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Title Standard No. Implemented On
"Public library assessment indicators—Part 3: Provincial, municipal, and county-level children's libraries"WH/T 70.3-2020
Methods for the evaluation of art museum lightingWH/T 94-2021
The standard for distinction of the chinese ancient booksWH/T 20-2006
General technical requirements of luminaries for entertainment venuesWH/T 0302-2000
Guidelines for description of GaijiWH/T 91-2020
Public library assessment indicators—Part 1:Regional development of public librariesWH/T 70.1-2020
The test and evaluation for optics quality of stage luminaireWH/T 0204-1999
Ancient fix technical specifications and quality requirementsWH/T 23-2006
Safety supervision and inspection specification for temporary stage and stand of performance placesWH/T 92-2021
Design Guideline for Stage Lightign SystemWH/T 40-2011
General technical conditions for stage lightingWH/T 41-2010
Unity description for Chinese character indetificationWH/T 89-2020
General technical conditions LED stage lightingWH/T 60-2013
Service and technical specification for performance ticketing systemsWH/T 93-2021
Stage lighting system process design guidelinesWH/T 40-2010
Public library assessment indicators—Part 2:Provincial、municipal、county public librariesWH/T 70.2-2020
Computer venues lighting performance testing methodsWH/T 61-2013
Unity description for Chinese character indetificationWH/T 90-2020
Public library assessment indicators Part 1: provincial public libraryWH/T 70.1-2015
Single phase. three pole plugs, socket-outlets and couplings for stage lighting fixture Types, basic parameters and dimensionsWH/T 17-2003
Acoustical characteristics and measurement methods for the sound reinforcement system in ballroomWH 0301-1993
Performance safety—part 4:Safety of sound reinforcement systemWH/T 78.4-20222022-4-29
Guidelines for the compilation of annual reports of public librariesWH/T 94-20222022-4-29
Basic requirement of repository for the Republic of Chian era documents and special collections in librariesWH/T 95-20222022-4-29
Performance safety—Part 7: Safety of performer flying systemsWH/T 78.7-20212021-8-19
Performance safety—Part 5:Safety for stage video systemWH/T 78.5-20202020-4-1
Guidelines for the pest and mould prevention and control of ancient books in librariesWH/T 88-20202020-4-1
General technical conditions for stage lighting consoleWH/T 86-20192019-10-1
Public library professional work specifications- Part 3:County public libraryWH/T 87.3-20192019-9-4
Public library professional work specifications- Part 2:Municipal public libraryWH/T 87.2-20192019-9-4
Public library professional work specifications- Part 1:Provincial public libraryWH/T 87.1-20192019-9-4
Unity description for ancient and modern Chinese toponym dataWH/T 85-20192019-8-1
Information and documentation-Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of public librariesWH/T 84-20192019-8-1
Standards for 2-dimentional images acquisition of collections in art museumsWH/T 81-20192019-6-1
Perform safety—Part 8:Stage manager and communication safetyWH/T 78.8-20192019-6-1
Standards for registration of collections in art museumsWH/T 80-20192019-6-1
The method of the subjective assessment of sound quality for the professional sound equipment used for performing artsWH/T 82-20192019-6-1
General technical requirements for moving lightsWH/T 83-20192019-6-1
Code for lights of art museumWH/T 79-20182018-11-1
Performance safety. Part 3: Stage lighting safetyWH/T 78.3-20182018-7-1
Perform safety—Part 10:Theatre process safetyWH/T 78.10-20172018-6-1
Perform safety- Part 1:General technical rules of perform safetyWH/T 78.1-20172018-1-1
Perform safety--Part 9: Safety of stage curtainWH/T 78.9-20172017-8-1
Stage management instructionsWH/T 77-20162017-4-1
General technical specification of vehicle-mounted facilities for mobile library vehicleWH/T 76-20162016-11-1
Bar code for librarianshipWH/T 74-20162016-7-1
Community library service specificationsWH/T 73-20162016-5-1
Library reference service specificationsWH/T 71-20152015-8-1
Information package encoding standard for the long-term preservation of library digital resourcesWH/T 72-20152015-8-1
Public library assessment indicators Part 4: provincial children""s libraryWH/T 70.4-20152015-4-1
Public library assessment indicators Part 6: county children""s libraryWH/T 70.6-20152015-4-1
Public library assessment indicators Part 5: municipal children""s libraryWH/T 70.5-20152015-4-1
Public library assessment indicators Part 2: municipal public libraryWH/T 70.2-20152015-4-1
Public library assessment indicators Part 3: county public libraryWH/T 70.3-20152015-4-1
Guideline for township library statisticsWH/T 69-20142014-11-1
Thesis and dissertation metadata specificationsWH/T 68-20142014-10-1
Audio resources metadata specificationsWH/T 62-20142014-4-1
The Chinese ancient books metadata specificationsWH/T 66-20142014-4-1
Electronic continuing resources metadata specificationsWH/T 64-20142014-4-1
Video resources metadata specificationsWH/T 63-20142014-4-1
Electronic book metadata specificationsWH/T 65-20142014-4-1
Journal paper matadata specificationsWH/T 67-20142014-4-1
Service requirements of smart phone(mobile terminal) animation and cartoon operationWH/T 55-20132013-5-1
Requirements of content for smart phone(mobile terminal) animation and comicsWH/T 54-20132013-5-1
Service specification for smart phone(mobile terminal) animation and cartoon customerWH/T 56-20132013-5-1
Mobile animation and cartoon file formatWH/T 53-20122013-1-1
Perform site safety technical standards—Part 2:Temporary perform site safety technical standards for stage and standWH/T 42-20112011-6-1
General Technical Requirements of Stage LunminairesWH/T 41-20112011-6-1
Mechanical equipment on stages-under stage-safety requirementsWH/T 36-20092009-6-1
Practice specification of loudspeaker components used in professional audio and sound reinforcementWH/T 39-20092009-6-1
Standard of patch and connect box for sound reinforcement systemWH/T 38-20092009-6-1
Technical terminology of performing venue and equipmentWH/T 35-20092009-6-1
Mechanical equipment on stages-Operating and maintenance instructionsWH/T 37-20092009-6-1
Technical Specification of Net-dvd Player DeviceWH/T 34-20092009-5-1
General Technical Specification of Vehicle-mounted Facilities for Mobile Stage VehicleWH/T 33-20082008-9-1
Terminology of LightingWH/T 31-20082008-6-1
Technical Standard of Karaoke content management & services systemWH/T 30-20082008-6-1
DMX512-A Digital Data Transmission Standard for Lighting ContrWH/T 32-20082008-6-1
The producing specification of karaoke programmesWH/T 29-20072007-12-1
Measurement and Report of Photometric Performance Data for Luminaires Used in Stage LightingWH/T 26-20072007-6-1
Mechanical Equipment on Stages-Acceptance Test ProceduresWH/T 27-20072007-6-1
Mechanical equipment on stages-upper stage-safety requirementsWH/T 28-20072007-6-1
Sound system design and engineering guideline for theatre, halls and installationsWH/T 25-20072007-6-1
The standard for the repository of ancient books and special collection of libraryWH/T 24-20062006-9-1
The standard for the general survey of the chinese ancient booksWH/T 21-20062006-9-1
Standard for distinction of disrepair of ancient books and special collectionWH/T 22-20062006-9-1
Technical Standard of Information Management System for Business Premises for Internat Access ServicesWH/T 16-20022002-11-20
China MARC format/authoritiesWH/T 15-20022002-6-1
China MARC formatWH/T 0503-19962000-10-1
Stage Elevating Rigid Fire CurtainWH 0101-19961997-7-1
General Terms Used for Lighting Control EquipmentWH/T 0203-19961997-7-1
Stage-used Electric Single-point LifterWH/T 0102-19961997-7-1
Regulation of graphical symbols map-making of stage lightingWH 0202-19951995-10-1
Bar code for librarianshipWH 0501-19951995-10-1
Technical Standard for Fire Safety of Public Library BuildingsWH 0502-19961995-10-1
Standard for lighting in entertainment halls and for restricting pollution from light thereinWH 0201-19941994-3-1
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