Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Table Rabbit Formula FeedSB/T 10247-1995
Daliang Wedelia octopusSB 175.4-1985
The filling of moon cakeSB 10350-2002
Ice cream barSB/T 10015-1999
The basic parameters of pasta machineSB 246-1985
Longjiang fried dumplingsSB 175.2-1985
Terms of food machine. Part 2: Terms of pastry processing machineSB/T 10291.2-1997
Pearl onion pieSB 174.20-1985
Requirements of Storehouse of Central Sugar ReserveSB/T 10358-2004
Hummus soft cornerSB 175.3-1985
Yam cream pieSB 177.3-1985
Fortified rice yamSB 177.4-1985
Cocoa massSB/T 10211-1994
Code for design of cattle and sheep slaughtering and cutting roomsSBJ 08-1994
Determination of frozen drinks in total solids contentSB/T 10009-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSB/T 10360-1997
Sweet iceSB/T 10327-1999
General Technical Specifications for Pastry of Moon Cake TypeSB/T 10226-1994
PopsiclesSB/T 10016-1992
Smoked and cooked sausageSB/T 10279-1997
Luzhou-flavor LiquorSB 217-1985
Installation and acceptance specification for ammonia refrigeration systemSBJ 12-2000
Egg TartSB 174.21-1985
Smiling dateSB 175.6-1985
Black bean paste cakes tidal LaoSB 174.17-1985
LiaohuaSB 175.5-1985
Technical specifications for refrigerated cabinetsSB 143-1984
Rolling-cut pasta machine technical conditionsSB 245-1985
BriochesSB 174.23-1985
Jiujiang fried dumplingsSB 175.1-1985
Sesame PasteSB/T 10260-1996
Dried meat flossSB/T 10281-1997
BC-G type Indian-style biscuit roll forming machine technical conditionsSB/T 242-1985
AusteritySB/T 10014-1992
Cocoa butterSB/T 10210-1994
Method for the Determination of Wet Gluten Quality in Wheat Flour. Gluten IndexSB/T 10248-1995
Refrigerated storage and transportation technique of cucumberSB/T 10288-1997
Dried meat diceSB/T 10282-1997
BC-G-type printing type, BC-Q-type roller-cut biscuit molding machine technical conditionsSB/T 241-1985
Dourong moon cakeSB 174.11-1985
Quick-frozen food made of wheat flour and riceSB/T 10289-1997
Lotus seed paste soft cornerSB 175.7-1985
Cattle slaughtering security product quality certification assessment criteriaSB/T 10364-2003
General Specifications of Grain and Oil Processing Machinery - Marking, Transporting and Storing of the Products SB/T 70148.13-1993
Biscuit molding machine Model methodologySB/T 240-1985
Types and basic parameters of refrigerated cabinetsSB 142-1984
Tidal Crystal Lao pieSB 174.18-1985
Vegetables Pickled in Soy SauceSB/T 10217-1994
Operating Practice for Livestock and Poultry Product in CirculatingSB/T 0395-2005
Smooth leather leather care normsSB/T 11119-2015
Ice creamSB/T 10013-1992
General principle for commodity checkSB/T 10579-2011
Ice creamSB/T 10015-1992
Glutomatic for Determination of Gluten in Wheat FlourSB/T 10249-1995
Qimen Congou Black TeaSB/T 101679-193
Technical specifications of healthy hotel roomsSB/T 10582-2011
Edible iceSB/T 10017-1999
Morphological and structural terminology of grain and oil seedsSB/T 10074-1992
Cocoa powderSB/T 10209-1994
General technical requirements for the moon cakeSB/T 10226-2002
Vegetable oil plant engineering design specificationsSBJ 07-1994
Chinese CabbageSB/T 0332-2000
Testing methods for refrigerated cabinetsSB 144-1984
Classify of freezing drinksSB/T 10007-1999
Wheat flour mill engineering design specificationsSBJ 06-1993
Ice lollySB/T 10016-1999
SB/T 1022694 General Technical Specifications for Pastry of Moon Cake TypeSB/T 1022694
SB/T 10402 Draft Standard for Approval of Chocolate with Cocoa Butter Alternatives SB/T 10402
SB/T 1005992 Hawthorn Jam SB/T 1005992
Edible iceSB/T 10017-1992
Animal muscle salbutamol rapid screening method GICASB/T 10773-2012
Terminalia egg halberdSB 174.22-1985
Low-temperature meat product quality and safety certification assessment criteriaSB/T 10360-2003
Mustard sauceSB/T 1043L-2007
Soy refiner Model methodologySB/T 234-1985
Terms of food machine. Part 1: Terms of diet processing machineSB/T 10291.1-1997
Liquor quality test methodsSB 219-1985
The examination methods of freezing drinksSB/T 10009-1999
Ice frostSB/T 10014-1999
Onion pieSB 174.19-1985
Pasta machine model designationSB 244-1985
Bath classificationSB/T 10566-2010
Liquor packaging, labeling, transportation, storage and inspection rulesSB 218-1985
Food Standards wheat flour substanceSBW-3-1986
Apples, citrus packingSB/T 10061-1992
Ice creamSB/T 10013-1999
Blood mealSB/T 10212-1994
Animal feed clenbuterol rapid screening method GICASB/T 10781-2012
Technical criteria of dried abalone, birds nest, fish maw, and sea cucumber pro-processingSB/T 10581-2011
Yam flourSB 177.2-1985
Wheat pasteSB/T 10296-1999
Specification for management consultancy serviceSB/T 11222-20182019-4-1
Specification for management training serviceSB/T 11223-20182019-4-1
Technical requirements for customer service professionalSB/T 11221-20182019-4-1
Management specification for ready-mixed concrete logisticsSB/T 11213-20172018-6-1
Chili oilSB/T 11192-20172017-10-1
Technical specification of Chinese medicinal materials packagingSB/T 11182-20172017-10-1
Non-dairy whipping creamSB/T 10419-20172017-10-1
Hat category specificationSB/T 11187-20172017-10-1
Creamy candySB/T 10022-20172017-10-1
Instant noodles seasoningSB/T 11194-20172017-10-1
Aerated candySB/T 10104-20172017-10-1
General specification for food machinery—Technical requirements for paintingsSB/T 228-20172017-10-1
Seasoing food ingredients fine pasteSB/T 11195-20172017-10-1
Quick-frozen tang-yuanSB/T 10423-20172017-10-1
Soft-serve ice creamSB/T 10418-20172017-10-1
Service standard for imported winebasinessSB/T 11196-20172017-10-1
Accessories commodity termSB/T 10958-20172017-10-1
General specification for food machinery—Technical requirements for electrical installationsSB/T 227-20172017-10-1
Pressed candySB/T 10347-20172017-10-1
Code for auction of cultural relics and art worksSB/T 10538-20172017-10-1
Specdification of footwear exclusive shop managementSB/T 11188-20172017-10-1
Crunchy candySB/T 10019-20172017-10-1
Meat tenderizerSB/T 11193-20172017-10-1
Caramel candySB/T 10020-20172017-10-1
Fruit and vegetable cleaning washing machineSB/T 11190-20172017-10-1
Gelatinized candySB/T 10021-20172017-10-1
Smoked and cooked sausageSB/T 10279-20172017-10-1
Company firm key peerformance indicator development of pharmaceutical distribution enterpriseSB/T 11184-20172017-10-1
Hard candySB/T 10018-20172017-10-1
Gum based candySB/T 10023-20172017-10-1
Regulations on management of suppliers laid by pharmaceutical wholesale enterprisesSB/T 11185-20172017-10-1
Specification for network transactions of waste mobile telephonesSB/T 11189-20172017-10-1
Pawn termsSB/T 11131-20152016-9-1
Specification of hourly homemaking service qualitySB/T 11136-20152016-9-1
Standard operating procedures for individually-plated dining serviceSB/T 11143-20152016-9-1
Guides for green department storeSB/T 11135-20152016-9-1
Rules for e-commerce general technical requirements for consumer goods claimsSB/T 11133-20152016-9-1
Management specifications for used car circulation enterpriseSB/T 11144-20152016-9-1
Regulations of operation and management and grading for distribution enterprises of decorative building materialsSB/T 10724-20152016-9-1
Position requirement for manager of household electronic and electrical appliances service and maintenance enterpriseSB/T 11138-20152016-9-1
Technical requirements for environmentally friendly building and decorating materialsSB/T 10727-20152016-9-1
Procurement guidelines for preservative-treated woodSB/T 11148-20152016-9-1
Specification of chain business management for catering enterprisesSB/T 11141-20152016-9-1
Technical specification for conservation of Chinese medicinal materials by controlled atmosphereSB/T 11150-20152016-9-1
Requirement on signing contract between catering service providers and consumersSB/T 11142-20152016-9-1
Technical specifications of waste plastics collection and sortingSB/T 11149-20152016-9-1
Rules of e-commerce general technical requirements for commodity priceSB/T 11134-20152016-9-1
Management standards of Hongmu commodity sale and after-sale serviceSB/T 11147-20152016-9-1
Specification of management for fast food enterprisesSB/T 11140-20152016-9-1
Construction and management specification of optical trading marketSB/T 11145-20152016-9-1
Generation of chauffeur service operation specificationSB/T 11137-20152016-9-1
Management standards of building decoration materials and home furnishings supplierSB/T 11146-20152016-9-1
Specification on logistics services of electronic commerceSB/T 11132-20152016-9-1
Low-carbon evaluation criteria of cold chain logisticsSB/T 11151-20152016-9-1
Beauty salons SPA scrub skin care technical requirementsSB/T 11117-20152015-9-1
Rating standard for household electrical appliances of chain maintenance service organizationSB/T 10349-20152015-9-1
Service specification of manicuresSB/T 11116-20152015-9-1
General specification for retail electronic scale for traceability of meat and vegetableSB/T 11124-20152015-9-1
Criteria of the third-party service on the electronic information inquiry used in trade financeSB/T 11113-20152015-9-1
Dry-mixed mortar screening equipment technical specificationSB/T 11129-20152015-9-1
Identifying specification for e-commerce enterpriseSB/T 11112-20152015-9-1
Guidelines for the evaluation of service system of TV shopping integritySB/T 11114-20152015-9-1
After-sale service specification of mobile communication terminalsSB/T 11118-20152015-9-1
Technical specification for framework safety of dry mixed mortar productionSB/T 11130-20152015-9-1
Specification of slick-surfaced leather clothes careSB/T 10119-20152015-9-1
Norm on terminology of imported winesSB/T 11122-20152015-9-1
General specification for wholesaler trade terminal for traceability of meat and vegetableSB/T 11126-20152015-9-1
Evaluating indicator of mass cuisineSB/T 11121-20152015-9-1
General specification for hand held read-write terminal for traceability of meat and vegetableSB/T 11125-20152015-9-1
Specification for grading of timber and wood products dealing marketSB/T 11127-20152015-9-1
Management specification of chain enterprise alcoholic products distributionSB/T 11123-20152015-9-1
Specification of clothing darningSB/T 11120-20152015-9-1
Media shopping—TerminologySB/T 11115-20152015-9-1
Construction and management specification of cases and bags and leather products trading marketSB/T 11128-20152015-9-1
Roasted beansSB/T 10948-2012/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted walnut and kernelSB/T 10556-2009/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted hickorySB/T 10616-2011/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted watermlon seeds and kernelSB/T 10555-2009/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted sweet apricot inshell and kernelSB/T 10617-2011/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted cashew nutsSB/T 10615-2011/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted sunflower seeds and kernelSB/T 10553-2009/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted pumpkin seeds and kernelSB/T 10554-2009/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted pine nut seeds and kernelSB/T 10672-2012/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted almond inshell and kernelSB/T 10673-2012/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted chestnut and kernelSB/T 10557-2009/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted peanut and kernelSB/T 10614-2011/XG1-20152015-5-26
Roasted pistachio and kernelSB/T 10613-2011/XG1-20152015-5-26
Specification for management of cosmetic specialty store and exclusive shopSB/T 11088-20142015-3-1
Specification of circulation for edible fungiSB/T 11099-20142015-3-1
Terms of single-purpose commercial prepaid cardSB/T 11080-20142015-3-1
Product quality grade for cut flowers auction―Part 4:CarnationSB/T 11098.4-20142015-3-1
Management specification of retailers return processSB/T 11085-20142015-3-1
Technological specifications of scrap paper-plastic-aluminum composite package collection and sortingSB/T 11110-20142015-3-1
Credit evaluation norms for wholesale market of agricultural productsSB/T 11096-20142015-3-1
The technical requirements and test methods of multi temperature refrigerated transport unitSB/T 11092-20142015-3-1
Transport package of magnesite artwareSB/T 11102-20142015-3-1
Transaction specifications for collection sites of recycled resourcesSB/T 11111-20142015-3-1
Product quality grade for cut flowers auction―Part 3:GerberaSB/T 11098.3-20142015-3-1
Specification for Chinese medicinal materials warehousing managementSB/T 11094-20142015-3-1
Product quality grade for cut flowers auction―Part 2:RoseSB/T 11098.2-20142015-3-1
Regulation for energy saving and consumption reducing in convention/exhibition industrySB/T 11090-20142015-3-1
Specification of circulation for litchies fruitsSB/T 11101-20142015-3-1
Construction and management technical criterion of information center for agricultural products wholesale marketSB/T 11097-20142015-3-1
Service specification of household range hood cleaningSB/T 11104-20142015-3-1
Technological specifications of scrap glass collection and sortingSB/T 11108-20142015-3-1
Norms of nurturing competence and evaluation for specialities of trade and commerce at vocational collegesSB/T 11089-20142015-3-1
Using criterion of electronic label for commoditySB/T 11083-20142015-3-1
Credit rating of single-purpose commercial prepaid card issuersSB/T 11082-20142015-3-1
Specification on classification of shopping centersSB/T 11087-20142015-3-1
Recycling and management specification of waste tyreSB/T 11107-20142015-3-1
Specification of circulation for pome fruitsSB/T 11100-20142015-3-1
Classification of convenience storesSB/T 11084-20142015-3-1
Operating code of energy saving for cold storeSB/T 11091-20142015-3-1
Chinese medicinal materials warehouse technology specificationSB/T 11095-20142015-3-1
Specifications of construction management of concentration area of obsolete commodities collection and sortingSB/T 11109-20142015-3-1
Evaluation index system of energy management of storesSB/T 11086-20142015-3-1
Inventory commodities barter transaction specificationSB/T 11105-20142015-3-1
Specification for grading of wood flooring enterpriseSB/T 11103-20142015-3-1
System standard of single-purpose commercial prepaid cardSB/T 11081-20142015-3-1
Central reserves―Frozen rolled muttonSB/T 11093-20142015-3-1
Technical requirements for city management platform of meat and vegetable distribution traceability systemsSB/T 11059-20132014-12-1
Storage technology and management specification of metallic materialsSB/T 11067-20132014-12-1
Standard for purchase and acceptance check of fur capSB/T 11055-20132014-12-1
Construction and management specification of shoes trading marketSB/T 11063-20132014-12-1
Evaluation index system of E-commerce credit - E-retailSB/T 11051-20132014-12-1
Specification for trading behavior of agricultural products marketSB/T 11066-20132014-12-1
Technical specification for circulation of used bulldozerSB/T 11056-20132014-12-1
Acceptance specification for optical products for civil useSB/T 11075-20132014-12-1
Second hand goods quality appraisal - Part 2: identification requirements for electronic and electrical productsSB/T 10398.2-20132014-12-1
Construction and management specification of tea trading marketSB/T 11061-20132014-12-1
Construction and management specification of hardware & electrical trading marketSB/T 11064-20132014-12-1
Manegement requirements for pakaged service of catering and service enterprisesSB/T 11070-20132014-12-1
Grade specification for waste paper classificationSB/T 11058-20132014-12-1
Requirements for enterprises operation and management of OutletsSB/T 11053-20132014-12-1
Hotel industry greenhouse gas emission standardSB/T 11042-20132014-12-1
General specification for food machinery - Technical requirements for product pakagingSB/T 229-20132014-12-1
Standard for construction and operation of scrap-metal recycling enterprisesSB/T 11049-20132014-12-1
Qualification standards for national livestock reserve farmsSB/T 10384-20132014-12-1
Quick cooling freezer and sharp freezerSB/T 11048-20132014-12-1
Technical competence requirement for basic posts in retail industry - Part 3: loss prevention guardSB/T 10512.3-20132014-12-1
Warehousing operation and evaluation for network retailSB/T 11068-20132014-12-1
Statistical index system and performance evaluation method for city distributionSB/T 11069-20132014-12-1
General specification for food machinery - Technical requirements for machiningSB/T 223-20132014-12-1
Technical requirements for 2D-bar identification traceable of sugar, chocolate and their productsSB/T 11074-20132014-12-1
General specification for food machinery - Product inspection rulesSB/T 230-20132014-12-1
General specification for food machinery - Mark, transmission and storageSB/T 231-20132014-12-1
Field qualifications for base of central stored livestockSB/T 10348-20132014-12-1
Configuration standard for supporting service facilities of department storeSB/T 11054-20132014-12-1
Acceptance specification for watches for civil useSB/T 11076-20132014-12-1
Standard of administration and service of culture theme restaurantsSB/T 11044-20132014-12-1
Specification for administration and service of coffee houseSB/T 11071-20132014-12-1
General specification for food machinery - Basic technical requirementsSB/T 222-20132014-12-1
Qualifications for refrigeratory of central stored livestockSB/T 10408-20132014-12-1
General specification for food machinery - Technical requirements for assembleSB/T 224-20132014-12-1
Evaluation standard for after-sales service of E-commerceSB/T 11052-20132014-12-1
Standard of emergency disposal of catering serviceSB/T 11047-20132014-12-1
Construction and management specification of flowers and plants trading marketSB/T 11062-20132014-12-1
Standard of catering enterprises construction of saving typeSB/T 11046-20132014-12-1
Management specification for emergency supply of emergency disposal of agricultural products marketSB/T 11065-20132014-12-1
Standard of administration and service of business restaurantsSB/T 11045-20132014-12-1
Application standard of bottled alcoholic beverage traceability and anti-counterfeiting based on two-dimensional bar codeSB/T 11060-20132014-12-1
Critical control point and evaluation method for market food retailSB/T 11050-20132014-12-1
Graded specification for formwork and scaffolding rental enterprisesSB/T 10545-20132014-12-1
System of quality assessment of catering enterprisesSB/T 11043-20132014-12-1
Management Rules of tyre marketing operationSB/T 10468.1-20132014-12-1
Grade classification and evaluation of teahousesSB/T 11072-20132014-12-1
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