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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Code for test of soil - elastic modulus testSL 237-029-1999
Calibrating code f or bitumen penetrometersSL 412-2007
Technical requirements of plain concrete pipe for low pressure water conveyance in irrigation systemSL/T 98-1994
Code for test of soil - in-situ percolation testSL 237-042-1999
Code for test of soil - boundary moisture content testSL 237-007-1999
Guidelines for flood dispatch planSL 596-2012
Code for test of soil - relative density testSL 237-010-1999
Code for test of construction diversion modelsSL 163.1-1995
Code for test of soil - non-cohesive soil repose angle testSL 237-023-1999
Code for test of soil - in-situ density testSL 237-041-1999
Code for test of soil - filter material testSL 237-057-1999
Code for test of soil - collapsibility test of loessSL 237-016-1999
Code for test of soil - dynamic triaxial testSL 237-032-1999
Water conservancy and hydropower engineering drawing standards Hydraulic mechanical drawingsSL 73.4-1995
Test method for concrete curing chamberSL 138-1995
Code for test of soil - resonant column testSL 237-033-1999
Specification on compiling rural electrification planning for small hydropower areasSL 145-1995
Code for test of soil - moisture content test of chemical analysis air-dried sampleSL 237-061-1999
Code for test of soil - difficult salt-soluble calcium carbonate testSL 237-065-1999
Code for test of soil - loading testSL 237-049-1999
Specification for design of automatic system for hydrological data collection and transmission of water resources and hydropower projectSL 566-2012
Code for test of soil - coarse grained soil consolidation testSL 237-058-1999
Water conservancy and hydropower engineering drawing standards Reconnaissance mapsSL 73.3-1995
Compilation rules of final account for completion of water capital construction projectSL 19-2001
Code for test of soil - moisture content test of unfrozen soilSL 237-038-1999
Calibrating code for comprehensive testing apparatus of geosynthetisSL 403-2007
Method for compilation of observation data on earth fill damsSLJ 701-1980
Code for test of soil - percolation testSL 237-014-1999
Code for test of soil - coarse grained soil compaction testSL 237-055-1999
Code of formulation for planning of infrastructure construction and economic development in large and medium-sized reservoir areas and resettlement areasSL 735-2016
Guidelines for aquatic ecological protection and restoration planningSL 709-2015
Code for test of soil - pore water pressure dissipation testSL 237-019-1999
Protection of water resources planning regulationsSL 194-1992
Code for test of soil - moisture content test of frozen soilSL 237-034-1999
Water conservancy and hydropower engineering drawing standards Electric drawingsSL 73.5-1995
Code for test of soil - coarse grained soil percolation and seepage deformation testSL 237-056-1999
Code for test of soil - in-situ frost heave amount testSL 237-051-1999
Code for test of dam-break modelsSL 164-1995
Code for test of soil - specific gravity testSL 237-005-1999
Operation and management code of practice on the information network for water resourcesSL 444-2009
Code for test of soil - compaction testSL 237-011-1999
Assessment specification for construction quality of hydraulic and hydroelectric engineeringSL 176-2007
Technical operating safety regulations for construction machinery Volume XI Diesel locomotiveSLJJ 1-11-1981
Code for test of soil - uniaxial tensile strength testSL 237-031-1999
Code for test of soil - in-situ frozen soil thawing compression testSL 237-052-1999
Water conservancy unit management systemSL/T 530-2016
Specification of operating maintenance for bulb turbine and generator unitsSL 573-2012
Code for test of soil - coarse grained soil direct shear testSL 237-059-1999
Technical criterion on earthrockfill dam safety monitoringSL 60-1994
Code for test of air entrainment and cavitation mitigation modelSL 157-1995
Code for test of soil - soil deformation parameter testSL 237-030-1999
Code for test of soil - acidity and alkalinity testSL 237-062-1999
Code for test of soil - static cone penetration testSL 237-046-1999
Code for test of soil - triaxial compression testSL 237-017-1999
Water Scenic Area Evaluation CriteriaSL 518-2013
Criteria for design of asphalt concrete facings and core-walls for earth-rock fill damsSLJ 01-1988
Code for test of soil - consolidation testSL 237-015-1999
Specification of soil testSL/T 237-1999
Code for test of soil - shrinkage testSL 237-026-1999
Code for test of soil - multilevel loading triaxial compression test to a sampleSL 237-018-1999
Code for test of soil - swelling force testSL 237-027-1999
Code for test of soil - direct shear testSL 237-021-1999
Code for test of soil - vane shear testSL 237-044-1999
Code for test of soil - freezing temperature testSL 237-036-1999
Code for test of soil - frozen soil thawing compression testSL 237-040-1999
Code for the designing cables of hydraulic and hydroelectric projectSL 344-2006
Technical reguations for hydrologic network designSL 34-1992
Code for test of soil - relative density test of coarse grained soilSL 237-054-1999
Calibrating methods of measurement instrument of rock deformationSL 122-2012
Code for test of soil - moisture content testSL 237-003-1999
Code for test of thermo-hydraulic models for cooling water engineeringSL 160-1995
Code for test of soil - resilience modulus testSL 237-013-1999
Code for test of soil - frost heave amount testSL 237-039-1999
Code for test of soil - capillary water rise testSL 237-009-1999
Code for test of soil - repeated drained direct shear testSL 237-022-1999
Water conservancy and hydropower engineering drawing standards Basic drawingSL 73.1-1995
Code for test of soil - grain size analysis testSL 237-006-1999
Code for test of soil - swelling rate testSL 237-025-1999
Assessment criterion of metrology accreditation for quality test institute of water resourcesSL 309-2004
Code for test of soil - static lateral pressure coefficientSL 237-028-1999
Chinese Industry StandardSL 19-1990
Code for test of soil - coarse grained soil triaxial compression testSL 237-060-1999
Code for test of soil - density testSL 237-004-1999
Code for test of soil - unconfined compression strength testSL 237-020-1999
Code for test and measurement of geosyntheticsSL/T 235-1999
Code for test of soil - free swelling rate testSL 237-024-1999
Water quality. Determination of primary productivity. Black and white bottledissolved oxygen methodSL 354-2006
Small hydropower construction project economic evaluation proceduresSL 16-1995
Code for test of soil - density test of frozen soilSL 237-035-1999
Code for test of soil - moderately salt-soluble gypsum testSL 237-064-1999
Code for test of soil - slaking testSL 237-008-1999
Code for test of soil - preparation of coarse grained soil sampleSL 237-053-1999
Full-hydraulic control pressure regulating valve of hydraulic turbineSL 553-2011
Code for test of hydraulic models of gateSL 159-1995
Specification for exploratory adits, shafts and trenches of water conservancy and hydroelectric projectsSL 166-1996
Code for test of soil - thermal conductivity test of frozen soilSL 237-037-1999
Code for test of soil - strongly soluble salt testSL 237-063-1999
Flow pressure fluctuation and flow induction Code for test of vibration modelsSL 158-1995
Code for test of flow cavitation modelsSL 156-1995
Specifications for hydrological data catalogue serviceSL 736-2016
Full hydraulic control of turbine pressure regulatorSL 16-1991
Small hydropower supply areas of rural electrification standards (equivalent to DL 407-1991)SL 30-1992
Code for test of soil - preparation of soil samplesSL 237-002-1999
Code for test of soil - Standard penetration testSL 237-045-1999
Code for test of soil - bearing ratio testSL 237-012-1999
Code for test of soil - side pressure testSL 237-048-1999
Hydroenergy design code for small hydro power projectsSL 76-1994
Code for test of soil - wave celerity testSL 237-050-1999
Code for test of landslide-surge modelsSL 165-1995
General provisions for classifying and coding water objects SL/T 213-20202020-10-27
Specification for water data catalogue service SL/T 799-20202020-10-27
Specification for Water Spatial Information Service SL/T 801-20202020-10-27
Protocol for water spatial data exchange SL/T 797-20202020-10-24
General rules of water information products service SL/T 798-20202020-10-24
Specification for hydrologic computation of water resources and hydropower projects SL/T 278-20202020-10-24
Technical code for farmland drainage projects SL/T 4-20202020-9-30
Code of hydraulic tunnel safety evaluation SL/T 790-20202020-9-30
Technical code for safe fabrication & installation of metal structure of water and hydropower projects SL/T 780-20202020-9-30
Technical Guidelines for control of flow reduction downstream of small hydropower stationsSL/T 796-20202020-9-5
Guideline for telecommunication services of water sector SL/T 292-20202020-9-5
Anti-terrorism Prevention Requirements of Water Resources Industry SL/T 772-20202020-9-5
Technical guidelines for river and lake health assessment SL/T 793-20202020-9-5
Technical specification for hydraulic prestressed anchorage SL/T 212-20202020-9-5
Guidelines for water resources assessment of farmland irrigation construction projects SL/T 769-20202020-8-15
Technical code for levee safety monitoringSL/T 792-20202020-8-15
Guidelines for preparation of comprehensive analysis reports on safe production conditions and facilities of water and hydropower projects SL/T 795-20202020-8-15
Specification for design of over-voltage protection and insulation coordination for water conservancy and hydropower projectsSL/T 781-20202020-7-15
Technical code for levee project safety monitoringSL/T 794-20202020-7-15
Code for safe operation of hydraulic steel gates and hoistsSL/T 722-20202020-7-15
Specifications for rock tests in water conservancy and hydroelectric engineeringSL/T 264-20202020-7-15
Design code for steel gate in water resources and hydropower projectsSL 74-20192020-3-19
Guidelines for reservoir grading and a bandonment assessmentSL/T 791-20192020-3-19
Structure and identifier for hydrological databaseSL/T 324-20192020-3-19
General specification for safety and health standardization management of water industrySL/T 789-20192020-2-13
Technical code for simulation of dam - break flowSL/T 164-20192020-2-13
Code for hydraulic model test of diversion and closureof water and hydropower project constructionSL/T 163-20192020-2-13
Code for simulation of landslide - generated wavesSL/T 165-20192020-2-6
Water quality- -Determination of total nitrogen, volatile phenolic compounds, sulfide, anionic surfactants and chromium (VI) by continuous flow analysis spectrophotometrySL/T 788-20192020-2-6
Specification of operation and management for safety monitoring system of water and hydropower projectsSL/T 782-20192020-2-6
Technical code for water supply engineering of town and villageSL 310-20192019-12-30
Design specification for desilting basins of water and hydropower projectsSL/T 269-20192019-12-30
Technical guidelines on hydrologic monitoring for emergency responseSL/T 784-20192019-12-30
Economic evaluation code for small hydropower projectsSL/T 16-20192019-12-9
Water quality- Determination of chlorobenzenes Solid phase extraction Gas chromatography mass spectronetrySL/T 787-20192019-12-9
Protocol of water data exchangeSL/T 783-20192019-12-9
Guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of late- -stage support policy for resettlement of large and medium- -sized reservoirSL/T 779-20192019-12-9
Code for technical management of irrigation and drainage projectsSL/T 246-20192019-8-31
Standard for management of hydrological fundamental facilities and technical equipmentSL/T 415-20192019-8-31
Code of formulating preliminary design report for small hydropower stationsSL/T 179-20192019-8-31
Guidelines for water- -draw and utilization assessment on coastal nuclear power plantsSL/T 777-20192019-8-31
Technical specification for flood prevention projects in flash-flood-prone valleysSL/T 778-20192019-8-31
Code of formulating hydropower development planning for medium-sized and small riversSL 221-20192019-5-11
Specifications for excitation systems of small hydraulic generatorsSL 774-20192019-5-11
Technical specification for application of large and medium -scale sprinkler irrigation systemSL 280-20192019-5-11
Technical specification for safety monitoring of hydraulic tunnelsSL 764-20182019-3-5
Technical specifications for investigation and evaluation of mountain flash floodsSL 767-20182019-3-5
Technical specification for appraisal of dam safety monitoring systemSL 766-20182019-3-5
Technical specification for?sluice safety monitoringSL 768-20182019-3-5
Specification for evaluating durability of hydraulic concrete structuresSL 775-20182019-3-5
Guidelines for measurement and estimation of soil erosion in production and construction projectsSL 773-20182019-1-23
Code for technical management of small hydropower gridSL 528-20182019-1-23
Hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering spesification for design of gate hoistSL 41-20182019-1-23
Design specification for concrete gravity damsSL 319-20182018-10-17
Design specification for spillway SL 253-20182018-10-17
Design specification for roller compacted concrete damsSL 314-20182018-10-17
Design specifcativn for concrete arch damsSL 282-20182018-10-17
Guidelines for formulation of municipal reclaimed water use planSL 760-20182018-9-1
Specification for observation of runoff experimentSL 759-20182018-9-1
Signals for hydrologic information warningSL 758-20182018-9-1
Guidelines for acceptance of safety facilities of water and hydropower construction projectsSL 765-20182018-6-20
Water quality. Determination of atrazine. Solid phase extraction. High performance liquid chromatographySL 761-20182018-4-25
Technical conditions for early warning equipment of flash flood disastersSL 762-20182018-4-25
Technical code for small and medium-sized hydraulic turbine governing systemsSL 755-20172018-3-1
SL/T 757-2017 Specificalions for Planning of hydraulic concrete constructionSL 757-20172018-3-1
Guidelines for the formulation of urban flood emergency planSL 754-20172017-12-8
SL/T 749-2017 Vibration stress relief and effect valuation for hydraulic steel structuresSL 749-20172017-9-5
SL/T 753-2017 (Technical specification for hydraulic self-acting flap gates)SL 753-20172017-9-5
SL/T 751-2017 (Technical code for inspection of acoustic emission of hydraulic steel structures)SL 751-20172017-9-5
SL/T 374-2017 (Flake ice storuge for pre-coolingr conicrete)SL 374-20172017-8-5
SL/T 425-2017 Safety code for lifting machinery of water and hydropower projectsSL 425-20172017-8-5
SL/T 752-2017 Standard for elevation of green small hydropower stationsSL 752-20172017-8-5
SL/T 257-2017 (Specifications for waterway survey)SL 257-20172017-7-6
Code for lakesSL 261-20172017-7-6
SL/T 111-2017 Code for calibration of porous plateSL 111-20172017-7-6
SL/T 112-2017 Code for calibration of compaction apparatusSL 112-20172017-7-6
SL/T 742-2017 Technical Specification for textual research of hydrometrical stationSL 742-20172017-7-6
Technical requiremens of cable crane for water and hydropower construction SL 375-20172017-6-24
Calibration Method of Cement Mortar mouldsSL 125-20172017-6-8
SL/T 131-2017 (Calibration method for apparatus measuring slump of concrete)SL 131-20172017-6-8
Test method for volume weight cylinderSL 127-20172017-6-8
SL/T 137-2017 (Calibration method for apparatus measuring length change of mortar and concrete specimens)SL 137-20172017-6-8
SL/T 136-2017 (Calibration method for apparatus testing thermal parameters of concrete)SL 136-20172017-6-8
SL/T 129-2017 (Calibration method for concrete table vibrator used in laboratory)SL 129-20172017-6-8
SL/T 483-2017 (Guidelines for flood risk plans)SL 483-20172017-5-28
SL/T 106-2017 Specifications for reservoir management designSL 106-20172017-5-28
SL/T 134-2017 (Calibration method for rapid freeze-thaw testing machine of concrete)SL 134-20172017-4-11
SL/T 135-2017 (Calibration method for apparatus testing dynamic modulus of elasticity of concrete)SL 135-20172017-4-11
Guidelines on dam safety evaluationSL 258-20172017-4-9
Standard for rank classification and flood protection criteria of water and hydropower projectsSL 252-20172017-4-9
Design specification for sluiceSL 265-20162017-2-28
Specification for load design of hydraulic structuresSL 744-20162017-2-25
SL/T 739-2016 Water quality - Determination of organophosphorus pesticides - Solid-phase-extraction/gas chromatographySL 739-20162016-10-20
Design specification for safety monitoring in water and hydropower projectsSL 725-20162016-8-23
Specification for design of hydraulic tunnelSL 279-20162016-7-26
Standard for waterlogging controlSL 723-20162016-4-15
Guidelines for emergency preparedness plan of reservoir dam safety managementSL/Z 720-20152015-12-22
Regulation for water conservancy computation of water projectsSL 104-20152015-8-20
Classification standards for potential hazard of soil erosionSL 718-20152015-8-15
Specification of construction for concrete face rockfill damsSL 49-20152015-8-15
Technical guidelines for construction of monitoring and management system of water resourcesSL/Z 349-20152015-8-4
Guidelines for formulation of reservoir regulation rulesSL 706-20152015-6-24
Code for investigation of natural building material for water resources and hydropower projectSL 251-20152015-6-5
Specifications for Construction Supervision of Water Resources ProjectsSL 288-20142015-1-30
Specifications for hydraulic concrete constructionSL 677-20142015-1-27
Technical specification for construction of concrete cut-off wall for water and hydropower projectsSL 174-20142015-1-27
Technical specification for cement grouting of hydraulic structuresSL 62-20142015-1-27
Specification for the drafting of technical standards of water resourcesSL 1-20142014-10-3
Code of practice worked out of soil and water conservation planningSL 335-20142014-8-10
Regulation for economic benefit analysis calculation and evaluation of existing flood control projectsSL 206-20142014-8-9
Specifications for design of surge chamber of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 655-20142014-7-22
Technical specification for statistics of emissions into the riverSL 662-20142014-7-22
Technical criterion of safety inspection for hydraulic steel gate and hoist machinerySL 101-20142014-7-22
Design code for hydropower houseSL 266-20142014-7-21
Design code for construction transportation in water resources and hydropower projectsSL 667-20142014-7-21
Code for water diversion lines engineering geotechnical investigation and surveyingSL 629-20142014-7-15
Technical guidelines for damming with cement granuleSL 678-20142014-6-28
Guidelines for installation and adjustment technology of hydroelectric generating set thrust bearing and guide bearingSL 688-20142014-6-28
Guide of thrust bearing and guide bearing installation and adjustment technology for hydrogenerating unitSL 668-20142014-6-28
Compilation guidelines for evaluation report of flood influenceSL 520-20142014-6-28
Compilation rules for final account of completion of water capital construction projectSL 19-20142014-6-28
Technical standard for comprehensive treatment of water and soil loss of in earth-rock mountain region of northern ChinaSL 665-20142014-6-19
Field test methods for nuclear density-moisture gaugesSL 275-20142014-6-19
Technical specification for amphibious and creeping silt remover SL 646-20142014-6-19
Technical standard for comprehensive treatment of water and soil loss of in hilly red soil region of southern ChinaSL 657-20142014-6-19
Design code for illumination system of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 641-20142014-6-19
Hydrologic winchSL 151-20142014-4-20
Code of Practice on Completion Review and Acceptancy of Hydrological Facilities and EquipemntSL 650-20142014-4-17
Code of Practice on Construction and Installation of Hydrological Facilities and EquipmentsSL 649-20142014-4-17
Design Code for Rural Water Supply EngineeringSL 687-20142014-4-13
Code for hydrological calculation of small hydropower stationSL 77-20132014-3-23
Standard for observations of water surface evaporationSL 630-20132014-3-16
Regulation for Water Environmental MonitoringSL 219-20132014-3-16
The guidelines for water resources demonstration of construction projectsSL 322-20132014-3-5
Reciprocating Submarine MowerSL 202-20132014-2-25
Technology Parameter Selection and Technical Requirements of Vibration Stress Relief for Hydro Steel StructureSL 647-20132014-2-20
Specification for compiling feasible study report of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 618-20132014-2-20
Code for economic evaluation of water conservancy projectsSL 72-20132014-2-20
Specification for compiling proposal of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 617-20132014-2-20
Specification for compiling preliminary design report of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 619-20132014-2-20
Acceptance Code for Construction Quality of Rural Water Supply EngineeringSL 688-20132014-1-14
Design code for construction general schedule of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 643-20132013-12-17
Design code for cofferdam of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 645-20132013-12-17
Technical Specification of Reservoir-Induced Earthquake MonitoringSL 516-20132013-12-17
Technical specification for hydraulic modelling of ship locks SL 161.2-20132013-12-17
Specifications for construction planning for underground water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 642-20132013-12-17
Code for water resources and hydropower engineering surveyingSL 197-20132013-12-17
Technical specification for hydraulic modelling of dam channelSL 161.1-20132013-12-17
Specifications for Construction of Hydraulic Asphalt ConcreteSL 514-20132013-12-17
Specification on Water-related Statistical Data CollectionSL 620-20132013-12-6
Basic technical conditions for electro-hydraulic regulating system and unit of hydraulic turbinesSL 615-20132013-12-6
Code of Safety for Small Hydropower Station ConstructionSL 626-20132013-12-6
Standard for scrapping of dam safety monitoring instrumentSL 621-20132013-11-29
Engineering technical management code for lined and impermeable canalsSL 599-20132013-11-29
Hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering specification for design of steel gateSL 74-20132013-11-26
Design code for automation of water resources and hydropower projectsSL 612-20132013-11-26
Design code for communication of water resources and hydropower projectsSL 517-20132013-11-8
Assessment standard for quality acceptance of unit construction of water resources and hydropower engineering - Installation of electrical power generation equipmentSL 638-20132013-11-8
Cartographic symbols for flood control and drought relief mapsSL 73.7-20132013-9-17
Technical Specification for Concrete Dam Safety MonitoringSL 601-20132013-6-15
Design Code for ShipliftSL 660-20132013-5-5
Specification for geological observation of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 245-20132013-4-29
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