Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Rice transplanter―Evaluation index and measurement methods for fuel consumptionGB/T 29004-2021
Rice transplanter—SpecificationGB/T 20864-2007E
Rice transplanter—Specification GB/T 20864-20212022-7-1
Equipment for distributing fertilizer—Part 1: Full width fertilizer distributors GB/T 20346.1-20212022-7-1
Agricultural machinery―Equipment for sowing―Minimization of the environmental effects of fan exhaust from pneumatic systemsGB/T 41125-20212022-7-1
Synchronous side deep fertilizing machine for rice transplanting JB/T 13855-20202021-1-1
Agricultural machinery—Safety—Part 3:Solid fertilizer distributorsGB/T 10395.3-20192020-5-1
Seeding monitoring systemGB/T 35383-20172018-7-1
Variable fertilizing and seeding machine control systemGB/T 35487-20172018-7-1
No or little-tillage fertilizes-seederGB/T 20865-20172018-7-1
Potato planter-Operating quality NY/T 990-20182018-6-1
Rice transplanter--Test methodGB/T 6243-20172018-4-1
Rice seedling throwing machine operation qualityDB21/T 2659-20162016-8-21
Applicability evaluation methodology of wheat no-tillage seedersNY/T 2847-20152015-12-1
Technical specification of mechanized operation of maize no-tillage seedingDB21/T 2528-20152015-11-10
Technical specification of mechanized operation of rice dry(hole) direct seedingDB21/T 2525-20152015-11-10
Swather(rice)-diseases and insect pestsDB21/T 2498-20152015-9-6
Filmig and pipc-laying of planting machinerg operating teehnical specificationsDB21/T 2492-20152015-9-6
Technical regulations for seedlings cultivation of Pinus densifloraLY/T 2437-20152015-5-1
Technical Specifications for Operation of Seedbed Irrigation and SowingGB/T 30469-20132014-10-1
Repairing quality for rice transplanters NY/T 2465-20132014-1-1
Rice transplanter—Evaluation index and measurement methods for fuel consumptionGB/T 29004-20122013-7-1
Repairing quality for no-tillage fertilizer and seed drill of wheatNY/T 2087-20112011-12-1
Potato planting machine—SpecificationsGB/T 25417-20102011-3-1
No-tillage seeding drill for the grassGB/T 25421-20102011-3-1
Technical specifications of quality evaluation for oilseed rape transplanterNY/T 1924-20102010-9-1
Technical regulation of rice seedling raising for mechanical transplantingNY/T 1922-20102010-9-1
Technical specifications of quality evaluation for no-tillage drilling machineryNY/T 1768-20092009-5-20
Test method of equipments for rice factory seedling nursingNY/T 1635-20082008-7-1
Double disk coulter for the grain drillJB/T 6274.2-20072008-1-1
Equipment for sowing and planting—Disks—Part 1:Concave disks type D1—DimensionsGB/T 21159.1-20072008-1-1
Equipment for sowing and planting—Disk—Part 2:Flat disks type D2 with single bevel—DimensionsGB/T 21159.2-20072008-1-1
Honeycomb plastic film seedling containersLY/T 1693-20072007-10-1
Operating Quality for Wheat No-tillage SeederNY/T 1411-20072007-9-1
Technical Specification of Quality Evaluation for Potato PlanterNY/T 1415-20072007-9-1
No-tillage fertile—Seeding drillGB/T 20865-20072007-8-1
Rice transplanter—SpecificationGB/T 20864-20072007-8-1
Operating quality of combined machines for rotary tillage fertilizing and seedingNY/T 1229-20062007-2-1
Seed sowing machine for the mulching filmJB/T 7732-20062007-2-1
Technical specifications of quality evaluation for drillsNY/T 1143-20062006-10-1
Equipment for planting—Potato planters—Method of testingGB/T 6242-20062006-8-1
Testing methods of sowing in linesGB/T 9478-20052006-5-1
Testing methods of single seed drills(precision drills)GB/T 6973-20052006-5-1
Operating quality of machine transplanterNY/T 989-20062006-4-1
Works quality for seedling broadcasting setterNY/T 984-20062006-4-1
Technical condition for safe in operation of powered seeding transplantedNY/T 1000-20062006-4-1
The operation quality for air-assisted orchard sprayerNY/T 992-20062006-4-1
The working quality of potato plantersNY/T 990-20062006-4-1
Operating quality for intensive saving wheat seed drillNY/T 996-20062006-4-1
Test method of rice transplanterGB/T 6243-20032003-9-1
Treeplanters. Test methodLY/T 1517-19992003-2-24
Sowing and planting machinery - TerminologyJB/T 7874-19992000-1-1
Test methods of grain drillsGB/T 9478-19881989-1-1
Testing methods of single seed drills(precision drills)GB/T 6973-19861987-8-1
Method of test for potato plantersGB/T 6242-19861987-2-1
Method of test for rice transplanterGB/T 6243-19861987-2-1
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