Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Escalator step chain with nipplesT/ZZB 0208-20172017-9-30
Inverted tooth(silent) chains and sprocketsGB/T 10855-20162016-9-1
Drag chains,attachments and sprockets for sludge conveyorsJB/T 12328-20152016-3-1
Car parking chainsJB/T 11079-20112011-11-1
Self-tooth-forming chains(P.I.V Chains)JB/T 9152-20112011-11-1
Twin hinge conveyor chainsJB/T 8546-20112011-11-1
Motorcycle chains—Characteristics and test methodsGB/T 14212-20102011-10-1
Escalator step chains attachments and sprocketsJB/T 8545-20102010-7-1
Classification for chain productsJB/T 6368-20102010-7-1
Chains testing rules of extrusion forceJB/T 10970-20102010-7-1
Galle chainsJB/T 10969-20102010-7-1
High-tensile steel chains(round link)for miningGB/T 12718-20092010-4-1
Double-pitch precision roller chains attachments and associated chain sprockets for transmission and conveyorsGB/T 5269-20082009-2-1
Conveyor chains,attachments and sprocketsGB/T 8350-20082009-2-1
Plastic flat-top chains for conveyors and associated chain sprocketsJB/T 10867-20082008-11-1
Drag chains, drags and associated chain sprocketsJB/T 9154-20082008-11-1
Draw bench chains without bushesJB/T 10843-20082008-7-1
Draw bench chains without bushesJB/T 10842-20082008-7-1
Single-pitch and double-pitch hollow pin conveyor chains and attachmentsJB/T 10841-20082008-7-1
Chains sprockets and accessorie--List of equivalent termsGB/T 9785-20072007-11-1
Steel roller type conveyor chains attachments and sprocket teethJB/T 10703-20072007-9-1
Leaf chains clevises and sheaves - Dimensions measuring forces and tensile strengthsGB/T 6074-20062007-5-1
Guidelines for the selection of roller chain drivesGB/T 18150-20062007-5-1
Short-pitch Transmission Precision Roller and Bush Chains, Attachments and Associated Chain SprocketsGB/T 1243-20062007-5-1
Fatigue test method for transmission precision roller chainGB/T 20736-20062007-5-1
The simple express method of roller chain and bush chain graphJB/T 5397-20062007-2-1
Cranked-link drag chains of welded construction,attachments and sprocketsGB/T 19927-20052006-4-1
Cranked- link mill chains of welded construction, attachments ang sprocketsGB/T 15390-20052006-4-1
roller chains, types S and C, attachments andGB/T 10857-20052006-4-1
Steel roller chains, types S and C, attachments and sprocketsGB/T 10913-20052006-4-1
Stainless steel short - Pitch roller and bush chainsJB/T 10539-20052006-1-1
Steel bushed rollersless chains,attachments and sprocket teethJB/T 5398-20052005-11-1
tooth(silent) chains and sprocketsGB/T 10855-20032004-5-1
Flat-top chains and associated chain wheels for conveyorsGB/T 4140-20032004-5-1
Short pitch transmission precision bush chains and chain wheelsGB/T 6076-20032004-5-1
Conveyor chains,attachments and sprocketsGB/T 8350-20032004-5-1
High-tensile steel chains (round link) for miningGB/T 12718-20012001-10-1
Conveyor chains attachments and chain wheelsGB/T 8350-19872000-12-1
Double-pitch precision roller chains and sprockets for transmission and conveyorsGB/T 5269-19992000-5-1
Guidance on the selection of roller chain drivesGB/T 18150-20002000-1-2
Engineering plastics inner link light-duty conveyor chainsJB/T 8920-19992000-1-1
Drop-forged rivetless chains for conveyorsGB/T 17482-19981999-7-1
Heavy-Duty cranked-link transmission roller chains and chain wheelsGB/T 5858-19971997-1-2
Short pitch transmission precision roller chains and chain wheelsGB/T 1243-19971997-1-2
Welded steel type cranked link mill chains and chain wheelsGB/T 15390-19941995-10-1
Leaf chains, clevises and sheavesGB/T 6074-19951995-10-1
Flat-top chains and associated chainwheels forconveyorsGB/T 4140-19931993-12-1
Inverted tooth chains and chainwheelsGB/T 10855-19891990-1-1
Terminology of chains and chainwheelsGB/T 9785-19881989-7-1
Dimensional chain--Methods of calculationGB/T 5847-19861986-10-1
Short pitch transmission precision bush chainsGB/T 6076-19851986-5-1
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