Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Broad-leaved tree polesLY/T 1509-20192020-4-1
Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of logs and sawn timbers—Part 2:Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of sawn timbersGB/T 17659.2-20182019-4-1
Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of logs and sawn timbers—Part 1:Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of logsGB/T 17659.1-20182019-2-1
Pulp logsGB/T 11717-20182019-1-1
Logs of small diameterGB/T 11716-20182018-12-1
Log of sliced veneerGB/T 15106-20172018-7-1
Defects in logsGB/T 155-20172018-7-1
Ripping logsGB/T 143-20172018-7-1
Log of peeled veneerGB/T 15779-20172018-7-1
Short logsLY/T 1506-20182018-6-1
Wood poleLY/T 1507-20182018-6-1
Logs of super gradeGB/T 4812-20162017-5-1
Test methods of recycled wood for wood-based panel manufactureLY/T 2558-20152016-1-1
Small diameter polesLY/T 1079-20152015-5-1
Girder logLY/T 2485-20152015-5-1
SleeperGB 154-20132014-9-11
Sawn timber for shaft lifting guideGB 4820-20132014-9-11
Logs for pit-propsGB 142-20132014-9-11
Log Volume TableGB/T 4814-20132014-4-11
Log for Lumber in Light Wood Frame ConstructionGB/T 29893-20132014-4-11
Log pilingLY/T 1371-20132013-7-1
Name of commercial HongmuSB/T 10758-20122012-11-1
Pole on the truckLY/T 1002-20122012-7-1
Log for direct use—Wire poleLY/T 1294-20122012-7-1
Secondary processing logsLY/T 1369-20112011-7-1
Short logsLY/T 1506-2008/XG1-20092009-9-1
Purlin logLY/T 1157-2008/XG1-20092009-9-1
Pulp logsGB/T 11717-20092009-8-1
Logs of small diameterGB/T 11716-20092009-8-1
Masson pine polesLY/T 1502-20082008-12-1
Broad leaves tree polesLY/T 1509-20082008-12-1
Rafter logLY/T 1158-20082008-12-1
Purlin logLY/T 1157-20082008-12-1
Log of peeled veneerGB/T 15779-20062006-12-1
Small tree length logLY/T 1079-20062006-12-1
Logs of super gradeGB/T 4812-20062006-12-1
Terms in log inspectionGB/T 15787-20062006-12-1
Log of sliced veneerGB/T 15106-20062006-12-1
Defects in logsGB/T 155-20062006-12-1
Ripping logsGB/T 143-20062006-12-1
Tree-length volume tableLY/T 1293-19992005-12-1
Rules for inspection of improt african logsSN/T 1380-20042004-12-1
Rules of inspection on the import European Beech round logsSN/T 1373-20042004-12-1
Specification of wood protection in storageGB/T 18959-20032003-5-1
Tests on dissected logsLY/T 1510-19992003-2-24
Mark imprint for log productsLY/T 1511-20022002-12-1
Long wood buckingLY/T 1370-20022002-12-1
Chinese fir-tree polesGB/T 5039-19991999-8-1
Logs of small diameterGB/T 11716-19991999-8-1
Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of logs and sawn timbers - Part 1: Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of logsGB/T 17659.1-19991999-8-1
Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of logs and sawn timbers - Part 2: Sampling and judging methods for lot inspection of sawn timbersGB/T 17659.2-19991999-8-1
Industrial hydrogenGB/T 3634-19951996-8-1
Defects in logsGB/T 155-19951996-7-1
Logs for direct-Pit-propsGB 142-19951996-7-1
Log inspectionGB/T 144-19951996-7-1
Log of peeled veneerGB/T 15779-19951996-7-1
Coniferous ripping logs-Dimensions,tolerances and grade classificationGB/T 143.2-19951996-7-1
Logs of super gradeGB/T 4812-19951996-7-1
Tree Volume Table LY/T 1353-19991995-10-1
Log of sliced veneerGB/T 15106-19941995-1-1
Method for determiantion of the swelling of woodGB/T 1934.2-19911992-1-1
Determination of wood shrinkageGB/T 1932-19911992-1-1
Determination of the width of annual rings of woods and percentage of late woodGB/T 1930-19911992-1-1
Collection method of sample wood used for physical and mechanical testsGB/T 1927-19911992-1-1
Sawing and study of physical and mechanical tests of wood and method for cutting of test sampleGB/T 1929-19911992-1-1
Test method for the anticompressive elastic module of transverse fiber of woodGB/T 1943-19911992-1-1
Test method for the hardness of woodGB/T 1941-19911992-1-1
Test method for the tensile strength of longitudinal fiber of woodGB/T 1938-19911992-1-1
Test method for the tenacity under impact of woodGB/T 1940-19911992-1-1
Method for determination of the water absorption of woodGB 1934.1-19911992-1-1
Test method for the compressive strength of longitudinal fiber of woodGB/T 1935-19911992-1-1
Method for determination of the modulus of elasticity in static bending of woodGB/T 1936.2-19911992-1-1
Determination of wood moisture contentGB/T 1931-19911992-1-1
Method of testing in bending strength of woodGB/T 1936.1-19911992-1-1
Determination of the density of woodGB/T 1933-19911992-1-1
Test method for the shear strength of longitudinal fiber of woodGB/T 1937-19911992-1-1
Test method for compressive strength of the transverse fiberGB/T 1939-19911992-1-1
General rules for methods of physical and mechanical tests of woodGB 1928-19911992-1-1
Test method for antisplit of woodGB/T 1942-19911992-1-1
Pulp logsGB/T 11717-19891990-1-2
Center holesGB/T 145-19851986-5-1
Log volume tableGB 4814-19841985-12-1
Volume table of chinese firtree polesGB 4815-19841985-1-2
Lumber-length volume tableGB 198-19631964-4-1
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