegesJY/T 0461-20142014-10-1
Equipment specifications of the major of vehicle applying and maintenance in vocational schools and collegesJY/T 0458-20142014-10-1
Equipment specifications of the major of nursing in vocational schools and collegesJY/T 0457-20142014-10-1
Equipment specifications of the major of mechatronics-integration in higher vocational collegesJY/T 0459-20142014-10-1
Equipment specifications of the major of mechatronics technology application in secondary vocational schoolsJY/T 0460-20142014-10-1
Educational Management Information-Educational Administration InformationJY/T 1003-20122012-3-15
Educational Management Information-Primary and Secondary School Management InformationJY/T 1004-20122012-3-15
Educational Management Information-Management Information for Vocational SchoolsJY/T 1005-20122012-3-15
Educational Management Information-Higher Education Management InformationJY/T 1006-20122012-3-15
Educational Management Information-Educational Statistical InformationJY/T 1007-20122012-3-15
Educational Management Information-Educational Management General InformationJY/T 1002-20122012-3-15
Demonstrated Thermometer JY/T 0418-20102010-10-1
Manual Centrifugal TurntableJY/T 0414-20102010-10-1
U-tube Minor Piezometer JY/T 0415-20102010-10-1
Sounding GearJY/T 0407-20102010-10-1
Pulley for TeachingJY/T 0416-20102010-10-1
Centrifugal Rail JY/T 0409-20102010-10-1
Adhesion Demonstrator JY/T 0417-20102010-10-1
Centrifugal Pump ModelJY/T 0410-20102010-10-1
Lifting TableJY/T 0419-20102010-10-1
Cylindrical SpringJY/T 0411-20102010-10-1
TribomenterJY/T 0413-20102010-10-1
Laboratory Instrument for Liquid Internal PressureJY/T 0420-20102010-10-1
Buoyant Effect Demonstrator JY/T 0408-20102010-10-1
Standard for Training Instrument for Science Department in Senior High School JY/T 0406-20102010-2-25
Standard for Teaching of School for the Deaf and Instruments and Equipments of Medical Rehabilitation in Compulsory Education StageJY/T 0404-20102010-2-25
Standard for Teaching of School for the Blind and Instruments and Equipments of Medical Rehabilitation in Compulsory Education StageJY/T 0403-20102010-2-25
Ultraviolet Effect DemonstratorJY/T 0401-20072008-6-1
Dalton BoardJY/T 0389-20072008-6-1
Infrared Effect DemonstratorJY/T 0400-20072008-6-1
Electronic SwitchJY/T 0398-20072008-6-1
The Demonstrator for Lines of Magnetic InductionJY/T 0397-20072008-6-1
Centre-controlled System for Multi-medium Educational EquipmentJY/T 0383-20072008-6-1
Teaching StandJY/T 0393-20072008-6-1
Track TrolleyJY/T 0391-20072008-6-1
Magnetizing AssemblyJY/T 0396-20072008-6-1
Roll PendulumJY/T 0392-20072008-6-1
Digital Language Learning SystemJY/T 0381-20072008-6-1
Circuitry experimental boardJY/T 0218-20072008-6-1
Electric Spark TimerJY/T 0390-20072008-6-1
Cylinder SuitJY/T 0394-20072008-6-1
Calculators for StudentsJY/T 0382-20072008-6-1
Teaching Tuning ForkJY/T 0395-20072008-6-1
Resistance Box for TeachingJY/T 0399-20072008-6-1
Equipping Standard of Education Equipment for Mathematics and Science in Primary SchoolJY/T 0388-20062006-10-1
Equipping Standard of Education Equipment for Science Faculty in Junior Middle SchoolJY/T 0386-20062006-10-1
Standard for Science Lab Equipment in Primary & Secondary SchoolsJY/T 0385-20062006-10-1
Equipping Standard of Education Equipment for Science in Junior Middle SchoolJY/T 0387-20062006-10-1
Equipping Criteria for Instruments and Equipments in Automobiles Utilization and Maintenance MajorJY/T 0380-20062006-3-1
Equipping Criteria for Instruments and Equipments in Numerical Control Technique Application MajorJY/T 0379-20062006-3-1
Laboratory equipment power supply systemJY/T 0374-20042005-4-1
LCD Projector for teachingJY/T 0373-20042005-4-1
Demonstrator for Action of FuseJY/T 0364-20042005-1-23
Two-dimension Space-time TracerJY/T 0369-2004 二维空间-时间描迹仪2005-1-23
Self-induction Phenomena DemonstratorJY/T 0365-20042005-1-23
Sensors applied experimental apparatusJY/T 0367-20042005-1-23
Sound Propagating DemonstratorJY/T 0371-20042005-1-23
Electric Element Black BoxJY/T 0366-20042005-1-23
Hand holding magnifierJY/T 0378-20042005-1-23
Demonstrating apparatus for microscopic biologyJY/T 0376-20042005-1-23
Dsect mirrorJY/T 0377-20042005-1-23
Two-dimension Space-time TracerJY/T 0369-20042005-1-23
The Second Law of Newton Demonstration ApparatusJY/T 0368-20042005-1-23
Direct vision pocket spectroscopeJY/T 0375-20042005-1-23
Oilfilm experimental apparatnsJY/T 0372-20042005-1-23
Demonstrator of bodyfloat-sink conditionJY/T 0370-20042005-1-23
Technical conditions of Neurcytes islolated W.M (trial)?JY 99-19822004-9-1
Myocardial biopsy technical conditions (trial)?JY 98-19822004-9-1
Earthworms crosscutting technical conditions (trial)?JY 82-19822004-7-15
Single flat leather piece on the technical conditions (trial)?JY 89-19822004-7-15
Bevel trolleyJY 39-19842004-7-15
Technical specifications for molecular structure model (trial)JY 52-19802004-7-15
Technical conditions of frog gastrula slice (trial)?JY 87-19822004-7-15
Three type smear bacteria technical conditions (trial)?JY 78-19822004-7-15
Stratified squamous epithelium slicing technical conditions (trial)?JY 90-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of Gastrula stage of egg of Frog sec (trial)JY 86-19822004-7-15
Technical specifications for DNA structure model (trial)JY 65-19812004-7-15
Technical conditions of Smooth muscle islolated W.M (trial)JY 97-19822004-7-15
Technical specifications for score board (trial)JY 56-19802004-7-15
Technical specifications for volume unit demonstrator (trial)JY 55-19802004-7-15
Technical conditions of frog cleavage slice (trial)?JY 85-19822004-7-15
Salivary gland chromosome technique loading conditions (trial)?JY 88-19822004-7-15
Polyps slitting and technical conditions (trial)?JY 81-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of skin of human sec (trial)JY 91-19822004-7-15
Human blood smear technical conditions (trial)?JY 95-19822004-7-15
Two-slit interference experiment apparatusJY 64-19812004-7-15
Electromagnetic dot timerJY 38-19842004-7-15
Actinomycetes technique loading conditions (trial)?JY 77-19822004-7-15
Yeast technique loading conditions (trial) JY 79-19822004-7-15
Technical specifications for secondary protein structure model (trial)JY 66-19812004-7-15
Loose connective tissue slice technology loading condition (trial)?JY 94-19822004-7-15
Fibrous connective tissue (tendon slitting) technical conditions (trial)?JY 93-19822004-7-15
Technical specifications for optical demonstration box (trial)JY 54-19802004-7-15
Paramecium technique loading conditions (trial)?JY 80-19822004-7-15
Technical specifications for plastic water tank (trial)JY 53-19802004-7-15
Technical conditions of skin of human sec (trial)JY 92-19822004-7-15
Technical specifications for globe (trial)JY 58-19802004-7-15
Technical conditions of Skeletal muscle T.S.and L.S (trial)JY 96-19822004-7-15
Plant radicle crosscutting technical conditions (trial)?JY 69-19822004-7-15
Testing regulations for educational equipment productsJY 0002-20032004-1-9
General quality requirements for educational equipment productsJY 0001-20032004-1-9
The plane geometry demonstratorJY 0008-19902004-1-9
Teaching knifebreak switchJY 0117-19912004-1-9
Specification for floating experimental box of primary schoolJY 0119-19912004-1-9
Samples of minerals and rocksJY 0005-19902004-1-9
Air trackJY 0063-19932004-1-9
The model of clockJY 0061-19912004-1-9
Specification of demonstrator for electron-beamJY 0017-19902004-1-9
Specification for optical groupJY 0047-19912004-1-9
Optical diskJY 0033-19912004-1-9
Chemical experimental kits for junior secondary schoolsJY 0007-19902004-1-9
Coumting setJY 0060-19942004-1-9
Linear wheatstone bridge for teachingJY 0048-19912004-1-9
Teaching magnetJY 0057-19942004-1-9
Lnclined-slot trackJY 0041-19932004-1-9
Demonstrator of electromagnetic oscillationJY 0018-19902004-1-9
Prism. SpectroscopeJY 0035-19912004-1-9
The transparent celestial globeJY 0003-19902004-1-9
Resistance coilJY 0029-19912004-1-9
The optical bench for common educationJY 0034-19912004-1-9
Specification for mechanical experimental box of primary schoolJY 0118-19912004-1-9
The limit errors without tolerance indication on drawings and technical documents for educational equipmentJY 0027-19932004-1-9
Induction coilJY 0019-19912004-1-9
Technical specifications of the moonmotion instrumentJY 0004-19902004-1-9
Video presenterJY/T 0363-20022003-5-26
NewtonringsJY 221-19872002-5-1
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