Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Painting for the products of textile machineryFZ/T 90074-20212021-7-1
Textile machinery nameplate-Part 2:InformationFZ/T 90089.2-20212021-7-1
Textile machinery nameplate—Part 1:Types,dimensions and specificationsFZ/T 90089.1-20212021-7-1
Test method of anti clogging ability for textle motorFZ/T 90088-20172017-10-1
Specification for FXD series of high efficiency three-phrase induction motor for textile purpose(Frame size 160-200)FZ/T 99008-20162017-4-1
Specification for FX series of high efficiency three-phrase induction motor for textile purpose(Frame size 90~225)FZ/T 99006-20162017-4-1
Specification for FTY series three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motorfor textile purpose(Frame size 80-355)FZ/T 99010-20162017-4-1
Specification for model of textile rotating electrical machinesFZ/T 99011-20142015-4-1
Electrical equipment of textile machinery―General technical requirementsFZ/T 99014-20142015-4-1
Electrical equipment for textile machinery—Control cabinet dimension seriesFZ/T 90072-20142014-10-1
Electrical control systems of textile machinery—Insulation resistance test specificationsFZ/T 99017-20132014-3-1
Electrical control systems of textile machinery—High-voltage test specificationsFZ/T 99018-20132014-3-1
Electrical control systems of textile machinery—Continuity of the protective bonding circuit test specificationsFZ/T 99016-20132014-3-1
Textile machinery - Safety requirements - Part 1: Common requirementsGB/T 17780.1-20122013-6-1
Specification of Jacquard Cylinder FZ/T 90055-20122013-6-1
Electrical Graphical and letter symbols of electrical equipment for textile machineryFZ/T 90109-20112012-7-1
Meltblown nonwovens combined machinesFZ/T 93074-20112012-7-1
Application requirements of communication interface of network management for cotton spinning preparatory and cotton spinning machineryFZ/T 90108-20102010-12-1
Electronic yarn clearing installationFZ/T 98003-20092010-6-1
Textile motor test method of damp heat in steady state FZ/T 90059-20092010-6-1
Evenness tester of capacitance methodFZ/T 98001-20092010-6-1
Yarn twist counter FZ/T 98005-20092010-6-1
Measuring reelFZ/T 98006-20092010-6-1
Product package on instrument of textile machinery FZ/T 90054-20092010-4-1
Graphical symbols for textile machineryGB/T 15192-20082009-3-1
Textile machinery - Coating and chemical treatment FZ/T 91006-20072007-11-1
Textile machniery and accessories - Preparing machinery of warp for waving - Definition of left and right sidesGB/T 19550-20042005-1-1
Painting process for the products of textile machinery FZ/T 91007-20042005-1-1
Painting for the products of textile machinery FZ/T 90074-20042005-1-1
Textile machinery and accessories - Spinning machinery - Definition of left and right sidesGB/T 19549-20042005-1-1
Terms and definitions of fillet clothingFZ/T 90052-20042005-1-1
Textile machinery and accessories—Cylindrical sliver cans—Technology termsFZ/T 93007-20042005-1-1
Security requirement of cotton processing machineryGB 18399-20012001-1-2
Textile FO-series three-phase asynchronous motors FZ/T 99003-19921992-7-1
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