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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification of Cathodic Protection for Peterleum & Gas Station SY/T 6964-20132014-4-1
Specification for the construction and acceptance of piping works for watersupply and drainage in petrochemical industrySH/T 3533-20132014-3-1
Calibration method for liquid resistivity toolsSY/T 6905-20122012-12-1
The technical requirements of high temperature & high pressure three-dimensional scaled physical modeling experiment for steam recoverySY/T 6311-20122012-3-1
Regulation for construction technology of reactor-regenerator system equipment of catalytic cracking unitSH/T 3601-20092010-12-1
Technical code of site assembling and welding For petrochemical static equipmentSH/T 3524-20092010-6-1
Construction technical specificaton for petrochemical aluminum silosSH/T 3605-20092010-6-1
Construction quality inspection & acceptance specificaton for petrochemical aluminum silosSH/T 3513-20092010-6-1
The calibration method of inclinometer calibration facilitySY/T 6704-20072008-3-1
Calibration method of mnd retort assemblySY/T 6677-20072008-3-1
The calibration method of drilling fluid density meterSY/T 6676-20072008-3-1
Calibration methods for geophoneSY/T 6661-20062007-1-1
Relative permeability and displacement efficiency test under the condition of high temperature for heavy oil reservoirSY/T 6315-20062007-1-1
Oil field development monitoring and data requirementSY/T 6102-20062007-1-1
Cementing specifications Part 2:Special cementingSY/T 5374.2-20062007-1-1
The standard of well testing data acquisitionSY/T 6337-20062007-1-1
Electronic Downhole Pressure GaugeSY/T 6231-20062007-1-1
Specification for Construction and Acceptance of Heat-exchange Equipment in Petrochemical EngineeringSH/T 3532-20052006-7-1
Analytical method for condensate gas propertiesSY/T 5543-20022002-8-1
Test method for rock thermal petrophysical parametersSY/T 6107-20022002-8-1
Formation damage evaluation by flow testSY/T 5358-20022002-8-1
Analytical method of alkaline/surfactant/polymer flooding systemSY/T 6424-20002001-6-1
Technological requirement of geology for conventional oil reservoir production testSY/T 5387-20002001-6-1
The estimated methods of natural gas recoverable reservesSY/T 6098-20002001-6-1
Technical requirements for programming development plan of lenticular sandstone gas fieldSY/T 6095-20002001-6-1
Technical requirements for compilation of adjusting development design for thermal recovery of heavy oil reservoir-steam huff and puffSY/T 6425-20002001-6-1
Analytical method for reservoir crude oil physical propertiesSY/T 5542-20002001-6-1
Technical regulation of design for high pressure water injection fittingsSY/T 5270-20002001-6-1
Instructions on free point indicating and backing-off with shootingSY/T 5271-20002001-6-1
The method for measurement of chloride content in rockSY/T 5503-20002001-6-1
Technical requirement of drawing up a feasible EOR project chemical floodingSY/T 6512-20002001-6-1
Economic evaluating methods for oil field development projectSY/T 6511-20002001-6-1
The regulations of proved reserves calculation of petroleum The part of fractured oil and gas reservoirSY/T 5386-20002001-6-1
Technical requirement for steam injection development project design of heavy oil reservoirSY/T 6510-20002001-6-1
The method for measuring volatile oil propertiesSY/T 6435-20002000-10-1
Economic evaluation method of development program for natural gas reservoirSY/T 6177-20002000-10-1
The dividing method for carbonate reservoirSY/T 5388-20002000-10-1
The demand of oil reservoir geology character description technology carbonate buried hill reservoir portionSY/T 5355-20002000-10-1
Analysis for natural gas reservoir fluids physical propertiesSY/T 6434-20002000-10-1
method for measurement of surface tension & interfacial tensionSY/T 5370-19991999-12-1
The porosity and permeability measurement of core in net confining stressSY/T 6385-19991999-12-1
Relative permeability measurement under the condition of high temperature for heavy oil reservoirSY/T 6384-19991999-12-1
Oil-water relative permeability measurementSY/T 5345-19991999-12-1
Measurement of reservoir rock wettabilitySY/T 5153-19991999-12-1
procedures for hydrocarbon reservoir fluidsSY/T 5154-19991999-12-1
The method for Calculating oil recoverable reservesSY/T 5367-19981999-10-1
Technical requirement for transient well testingSY/T 6363-19981999-10-1
The main technical target of production for oil field development and itcalculated methodsSY/T 6366-19981999-10-1
Methodology for sedimentary facies discription. Nonmarine faciesSY/T 6314-19971998-7-1
Analytical approach of fluid physical property for heavy-oil reservoirs Crude oil viscosity measurementsSY/T 6316-19971998-7-1
Unsteady-state oil-gas relative permeability measurementSY/T 6339-19981998-7-1
The technical requirements of steamflooding three-dimensional scaled physical modelling experimentSY/T 6311-19971998-7-1
Gas-water relative permeability measurementSY/T 5843-19971998-7-1
The Division of Hyduocarbon Bearing SequenceSY/T 5363-19971998-7-1
Analysis of family composition of rock extract and crude oil by tlc-fidSY/T 6338-19971998-7-1
The standard of well testing data acquisitionSY/T 6337-19971998-7-1
The method of determining the oil-gas-water contant―The gas-water contacterSY/T 6313.2-19981998-7-1
The method of separation and examination of heavly minarals for sedimentary rockSY/T 6336-19971998-7-1
Technology criteria for conventional drill stem testingSY/T 5483-19971998-7-1
Analytical Approach of Fluid Physical Property for Heavy-oil Reservoirs - Measurements of Relaxation Effects for Crude OilSY/T 6281-19971998-3-1
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