Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Automobile gasoline filter QC/T 48-1992
Sweeper truck - Specifications QC/T 29111-1993
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Fuel consumption test method QC/T 76.6-1993
Specifications for large slab transport vehiclesQC/T 447-1999
Slotted cylindrical screw plugQC/T 377-1999
Automobile wheel nut - Spherical nutQC/T 356-1999
Male elbow-BodyQC/T 401-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Constant power testQC/T 76.5-1993
Weldable connecting forkQC/T 337-1999
Test method for ceramic insulators of spark plugs - Test method for impact strengthQC/T 437-1999
Type C spring nutQC/T 610-1999
Type B plastic expansion nut with open endQC/T 615-1999
Specifications for aluminum alloy casting of automobile QC/T 272-1999
Test method for mining dump truck - Performance test for air conditioning system QC/T 76.9-1993
Hexagon outside head plugQC/T 376-1999
Fatigue life limit of automobile front axleQC/T 483-1999
Relief valveQC/T 411-1999
Automobile leaf spring - Metallographic inspection standardQC/T 528-1999
Patch QC/T 387-1999
Symmetrical clip for twin pipesQC/T 371-1999
Test method for performance of automobile air filter QC/T 32-1992
Bolt with projection welding on the bearing faceQC/T 598-1999
Type A buckleQC/T 603-1999
IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ) - Rules of procedure - Part 4: Avionics assessment program requirementsQC 001002-4-2008
Ball joint for motor vehicldesQC/T 327-1999
Tyre air-pressure gauge for automobile QC/T 14-1992
Dongfeng truck drive axle assembly EQ1090E quality gradingQCN 29002-1990
Center High Mounted Stop LampQC/T 260-1998
Specifications for capacitors of automotive circuit breakersQC/T 507-1999
Clip for multi pipesQC/T 369-1999
Type II flange or pressure-plate-mounted injector of S-size diesel engineQC/T 541-1999
Drier automotive air conditioning (HFC-134a)QC/T 662-2000
Bench test method for automobile fan clutch QC/T 33-1992
Specifications for needle valve coupling of diesel fuel injectorQC/T 511-1999
Protective cap for nutQC/T 343-1999
Code of designation for automobile electrical equipment productsQC/T 73-1993
Metallographic test for induction quenching parts of automobileQC/T 502-1999
Test method for porcelain insulators of spark plugs - Test method for heat insulating resistanceQC/T 435-1999
Hexagon outside head cone plugs with magnetic coreQC/T 383-1999
Type I screw-mounted injector of S-size automobile diesel engine QC/T 543-1999
Flexible shaft for automobile and motorcycleQC/T 209-1996
Extreme deviation for undeclared tolerance size of automobile machining partsQC/T 267-1999
Specifications for battery main switch for automobileQC/T 427-1999
Swing arm self-loading automobile - SpecificationsQC/T 439-1999
Temperature alarms for automobileQC/T 208-1996
Quality inspection and assessment method for automobile engine productsQC/T 901-1998
Automobile engine connecting rod - SpecificationsQC/T 527-1999
Position and dimension of automobile bumper QC/T 487-1999
Thin hexagon nutQC/T 362-1999
Vent-plugQC/T 410-1999
Automobile engine - Mounting dimensions of flywheel housingsQC/T 551-1999
Test method for cooling performance of automobile air conditioner QC/T 658-2000
Automobile transmission - Mounting dimensionsQC/T 580-1999
Requirements and test methods for flatness of wheel mounting surface QC/T 243-1997
Specification for water cooled engine radiatorQC/T 468-1999
Plate type weld nutQC/T 609-1999
Bench test method for mechanical transfer gear of automobileQC/T 292-1999
Automotive power steering pump technology conditionsQC/T 299-2000
Steering rod assembly of automobile - SpecificationsQC/T 522-1999
General specifications fir maintenance vehiclesQC/T 493-1999
Specifications for turbocharger of diesel engine QC/T 590-1999
Performance test method for bulk-calcium carbide pneumatic delivery tankerQC/T 40-1992
Automobile silicon rectifier diode QC/T 422-2000
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Emergency steering capability test QC/T 76.7-1993
Test method for electrical characteristic of motorcar alternator QC/T 424-1999
Automobile wheel nut - Connecting nut with cushion flatQC/T 612-1999
Specifications for switch of automobile lightQC/T 505-1999
Steel wire elastic hoop QC/T 621-1999
Square head cone plugQC/T 379-1999
Specifications for automobile signal flasherQC/T 501-1999
Automobile Engine - Destructive test method for bimetallic bonding strength of bearing bushQC/T 558-1999
Automobile rim - Profile inspection templateQC/T 581-1999
Specification for automobile washing motor QC/T 548-1999
Structural dimensions of inched external taper thread parts with 60°tooth profileQC/T 263-1999
Specifications for switch of automobile instrument lightQC/T 506-1999
Specifications and test method for brakes of motorcycles and mopedsQC/T 225-1997
Hexagon outside head cone plugQC/T 381-1999
Automobile steering wheel - Test methodsQC/T 563-1999
Test method for mechanical diaphragm gasoline pump QC/T 249-1998
Fastening torque of automobile threaded fasteners QC/T 518-1999
Test method for transit mixer truckQC/T 668-2000
Cross-grooved large semicircular head self-tapping screw QC/T 602-1999
Type A plastic expansion nut with open endQC/T 614-1999
Type B buckleQC/T 604-1999
Rubber plug QC/T 624-1999
Tapered thread branch tee-bodyQC/T 405-1999
Bench test method for automobile hydraulic torque converter QC/T 557-1999
Test method for ceramic insulators of spark plugs - Test method for pressure resistanceQC/T 433-1999
Types 5 and 6 flanges or pressure-plate-mounted injector of S-size diesel engineQC/T 542-1999
Work Guideline for Cleanliness of Automobile - Nouns and TermsQC/T 571-1999
Sealing leadQC/T 338-1999
Cab noise of mining dump truck - Measurement method and limits QC/T 203-1995
Specifications for steering gear assembly of automobile QC/T 29097-1992
Coding rules for automotive standardized parts QC/T 326-1999
Motor vehicles and trailers Photometric characteristics of registration plate light QC/T 578-1999
Mobile bee-keeper - SpecificationsQC/T 454-1999
Specifications for heavy-duty automobile diesel engines QC/T 471-1999
Work guideline for cleanliness of automobile - Sampling rulesQC/T 574-1999
Buses--Ride comfort--Evaluation value and limitsQC/T 474-1999
Test method for turbocharger of diesel engine QC/T 591-1999
Type and size of car engine thermostatQC/T 515-2000
Plastic splint dowelQC/T 350-1999
Method for comiling model numbers of high-energy ignition devicesQC/T 429-1999
Specifications of engine used in motorcycles and mopedsQC/T 224-1997
Test method for automotive interior decorative material propertiesQC/T 236-2019
Specifications for automobile axle shaft QC/T 294-1999
Engineering approval evaluation program for automobile engineQC/T 526-1999
Technical specification of liquefied petroleum gas engine QC/T 693-2002
Automotive power steering assembly technical conditionsQC/T 530-2000
The bench test methods of automobile steering gear QC/T 29096-1992
Automotive mechanical transmission terminology and definitionQC/T 465-1999
Automobile wheel nut - Cone nutQC/T 355-1999
Measurement method for interior dimensions of passenger compartmentQC/T 577-1999
Standard specification for paper filter element of automobile fuel filterQC/T 287-1999
Work guide for automobile cleanness - Analysis method for impurityQC/T 575-1999
Test method for performance of dump truckQC/T 223-1997
Metallographic Test of Car Carburizing GearQC/T 262-1999
Test methods of the adhesive bonding shearing strength of brake lining for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 227.2-1997
Vehicle air conditioner accumulator QC/T 661-2019
Strengthening test method for motorcycle engine QC/T 61-1993
Test method for ceramic insulators of spark plugs - Test method for volume density QC/T 434-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Test of cooling capacity of cooling systemQC/T 76.10-1993
Spark plug ceramic insulator specificationsQC/T 431-1999
Specifications for automobile shaft sleeve QC/T 409-1999
Vehicle buzzer QC/T 550-1999
Specifications for power steering cylinder of automobileQC/T 301-1999
Male connecctor-BodyQC/T 399-1999
Inertia braking of automotive friction materials - Test methodQC/T 520-1999
Specifications for lifting and transporting vehicles with wing-type tailgateQC/T 466-1999
Specifications for air filters of motorcycles and scootersQC/T 230-1997
Specifications for spiral spring-lined cast iron oil ring for automobile engine QC/T 547-1999
Stamping nutQC/T 611-1999
Specifications for bus safety doorQC/T 261-1998
Specifications for power take-off of dump truckQC/T 319-1999
Automobile engine cylinder liners - SpecificationsQC/T 570-1999
Bowl type expansion plugQC/T 388-1999
Bench test method for automobile power steering cylinderQC/T 302-1999
Automobile wheel nut - Flange spherical nut QC/T 354-1999
Magnetic coreQC/T 386-1999
Screw type ball pin for motor vehicldesQC/T 328-1999
Pressure alarms for automobile QC/T 217-1996
Specifications for high-pressure plastic parts of automobile ignition systemQC/T 438-1999
Mining dump trucks - Engineering approval test programQC/T 75-1998
Male run tee-BodyQC/T 400-1999
Automotive fusible links QC/T 220-1996
Specifications for engine oil radiator assemblyQC/T 489-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Braking performance testQC/T 250-1998
External protection of carsQC/T 566-1999
Male branch tee-BodyQC/T 402-1999
Auto Body mappingQC/T 490-2000
Bench test method for automobile steering rod joint assemblyQC/T 304-1999
Internal/external serration lock washerQC/T 333-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Ride comfort testQC/T 76.8-1993
One end fixing clip for twin pipesQC/T 373-1999
Test methods of hexavalent chromium in automotive materials QC/T 942-2021
Test method for solid pollution degree of hydraulic oil for special automobile hydraulic system - Sampling QC/T 29105.3-1992
Conical spring washerQC/T 601-1999
Spring clipQC/T 368-1999
Test method for rain-proof tightness of minivansQC/T 271-1999
Rules for cleanliness of automobile - Personnel, articles and environmentQC/T 573-1999
Garbage truckQC/T 52-2000
Specifications for pneumatic brake light switch for automobile QC/T 20-1992
Flat wire stopper ring for shaftsQC/T 345-1999
The test method for automobile air-conditioning compressorsQC/T 660-2019
Suction-type tumbrel tanker - Performance test methodQC/T 53-1993
Automobile low-voltage wire terminal - Types, dimensions and technical requirementsQC/T 29010-1991
Limit deviation of dimensions of automobile parts without tolerance indicatedQC/T 269-1999
Specifications for brake shoe assembly of motorcycle and mopedQC/T 226-1997
Specifications for oil outlet valve coupling of diesel engine fuel injection pumpQC/T 510-1999
Test methods of the friction performance of brake lining for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 227.1-1997
Flango of diaphragm type fuel pumps -- Mounting dimensionsQC/T 478-1999
Test method for disk brake pad and assessment for surface and material defect of automobile QC/T 42-1992
Technical requirements for the motorcycle and moped rotor oil pumpQC/T 229-1997
Steel ball vent-plugQC/T 412-1999
Livestock transport vehicle - SpecificationsQC/T 455-1999
Spring nut for motor vehicldesQC/T 330-1999
Automobile steering universal joint assembly performance requirements and test methodsQC/T 647-2000
Hexagon countersunk headless cone plugQC/T 378-1999
Motor vehicles. Hydrodynamic torque converter. The specificationsQC/T 463-1999
Automobile clutch system terms and definitionsQC/T 1125-2019
Specifications for embedded plastic nuts QC/T 618-1999
Automobile, motorcycle engine the monomer casting piston rings metallographic standardsQC/T 555-2000
Dimensions of push-to-connect fittings used on automotive air brake system QC/T 1120-2019
Test method for ceramic insulators of spark plug - Test method for visual examination and dimensionsQC/T 432-1999
Alarms sensor for automobile air filtersQC/T 29032-1991
Code of designation for instruments of automobile and motorcycles QC/T 215-1996
Hexagon nut and conical elastic washer assemblyQC/T 607-1999
Microcapsule anaerobic dry film adhesive for precoating threadsQC/T 597-1999
Automobile front axle - Test method for rigidityQC/T 457-1999
Tapered thread connector-bodyQC/T 403-1999
Automotive cigarette lighter - Technical specificationQC/T 415-1999
Spiral spring pinsQC/T 622-1999
Test method for mining dump truck - Measurement method for reference point R of driver's seatQC/T 76.2-1993
Specifications for SABS QC/T 593-1999
Flat wire stopper ring for shaftsQC/T 346-1999
Specifications for hydraulic cylinder of dump truckQC/T 460-1999
Test method and performance requirements for static strength of brake levers of motorcycle and mopedQC/T 232-1997
Automobile wheel nut - Inner nut QC/T 357-1999
Specifications for automobile valve lifters QC/T 521-1999
Slotted cone plugQC/T 382-1999
Weldable pipe clipQC/T 372-1999
Voltage drop of starter circuit QC/T 467-1999
Test method for internal shear strength of automotive brake lining materialsQC/T 473-1999
Truck with loading craneQC/T 459-1999
Automobile front axle - Test method for rigidityQC/T 494-1999
Automobile seat terminology QC/T 47-1992
Threaded connecting forkQC/T 336-1999
Technical Specification for Motor Steel Strip Combined Oil Ring of Automobile and MotorcycleQC/T 280-1999
Technical specifications for E-mail transport vehicle QC/T 24-1992
Motorcycle product quality inspection - Methods for motorcycle engine assembly adjustment and appearance quality inspection and evaluation QC/T 29117.10-1993
Swing arm self-loading automobile - Test methodQC/T 440-1999
Dump truck - Specifications for reversing valve QC/T 461-1999
Specifications for automobile distributorQC/T 19-1992
Specifications for motorcycle clutch QC/T 66-1993
Knurled pinQC/T 364-1999
Specifications for motorcycle magneto (without contacts) QC/T 69-1993
One end fixing clip for single pipeQC/T 375-1999
Performance requirements of mechanical transfer gears for automobile QC/T 291-1999
Chinese Industry StandardQCN 29008-1991
Accommodation vehicles - General specificationsQC/T 452-1999
Test method for ceramic insulators of spark plugs - Test method for resistance to sudden change of heat and cold QC/T 436-1999
Automotive wiring harness Low quality grading (Trial)QCN 29005-1991
GasketQC/T 638-2000
Test method for motorcycle carburetorQC/T 65-1993
Horn relay - SpecificationsQC/T 419-1999
Dongfeng truck axle assembly EQ1090E quality gradingQCN 29004-1990
Motor vehicles--Engine hour meterQC/T 462-1999
Straight grease nippleQC/T 407-1999
Limit deviation of dimensions of forged parts of automobile die without tolerance indicatedQC/T 270-1999
Automotive product quality inspection reliability calculation method and fault modeQCN 29008.4-1991
Specifications for ignition switch of automobileQC/T 504-1999
Specifications for electric wipers for windshield of automobileQC/T 44-1997
Dump Truck sideboard locking device technologyQCN 9015-1991
Gasoline engine carburetor outlet flange sizeQC/T 762-2006
Automotive leaf spring technical conditionsQCN 29035-1991
Quality grading of automobile oil pump assembly QC/T 289-1999
Automotive starting motor specification QC/T 29064-1992
Fault mode and classification of automobileQC/T 34-1992
Motorcycles and mopeds cushion technology conditionsQC/T 682-2002
Automotive synthetic brake fluidQC/T 670-2000
Specifications for automobile power steering tankQC/T 303-1999
Motor vehicles. Automatic transmission control equipments. RequirementsQC/T 470-1999
Sealing leadQC/T 340-1999
Specifications for power steering control valve assembly of automobile QC/T 305-1999
Bench test method of automobile clutch QC/T 27-1992
Motor vehicles - Door locksQC/T 323-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Climbing ability testQC/T 76.3-1993
QC T 304-1999QC T 304-1999
Inspection and evaluation method for automobile product qualityQC/T 900-1997
Ball pin seat for motor vehicldesQC/T 329-1999
Specifications for centralized lubrication system of automobile chassis QC/T 696-2002
Environmental monitoring vehicle QC/T 41-1992
IEC Quality assessment system for Electronic Components (IECQ) - Rules of procedure - Part 3: Approval proceduresQC 001002-3-2005
Hexagin outside head plugs with magnetic coreQC/T 385-1999
Vehicle-Test method of abrasion-Flocking sealing stripsQC/T 642-2000
Automobile ignition wire terminal- Types, dimensions and technical requirementsQCN 29011-1991
Pipe clipQC/T 370-1999
Test method for fatigue life of automobile front axle bench QC/T 513-1999
Type B spring nutQC/T 608-1999
Elbow grease nippleQC/T 408-1999
Specifications for plunger coupling parts of diesel engine fuel injection pump QC/T 509-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - General rulesQC/T 76.1-1993
Street sprinklers - Performance test methodQC/T 54-1993
Tin-based and lead-based alloys for automobile bearing shells - Metallographic standardQC/T 516-1999
Directives for motor vehicle cleaness-Measuring methodQC/T 572-1999
Types and dimensions of automotive tube-and-fin radiator cores QC/T 29025-1991
Specifications for U-shaped bolts and nuts for automobile leaf springsQC/T 517-1999
Sguare countersunk headless cone plugs with magnetic coreQC/T 384-1999
Rain proof performance test method for mini truck QC/T 271-2021
Rig testing method for auto manual transmissionQC/T 568-1999
Specifications for zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and copper alloy die castings of automobileQC/T 273-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Traction performance testQC/T 202-1995
Evaluation index for bench test of automobile drive axleQC/T 534-1999
Type H buckleQC/T 606-1999
Central fixing clip for twin pipesQC/T 374-1999
Type 2 flange or pressure-plate-mounted injector of S-size automobile diesel engineQC/T 540-1999
Dongfeng truck drive axle assembly EQ1090E technical conditionsQCN 29001-1990
Specifications for circuit breakers of automobile distributors QC/T 519-1999
Types and dimensions for electric wipers for windshield of automobileQC/T 46-1992
Overhead projection weld bolts QC/T 599-1999
Measurement method for static load characteristics of suspension of minivan QC/T 298-1999
Hexagon flange self-chip removing nutQC/T 613-1999
Automotive power steering assembly bench test methodQC/T 529-2000
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Use reliability test QC/T 76.11-1993
Characteristic test method for starterQC/T 277-1999
Tapered thread elbow-bodyQC/T 404-1999
Road sweeper - Performance test method QC/T 51-1993
Bowl type conical washerQC/T 363-1999
Code of designation for automobile carburetor and gasoline pumpQC/T 492-1999
Test methods for mining dump trucks - Automatic shift speed or vehicle speed testQC/T 76.4-1993
Bench test method for automobile power steering control valve assembly QC/T 306-1999
Specifications for wax thermostats of automobile enginesQC/T 29061-1992
Soften panel skin of automobileQC/T 29089-1992
Instrument panel assembly and Console assembly for passenger carsQC/T 804-20222022-10-1
Vehicle buzzer QC/T 550-20212022-2-1
Shock absorber for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 62-20212022-2-1
Recycling of traction battery used in electric vehicle - Specification for secondary cell disassembly (Draft for approval)QC/T 1156-20212022-2-1
Special purpose vehicle for transporting large indivisible loadQC/T 1149-20212021-10-1
Oxygen sensor for motorcycles and mopedsQC/T 1144-20212021-7-1
Electronic silicon oil fan clutch for vehicle engineQC/T 1147-20212021-7-1
Technical specifications of methanol fuel vehicleQC/T 1151-20212021-7-1
Technical specifications of methanol fuel engineQC/T 1146-20212021-7-1
Test method of static bending rigidity for automobile wheelsQC/T 1143-20212021-7-1
Automobile sun shieldQC/T 629-20212021-7-1
Power tailgate system for automobileQC/T 1148-20212021-7-1
Measurement methods fuel consumption for methanol vehicles QC/T 1130-20212021-7-1
Test method of natural frequency for automobile wheelsQC/T 1142-20212021-7-1
Electrical wire harness assemblies for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 417-20212021-7-1
Common gas spring for automobilesQC/T 207-20212021-7-1
Fuel system technical specifications of methanol vehicle QC/T 1150-20212021-7-1
Technical specifications of diesel/methanol dual-fuel engineQC/T 1145-20212021-7-1
Technical requirements of fuel-gas system for LNG vehiclesQC/T 755-20202021-4-1
Aubomobile clutch release bearing assembly QC/T 1141-20202021-4-1
Technical specifications for remanufactured automotive components- Crankshaft QC/T 1140-20202021-4-1
Commercial vehicle drive axle assemblyQC/T 533-20202021-4-1
Encapsulated glazing for road vehiclesQC/T 1137-20202021-4-1
Sliding window glazing assembly for road vehiclesQC/T 1138-20202021-4-1
Technical specifications for remanufactured automotive components- Connecting rodQC/T 1139-20202021-4-1
Environmental test requirements and test methods of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) module for electric vehiclesQC/T 1136-20202021-4-1
Coolant filter for automobile engineQC/T 1135-20202021-1-1
Dry type air cleaner assembly of automobiles QC/T 770-20202021-1-1
Measurement methods of the noise of electric power train system for electric vehicles QC/T 1132-20202021-1-1
Methods of detecting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in automotive materials QC/T 1131-20202021-1-1
Engine intake air water separation test procedure QC/T 1134-20202021-1-1
Internal-combustion engine industry filter paper QC/T 794-20202021-1-1
Commercial vehicles air filter safety elementQC/T 1133-20202021-1-1
Air filter for motorcycles and mopeds QC/T 793-20202021-1-1
Vehicle air conditioner thermal expansion valve QC/T 663-20192020-7-1
Automotive air-condition pipe-fittings and pipesQC/T 669-20192020-7-1
Automotive air-conditioning refrigerant hoseQC/T 664-20192020-7-1
Performance requirement and test of heating car cushion QC/T 950-20192020-4-1
Endurance test method for adjuster of motor vehicle adaptive front lighting system QC/T 1124-20192020-4-1
Specifications and bench test methods of automobile propeller shaft assembly QC/T 29082-20192020-4-1
Specifications and bench test methods of automotive axle shaftQC/T 293-20192020-4-1
Building board unit transport vehicle QC/T 447-20192020-4-1
Motor vehicles-window regulator QC/T 626-20192020-4-1
Dust suppression truck QC/T 1116-20192020-4-1
Transport van QC/T 453-20192020-4-1
Automotive camera QC/T 1128-20192020-4-1
Sample scaling test method for automotive friction materialQC/T 520-20192020-4-1
Automotive diesel fuel heating system QC/T 1110-20192020-4-1
Technical specification and bench test methods for the automated manual transmission assembly QC/T 1114-20192020-4-1
Rear protection and energy absorption device for particular class vehicle QC/T 1129-20192020-4-1
Technical specification for diesel vehicle after-treatment systems QC/T 829-20192020-4-1
Passenger cars-biaxial fatigue test method for wheels QC/T 1112-20192020-4-1
Commercial vehicles-light alloy wheels-30° impact test method QC/T 1111-20192020-4-1
Covering carpet for use in automobiles QC/T 216-20192020-4-1
Performance requirements and testing methods for automatic transmission(AT) QC/T 1115-20192020-4-1
Bridge inspection vehicleQC/T 826-20192020-4-1
Plastic fuel tank for vehicle QC/T 1121-20192020-4-1
Technical specifications of electric water pump for vehicle engine QC/T 1122-20192020-4-1
Technical conditions and test methods of aluminum alloy control arm assembly for passenger car McPherson suspensionQC/T 1127-20192020-4-1
Automotive drive axle terminology and definition QC/T 1126-20192020-4-1
Compression refuse collector QC/T 1107-20192020-4-1
Technical requirements for swap body of the van QC/T 1118-20192020-4-1
Livestock harmless transport vehicleQC/T 1117-20192020-4-1
The specification & bench test methods for manual transmission (MT) assemblyQC/T 568-20192020-4-1
Suction-type excrement tanker QC/T 53-20192020-4-1
Gas solenoid valve for commercial vehicle QC/T 1108-20192020-4-1
Vehicle air conditioning fan QC/T 708-20192020-4-1
Specification and test methods of quick connectors for automotive air brake system QC/T 1113-20192020-4-1
Front-lighting leveling actuator QC/T 1109-20192020-4-1
Road vehicles-Safety glazing materials-Vocabulary QC/T 1119-20192020-4-1
12-point head heat resistant boltsQC/T 1104-20192020-1-1
The cash carrying vehiclesQC/T 254-20192020-1-1
Earth bolt performance and test methodsQC/T 1105-20192020-1-1
Tail-lifts for vehiclesQC/T 699-20192020-1-1
Liquid asphalt tank truckQC/T 719-20192020-1-1
Electric heater for electric vehicleQC/T 1101-20192020-1-1
Power sliding door system for automobileQC/T 1102-20192020-1-1
Sweeper truckQC/T 51-20192020-1-1
Rotational speed sensor for automobileQC/T 824-20192020-1-1
Retraining barrier for passenger seatQC/T 1106-20192020-1-1
Specification for fastener with adhesive coating Part3:Sealing coatingsQC/T 597.3-20192020-1-1
Tail-lifts for vehicles, includes Amendment 1QC/T 699-2019/XG1-20222020-1-1
12-point head heat resistant nutsQC/T 1103-20192020-1-1
Liquid asphalt tank truckQC/T 1100-20192020-1-1
Specification for collapsible spacer used in automotive drive head assembly QC/T 1099-20182019-5-1
Performance requirements and bench test methods of motor vehicle brake master cylinderQC/T 311-20182019-1-1
Technical specification for powder metallurgy hub used in automotive clutch QC/T 1098-20182019-1-1
Performance requirements and bench test methods of automobile pedal deviceQC/T 788-20182019-1-1
Tow truckQC/T 645-20182019-1-1
Performance requierments and bench test methods of motor vehicle assist vacuum pump QC/T 1095-20182019-1-1
Automobile Shock Absorber Technique requirements and Test Methods QC/T 491-20182019-1-1
Bench test methods of fatigue life for torsion beam rear axle of passenger cars QC/T 1096-20182019-1-1
Performance requirements and test methods for passenger car service brake QC/T 564-20182019-1-1
Bench test methods of fatigue life for front axle horizontal module of passenger cars QC/T 1097-20182019-1-1
General specification of lithium ion batteries for motorcycle starting QC/T 1094-20182019-1-1
Bulk vehicles for particle grainQC/T 456-20182018-9-1
Emergency shutoff valve of road tanker for dangerous liquid goods transportation QC/T 932-20182018-9-1
Side impact tube beam for passenger carQC/T 1093-20182018-9-1
Emergency shutoff valve of road tanker for dangerous liquid goods transportationQC/T 932-2018/XG1-20192018-9-1
The centralized lubrication system of automotive chassisQC/T 696-20182018-9-1
Performance requirements and bench test methods of brake chamber for automotive vehicle and trailerQC/T 790-20182018-9-1
Flatness requirements and test methods of wheel attachment faceQC/T 243-20182018-9-1
Static stiffness test methods for 15° drop center commercial vehicle steel wheels QC/T 1092-20182018-9-1
Automotive relayQC/T 695-20182018-9-1
Specifications of sealing gaskets for automotive enginesQC/T 1090-20172018-1-1
Requirements and test methods for regenerative braking system in electric vehiclesQC/T 1089-20172018-1-1
Advertising vehicles QC/T 1078-20172017-10-1
The technical specification for remanufacturing of automotive components-Cylinder head QC/T 1074-20172017-10-1
Specifications of charge-discharge motor controller for electric vehiclesQC/T 1088-20172017-10-1
Specifications of city battery electric sanitation vehiclesQC/T 1087-20172017-10-1
Seat assembly of passenger carQC/T 740-20172017-10-1
Electromotor for automobile electrical power steeringQC/T 1082-20172017-10-1
Light alloy wheel of motorcycle X ray testing QC/T 1085-20172017-10-1
The technical conditions of electromagnetic fan clutch for automobileQC/T 777-20172017-10-1
Terms of automotive automatic transmission classificationsQC/T 1077-20172017-10-1
Specifications for air cleaners for passenger cars QC/T 1091-20172017-10-1
Automotive shift position sensorQC/T 1072-20172017-10-1
Automotive accelerometer sensor - Part 1: linear accelerometer sensorQC/T 1073.1-20172017-10-1
Pulling and pumping tanker QC/T 1079-20172017-10-1
Controller for automobile electrical power steeringQC/T 1083-20172017-10-1
Technical specification of honeycomb metal substrate for exhaust catalytic converterQC/T 1075-20172017-10-1
Automobile electrical power steering gearQC/T 1081-20172017-10-1
Performance requirements and testing methods for continuously variable transmissionQC/T 1076-20172017-10-1
Instrument for automobile and motorcycleQC/T 727-20172017-10-1
Specifications of range ectender for electric vehiclesQC/T 1086-20172017-10-1
Oxygen sensor for motor vehiclesQC/T 803-20172017-10-1
Science caravan QC/T 1080-20172017-10-1
Sensor for automobile electrical power steeringQC/T 1084-20172017-10-1
The steady flow test method for ports characteristics of cylinder head in vehicle enginesQC/T 1071-20172017-7-1
Technology requirements of fuel-gas system for CNG vehiclesQC/T 245-20172017-7-1
Hexagon bolts with serrated flange for automobileQC/T 340-20172017-7-1
Technical requirements and testing methods for double clutch transmissionQC/T 1056-20172017-7-1
Test methods of air cleaners for automobilesQC/T 32-20172017-7-1
Automobile service brake fatigue strength bench test methodsQC/T 316-20172017-7-1
Connector used in automobile wire harness and electrical device -- Part 2: Type and dimension of the male terminalQC/T 1067.2-20172017-7-1
Technical specifiction of steering column switch for vehiclesQC/T 218-20172017-7-1
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