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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Residual styrene monomer content determination in unsaturated polyester decorative wood-based panels by gas chromatographyGB/T 34723-2017
Wood-based flooring for underfloor heatingGB/T 41547-20222022-11-1
Determination of lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury content in the finishing material of wood-based panelGB/T 40493-20212022-3-1
Structural bamboo glulamGB/T 40487-20212022-3-1
Formaldehyde emission grading for wood-based panel and finishing productsGB/T 39600-20212021-10-1
A guide to the limited quantity in indoor loading for wood-based panel based on its ultimate formaldehyde emissionGB/T 39598-20212021-10-1
Code of recycle and utilization for discarded wood-based panels GB/T 40051-20212021-4-30
Production life cycle assessment specification for wood-based panels LY/T 3045-20182019-5-1
Terminology for wood-based panels and their surface decorationGB/T 18259-20182018-12-1
Test method of evaluating the absorption property of formaldehyde absorption material for wood-based panels and finishing productsGB/T 35243-20172018-7-1
Test method of evaluating the clearance capacity of formaldehyde scavenger for wood-based panels and finishing productsGB/T 35239-20172018-7-1
Test methods for volatile content of ultraviolet curable coatings for wood productsGB/T 35241-20172018-7-1
Technical requirements of green wood-based panel and its productsLY/T 2870-20172017-9-1
Wood-based slot board for exhibitionLY/T 2874-20172017-9-1
Determination of lead, cadmium, chromium, mercuryin the surface decorated layer of wooden floorGB/T 33042-20162017-5-1
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials -- Limit of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and finishing productsGB 18580-20172017-5-1
Standard test method for determining formaldehyde concentrations in air and emission rates from wood products using a large chamberGB/T 33043-20162017-5-1
X-ray inspection method for internal structure characteristics of wooden doorGB/T 32774-20162017-1-1
Wooden sound-absorbing panelsLY/T 2555-20152016-1-1
Measurement of sound-absorption of wood-based panels in small reverberation chamberLY/T 2559-20152016-1-1
Determination of phenol emission from wooden materials and their furnishing products―Small chamber methodGB/T 31762-20152015-11-2
Test Methods of Evaluating the Properties of Wood-based Panels and Surface Decorated Wood-based Panels GB/T 17657-20132014-4-11
Assessment indicator frame of cleaner production for wood-based panel industryGB/T 29904-20132014-4-11
Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from wood-based panels and furnishing—Small chamber methodGB/T 29899-20132014-4-11
Technical Requirements of Cleaner Production for Wood-Based Panel IndustryGB/T 29903-20132014-4-11
Determination device of the emission of volatile organic compounds and formaldehydeLY/T 1980-20112011-7-1
Testing apparatus for formaldehyde emission by the gas analysis methodLY/T 1981-20112011-7-1
Large chamber for formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and its productsLY/T 1982-20112011-7-1
Wood-based Panels - Determination of Formaldehyde Release-air Exhaust MethodLY/T 1978-20112011-7-1
Terms of wood-based panel and its surface decorationGB/T 18259-20092010-4-1
Overall energy consumption for parquet productionGB/T 23899-20092009-11-1
Wood-based panels—Determination of formaldehyde release—Gas analysis methodGB/T 23825-20092009-11-1
Wood-based panels—Determination of dimensions of panelsGB/T 19367-20092009-11-1
Guide for sampling inspection of wood-based panelsLY/T 1717-20072007-10-1
The climate chamber for determination of formaldehyde emissionLY/T 1612-20042004-12-1
Wood-based panels-Determination of thickness,width and length of boardsGB/T 19367.1-20032004-5-1
Wood-based panels―Determination of squareness and straightness of boardsGB/T 19367.2-20032004-5-1
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-Limit of formaldehyde emission of woodbased panels and finishing productsGB 18580-20012002-1-1
Wood-based panel & its surface decoration--TermsGB/T 18259-20002001-4-1
Test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panels and surface decorated wood-based panelsGB/T 17657-19991999-8-1
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