Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Surface decorated plywood and blockboard with paper impregnated thermosetting resinsGB/T 34722-2017
Surface decorated plywood and blockboard with paper impregnated thermosetting resinsGB/T 34722-2017E
Plywood overlaid with thermosetting resin impregnated paperT/ZZB 0123-2016
Engineered wood flooringT/ZZB 006-2015
Surface decorated plywood and blockboard with paper impregnated thermosetting resinsGB/T 34722-2017/XG1-2022
Ultra-high density fiberboard(UHDF)T/CTWPDA 11-2020
Wheat(rice)-straw particleboard GB/T 21723-20212022-7-1
General specification for moulded pallets with bamboo and wood particlesGB/T 41231-20212022-7-1
Medium density fibreboard GB/T 11718-20212022-6-1
Laminated veneer lumber GB/T 20241-20212022-6-1
Decorative veneered wood-based panelGB/T 15104-20212022-3-1
Plywood for foldable packing caseGB/T 24311-20212022-3-1
Wood-plastic composites for outdoor useLY/T 3275-20212022-1-1
Classification and grade of wood-plastic compositesLY/T 3274-20212022-1-1
Lightweight jute/polyester fiber composite boardLY/T 3276-20212022-1-1
Bamboo scrimber outdoor useGB/T 40241-20212021-12-1
Bamboo scrimberGB/T 40247-20212021-12-1
Formaldehyde emission grading for wood-based panel and finishing productsGB/T 39600-20212021-10-1
A guide to the limited quantity in indoor loading for wood-based panel based on its ultimate formaldehyde emissionGB/T 39598-20212021-10-1
Laminate flooringGB/T 18102-20202021-7-1
Laminate engineered wood flooringGB/T 24507-20202021-7-1
Wood-plastic composite flooring GB/T 24508-20202021-6-1
Difficult-flammable particleboardGB/T 39032-20202021-2-1
Difficult-flammable blockboardGB/T 38752-20202020-11-1
Bamboo veneerLY/T 2222-20202020-10-1
Polyvinyl chloride film overlaid wood-based panels LY/T 1279-20202020-10-1
Bamboo plastic composite profile reinforced with aluminum alloyLY/T 3199-20202020-10-1
Plywood for rai lway passenger coachLY/T 1364-20202020-10-1
Bamboo winding utility tunnelLY/T 3202-20202020-10-1
Antique style flooringLY/T 1859-20202020-10-1
Structural bamboo scr imberLY/T 3194-20202020-10-1
Electric heating wooden floor with built-in heating layerLY/T 3192-20202020-10-1
Overlaid Particleboard for ShipLY/T 1057-20202020-10-1
Plywood for parquetLY/T 1738-20202020-10-1
Technical code of dust prevention and controlfor wood-based panels industryLY/T 1659-20202020-10-1
Structural laminated bamboo sliver curtain lumberGB/T 38071-20192020-5-1
Wood parquet flooringLY/T 3131-20192020-4-1
Wood chips used for wood-based panelLY/T 1794-20192020-4-1
Bamboo winding composite pipeGB/T 37805-20192020-3-1
Paint finishing wood-based panelsGB/T 37005-20182019-7-1
Wood-based flooring for ground with heating system LY/T 1700-20182019-5-1
Evaluating the decay-resistance of wood-based panelsLY/T 3044-20182019-5-1
Test method fortruss plate connection LY/T 3040-20182019-5-1
Test methods for cyclic testing of joints made with metal fasteners of timber structures LY/T 3041-20182019-5-1
Production life cycle assessment specification for wood-based panels LY/T 3045-20182019-5-1
Code of glued laminated timber productionGB/T 36872-20182019-4-1
Laminated impregnated paper strawboard composite flooringGB/T 23471-20182019-1-1
Plywood for concrete formGB/T 17656-20182018-12-1
Terminology for wood-based panels and their surface decorationGB/T 18259-20182018-12-1
Installation,inspection and usage guidelines for wooden flooringGB/T 20238-20182018-12-1
Determination of biomass content in biomass/plastic compositesGB/T 35821-20182018-9-1
Structural plywoodGB/T 35216-20172018-7-1
Test method of evaluating the absorption property of formaldehyde absorption material for wood-based panels and finishing productsGB/T 35243-20172018-7-1
Test method of evaluating the clearance capacity of formaldehyde scavenger for wood-based panels and finishing productsGB/T 35239-20172018-7-1
Test methods for volatile content of ultraviolet curable coatings for wood productsGB/T 35241-20172018-7-1
Paulownia edge glued boardsLY/T 2983-20182018-6-1
AgarwoodLY/T 2904-20172018-1-1
Bamboo winding composite pipeLY/T 2905-20172018-1-1
Parallel strand lumberLY/T 2916-20172018-1-1
Extruded wood-plastic compositesLY/T 1613-20172018-1-1
Technical requirements of green wood-based panel and its productsLY/T 2870-20172017-9-1
Wooden flush doorLY/T 2877-20172017-9-1
Wooden panel doorLY/T 2878-20172017-9-1
Determination of formaldehyde content of wood-based panels and finishing products—High performance liquid chromatography methodLY/T 2883-20172017-9-1
Pecorated moulding fiberboardLY/T 2882-20172017-9-1
Decorative micro veneerLY/T 2879-20172017-9-1
Low density fiberboard and ultra-low density fiberboardLY/T 1718-20172017-9-1
Difficult-flammable blockboardLY/T 2875-20172017-9-1
Surface decorated wood-based wall-boardLY/T 1697-20172017-9-1
Wood-based slot board for exhibitionLY/T 2874-20172017-9-1
Specification for customized wood-based panel wardrobeLY/T 2876-20172017-9-1
Laminated flooring based on oriented strand boardLY/T 2880-20172017-9-1
Determination of oxidation induction time and oxidation induction temperature of wood plastic compositeLY/T 2881-20172017-9-1
Blockboards and battenboardsGB/T 5849-20162017-5-1
Determination of lead, cadmium, chromium, mercuryin the surface decorated layer of wooden floorGB/T 33042-20162017-5-1
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials -- Limit of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and finishing productsGB 18580-20172017-5-1
Standard test method for determining formaldehyde concentrations in air and emission rates from wood products using a large chamberGB/T 33043-20162017-5-1
X-ray inspection method for internal structure characteristics of wooden doorGB/T 32774-20162017-1-1
Guideline on making adaptive management plan of natural resources in Nature ReservesLY/T 2650-20162016-12-1
ParticleboardGB/T 4897-20152016-2-1
Wooden sound-absorbing panelsLY/T 2555-20152016-1-1
Measurement of sound-absorption of wood-based panels in small reverberation chamberLY/T 2559-20152016-1-1
Bamboo plastic compositeLY/T 2565-20152016-1-1
Extruded wood-plastic compositesLY/T 1613-20152016-1-1
Coated oriented structural straw board flooringLY/T 2562-20152016-1-1
Pavement technical specification of wooden flooring for gymnasiumDB21/T 2539-20152015-12-29
Determination of phenol emission from wooden materials and their furnishing products―Small chamber methodGB/T 31762-20152015-11-2
Hard fibreboard―Part 5:General purpose boards for use in humid conditionsGB/T 12626.5-20152015-11-2
Hard fibreboard―Part 8:Load bearing boards for use in dry conditionsGB/T 12626.8-20152015-11-2
Hard fibreboard―Part 9:Load bearing boards for use in humid conditionsGB/T 12626.9-20152015-11-2
Hard fibreboard―Part 6:General purpose boards for use in high-humid conditionsGB/T 12626.6-20152015-11-2
Hard fibreboard―Part 7:General purpose boards for use in exterior conditionsGB/T 12626.7-20152015-11-2
Wooden flooring for gymnasiumGB/T 20239-20152015-11-2
General technical requirements of liquied bamboo foamed compositesLY/T 2484-20152015-5-1
Monitoring method of energy saving for the wood drying equipments of steam heat sourceLY/T 2491-20152015-5-1
Fiberboard for top layer of interior wood-based doorLY/T 2386-20142014-12-1
Pre-painted decorative veneerLY/T 2385-20142014-12-1
Gypsum fiberboard for moveable floorLY/T 2372-20142014-12-1
Installation and inspection guidelines for interior wood-based doorLY/T 2387-20142014-12-1
Woody-based biomass densified fuelsLY/T 2379-20142014-12-1
General technical specification of the woody biomass solid molding stoveLY/T 2378-20142014-12-1
Difficult-flammble plywoodGB/T 18101-20132014-6-22
Engineered wood flooringGB/T 18103-20132014-6-22
High-pressure Decorative Laminates - Sheets Made from Thermosetting ResinsGB/T 7911-20132014-6-22
Difficult-flammable medium density fiberboardGB/T 18958-20132014-6-22
Installation, Inspection and Usage Guidelines for Wooden StairGB/T 30356-20132014-6-22
Test Methods of Evaluating the Properties of Wood-based Panels and Surface Decorated Wood-based Panels GB/T 17657-20132014-4-11
Assessment indicator frame of cleaner production for wood-based panel industryGB/T 29904-20132014-4-11
Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from wood-based panels and furnishing—Small chamber methodGB/T 29899-20132014-4-11
Technical Requirements of Cleaner Production for Wood-Based Panel IndustryGB/T 29903-20132014-4-11
Plywood for Tea Packaging ContainerLY/T 1170-20132014-1-1
Laminated Wood PlasticLY/T 1401-20132014-1-1
Wood laminated board for textile industryLY/T 1416-20132014-1-1
Standard Method of Evaluating the Resistance of Wood-based Panels to MoldLY/T 2230-20132014-1-1
Structural laminated bamboo sliver lumberLY/T 2225-20132014-1-1
Unsaturated polyester resin decorative wood-based panelLY/T 1070-20132014-1-1
Sliced bamboo veneerLY/T 2222-20132014-1-1
Embossed FibreboardLY/T 1204-20132014-1-1
Oriented structural straw boardLY/T 2141-20132013-7-1
Wooden flooring for stage useGB/T 28997-20122013-6-1
Multilaminar decorative veneerGB/T 28999-20122013-6-1
Special paper for wood-based panels decoration GB/T 28995-20122013-6-1
Decoration cement bonded particleboardGB/T 28996-20122013-6-1
Technical specifications for veneer drying energy-savingGB/T 29000-20122013-6-1
Multilaminar decorative lumberGB/T 28998-20122013-6-1
Wooden stairGB/T 28994-20122013-6-1
Wood-based molding for industry palletLY/T 2061-20122012-7-1
Insect resistant plywoodLY/T 2062-20122012-7-1
Wooden mirrorLY/T 2055-20122012-7-1
Plywood for table tennis racketLY/T 1115-20122012-7-1
Exterior use molding articles from wood particleLY/T 2060-20122012-7-1
Wood-flour puttyLY/T 2056-20122012-7-1
Bamboo and wood laminated composite flooring GB/T 27649-20112012-4-1
Structural glued laminated timber GB/T 26899-20112011-12-1
Determination device of the emission of volatile organic compounds and formaldehydeLY/T 1980-20112011-7-1
Hot-melt adhesives string for veneer and splintLY/T 1977-20112011-7-1
Laminated wood for electrical purposesLY/T 1278-20112011-7-1
Testing apparatus for formaldehyde emission by the gas analysis methodLY/T 1981-20112011-7-1
Anti-static wood based moveable floorLY/T 1330-20112011-7-1
Birch plywood for aircraftLY/T 1417-20112011-7-1
Gypsum particleboardLY/T 1598-20112011-7-1
Printed wooden flooringLY/T 1986-20112011-7-1
Rotary veneerLY/T 1599-20112011-7-1
Glued timber flooringLY/T 1614-20112011-7-1
Quantitative determination of pentachlorophenol in antiseptic wood and wood-based panelsLY/T 1985-20112011-7-1
Large chamber for formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and its productsLY/T 1982-20112011-7-1
Wooden washboardLY/T 1987-20112011-7-1
Surface decorated wood-based panels with aluminium foil and coppy foilLY/T 1983-20112011-7-1
Wooden Stair TreadLY/T 1976-20112011-7-1
Reconstitued wood flooringLY/T 1984-20112011-7-1
Wood-based Panels - Determination of Formaldehyde Release-air Exhaust MethodLY/T 1978-20112011-7-1
Technical specification of raw materials saving and pollutants discharge reduction in particleboard productionLY/T 1979-20112011-7-1
Fiberboard for FlooringLY/T 1611-20112011-7-1
Oriented strand boardLY/T 1580-20102010-6-1
Test method of evaluating the properties of glued-laminated timberLY/T 1927-20102010-6-1
Indoor wood-based doorLY/T 1923-20102010-6-1
Composite wood floor of fire retardantGB/T 24509-20092010-4-1
Wood-plastic composite flooringGB/T 24508-20092010-4-1
Medium density fibreboardGB/T 11718-20092010-4-1
Decorative sheets based on thermosetting resins laminated parquetGB/T 24507-20092010-4-1
Terms of wood-based panel and its surface decorationGB/T 18259-20092010-4-1
Accessories for laying interior wooden flooringGB/T 24599-20092010-4-1
Hard fibreboard—Part 1:Definitions and classificationsGB/T 12626.1-20092009-12-1
Hard fibreboard—Part 2:General requirements for all board typesGB/T 12626.2-20092009-12-1
Cement bonded particleboardGB/T 24312-20092009-12-1
Hard fibreboard—Part 3:Sampling and measurements of test piecesGB/T 12626.3-20092009-12-1
Overall energy consumption for parquet productionGB/T 23899-20092009-11-1
Wood-based panels—Determination of formaldehyde release—Gas analysis methodGB/T 23825-20092009-11-1
Wood-based panels—Determination of dimensions of panelsGB/T 19367-20092009-11-1
Wood-based panel for wooden flat palletsGB/T 23898-20092009-11-1
Plywood for foldable packing casesGB/T 24311-20092009-11-1
Wood flooring used in high humidity condition of indoorsLY/T 1854-20092009-10-1
Wood decking used out-doorLY/T 1861-20092009-10-1
Decorated cork boardLY/T 1857-20092009-10-1
Antique style flooringLY/T 1859-20092009-10-1
Extruded tubular particleboardLY/T 1856-20092009-10-1
Non-formaldehyde thermoplastic resin plywoodLY/T 1860-20092009-10-1
Bamboo particleboardLY/T 1842-20092009-10-1
Code of technique for energy conservation on pneumatic conveying and dust collecting systems in woodworking industryLY/T 1862-20092009-10-1
Slats of wooden blind and shutterLY/T 1855-20092009-10-1
Decorative paper for wood-based panelsLY/T 1831-20092009-10-1
Surface decorated strawboard with paper impregnated thermosetting resinGB/T 23472-20092009-9-1
Laminated impregnated paper strawboard composite floorGB/T 23471-20092009-9-1
Sheathing plywood for timber structuresGB/T 22349-20082009-3-1
Plywood for concrete formGB/T 17656-20082009-3-1
Moulding plywoodGB/T 22350-20082009-3-1
Coconut shell fiberboardLY/T 1795-20082008-12-1
Glued-laminated timber - Non-structuralLY/T 1787-20082008-12-1
Machinery for forestry-- Falling-object protective structures(FOPS)--Laboratory tests and performance requirementsLY/T 1809-20082008-12-1
Wood chip for wood-based panelLY/T 1794-20082008-12-1
Overall energy consumption for fibreboard productionLY/T 1451-20082008-12-1
Wheat/rice-straw particleboard GB/T 21723-20082008-7-15
Polyvinyl chloride film overlaid wood-based panelsLY/T 1279-20082008-5-1
Decorative bamboo veneered panelGB/T 21129-20072008-5-1
Structural bamboo & wood composite boardGB/T 21128-20072008-5-1
Plywood for solid wood composite flooringLY/T 1738-20082008-5-1
Laminate flooringGB/T 18102-20072008-5-1
Veneer-laminated wood-based flooringLY/T 1739-20082008-5-1
Wood based flooring for ground with heating systemLY/T 1700-20072007-10-1
Ultra-low density fiberboardLY/T 1718-20072007-10-1
Guide for sampling inspection of wood-based panelsLY/T 1717-20072007-10-1
Surface decorated wood-based wall-boardLY/T 1697-20072007-10-1
Direct printing wood-based panelLY/T 1658-20062006-12-1
Impregnated thermosetting resins paper for decorationLY/T 1143-20062006-12-1
Carriage plywood with sliced veneerLY/T 1364-20062006-12-1
Reconstituted decorative veneerLY/T 1654-20062006-12-1
Gummed tape with holes used for jointing edges of inner veneersLY/T 1171-20062006-12-1
Technical regulations for industrial dust control in wood-based panel manufacturingLY/T 1659-20062006-12-1
Standard terminology for bamboo-based panelLY/T 1660-20062006-12-1
Reconstituted decorateive lumberLY/T 1655-20062006-12-1
Sliced veneerGB/T 13010-20062006-10-15
Laminated Veneer LumberGB/T 20241-20062006-10-15
Surface decorated wood - Based panels with paper impregnated thermosetting resinsGB/T 15102-20062006-9-15
Wooden flooring for gymnasiumGB/T 20239-20062006-9-15
Molding articles from wood particle—Part 1:Interior useGB/T 15105.1-20062006-9-15
Decorative veneered wood-based panelGB/T 15104-20062006-9-15
Installation,inspection and usage guidelines for wooden florringGB/T 20238-20062006-9-15
Rules for the quarantine ofSN/T 1614-20052006-2-1
Extruded wood-plastic compositesLY/T 1613-20042004-12-1
The climate chamber for determination of formaldehyde emissionLY/T 1612-20042004-12-1
Plywood-Part 3:General specification for plywood for general useGB/T 9846.3-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part 7: Cutting of test specimensGB/T 9846.7-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part2: Tolerances on dimensionsGB/T 9846.2-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part4: Specification for classification by appearance of plywood for general useGB/T 9846.4-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part 8: Determination of dimensions of test piecesGB/T 9846.8-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part 5: Inspection codes of plywood for general useGB/T 9846.5-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part1: ClassificationGB/T 9846.1-20042004-9-15
Plywood for container flooringGB/T 19536-20042004-9-15
Plywood - Part 6: Marking, tag, packaging of plywood for general useGB/T 9846.6-20042004-9-15
Wood-based panels-Determination of thickness,width and length of boardsGB/T 19367.1-20032004-5-1
Wood-based panels―Determination of squareness and straightness of boardsGB/T 19367.2-20032004-5-1
Particleboard-Part 1:Requirements for general purpose boards for use in dry conditionsGB/T 4897.2-20032003-5-1
Particleboard-Part 4:Requirements for load-bearing boards for use in dry conditionsGB/T 4897.4-20032003-5-1
Particleboard-Part 1:General requirements for all board typesGB/T 4897.1-20032003-5-1
Particleboard-Part 7:Requirements for heavy-duty load-bearing boards for use in humid conditionsGB/T 4897.7-20032003-5-1
Particleboard-Part 5:Requirements for load-bearing boards for use in humid conditionsGB/T 4897.5-20032003-5-1
Bamboo-mat plywoodGB/T 13123-20032003-5-1
Particleboard-Part 6:Requirements for heavy-duty load-bearing boards for use in dry conditionsGB/T 4897.6-20032003-5-1
Particleboard-Part 3:Requirements for boards for interior fitments(including furniture) for use in dry conditionsGB/T 4897.3-20032003-5-1
Plybamboo for bottom boards of trucks and busesLY/T 1055-20022002-12-1
Rotary cut veneerLY/T 1599-20022002-12-1
Laminated bamboo strips lumberLY/T 1072-20022002-12-1
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-Limit of formaldehyde emission of woodbased panels and finishing productsGB 18580-20012002-1-1
Wood-based panel & its surface decoration--TermsGB/T 18259-20002001-4-1
Laminate floor coveringGB/T 18102-20002000-8-1
Plybamboo for concrete-formLY/T 1574-20002000-7-1
Strip plybamboo for bottom boards of trucks and busesLY/T 1575-20002000-7-1
Medium density fibreboardGB/T 11718-19992000-4-1
Test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panels and surface decorated wood-based panelsGB/T 17657-19991999-8-1
Plywood for concrete formGB/T 17656-19991999-8-1
BlockboardGB/T 5849-19991998-12-8
Plybamboo formJG/T 3026-19951996-5-1
Surface decorated wood-based panels with paper impregnated thermosetting resinsGB/T 15102-19941995-5-1
General technical conditions for fire control chipboard GA 87-19941995-5-1
Molding articles from wood particle for furnitureGB/T 15105.1-19941995-1-1
Decorative veneered wood-based panelGB/T 15104-19941995-1-1
Wood adhesives-Urea-formaldehyde,phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resinsGB/T 14732-19931994-9-1
Particle boardGB/T 4897-19921993-4-1
Bamboo-mat plywoodGB/T 13123-19911992-4-1
Methods of testing bamboo-mat plywoodGB/T 13124-19911992-4-1
Marine fancy wood chipboard - definition and classifacationLY/T 1057.1-19911992-3-1
Marine fancy wood chipboard - inspection rulesLY/T 1057.3-19911992-3-1
Marine fancy wood chipboard - technical requirementsLY/T 1057.2-19911992-3-1
General use plywood of tropical broadleaved speciesGB/T 13009-19911992-1-1
Sliced veneerGB/T 13010-19911992-1-1
Hard fibreboard-Technical requirementGB/T 12626.2-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard - Deferminatioin of bending strengthGB/T 12626.9-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard-Determination of water absorptionGB 12626.8-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard-Determination of densityGB/T 12626.7-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard-Marking,packaing,transportation and reservation of the productsGB/T 12626.5-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard - Test codeGB/T 12626.4-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard-Determination of moisture contentGB/T 12626.6-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard-Terms and classficationGB 12626.1-19901991-10-1
Hard fibreboard-Samping and measurement of test piecesGB/T 12626.3-19901991-10-1
Plywood--Terms and definitionsGB/T 9846.2-19881990-10-1
Plywood--Specification for dimensions and tolerances of plywood for general useGB/T 9846.3-19881989-4-1
Plywood--Specification for classification by appearance of plywood for general useGB/T 9846.5-19881989-4-1
Plywood--Determination of dimensions of test specimensGB/T 9846.10-19881989-4-1
Plywood--cutting of test specimensGB/T 9846.9-19881989-4-1
Plywood--Marking, packaging,transportation and storage of plywood for general useGB/T 9846.7-19881989-4-1
Plywood--ClassificationGB/T 9846.1-19881989-4-1
General technical requirements for plywood plywood GB/T 9846.4-19881989-4-1
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