Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Basic norms of child welfare agenciesMZ 010-2013
Guidelines for social work supervisionMZ/T 166-2021
General Conditions of Resident Household Economic ConditionsMZ/T 072-2016
Service standard on the funeral agencyMZ/T 047-2013
Funeral service satisfaction evaluationMZ/T 048-2013
The extent of damage to the scene to identify the affected housesMZ/T 043-2013
Standard for grade evaluation of marriage registration authoritiesMZ/T 024-2011
On - site Identification of Winter Wheat at Low TemperatureMZ/T 066-2016
Rating for relief sheltersMZ/T 025-2011
Guideline of gerontological social work serviceMZ/T 064-2016
Social work service specification in child welfare institutionMZ/T 167-20212021-3-11
Specification for social work services in senior care organizationMZ/T 169-20212021-3-11
Guidelines for service standard system construction of senior care organizationMZ/T 170-20212021-3-11
Specification for database of geographical namesMZ/T 163-20202020-12-22
Data Access interface specification for database of geographical namesMZ/T 165-20202020-12-22
Data format of geographical names and signsMZ/T 162-20202020-12-22
Data Access interface specification for database of geographical namesMZ/T 164-20202020-12-22
Administrative boundary data interchange formatMZ/T 150-20202020-3-24
Administrative boundary pillar data interchange formatMZ/T 149-20202020-3-24
Terminology of vol unteer service MZ/T 148-20202020-3-24
Common graphical symbol and signboard for senior serviceMZ/T 131-20192019-12-12
Embalming Operational SpecificationMZ/T 139-20192019-12-12
Basic specifications for production and manufacture of crematorMZ/T 147-20192019-12-12
Basic requirements for common platform of funeral and interment serviceMZ/T 143-20192019-12-12
Technical specification for the disposal of dead bodies of emergency incidentMZ/T 138-20192019-12-12
Specifications for continuous emissions monitoring in the fiue gas emitted from funeral placesMZ/T 146-20192019-12-12
Guidelines for the security management of funeral service organizationsMZ/T 144-20192019-12-12
Technical specifications for examination of pathogenic bacteria in funeral homeMZ/T 140-20192019-12-12
Measurement of customer satisfaction for senior care organizationMZ/T 133-20192019-12-12
Technical specification for cosmetic operation of corpseMZ/T 136-20192019-12-12
General technical conditions for fuel gas crematorMZ/T 142-20192019-12-12
Basic evaluation criteria for land-saving and ecological burialMZ/T 134-20192019-12-12
Technical regulation of hygiene for packing and transporting of corpseMZ/T 135-20192019-12-12
Mamagement regulation for business archives of funeral and interment service organizationMZ/T 145-20192019-12-12
General technical conditions for the remains refrigeratorMZ/T 137-20192019-12-12
Specification for basic data sharing and interchange of funeral management and service information systemMZ/T 141-20192019-12-12
Pressure ulcer prevention for senior care organizationMZ/T 132-20192019-12-12
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:FilipinoMZ/T 130-20192019-4-30
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:InodonesianMZ/T 127-20192019-4-30
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:UrtuMZ/T 124-20192019-4-30
Social organization data quality management-Basic technical specificationMZ/T 123-20192019-4-30
Assessment of the family fosterMZ/T 122-20192019-4-30
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:MalaysianMZ/T 129-20192019-4-30
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:BengaleseMZ/T 125-20192019-4-30
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:PushtuMZ/T 128-20192019-4-30
Transformation guidelines of geographical names from foreign languages into Chinese:BurmeseMZ/T 126-20192019-4-30
Administrative boundary—Boundary settlementMZ/T 112-20182018-11-5
Assistive products for showering—Shower chairsMZ/T 119-20182018-11-5
Table for nursing bedMZ/T 121-20182018-11-5
SupportforsignsofgeographicalnameMZ/T 109-20182018-11-5
Posture correcting chair for childrenMZ/T 118-20182018-11-5
Free-standing assistive support for getting upMZ/T 120-20182018-11-5
Requirements for facilities and equipment for marriage registrationMZ/T 116-20182018-11-5
Additional recording specification for marriage registration archives informationAdditional recording specification for ma r riage registra tion archives informationMZ/T 113-20182018-11-5
Requirements for marriage registration archives managementMZ/T 117-20182018-11-5
Administrative boundary—Detailed map—IntegrationMZ/T 111-20182018-11-5
Long afterglow film for signs of geographical namesMZ/T 110-20182018-11-5
Appearance design specification of marriage registration office buildingMZ/T 115-20182018-11-5
Specification of training for marital registration clerkMZ/T 114-20182018-11-5
Method of social work Group workMZ/T 095-20172017-12-29
Method of social work Case workMZ/T 094-20172017-12-29
Specification for welfare-lottery system lottery-random-number-testMZ/T 093-20172017-10-18
Compilation specifications for national administrative division maps /atlasMZ/T 091-20172017-10-18
Compilation specifications for province、prefecture、county division maps /atlasMZ/T 092-20172017-10-18
Information technology for management and service of subdistrictMZ/T 090-20172017-9-21
Specification for government affairs service of subdistrictMZ/T 089-20172017-9-21
Basic technical specifications of online fundraising platform for charitable organizationsMZ/T 087-20172017-8-1
Basic management specifications of online fundraising platform for charitable organizationsMZ/T 088-20172017-8-1
Specification for welfare-lottery-system-document testMZ/T 081-20172017-1-6
Specification for welfare-lottery-game-rules testMZ/T 077-20172017-1-6
Specification for welfare-lottery-system-software testMZ/T 079-20172017-1-6
Specification for welfare-lottery-game-rules conformity-testingMZ/T 078-20172017-1-6
Instant ticket of China Welfare LotteryMZ/T 076-20172017-1-6
Specification for welfare-lottery-system-software security-testingMZ/T 080-20172017-1-6
Verification service for the family economy information Data element MZ/T 073-20162016-12-6
Verification service for the family economy information- Data interface specificationMZ/T 074-20162016-12-6
Verification service for the family economy information- Specification of files managementMZ/T 075-20162016-12-6
Guideline for community social work serviceMZ/T 071-20162016-12-6
Administrative boundary- Administrative boundary joint inspection- Provincial levelMZ/T 069-20162016-10-25
Basic specification for volunteer service information systemMZ/T 061-20152015-7-22
Guideline of institutional care serviceMZ/T 060-20152015-5-5
Thermal paper receipt of China welfare lotteryMZ/T 057-20142014-12-26
Service guideline of social work with childrenMZ/T 058-20142014-12-24
Guideline of performance evaluation of social work service programMZ/T 059-20142014-12-24
Minimum standards of social welfare institutions for people with mental disordersMZ/T 056-20142014-9-9
Mapping specification for integrated natural disaster risk (1:100 000)MZ/T 051-20142014-7-7
Light-emitting diode guidance sign for streetsMZ/T 055-20142014-7-7
Geographical names. Specification of establishment on signs. Residential area and administrative regionMZ/T 054-20142014-7-7
Basic specification for comprehensive information platform on community public serviceMZ/T 053-20142014-7-7
Statistical index of talent resources in disaster prevention and reductionMZ/T 050-20142014-7-7
Specification for management of natural disasters emergency shelterMZ/T 052-20142014-7-7
Family-based Foster Care Service for Vagrant MinorsMZ/T 049-20142014-2-14
Family-based foster care service for vagrant minorsMZ/T 045-20132013-12-4
Funeral services classificationMZ/T 046-20132013-12-4
Ability assessment for older adultsMZ/T 039-20132013-10-1
Cemetery business receptionMZ/T 034-20122012-12-3
Tomb body production servicesMZ/T 035-20122012-12-3
Cemetery sweep servicesMZ/T 038-20122012-12-3
Cemetery burial servicesMZ/T 036-20122012-12-3
Cemetery service maintenanceMZ/T 037-20122012-12-3
Appraisal for historic-cultural heritage of geographical namesMZ/T 033-20122012-7-1
Safety management for senior care organizationMZ/T 032-20122012-4-1
Grading methods of natural disaster riskMZ/T 031-20122012-4-1
Method of risk assessment of rainstorm induced building collapseMZ/T 030-20122012-4-1
Requirements for Village Committee Election Site MZ/T 029-20122012-3-5
Village Committee Election ProcedureMZ/T 028-20122012-3-5
Criterion of national comprehensive disaster. reduction demonstration communityMZ/T 026-20112012-1-1
Funeral reception serviceMZ/T 018-20112011-4-5
Cremains consignation serviceMZ/T 022-20112011-4-5
Remains valediction serviceMZ/T 020-20112011-4-5
Funeral and interment service termsMZ/T 017-20112011-4-5
Corpse cremation serviceMZ/T 021-20112011-4-5
Corpse preservation serviceMZ/T 019-20112011-4-5
Sea-burial serviceMZ/T 023-20112011-4-5
Toponymy and Mark - Physical Geography Entities at Land Frontiers MZ 016-20112011-3-1
Disaster relief tent. Part 4: 12m2warmth tentMZ/T 011.4-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief tent. Part 6: Toilet tentMZ/T 011.6-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief tent. Part 7: Coated fabric for tentMZ/T 011.7-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief outfit. Part 5: BackpackMZ/T 015.5-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief bedding and clothing. Part 4: Multifunctional sleeping bagMZ/T 014.4-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief outfit. Part 1: Folding bedMZ/T 015.1-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief outfit. Part 3: Flexible watering tank, bucketMZ/T 015.3-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief bedding and clothing. Part 3: Warmth clothsMZ/T 014.3-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief outfit. Part 2: Folding-table, folding-stoolMZ/T 015.2-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief bedding and clothing. Part 1: QuiltMZ/T 014.1-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief bedding and clothing. Part 2: OvercoatMZ/T 014.2-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief outfit. Part 4: AirbedMZ/T 015.4-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief tent. Part 2: 12m2tentMZ/T 011.2-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief tent. Part 1: 8m2tentMZ/T 011.1-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief tent. Part 3: 36m2tentMZ/T 011.3-20102010-3-15
Disaster relief tent. Part 5: 36m2warmth tentMZ/T 011.5-20102010-3-15
Requirements for emergency rescue of community public placesMZ/T 013-20092009-12-1
Standards of Social Welfare Institution for the ElderlyMZ 008-20012001-3-1
Standards of Social Welfare Institution for Special ChildrenMZ 010-20012001-3-1
Standards of Social Welfare Institution for Disabled PersonsMZ 009-20012001-3-1
Modular units of the endoskeletal cosmetic armMZ/T 007-20002000-7-1
General axillary crutchMZ/T 006-19961996-10-1
Lower limb orthosis with uprightsMZ 003-19931993-5-1
Quality test and evaluation methods for motor wheelchairsMZ 005-19931993-5-1
Body - Powered upper limb prosthesisMZ 002-19931993-5-1
Electric armMZ 001-19931993-5-1
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