Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Shearer drum basic parameters and connectionsMT/T 140-1986
Rock porosimetry methodMT/T 41-1987
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 3 Coalcutter trailing reinforced, screened and monitored flexible cables with rated voltage of 0.MT 818.3-1999
Code for construction and accept ance of EPS out-insulation engineering of save energy wallMT/T 5011-1995
Flameproof submersible sewage motor prmp for mining and tunneling face of mine. Technical conditionMT/T 671-1997
Chinese Industry StandardMT 665-1997
Chinese Industry StandardMT 164-1987
Mine AdaptersMT 247-1996
Technical specification for contrarotating auxiliary fansMT 755-1997
Carbon monoxide filter self test method for miningMT 134-1985
Code for design of roadway section and junction of coal mineMT/T 5024-1999
Code for design of heating, ventilation and heating of coal industryMT/T 5013-1995
Code for quality inspection of engineering supported by bolting and shotcreteMT/T 5015-1996
Coal drill switchMT/T 31-1996
Dropside rock loader test methods for use in minesMT/T 667-1997
Cable plywood basic dimensionsMT/T 117-1985
Coal hydrocarbon analyzer technical conditionsMT/T 228-1990
Code for design of water supply and sewerage engineering of coal industryMT/T 5014-1995
Rock disintegration resistance index measurement methodMT/T 173-1987
Code industry design code of repairing facilitiesfor mechanical and electrical equipment of mine districtMT/T 5008-1994
P series scraper rock machineMT 131-1985
Pressure mine fire prevention and technical specificationsMT 626-1996
Standard for quality inspection and assessment of installation engineering of coal mineMT/T 5010-1994
Chinese Industry StandardMT 201-1989
Miner short circuit protection deviceMT/T 395-1995
General technical condition for high-resolution automatic earth resistivity instrumentMT/T 781-1998
Depending on the method for determining the density of rockMT/T 40-1987
Rock expansion stress measurement methodMT/T 172-1987
Mine carbon monoxide filter selfMT 128-1985
Resin anchor agentMT 146.1-1986
Portable air compressor in underground coal minesMT 687-1997
Bituminous bond index detector technical conditionsMT/T 226-1990
Chinese Industry StandardMT 242-1991
XL series of large multi-rope skip Shaft unloading equipment basic parametersMT/T 332-1993
Chinese Industry StandardMT 112-1985
Cable protected clamp for shearer-Type and dimensionMT/T 117-2005
Standard for construction and acceptance of EPS out-insulation engineering of save energy wallMT/T 5012-1995
Failure technical conditions of drilling rod for mine raise boring machineMT/T 1056-2008
Chinese Industry StandardMT 206-1989
Unidirectional tensile strength of coal and rock DeterminationMT/T 47-1987
Code for design of pit-botton of coal mineMT/T 5027-1999
Chinese Industry StandardMT 136-1986
General technical condition for nonpower automatic open-close device of the coal mine fire-fighting doorMT/T 762-1997
Pulverized coal boiler power generation with the technical conditions xuangang MiningMT/T 609-1996
Mine high-intensity ring chain link ringMT 99-1985
Numerical method to measure mine discharge technical regulationsMT/T 760-1997
General provisions of coal and rock sampling physical and mechanical properties measuredMT/T 38-1987
Code for design of prevention and elimination of thermal disaster under the coal mineMT 5019-1996
Unidirectional compressive strength of coal and rock and softening coefficient determinationMT/T 44-1987
Mine fire-retardant conveyor beltMT 147-1987
Code for design of district station and chambers of coal mineMT/T 5028-1999
General specification for raise-boring machine in coal mineMT/T 213-2011
General technical conditions for frequency sounderMT/T 471-1996
Mine air pressure self-help device technologyMT/T 390-1995
Crucible swelling number of bituminous coal analyzer technical conditionsMT/T 229-1990
Isolating Switch of Gm Series Coal Cutter MT/T 122-1985
Technical conditions of jet flotation cells for coalMT/T 649-1997
Code for design of semi-underground storage bin in mine industryMT/T 5022-1998
Determination of chloroform extract coalMT 357-1994
Vulcanizing repair tape for rubber sheathed mining cables. Part 1: Rubber insulation repair tapeMT/T 848.1-2000
Alkaline miner charging rack General technical conditionsMT 129-1985
Mine high-intensity ring chain test specificationMT/T 522-1995
Ajh-type Prover for Oxygen Breathing Apparatus MT 59-1981-2005
Scraper conveyor with hydraulic coupling test specificationsMT/T 100-1985
Chinese Industry StandardMT 165-1987
High temperature combustion of coal in total sulfur analyzer technical conditionsMT/T 227-1990
Coal floatability assessment methodMT/T 259-1991
Coal and rock shear determinationMT/T 48-1987
Standard for quality inspection and assessment of shaft sinking and drifting of coal mineMT 5009-1994
Forming a hydraulic forging brazing machine general technical conditionsMT/T 118-1985
Resin bolt metal rodMT 146.2-1986
Chinese Industry StandardMT 205-1989
Determination of rock expansionMT/T 171-1987
General technical conditions of mobile membrane separation nitrogen producting device for coal mineMT/T 774-1998
Determination of thermal strength of industrial briquetteMT/T 1073-2008
Mine locomotive monorail track lifting systems and related facilitiesMT 468-1995
Polycrystalline diamond compact non-core bitMT/T 786-1998
AFC-121 type mechanical high-speed wind tableMT 135-1985
Chinese Industry StandardMT 72-1991
Code of design of the gas drainage engineering of coal mineMT 5018-1996
Consistent coefficient of determination of coalMT/T 49-1987
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 7 Screened flexible cables with rated voltage of 3. 6/6kV and aboveMT 818.7-1999
Roadheader general technical conditionsMT/T 238-1991
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 10 Lamp wires of minerhelmet intended to be used in coal minesMT 818.10-1999
Chinese Industry StandardMT 138-1986
Standard for the equipment of ventilative safety of collieryMT/T 5016-1996
Model KS miners′cap lampsMT 26-1998
Mine Conveyor reprintMT 823-1999
Code for design of under pit train trarnsportation signal of coal mineMT 5029-2000
Measurement of triaxial strength and deformation of coal and rocksMT/T 46-1987
Determination of Chromium in Mine WaterMT/T 742-1997
Fundamental pattern and parameter series for extractable axial-flow fan used for the ground of small mineMT/T 753-1997
Metallurgical coke coal Mining with Wing-technical conditionsMT 107.5-1995
Harrington coal grindability index tester technical conditionsMT/T 230-1990
Chinese Industry StandardMT 163-1987
Chinese Industry StandardMT 107.4-1985
Plow Model methodologyMT/T 154.3-1987
Chinese Industry StandardMT 26-1991
Norms for classification of hydrogeological condition of coal mineMT/T 773-1998
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 5 Moveable flexible cables with rated voltage of 0. 66/1. 14kV and aboveMT 818.5-1999
Scraper conveyor fasteners metallic insert hexagon nutsMT/T 187.9-1991
Scraper conveyor with reducer test specificationsMT/T 101-1985
Model KJ miners′cap lampsMT 242-1998
Lapping hydraulic support technical conditionsMT/T 551-1996
Rock moisture content determination methodMT/T 43-1987
Coal belt conveyor roller size seriesMT/T 400-1995
Center single-chain scraper conveyor head frog linksMT/T 153-1987
Code for design of inelined shaft and chambers of coal mineMT/T 5025-1999
Code for design of chambers around pit-bottom of coal mineMT/T 5026-1999
Mechanical and electrical equipment temperature transducer for coal mine specification for analogue outputMT/T 782.1-1998
DO type floting seals for winning machineryMT/T 784-2011
Chloroform extracts ethnic components of coal DeterminationMT 358-1994
Atmospheric fixed bed gasifier Coal Mining with Wing-technical conditionsMT 107.4-1995
Code for thegeneral design of coal mine areaMT 5006-1994
Specification for routine inspection of coal mining machine-hydraulic system assemblyMT/T 776-1998
Chinese Industry StandardMT 203-1989
Boom-type roadheader. The design guidelines for cutting unitMT/T 1138-2011
Chinese Industry StandardMT 176-1988
Chinese Industry StandardMT 202-1989
Coal mine belt conveyor General technical conditionsMT 120-1985
Floating seals for coal mine machineryMT/T 784-1998
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 4 Metal screened flexible cables of coal cutters with rated voltage of 1. 9/3. 3kV and belowMT 818.4-1999
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 6 Metal screened monitored flexible cables with rated voltage of 3. 6/6kVMT 818.6-1999
Chinese Industry StandardMT/T 666-1997
Scraper conveyors Chain AdjusterMT/T 495-1995
Gently inclined seam coal face roof classificationMT/T 554-1996
Model KL cap lampMT 927-2004
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 1: Moveable flame retardant flexible cables intended to be used in coal mines Part 8 Cables of electric drill intended to be used in coal mines with rated voltage of 0. 3/0. 5kV.MT 818.8-1999
Determination of the true density of the rockMT/T 39-1987
Reinforced filler for rubber and plastic made of ash and slag from fluidized bed Boiler Specification limitsMT/T 783-1998
Accelerating agent of shotcrete used in coal minesMT/T 780-1998
Principal dimensions of idler sets for belt conveyors for coal miningMT/T 653-1997
Vulcanizing repair tape for rubber sheathed mining cables. Part 2: Rubber sheath repair tapeMT/T 848.2-2000
Technical condition of dragging mode cable protected panel for coal winning machineMT/T 775-1998
Code for design of buildings and structures of coal preparation plantMT/T 5023-1998
Parameter Determination of coal and rock deformationMT/T 45-1987
Chinese Industry StandardMT 222-1990
Chinese Industry StandardMT 107.5-1985
XG. XC series. Shaft large multi-rope skip the basic parameters of unloading equipmentMT/T 330-1993
Flame retardant cables intended to be used in coal mines Unit 2: Copper-cored flame retardant power supply cables laid out in a fixed way in coal mines with rated voltage of 10kV and below Part 3 Irradiated polyethylene insulated power supplyMT 818.13-1999
Special type lead acid batteries for coal mineMT 658-1997
Code for design of organized construction of surface coal mineMT 5020-1996
Mine picksMT 246-1996
Code for the coal preparation plant design of coal mine industryMT 5007-1994
Mine communications, automation products. Model methodology and management practicesMT/T 286-1992
Mine KS type helmet lightsMT 26-1985
Antifreezing hydraulic fluid used for powered supportMT/T 1192-20202021-1-1
Textile fire resistant conveyor belting for coalmineMT/T 914-20192020-6-1
General technical condition for direct reading instrument for dust concentration measurementMT/T 163-20192020-6-1
Specification for shearer variable frequency adjustable speed definite purpose converter-fed YBVF series travel motorsMT/T 1040-20192020-6-1
Technical specification for contrarotating auxiliary fansMT/T 222-20192020-6-1
Solid woven carcase of conveyor belting used in coalmineMT/T 317-20192020-6-1
Steel cord fire resistant conveyor belting for coalmineMT/T 668-20192020-6-1
Method for leaching test of coal and coal refuseMT/T 1012-20192020-6-1
General technical conditions of the tube bundle monitoring systen for coalmine spontaneous combustionMT/T 757-20192020-6-1
Testing method and decision rule of wire ropes for in use mine hoistingMT/T 717-20192020-6-1
Universal technical specification for dust collection enginery for mineMT/T 159-20192020-6-1
Technical specifications of floating dust detection for undergroud coal mineMT/T 1171-20192019-7-1
General rules of coal petrographic analysisMT/T 507-20192019-7-1
General technical specifications of optically-controlled automatic spraying deviceMT/T 503-20192019-7-1
Technology standard of safety , high efficient and modernized coal mineMT/T 1167-20192019-7-1
Plough-specification of inspectionMT/T 1168-20192019-7-1
General specifications of the belt conveyor supervision system in the coal mineMT/T 1170-20192019-7-1
Technical delivery requirements of steel wire ropes for coal mine hoistingMT/T 716-20192019-7-1
YBI series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor for rock loaderMT/T 411-20192019-7-1
The auto-moving retarn end for extensible belt convyorMT/T 1166-20192019-7-1
Calculation method of coal mine air quantityMT/T 634-20192019-7-1
YBSD series flameproof mining type double speed three-phases asynchronous motorMT/T 249-20192019-7-1
General specifications of the inductive communication system in the underground mineMT/T 1169-20192019-7-1
Cap lights for Use in Mines – Part 1 - General RequirementMT 1162.1-20112012-5-1
Classification of Exinite Content of CoalMT/T 1161-20112012-5-1
Emulsifying Oil, Concentrate Fluid and High Water Content Hydraulic Fluid Used for Powered SupportMT 76-20112012-5-1
Classification of Coalification Degree by Vitrinite ReflectanceMT/T 1158-20112012-5-1
Determination of Dechlorination Half-Value Length of Granular Activated CarbonMT/T 1155-20112012-5-1
Determination of Phosphorus in Hydrolysable Phosphate in Mine WaterMT/T 743.3-20112012-5-1
Determination of Chromium (Vi) in Mine WaterMT/T 742.2-20112012-5-1
Determination of Hardness of Coal Mine WaterMT/T 206-20112012-5-1
Determination of Total Chromium in Mine WaterMT/T 742.1-20112012-5-1
Classification of The Settling Performance of Slurry in Coal Preparation PlantMT/T 1154-20112012-5-1
Sealing Components for Legs and Rams Used in Powered Support - Part1 - Types and SortsMT/T 1164-20112012-5-1
determination of sulphate radical hydronium in coal mine waterMT/T 205-20112012-5-1
Determination of the Particle-size Distribution of Powdered Activated Carbon by Wet MethodMT/T 1156-20112012-5-1
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