Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Measurer for Adhesion Performance of Retroreflective SheetingJJG (交通) 083-2007
Verification Regulation of Measurer for Liner Removal Performance of Retroreflective Sheeting JJG (交通) 085-2007
Verification Regulation of Standard TorsionmeterJJG 557-1988
Verification Regulation of Glassy Milk -meterJJG 135-1987
Measurer for Adhesion Performance of Zinc Coating of Steel ComponentsJJG (交通) 082-2007
Verification Regulation of Measurer for Resistance to Impact of Raised Pavement Markers JJG (交通) 080-2007
T60 Series Cable TensionmeterJJG (民航) 0087-2006
Non-self-indicating instrumentGB/T 335-20192020-7-1
Calibration Specification for Rotating Cylindrical Drum TestersJJF(石化)005-20152016-4-1
Verification Regulation of Hot Water MeterJJG 686-20152015-10-10
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Fuel DispensersJJF 1521-20152015-10-10
Program of Pattern Evaluation of Hot Water MetersJJF 1522-20152015-10-10
Verification Regulation of Verification Facility for Water MetersJJG 1113-20152015-10-10
Automatic gravimetric filling instrumentsGB/T 27738-20112012-7-1
Verification Regulation of Ball Pneumatic Dead Weight TesterJJG 942-20102010-11-11
Calibration Specification for Weighing Instruments for Mining Car in MotionJJF 1247-20102010-8-11
Calibration Specification for PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection)JJF 1220-20092009-11-18
Calibration Specification for Laser VibrometersJJF 1219-20092009-11-18
Piezoelectric AccelerometerJJG 233-20082009-3-27
Verification Regulation of Syringes for Medical UseJJG 18-20082009-3-27
Verification Regulation of Quantitative Filling Machine for Liquid MaterialJJG 687-20082009-3-27
Calibration Specification of Portable Weighing Instuments for Axles of Vehicle in MotionJJF 1212-20082009-1-1
Verification Regulation of Dynamic Strain Modulus Evd TesterJJG (铁道) 198-20082008-12-1
Calibration Specification for Gear Pitch Measuring InstrumentsJJF 1210-20082008-11-23
Verification Regulation of Electronic Universal Testing MachineJJG 475-20082008-11-23
Critical Flow Venturi NozzleJJG 620-20082008-11-23
Measuring Instruments for Cereals DensityJJG 264-20082008-11-23
Verification Regulation of Universal Tension and Compression Testing Machines for Non-metallicJJG 157-20082008-10-16
Verification Regulation of Standard Dual piston pressure Vacuum GaugeJJG 159-20082008-9-25
Verification Regulation of Goriolis Mass Flow MetersJJG 1038-20082008-9-25
Verification Regulation of Railway Tankers VolumeJJG 140-20082008-9-25
Verification Regulation of SphygmomanometerJJG 270-20082008-9-25
Pressure Metrological Terms and Their DefinitionsJJF 1008-20082008-9-25
Verification Regulation of Shore D DurometerJJG 1039-20082008-6-25
Calibration Specification of Drum Tester for Tyre Endurance and High Speed TestJJF 1195-20082008-6-24
Calibration Specification of Tester for Tyre Strength and Bead Unseating ResistanceJJF 1194-20082008-6-24
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Liquid Flow JJG 2063-20072008-5-21
Verification Regulation for Electronic BalanceJJG 1036-20082008-5-20
Calibration Specification for Vibrometer (Velocity) of Rolling BearingsJJF 1185-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation of Automatic Monitor System for Vehicle SpeedingJJG 527-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation of Pendulum Impact Testing MachinesJJG 145-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation for ExtensometerJJG 762-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation of Float MeterJJG 257-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation of Electromagnetic FlowmetersJJG 1033-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation of Spherical Metal Tank CapacityJJG 642-20072008-2-21
Verification Regulation for Vibration Tube Liquid Density Meter on LineJJG 370-20072007-12-14
Verification Regulation of Double Tube Mercury BarometerJJG 274-20072007-12-14
Verification Regulation of Aneroid Barometer & Aneroid BarographJJG 272-20072007-12-14
Verification Regulation of Piston GaugeJJG 59-20072007-12-14
Verification Regulation of Vortex-shedding FlowmeterJJG 1029-20072007-11-21
Verification Regulation of Ultrasonic FlowmetersJJG 1030-20072007-11-21
Verification Regulation of Cigarettes Hardness TestersJJG 1031-20072007-11-21
Measurer for Impact Resistance of Retroreflective SheetingJJG (交通) 084-20072007-10-1
Verification Regulation of Building Material Testing Machine of Constant Loading SpeedJJG 1025-20072007-9-14
Verification Regulation of Standard DynamometersJJG 144-20072007-8-28
Verification Regulation of Retail Appliance for Vegetable OilJJG 615-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Locomotive PipetteJJG 646-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Working Glass ContainerJJG 196-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Vickers Hardness Reference BlocksJJG 148-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Metallic Vickers Hardness TestersJJG 151-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Measure for DrinkingJJG 558-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Torsion Testing MachinesJJG 269-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Car CapacityJJG 641-20062007-6-8
Verification Regulation of Testing Instrument for Density and Moisture with Nuclear Radiation MethodJJG 1023-20072007-5-28
Terminology and Definitions for Metrology of Force and HardnessJJF 1011-20062007-3-8
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Large ForceJJG 2066-20062007-3-8
Metrological Terms and Definitions for CapacityJJF 1009-20062007-3-8
Verification Regulation of Special Axle (Wheel) Load Scale for Motor Vehicle TestJJG 1014-20062007-3-8
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for TorqueJJG 2047-20062007-3-8
Verification Regulation for Mechanical BalanceJJG 98-20062007-3-6
Dynamical Signal AnalyzerJJG 834-20062007-3-6
Verification Scheme for Measuring Instruments of MassJJG 2053-20062007-3-6
Verification Regulation of Soap Film Flow meterJJG 586-20062007-3-6
Calibration Set of Shock Acceleration by lmpact ForceJJG 791-20062007-3-6
Verification Regulation of weightsJJG 99-20062007-3-6
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS) - Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines(CMM) - Part 2: CMMs used for measuring sizeGB/T 16857.2-20062007-2-1
JJF (铁道) 601.10-2006 Verfication Scheme of MEeasurement Machines for Wheel-Height of Railway VehiclesJJF (铁道) 601.10-20062007-1-1
Big Mass ComparatorsJJG (铁道) 109-20062007-1-1
Terminology and Definitions for Measurement of Vibration,Shock and Rotaing VelocityJJF 1156-20062006-12-6
Verification Regulation of Automatic Instruments for Weighing Road Vehicles in MotionJJG 907-20062006-11-23
Liquid & Plastic Limit GaugeJJG (交通) 069-20062006-10-1
Verification Regulation of Hot Water MeterJJG 686-20062006-9-8
Verification Regulation ofJJG 443-20062006-9-8
Verification Regulation of Standard Equipment for Revolution SpeedJJG 326-20062006-9-8
Calibration Specification for Wheel Dynamic BalancersJJF 1151-20062006-8-23
Calibration Specification for Shock Accelerometers(Absolute Method)JJF 1153-20062006-8-23
Verification Regulation of Digital Pressure GaugesJJG 875-20052006-6-20
Verification Regulation of Gas Flow Calibration Facility to p.V.T.t TechniqueJJG 619-20052006-6-20
Verification Regulation of Dynamic Pressure TransducersJJG 624-20052006-6-20
Verification Regulation of Standard Vibrator in Middle Frequency Band (Comparison Method)JJG 298-20052006-6-20
T60 Series Cable TensionmeterJJG (民航) 0087-20052006-5-1
Asphalt Mixture's Marshall Compaction Test ApparatusJJG (交通) 065-20062006-5-1
PSD60-2R Fuel Quantity Test SetJJG (民航) 0086-20052006-5-1
Verification Regulation of Ships Liquid Cargo Tank CapacityJJG 702-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Standard Metal TankJJG 259-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Tank Cars CapacityJJG 133-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation of Vertical Metal Tank CapacityJJG 168-20052006-3-5
Verification Regulation for Electrodynamic Horizontal Vibration Generator for TestingJJG 1000-20052005-12-5
Verification Regulation of Digital Liquid Density Meter-Weighed MethodJJG 999-20052005-12-5
Verification Regulation of Intergration MetersJJG 1003-20052005-12-5
JJG (铁道) 190-2005 Main Test Instrument of the Train Tail Safety Protection DeviceJJG (铁道) 190-20052005-12-1
Verification Regulation of Falling Body Type Shock Testing MachinesJJG 541-20052005-10-28
Verification Regulation of Standard Rail-weighbridgesJJG 444-20052005-10-28
Verification Regulation for Gas Displacement MetersJJG 633-20052005-10-28
Verification Regulation of Metallic Brinell Hardness TestersJJG 150-20052005-9-3
Verification Regulation of Hydraulic JackJJG 621-20052005-9-3
Verification Regulation of Special GlasswareJJG 10-20052005-9-3
Verification Regulation of Liquefied petroleum Gas DispensersJJG 997-20052005-8-11
Calibration Specification for Working Force Measuring Machines for Special PurposesJJF 1134-20052005-7-28
Verification Regulation of Static Torque Measuring DevicesJJG 995-20052005-7-28
Verification Regulation of The Automobile Engine Crankcase Force TesterJJG (交通) 012-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of Slip Type Automobile Side TesterJJG (交通) 002-20052005-6-15
JJG (交通) 003-2005 Verification Regulation of Opposite Forces Type Broake TesterJJG (交通) 003-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of Multi-function Automobile Brake TesterJJG (交通) 060-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of The Wheel Field Balancing EquipmentJJG (交通) 011-20052005-6-15
JJG (交通) 008-2005 Verification Regulation of Automobile Brake Pedal Force TesterJJG (交通) 008-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of Automotive Axles Weight Dynmaic TesterJJG (交通) 005-20052005-6-15
JJG (交通) 010-2005 Verification Regulation of Whell Dynamic BalancerJJG (交通) 010-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of Automotive Suspension Measuring InstrumentJJG (交通) 062-20052005-6-15
Verification Regulation of Standard Bell Porvers of Gas FlowJJG 165-20052005-6-3
Metrological Terms and Their Definitions for Flow RateJJF 1004-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Secondary Standard Ionization Vacuum GaugesJJG 462-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Secondary Standard Mercury BarometersJJG 614-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Mercurial BarometersJJG 210-20042005-3-21
Verification Regulation of Metallic Brinell Hardness Reference BlocksJJG 147-20052005-3-3
Verification Regulation of Vehicles Radar Measuring SpeedometersJJG 528-20042005-3-1
Compaction Instrument of SoilJJG (交通) 058-20042005-2-1
JJG (交通) 048-2004 Electrically Driven Cement Flexure Testing MachineJJG (交通) 048-20042005-2-1
JJG (交通) 055-2004 Standard Viscometer of Bituminous MaterialsJJG (交通) 055-20042005-2-1
Verification Regulation of Vertical Metal Tank Diametrical Deviation Measuring InstrumentJJG 988-20042004-12-21
Verification Regulation of Ralative Density Balance for LiquidJJG 171-20042004-12-1
Pressure TransmitterJJG 882-20042004-12-1
Verification Regulation of Impression TonometersJJG 574-20042004-12-1
Verification Regulation of the Diesel Engine Peak Pressure IndicatiorJJG (铁道) 189-20042004-11-1
Verification Regulation of Fiber CutterJJG (纤检) 05-19932004-11-1
JJG (铁道) 179-2004 Verification Regulation of Measurement Machines for Wheel-Height of Railway VehicleJJG (铁道) 179-20042004-11-1
Verification Regulation of Speedmeter on Locomotives JJG (铁道) 185-20042004-11-1
Verification Regulation for Pressure Measuring Device Electrically Indicated on Diesel JJG (铁道) 183-20042004-11-1
Verification Regulation of Fibre Strength TesterJJG (纤检) 04-19932004-11-1
JJG (铁道) 129-2004 Detecting Device for Overload and Unbalance Load of Rail WagonsJJG (铁道) 129-20042004-11-1
Verification Regulation of Torque Meter for Textured Filament Yarn Residue JJG (纤检) 02-19932004-11-1
Verification regulation of analogue indication weighing instrumentJJG 13-19972004-9-2
Verification Regulation of Torsion BalanceJJG 46-20042004-9-2
Divided Flow Rotating Vane Type Steam Flow MeterJJG 463-19862004-9-2
Swirl Flow MeterJJG 464-19862004-9-2
Verification Regulation for Table BalancesJJG 156-20042004-9-2
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Propeller-type Current MeterJJG (交通) 031-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Acoustic Current MeterJJG (交通) 030-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Vibrating Wire Anchor Rod Stress GaugeJJG (交通) 037-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Vibrating Wire Anchor Cable Load CellJJG (交通) 036-20042004-9-1
Port Machinery - Verification Regulation of Secondary Meter for Load CellsJJG (交通) 043-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Vibrating Wire Steel Stress GaugeJJG (交通) 035-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Unbonded Elastic Wire Resistance Pressure CellJJG (交通) 041-20042004-9-1
Water Transport Engineering - Verification Regulation of Pile Static Load Measuring InstrumentJJG (交通) 028-20042004-9-1
Calibration Specification for Linear Accelerometer Used Precision CentrifugerJJF 1116-20042004-6-2
Verification Regulation of Slipe Plate Type Automobile Side Slipe TesterJJG 908-19962004-6-1
Methods of classifying type of weighing instrumentsQB/T 1563-20032004-5-1
Non-self- indicating railroad track scaleQB/T 1076-20032004-5-1
Verification Regulation of Graduated Cantrifuge Tubes, Graduated Test Tubes Blood Sugar Tubes and Blood Digestion TubesJJG 12-19872004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Equipment of Power MeasuringJJG 653-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Electromagnetic Velocity TransducerJJG 134-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Standard Piston -Type PressureJJG 129-19902004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Grade 0.16 Precision Pressure Gauge of Model YB -251A JJG (航天) 1-19992004-3-23
Verification Regulation of a Motion Weighing Railway Track Scale Non Locomotive TractionJJG 709-19902004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Shore A DurometersJJG 304-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of Vibration Displacement TransducerJJG 644-20032004-3-23
Verification Regulation of the Vertical Spiral Blade Water Meter JJG (沪) 47-20042004-2-1
Verification Regulation of Liquid Petroleum Positive Displacement Flow Meter on Site JJG (沪) 46-20042004-2-1
Load CellJJG 669-20032003-11-12
Evaluation for Computerized Data Acquisition Systems of Universal Testing MachinesJJF 1103-20032003-9-12
Leather Tension Testing MachineJJG 555-19882003-9-1
Vibration Displacement TransducerJJG 644-19902003-9-1
Verification Regulation of Piston Pressure-Vaccum Gauge with Equilibrium Liquid ColumnJJG 51-20032003-9-1
Verification Regulation of Flow Standard Facilities by Master Meter MethodJJG 643-20032003-9-1
Verification Regulation of Weigh Bridge of Locomotive and CarJJG (铁道) 117-19942003-8-1
Metrological Verification Regulation for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dispenser JJG (沪) 42-20032003-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Gravimetric Filling InstrumentsJJG 564-20022003-5-4
Verification Regulation for Continuous Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instruments(Belt Weigher)JJG 195-20022003-5-4
Verification Regulation of Steelyard ScaleJJG 17-20022003-5-4
Verification Regulation of Glassware for Seawater AnalysisJJG 284-19822003-5-4
Verification Regulation of Nonself-Indicating Rail-WeighbridgeJJG 142-20022003-3-13
Verification Regulation of Mechanical Vibration Genetator for TestingJJG 189-19972003-3-13
Verification Regulation of Precision Liquid Manometer for Cistern and U-tubeJJG 241-20022003-3-13
Equipment Used for Calibrating Electronic Conveyor Belt Scales by Material Objects JJG (电力) 02-19962003-3-1
Verification Regulation of Levertype Consolidometer JJG (地质) 1020-19902003-3-1
Verification Regulaion of Bitumen Ductility MeterJJG (交通) 023-20022003-3-1
Verification Regulation of Micron Photo Sizer Model SKC-2000JJG (地质) 1019-19902003-3-1
Ship's Liquid Cargo Tank Capacity - Capacity Comparison MethodJJG (交通) 022-20022003-3-1
Verification Regulation of Measuring Instrument for Cement Bright Degumming EquipmentJJG 974-20022003-2-4
Verification Regulation of Measuring Instrument for ShockJJG 973-20022003-2-4
Verification Regulation of Constant Acceleration Centrifugal Test MachinesJJG 972-20022003-2-4
Calibration Specification for Nonmetal Building Materials Plastic Limit Measuring InstrumentsJJF 1090-20022002-12-13
Verification Regulation of the Liquid Level Measuring DevicesJJG 971-20022002-12-13
O.T.N. of Primary Standard of ViscosityJJF 1354-19902002-10-1
Non-self-indicating instrumentGB/T 335-20022002-9-1
The Program for Pattern Evaluation of Diaphragm Gas MetersJJF 1086-20022002-8-24
Verification Regulation of Roller Opposite Forces Type Brake TesterJJG 906-19962002-7-1
Verification Regulation of Digital Indication Rail - WeighbridgesJJG 781-20022002-7-1
Verification Regulation for Railway Mechanical Track Scale in Static Weighing with Grating-digital DisplayJJG 460-19862002-6-10
Field test methods for nuclear density - Moisture gaugesSL 275.2-20012002-3-1
Field test methods for nuclear density - moisture gaugesSL 275.1-20012002-3-1
Verification Regulation of Capacity Measures(glass)JJG 20-20012002-3-1
Verification Regulation of AN60-5 Portable Aircraft Weighing PlatformJJG (民航) 0062-20012001-11-1
Verification Regulation of Force Standard MachinesJJG 734-20012001-10-1
Verification Regulation of Working Glass HydrometersJJG 42-20012001-10-1
Flexure Testing MachineJJG 476-20012001-10-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Glass HydrometersJJG 86-20012001-10-1
Verification Regulation for Force Measuring System of Fraction Power Test Car of RailwayJJG (铁道) 154-19952001-10-1
Measurement Tables for Density - Concentration of AlcohalJJF 1074-20012001-10-1
Working Measuring Vibration InstrumentsJJG 676-20002001-10-1
Automatic Gravimetric Filling Weighing InstrumentQB/T 2501-20002001-6-1
JJG (石油) 25-2000 Verification Regulation of Testing Device for IndicatorJJG (石油) 25-20002001-5-1
JJG (石油) 26-2000 Verification Regulation of Measurement Separator for OilwellJJG (石油) 26-20002001-5-1
Verification Regulation of Bump Testing MachinesJJG 497-20002000-10-1
Verification Regulation of TachometerJJG 105-20002000-10-1
Verification Regulation of Working DynamometersJJG 455-20002000-9-15
Verification Regulation of Standard Facilities for Liquid FlowrateJJG 164-20002000-6-1
Verification Regulation of Digital Electrodynamic Vibration Testing SystemJJG 948-19992000-4-1
Verification Regulation of Equotip Hardness testerJJG 747-19992000-4-1
Verification Regulation of Pressure Tide GaugeJJG 946-19992000-3-15
Digital Electronic Sphygmomanometer(Static)JJG 692-19991999-12-6
Verification Regulation of Torque Wrench JJG (航天) 31-19871999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Gas Piston Pressure Gauge JJG (航天) 33-19991999-8-31
Verification Regulation of Measurer for Longitudinal Impact Accelerograph of CoachJJG (铁道) 168-19981999-7-1
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the Brinell HardnessJJF 1243-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1254-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1255-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Secondary Standard for the Superficial Rockwell HardnessJJF 1248-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1256-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Priary Standard for the 51000N.m TorguerJJF 1241-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Secondary Standard for the Rockwell HardnessJJF 1246-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Secondary Standard for the Density(Alcoholometer)JJF 1259-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1268-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for International Rubber Hardness DegreeJJF 1253-19901999-6-4
O.T.N.of Secondary Standard of Brinell HardnessJJF 1244-19901999-6-4
O.T.N.of the Primary Standard for the 1×1000N .m TorguerJJF 1242-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Primary Standard for the Vickers HardnessJJF 1249-19901999-6-4
O.T.C. of Hardness Primary Standard for ShoreJJF 1251-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1258-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of the Hardness Secondary Standard for VickersJJF 1250-19901999-6-4
O.T.C. of the Primary Standard for the Micro-hardnessJJF 1252-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1267-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of Rockwell Hardness Primary StandardJJF 1245-19901999-6-4
O.T.N.of Superficial Rockwell Hardness Primary StandardJJF 1247-19901999-6-4
O.T.N. of Primary Standard for Pendulum Impact Energy(Charpy)JJF 1282-19901999-6-4
~JJF 1257-19901999-6-4
Ball Pneumatic Dead Weight TesterJJG 942-19981999-5-1
General Specifications for Light Industry Mechanical Weighing Apparatus - PackagingQB 842.8-19821999-4-21
The technica norm for revenue control device of fuel dispensersJJF 1056-19981999-2-15
Pitot TubesJJG 518-19981998-10-1
Verification Regulation of Pile Dynamic Measuring InstrumentJJG 930-19981998-10-1
Verification Regulation of Instruments for Measuing Moment of Pendulum of Impact testerJJG 931-19981998-10-1
Verification Regulation of Fuel DispensersJJG 443-19981998-8-1
Verification Regulation of Hammering Type Brinell Hardness TesterJJG 411-19971998-6-1
Verification Regulation for the Volume of Railway Tank CarJJG 140-19981998-5-1
Verification Regulation of Nonself-indicating Weighing InstrumentJJG 14-19971998-3-1
Verification Regulation of Electrodynamic Vibration Generator for TestingJJG 190-19971998-3-1
Verification Regulation of Pressure ContuollerJJG 544-19971998-1-1
Verificaiton regulation of digital indicating weighing instrumentJJG 539-19971998-1-1
Calibration Specification for Dynamic Characteristic of Load CellJJF 1053-19961997-9-1
Oil measurement supervision of civil aviationMH 6004-19961997-8-1
Discontinuous Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instruments (Totalizing Hopper Weighers)JJG 648-19961997-7-1
Verification Regulation of Piezoelectric AccelerometerJJG 233-19961997-6-1
Verification Regulation of Vibrator for Compacting Mortar SpecimenJJG 918-19961997-5-1
General Verification Regulation for Nonautomatic Weighing InstrumentJJG 555-19961997-5-1
Verification Regulation of Dynamometers for steel - WiresJJG 911-19961997-5-1
Verification Regulation of Buoy Type Oxygen InhaltarJJG 913-19961997-5-1
Verification Regulation of Tension Compression and Universat Testing Machina for Non-metallicJJG 157-19951996-6-1
for calibration of vibration and shock pick-ps - Testing of transient temperature sensitivityGB/T 13823.15-19951996-5-1
for calibration of vibration and shock pick-ps - Testing of temperature response by comparisonGB/T 13823.16-19951996-5-1
Verification Regulation of Micro-Hardness Testing Machine in International Rubber Hardness DegreeJJG 898-19951996-3-1
Table Balance QB/T 2087-19951996-1-1
Health scaleQB/T 2065-19941995-8-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Revolution Speed EquipmentJJG 326-19831995-3-1
Verification Regulation of Digital pressure gaugesJJG 875-19941995-3-1
Verification Regulation of Vapor Pressure OsmometerJJG 877-19941995-3-1
Verification Regulation of Extrusion PlastometerJJG 878-19941995-3-1
Pressure TransmittersJJG 882-19941995-2-1
Verification Regulation of Water Meters at High PressureJJG 585-19891994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Differential Pressure Type FlowmeterJJG 640-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Piston Pressurevacuum Gauge (Grade Ⅱ& Ⅲ)JJG 239-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of RotametersJJG 257-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Tilting Tube MicromanometerJJG 172-19941994-12-1
V. R. of Flow Standard Facilities by Master Meter MethodJJG 643-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Velocity Flow MeterJJG 198-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Liquid Manometer (Grade II, III)JJG 241-19811994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Hydaulic-Tension JackJJG 621-19961994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Mini -Load Material Testing MachineJJG 199-19801994-12-1
Tension Testing Machine for Rubber and PlasticsJJG 588-19891994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Dual Piston Type Pressurevacuum Gauge (Grade Ⅱ&Ⅲ)JJG 159-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Pipe ProverJJG 209-19941994-12-1
Verification Regulation of Critical flow meterJJG 620-19941994-12-1
Verification Scheme of Measuring Instruments for Plastic Rockwell HardnessJJG 2092-19951994-11-1
Verification Regulation of Portable Brinell Hardness TesterJJG 870-19941994-11-1
Ship Meteorological InstrumentJJG 876-19941994-10-1
Technical Specification of MAP for Veckers HardnessJJF 1043-19931994-8-1
Verification Regulation of Quadruped Treading Tester for Carpet JJG (轻工) 90-19921994-8-1
Techinical Specification of MAP for Coaxial PowerJJF 1039-19931994-8-1
Verification Regulation of Pullout Force Tester for Carpet ClusterJJG (轻工) 89-19921994-8-1
Verification Regulation of Carpet Static Load Tester JJG (轻工) 92-19921994-8-1
Verification Regulation of Carpet Dynamic Load-meterJJG (轻工) 91-19921994-8-1
Verification Regulation of Watch Shock-proof Tester JJG (轻工) 85-19911994-8-1
Verification Regulation of Automotive Chassis DynamometerJJG 865-19941994-7-1
O.T.N.for Pressure Primary Standard in the Range from 0.1 to 10MPaJJF 1223-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Y361 Type Single Yarn Tester JJF (纺织) 12-19851994-6-1
O.T.N. for Water flow primary standard in the Range from 1.6 to 146m3/hJJF 1225-19901994-6-1
Operating Technical Norm for Gas Flow Primary Standard in the Range from 3 to 30 m3/hJJF 1227-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Y381 Type Sample Yarn Winder JJF (纺织) 14-19851994-6-1
General Technical Specifications for Non-mercury Pressure Gauge JJF (航空) 007-19831994-6-1
Verification Methods for Y631 Type Fabric Strength TesterJJF (纺织) 11-19851994-6-1
~JJF 1226-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Y321 Type Manual Twist MachineJJF (纺织) 08-19851994-6-1
Verification Methods for Axial Loading Fatigue Tester JJF (航空) 019-19851994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Primary Standard for the 1100000N Force standard MachineJJF 1236-19901994-6-1
O.T.N. for Vacuum Primary Standard in the Range from 110-3 to 1 PaJJF 1229-19901994-6-1
Operating Technical Norm for Gas Flow Primary Standard in the Range from 30 to 120 m3/hJJF 1228-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Y371 Skein Yarn Strength Tester JJF (纺织) 19-19851994-6-1
Pressure Transducer (Static)JJG 860-19941994-6-1
O.T.N.for Pressure Primary Standard in the Range from 0 to 2500PaJJF 1224-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Pendulum Bob Weight Gauge of Impact TesterJJF (航空) 036-19881994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Primary Standard for the 11000000N Force Standard MachineJJF 1235-19901994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Primary Standard for the 5×1000N Force Standard MachineJJF 1238-19901994-6-1
O.T.N. of the Duplicate Kilogram prototypeJJF 1232-19901994-6-1
O.T.N of the Primary Standard for the 1×1000N Force Standard MachineJJF 1240-19901994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Secondary Standard for the 61000N Force Standard MachineJJF 1239-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Non-mercury Pressure Gauge JJF (航空) 006-19831994-6-1
~JJF 1230-19901994-6-1
Pressure Gauge - Terminology JJF (航空) 008-19831994-6-1
Calculation Methods for Main Static Performance Index of Linear Pressure SensorJJF (航空) 009-19831994-6-1
Verification Methods for Y161 Type Single-fiber Strength Tester JJF (纺织) 17-19851994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Secondary Standard for the 3×100000N Force Standard MachineJJF 1237-19901994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Primary Standard for the 51000000N Force Standard MachineJJF 1234-19901994-6-1
O.T.N.of the Secondary Standard for the Kilogram Weight(A)JJF 1233A-19901994-6-1
Verification Methods for Pressure Sensor (Static)JJF (航空) 005-19831994-6-1
Non-mercury Pressure Gauge - GeneralJJF (航空) 011-19831994-6-1
Verification Regultion of Green Sand Mould Surface Hardness Tester for CastingsJJG 831-19931994-2-1
Dynamic Signal AnalyzerJJG 834-19931994-2-1
Flowrate Facilities by Velocity-Area MethodJJG 835-19931994-2-1
Rules for the weight survey of import and exportcommodities. Weight survey by scaleSN/T 0188-19931994-1-1
Comcrete Test HammerJJG 817-19931993-11-1
Measuring Scale for Runout of Train Wheel Relative to Wheel TreadJJG (铁道) 135-19921993-11-1
Synthetic Gauge for 3-screw Measuring Hole Positions at Axle EndsJJG (铁道) 134-19921993-11-1
Verification Regulation of Plastic Ball Indentation Hardness Testing MachineJJG 369-19931993-11-1
Verification Regulation of Hand Saccharimeter (Content-meter )and Hand RefractometerJJG 820-19931993-10-1
Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock pick-ups Comparison(secondary vibration)calibration by sinusoidal excitationGB/T 13823.3-19921993-10-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Lever for Measuring ForceJJG 808-19931993-10-1
for instruments for measuring vibration severityGB/T 13824-19921993-10-1
Verification Regulation of Grinder Rockwell Hardness Tester JJG (机械) 6-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Load and Deformation Measurement Amplifer JJG (机械) 25-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Durability Test Device for Domestic Gas Meter JJG (机械) 15-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Elastomeric Parts Fatigue Tester JJG (机械) 105-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Abrasion Ratio Tester for Diamond Sintered Body JJG (机械) 95-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Portable Multi-functional Water Quality Monitoring Gauge JJG (机械) 89-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulations of Light Spot Hair Spring Torque Gauge JJG (机械) 103-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Stacking Density Tester for Grinding Material JJG (机械) 3-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Motor-driven Single Unit Instrument Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitter JJG (机械) 99-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Shockproof(Ruggedized)Pressure GaugeJJG (机械) 112-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Tightness Test Device for Domestic Gas Meter JJG (机械) 14-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Electrical Performance Inspection Device for DJ-1 Type Fan Motor JJG (机械) 13-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Black and White Diffuse Transmission Densimeter JJG (机械) 113-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Circle Diagram Pressure Plotter JJG (机械) 107-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Ring-Block Wear Testing MachineJJG (机械) 102-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Pressure Loss Test Facilities for Nominal Diameter 15mm to 40mm Cold Water MetersJJG (机械) 16-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Pretensioned Examining Tool with PulleyJJG 805-19931993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Automatic Recording Solids Precipitation Balance JJG (机械) 92-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Electric Contact Pressure Gauge JJG (机械) 108-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Small Power Motors Dynamometer JJG (机械) 12-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Hydraulic Dynamometer JJG (机械) 111-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Accelerated Wear Test Facilites for Nominal Diameter 15mm to 40mm Cold Water MetersJJG (机械) 17-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Sand BlastingJJG (机械) 1-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Single Particle Compression Strength Tester JJG (机械) 7-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of the Interface TensiometersJJG (机械) 101-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Elastomeric Parts MeterJJG (机械) 104-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Digital Recording Equipment for High Voltage Impulse Measurement JJG (机械) 71-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Strain-gauge Type Pressure Transducer JJG (机械) 106-19921993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Revolving Strength Tester for Grinding Wheel JJG (机械) 2-19901993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Comprehensive Parameter Tester for Washer JJG (机械) 9-19901993-7-1
Taking Blood Electronic ScalaJJG 815-19931993-7-1
Verification Regulation of Series Dynamometer JJG (机械) 8-19901993-7-1
Nuclear Conveyor Belt ScalesJJG 811-19931993-6-1
Methods of Classifying Types of Weighing InstrumentsQB 1563-19921993-3-1
Operating technical norm of 3X10(2)N force secondary standard machineJJF 1366-19951993-3-1
Operating technical norm for torque primary standard machie(0.5~50N.m)JJF 1365-19951993-3-1
JJG (建设) 0001-1992 Hot Ball shaped AnemometerJJG (建设) 0001-19921993-3-1
Operating technical norm of 1X10(3)N force secondary standard machineJJF 1367-19951993-3-1
Operating technical norm of 6X10(3)N force secondary standard machineJJF 1368-19951993-3-1
Verification Regutation of Static Etectronic Rait-weighbridgesJJG 781-19921993-1-1
Verification regulation of sphygmomanometersJJG 270-19951992-12-1
Standard Facility For Air DelweryJJG 794-19921992-12-1
Calibration Set of ShockJJG 791-19921992-12-1
Instrument for Measuring Bounce of Deep Groove Ball BearingJJG 784-19921992-8-10
Verification Regulation for Standard DynamometersJJG 144-19921992-8-1
Extenso MeterJJG 762-19921992-8-1
Verification Regulation of Flatness StandardJJG 765-19921992-8-1
torgue Standard MachineJJG 769-19921992-8-1
Verification Regulation of Crimp Elastic TesterJJG (纺织) 050-19911992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Raw Silk DenierersJJG (纺织) 053-19931992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Raw Silk Cohesion Test MachineJJG (纺织) 052-19931992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Tex ScaleJJG (纺织) 055-19931992-7-1
Verification Regulation of DeniermetersJJG (纺织) 054-19931992-7-1
Thread Linear Length Measuring InstrumentJJG (纺织) 056-19931992-7-1
Verification Regulation of Filter Type SmokemetersJJG (汽车) 5-19891992-2-15
Verification Regulation of Portable Tonometers with Pointer DisplayJJG (轻工) 103-19931992-2-15
Verification Regulation of Fifth Wheel InstrumentJJG (汽车) 2-19891992-2-15
Verification Regulation of Metal Vickers Hardness Testing MachinesJJG 151-19911992-1-1
Verification Regulation of Shore Hardness TesterJJG 346-19911992-1-1
Static Machinery Rail WeighbridgeQB/T 1077-19911991-12-1
Verification Regulation of Working Standard of Piston ManometersJJG 727-19911991-12-1
Technical Norm of Machine Scale RemakeJJF 1025-19911991-12-1
the Diesel Engine Peah Pressure IndicatorJJG 730-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Quantitative Automatic Weighing InstrumentJJG 731-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Brinell Hardness Test BlockJJG 147-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Flow Cups ViscosimeterJJG 743-19911991-10-1
Dynamic Relative Vacuum Apparatus (Grade Ⅱ)JJG 729-19911991-10-1
Expansion Vacuum Apparatus (Grade I)JJG 728-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Shore Hardness Test BlockJJG 347-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Routine Capillary ViscometerJJG 155-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Aneroid Barograph and Aneroind BarometerJJG 272-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Vickers Hardness Test BlockJJG 148-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Vibrator With Middle Freguency (Comparison Method)JJG 298-19951991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Working Standard WeightsJJG 273-19911991-10-1
Verification Regulation of Engler ViscosimeterJJG 742-19911991-9-1
Verification Regulation of the Record Pressure Gauge Pressure Vacuum Gauge and Vacuum GaugeJJG 926-19971991-8-10
Verification Regulation of Piezoresistive Vacuum GaugeJJG 932-19981991-8-10
Verification Regulation of Tacho-Torque Measuring DeviceJJG 924-19961991-8-10
Verification Regulation of Standard Metal TankJJG 259-19891991-7-1
Measuring Instruments for Shock AccelerationJJG 2072-19901991-5-1
Verification Regulation of Liquid Positive Displacement Flow MeterJJG 667-19971991-3-1
Dead -Load Hardness Testing Machine in International Rubber Hardness DegreeJJG 666-19901991-3-1
Measuring Instruments for Pendulum Impact EnergyJJG 2077-19901991-3-1
Measuring Instruments for International Rubber Hardness DegreeJJG 2049-19901991-1-1
Verification Regulation of WeightsJJG 99-19901991-1-1
Verification Regulation of Noise DosimetersJJG 655-19901991-1-1
Measuring Instruments for VibrationJJG 2054-19901991-1-1
Digital Weighing IndicatorJJG 649-19901990-12-1
Tanks and BarrelsJJG 647-19901990-12-1
Hydraulic Vibration Generater SystemJJG 638-19901990-10-1
Measuring Instruments for Metallic Rockwell HardnessJJG 2067-19901990-9-1
Measuring Instruments for Metallic Superficial Rockwell HardnessJJG 2068-19901990-9-1
Gas Flow Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2064-19901990-9-1
Verification Regulation of Dynamic Force SensorsJJG 632-19891990-7-1
Measuring Instruments for CapacityJJG 2024-19891990-7-1
Measuring Instruments for VickershandnessJJG 2026-19891990-7-1
Measuring Instruments for MicrohardnessJJG 2025-19891990-7-1
Technical Norm of the Measurement of Liquid Petroleum Products in TarksJJF 1014-19891990-5-21
Measuring Instruments for ManometersJJG 2023-19891990-5-1
Verification Regulation of Cantilever-beam (Izod - Type )Impact Testing MachineJJG 608-19891990-4-1
Cales for Selling GrainJJG 584-19891989-10-1
Speed and Mileage Metre for CarsJJG 559-19881989-9-1
Liquid Manometer for WorkingJJG 540-19881988-12-1
JJG 2006 -1996 for Measuring Instruments of Hardness Testing on Shore Scale DJJG 2006 -19961988-10-1
Viscosity Measuring InstrumentsJJG 2016-19871988-10-1
JJG 2005 -1987 Brinel HardnessJJG 2005 -19871988-10-1
Portable Induction AnemometerJJG 515-19871988-5-1
Tonnage lever balanceGB/T 7898-19871988-1-1
Verification Regulation of Fruit Pressure TesterJJG 450-19861987-10-1
Verification Regulation of Color TubesJJG 11-19871987-10-1
Single Tube Mercury ManometerJJG 457-19861987-10-1
Velification Regulation of Postal ScaleJJG 16-19871987-10-1
Standardmeter for Store LiquidJJG 451-19861987-10-1
Spherical Indenters for Hardness TestersJJG 454-19861987-6-1
Portable 3-Cup Anemometer Type DEM6JJG 431-19861987-5-1
Health scaleGB 6871-19861987-5-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Metal Tank on the TruckJJG 402-19851986-5-1
Velification Regulation of Volumetric Cylinder with HandleJJG 19-19851985-10-1
Verification Regulation of Concrete Tank-Tank VolumeJJG 302-19831984-12-1
Verification Regulation of Standard Compression Vacuum GaugeJJG 261-19811982-11-1
Verification Regulation of Liquid Manometer (Grade Ⅰ)JJG 240-19811982-5-1
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