Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Code for design of pipesill foundation in petrochemical enterprisesSH 3061-1994
Standard test method for trace nitrogen in liquid petroleum hydrocarbons by syringe/inlet oxidative combustion and chemiluminescence detectionSH/T 0657-1998
Steel butt-welded seamless fittingsSH/T 3408-1996
Determination of oil film thickness of solvent cutback rust preventive oil SH/T 0105-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH 0467-1992
Code for frame deign of reactor and regenerator in petrochemical enterprisesSH 3066-1995
002SC Strongly acidic styrene type cation exchange resinsSH 2605.03-2003
Determination methods of swelling ratio for acrylonitrile-butadiene rubberSH/T 1159-1992
Determination of dielectric strength of petroleum wax and malthenes SH/T 0101-1991
Construction and acceptance standards of petrochemical fire automatic alarm systemSH/T 3568-2019
Series of Steel Pipe Size for Petrochemical EnterpriseSH/T 3405-1996
The remaining amount of the emulsified asphalt sieve assaySH/T 0099.2-1991
High purity aromatics aromatics Africa Gas ChromatographySH/T 1488-1992
Polytetrafluorothylene envelope gaskets for pipe flangesSH/T 3402-1996
Chinese Industry StandardSH 1486-1992
Calcium petroleum sulfonate detergent SH 0042-1991
Cracking C4 fraction for industrial use. Sampling in the liquid phaseSH/T 1142-1992
Code for design of pipe support in petrochemical enterprisesSH 3055-1993
Specification for construction and acceptance for steel structure for petrochemical industrySH 3507-1999
Method of measurement for the moisture content of insulating oil ((Karl Fisher method)SH/T 0207-1992
Technical standard for elbows and returns in petrochemical tubular heaterSH/T 3065-1994
Dimethyl terephthalate crystallization point assaySH/T 1481-1992
Evaluation of high temperature oxidation and bearing bush corrosion of internal combustion engine oil (Pitt W-1 method)SH/T 0264-1999
551 metal passivator SH/T 0563-1992
Determination of phosphorus content in gasoline (Spectrophotometric method) SH/T 0020-1990
Chinese Industry StandardSH 3027-1990
II type D202 macroporous strong alkaline styrene anion exchange resinSH 2605.08-1997
Determination of oxygen uptake for anti-rust grease (Oxygen Bomb Method)SH/T 0060-1991
Code for construction and acceptance of petrochemical steel storage tank subgrade and forndationSH 3528-1993
Rubber, ethylene-propylene-diene (EPDM)-Evaluation procedureSH/T 1743-2004
Engineering Specification of Centrifugal Pumps for Heavy Duty Services In Petrochemical IndustrySH/T 3139-2004
Designation of Acrylonitric -- Butadiene -- styrene(ABS) moulding and extrusion materials by a classification systemSH/T 1504-1992
Forged steel socket-welded fittingsSH/T 3410-1996
Code for the welding of stainless clad steel for petrochemical industrySH/T 3527-1999
Determination of trace moisture in liquefied petroleum gas (electrolytic method)SH/T 0078-1991
Calculation method of the thermal efficiency of petrochemical tubular heaters in designSH/T 3045-1992
No.3 instrument grease SH 0385-1992
L-RG solvent dilution type rust oilSH/T 0095-1991
Test method for aridity of anti-rust oil SH/T 0063-1991
Emulsified asphalt storage stability assaysSH/T 0099.5-1992
Stability test of lubricants for refrigeration compressors under the action of refrigerant (Phillips process)SH/T 0104-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH 0397-1992
Guide for the automation design editing for installation materialSHB-Z07-2001
Terms of piping engineering for Petrochemical enterpriseSH/T 3051-1993
Aromatic hydrocarbons for industrial use. Determination of trace quantities of sulfur. Microcoulometric methodSH/T 1147-1992
Code for design of exhaust barrel and flarestack for petrochemical enterprisesSH 3029-1991
Code for design of automobile transportation facilities for petrochemical enterprisesSH/T 3033-1991
Hemp Core Grease for Steel Wire RopesSH 0388-1992
Emulsified asphalt cement mixing assaysSH/T 0099.6-1992
Determination of furfural in lubricating oil SH/T 0076-1991
Determination of copper content in lubricating oil and liquid fuel (atomic absortion spectrometric method )SH/T 0102-1992
Steel Pipe Flanges for Petrochemical IndustrySH 3406-1996
Code for the design of instrument tubing and wiring for petrochemical industrySH 3019-1997
Technical specification of packaged, integrally geared centrifugal air compressors in petrochemical industrySH/T 3190-2017
Guideline for pipe diameter selection in process units for petrochemical enterprisesSH 3035-1991
Code for the design of instrument grounding for petrochemical industrySH 3081-1997
Ethyl benzene for industrial use. Determination of pH in water exetaceSH/T 1146-1992
Emulsified asphalt freezing stability test methodSH/T 0099.8-1993
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 1154-1992
Determination of dimethyl terephthalate transesterification ratioSH/T 1478-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH 3040-1991
Specification for design of fire-dike for petrochemical industrySH 3125-2001
Emulsified asphalt particle charge test methodSH/T 0099.3-1991
Determination of magnesium content in lubricating oil (atomic absorption spectrometry method)SH/T 0061-1991
Atmometry for rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0035-1990
Chinese Industry StandardSHJ 409-1990
Code for the design of tank farms in petrochemical storage and transportation systemSH 3007-1999
Code for design of steel structure of beater in petrochemical plantSH 3070-1995
Industrial carbon nine aromaticsSH/T 1825-2019
Determination of normal paraffin and in liquid paraffin and carbon number distribution (Gas chromatography)SH/T 0410-1992
Standard specification for ethylene glycol base engine coolant for automobile and light duty serviceSH/T 0521-1999
Codes of general lay out for petrochemical plant designSH 3032-1992
Test method for corrosivity of rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0080-1991
Evaluation of rust prevention test plate corrosion of rust preventive oil and grease SH/T 0533-1993
Determination (silver nitrate method) industrial carbon α- cleavage of four alkyne contentSH/T 1145-1992
Test method for hydrogen sulfid in liquefied petroleum gas (lead acetate method) SH/T 0125-1992
Synthetic rubber latex. Determination of total solids contentSH/T 1154-1999
Determination of hydrogen content in petroleum fraction (Lamp method)SH/T 0022-1990
D201 macroporous strong basic styrene anion exchange resinSH 2605.07-1997
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 1157-1992
Pure adipic acid. Determination of content of iron. Simple methodSH/T 1499.6-1997
L-RK fat anti-rust oilSH/T 0096-1991
Plastics-Determination of melting enthalpy and crystallinity and melting temperature of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) materials and products Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)SH/T 1826-2019
Instrumentation symboles and identificationSHB-Z02-1995
Code for coolers and exchangers frame design of reimforced concrete in petrochemical enterprisesSH 3067-1995
Determination method for ash content in engine collant and antirust agentSH/T 0067-1991
Oil paraxylene crystallization point assaysSH/T 1490-1992
Emulsified asphalt Engler viscometrySH/T 0099.1-1991
The 2nd Aviation Grease (202 grease)SH/T 0375-1992
Standard for grade classification of earthquake damage of petrochemical industrial equipmentsSH 3050-1994
Code for design of sphere tank foundation in petrochemical enterprisesSH 3062-1994
Styrene/acrylonitrile (SAN) copolymer molding and extrusion materials namedSH 1540-1993
Fasteners for pipe flangesSH/T 3404-1996
Chinese Industry StandardSH 0391-1992
Petrochemical plant basic engineering content requirementsSHSG-033-2003
Construction technique standard for vertical cylindrical steel storage tank for petrochemical industrySH/T 3530-2001
Determination of oil rate in oil shale (low temperature carbonization)SH/T 0508-1992
Determination of iron content in lubricating oil (atomic absorption spectrometry method)SH/T 0077-1991
Light load injection rotary air compressor oil oil change indicatorSH/T 0538-1993
Chinese Industry StandardSH 0358-1992
Determination method for reserve alkalinity of engine coolant liquid and antirust agentSH/T 0091-1991
002SC styrene type strongly acidic cation exchange resinSH 2605.03-1997
Techincal regulation for design of oil refinery central laboratorySH/T 3103-2000
Determination of magnesium content in additive (atomic absorption spectrometry method)SH/T 0027-1990
Process flow diagram legend for refinerySH 3101-2000
Synthetic rubber latex. Determination of pHSH/T 1150-1999
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 1156-1992
General plot plan design code of petrochem ical enterpriseSH 3053-1993
Steel pipe flanges for petrochemical industrySH/T 3406-1996
Constructoin technigue standard of vertical cylindrical steel storage tank for petrochemical industrySH 3530-1993
Test method for sweat corrosion of anti-rust oilSH/T 0106-1992
Synthetic spindle oilSH/T 0111-1992
Test method for arsenic limit of petroleum wax SH/T 0130-1992
Test method for heavy metal of paraffin wax SH/T 0128-1992
Calcium complex greaseSH 0370-1992
Preparation of dry polymer of synthetic rubber latexSH/T 1501-2019
发动机冷却液冰点测定法SH/T 0090-1991
Standard test method for nitrogen in petroleum and petroleum products by boat-inlet chemiluminescenceSH/T 0704-2001
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 0425-1992
Synthetic rubber latex. Determination of viscositySH/T 1152-1992
Industrial VaselineSH/T 0039-1990
Standard test method for aluminium pump cavity corrosion of engine coolant SH/T 0087-1991
Methods of measurement for the average molecular weight of mineral insulating oil (depression of freezing point)SH/T 0169-1992
Asbestos-rubber sheet gaskets for pipe flangesSH/T 3401-1996
Engineering specification for tube rolling connection of petrochemical tubular fired heaterSH/T 3112-2000
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 0404-1992
Plastics. Determination of crystallinity. X-ray diffractionSH/T 1827-2019
Polypropylene resin powder Part 2: Continuous methodSH/T 1761.2-2019
Guideline of detail design for applied instrumentation in the petrochemical enterpriceSHB-Z01-1995
Determination of C6—C9 aromatic content of reforming feedstock and generated oil (gas chromatography) SH/T 0166-1992
Specification for selection inspection and acceptance of steel valves used in petrochemical industrySH 3064-1994
Railway brake cylinder greaseSH 0377-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 0006-1998
Technical specification of fire protection for steel structures in petrochemical industrySH 3137-2013
Standard for quality inspection and assessment of petrochemical equipment erection engineeringsSH 3514-2001
Determination (vacuum drying method) of dimethyl terephthalate volatilesSH/T 1480-1992
501 antioxidantSH 0015-1990
Emulsified asphalt adhesion of the test methodSH/T 0099.7-1993
Chinese Industry StandardSH 0419-1992
Industrial use of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) purity by gas chromatographySH/T 1550-1993
Code for combined design of pipelines in petrochemical enterprisesSH 3054-1993
Steel plate butt-welded fittingsSH/T 3409-1996
Synthetic rubber latex. SamplingSH/T 1149-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH 0139-1992
Technical code of construction of instrumentation engineering for petrochemical industrySH 3521-1999
Battery sealing agentSH/T 0421-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 1150-1992
Soap with waxSH/T 0014-1990
Welding Code of different steel for petrochemicalSH 3526-1992
07/01/92SH 0421-1992
Determination of normal paraffin in liquid paraffin and its raw oil (Chromatography)SH/T 0412-1992
Jet fuels - test for silver strip corrosionSH/T 0023-1990
Technical specification of oil refinery nitrogen system designSH/T 3106-2000
Code for construction and acceptance for yard paving layout engineering for petrochemical enterprises factories areaSH 3529-1993
Determination of average molecular mass and molecular weight distribution of certain polymeric additive (volume exclusion chromatography)SH/T 0108-1992
Dimethyl terephthalate colorimetric assay (Platinum - Cobalt label)SH/T 1479-1992
Code for design of production plant telecommunications for petrochemical enterprisesSH 3028-1990
Determination of de-pentane in gasoline and naphtha SH/T 0062-1991
Instrument loop diagramSHB-Z05-1995
Construction technique standard of site assembling and welding for steel tower and vessel in petrochemical industrySH 3524-1999
Determination of effective fractions in additive SH/T 0034-1990
Metallic ring joint gaskets for pipe flangesSH/T 3403-1996
Dimethyl terephthalate Determination of ashSH/T 1477-1992
Graphical and letter symbols to be used in electrical diagrams for petrochemical enterprisesSH/T 3072-1995
Standard test method for viscosity of petroleum asphalt by vaccum capillary viscometerSH/T 0557-1993
Standard for aseismical evaluation of petrochemical equipmentSH 3001-1992
Legend of piping engineering for petrochemical enterpriseSH 3052-1993
Vnified standard for construction and acceptance for petrochemical engineeringSH/T 3508-1996
Graphic symbols for distributed Control/shared display instrumentaion, logic and computer systemsSHB-Z04-1995
TC-W II water-cooling two-stroke-cycle gasoline engine oilSH/T 0676-1999
Petrochemical tube furnace foundation design specificationSH/T 3061-2019
Cracking C4 fraction for industrial use. Determination of density or relative density. Pressure hydrometer methodSH/T 1143-1992
Determination of trace amounts of water in the cleavage of carbon four industrial (Karl Fischer method)SH/T 1144-1992
Chinese Industry StandardSH/T 0474-1992
Engineering Specification of Centrifugal for Medium and Light Duty Services in Petrochemical IndustrySH/T 3140-2004
109 detergent SH 0045-1991
Design specification for piping support and hanger in petrochemical industrySH 3073-1995
Petrochemical Equipment Installation Engineering Quality Inspection and Evaluation StandardsSHJ 514-1990
Abbreviation of piping engineering for petrochemical enterpriseSH/T 3902-1993
Petroleum products - Determination of coloritySH/T 0168-1992
Technical code for construction of cracking heater of ethylene plantSH/T 3511-2000
Petroleum waxes and petrolatums - Determination of volume resistivitySH/T 0019-1990
Determination of minor basic nitrogen in liquid paraffin SH/T 0413-1992
Determination of turbidity of lubricating oil and detergentSH/T 0028-1990
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