Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Comprehensive safety risk assessment guide for chemical industrial parkDB37/T 4213-2020
Safety in testing laboratories—Part 6:Ionising radiations aspectsGB/T 27476.6-20202021-6-1
Guidelines for enterprises to develop emergency response plan for work place accidentsGB/T 29639-20202021-4-1
Occupational health and safety management systems—Requirements with guidance for useGB/T 45001-20202020-3-6
Fundamental specification for emergency exercises of work safety accidentsAQ/T 9007-20192020-2-1
Guidelines for enterprises to assess emergency response plan on work place accidentsAQ/T 9011-20192020-2-1
Guideline of China occupational safety and health management systemGB/T 33000-20162017-4-1
Guidelines for risk management of occupational noise hazardAQ/T 4276-20162017-3-1
Specification for hardware sanitary ware security productionJC/T 2355-20162016-7-1
Building ceramics security production specificationJC/T 2352-20162016-7-1
Specification for emergency exercises evaluation of production safety accidentsAQ/T 9009-20152015-9-1
The test and qualification methods of emergency shutoff valve for liquefied gas tank carDB12/T 578-20152015-7-1
Periodic inspection and evaluation of welded steel gas cylindersDB12/T 579-20152015-7-1
Enterprise group safety production basic normsDB12/T 582-20152015-7-1
Safety in testing laboratories―Part 2:Electrical aspectsGB/T 27476.2-20142014-12-15
Safety in testing laboratories―Part 4:Non-ionizing radiations aspectsGB/T 27476.4-20142014-12-15
Safety in testing laboratories―Part 3:Mechanical aspectsGB/T 27476.3-20142014-12-15
Standard for work safety standardization of machinery manufacturing enterprisesAQ/T 7009-20132013-10-1
Guidelines for enterprises to develop emergency response plan for work place accidentsGB/T 29639-20132013-10-1
Occupational health and safety management systems - Guidelines for the implementation GB/T 28002-20112012-2-1
Occupational health and safety management systems—RequirementsGB/T 28001-20112012-2-1
Guidelines for emergency exercises of production safety accidentsAQ/T 9007-20112011-9-1
Basic Requirements for Special Equipment Quality Assurance System on Manufacture, Installation, Alteration and RepairTSG Z0004-20072007-8-8
Appraisal and Assessment Rules for Special Equipment Licensing on Manufacture, Installation, Alteration and RepairTSG Z0005-20072007-8-8
Safety of machinery—Guards—General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guardsGB/T 8196-20032003-9-1
STANDARD test methods for electrical resistivity of antistatic coating in petroleum tanksGB/T 16906-19971998-3-1
Safety STANDARDs for railway level crossing in industrial enterprisesGB 6389-19971997-10-1
Lifting appliances - Anticollision device - Safety technology codeLD 64-19941995-1-1
Lifting appliances - Load handing devices and Slings - Safety rulesLD 48-19931994-2-1
Rules for the filling of dissolved acetyleneGB 13591-19921993-3-1
Safety requirement of shieldGB 8197-19871989-1-1
Sefety requirement of guard on machineryGB 8196-19871989-1-1
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