Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Extreme pressure lithium lubricating greaseGB/T 7323-20192020-5-1
Classification of automotive service lubricating greasesGB/T 36990-20182019-7-1
Calcium sulfonate complex greaseGB/T 33585-20172017-12-1
Wire rope greasesNB/SH/T 0387-20142014-11-1
General Purpose Lithium Lubricating Grease for AutomobileGB/T 5671-20142014-6-1
Railway Lubricating Grease (Hard Block Grease)NB/SH/T 0373-20132013-10-1
Standard test method for determining the leakage tendencies of automotive wheel bearing grease under accelerated conditionsGB/T 25962-20102011-5-1
General purpose lithium lubricating greaseGB/T 7324-20102010-12-1
Petrolum products - Determination of dropping point of lubricating greases (wide temperature range)GB/T 3498-20082008-12-1
Extreme pressure lithium lubricating grease GB/T 7323-20082008-12-1
Calcium lubricating greaseGB/T 491-20082008-12-1
Standard test method for life of lubricating greases in ball bearing at elevated temperaturesSH/T 0428-20082008-10-1
Standard test method for determining corrosion preventive properties of lubricating greasesGB/T 5018-20082008-9-1
Extreme pressure polyurea lubricating greaseSH/T 0789-20072008-1-1
Standard test method for oxidation induction time of lubricating greases by pressure differential scanning calorimetrySH/T 0790-20072008-1-1
Standard test method for elastomer compatibility of lubricating greases and fluidsSH/T 0429-20072008-1-1
Standard test method for determining extreme pressure properties of lubricating grease using a high-frequency linear-oscillation (SRV) test machineSH/T 0784-20062006-11-1
Cannon greaseSH/T 0383-20052006-6-1
Lubricating grease for ammunition protectSH/T 0384-20052006-6-1
Standard test method for life performance of automotive wheel bearing greaseSH/T 0773-20052006-1-1
Petroleum products and lubricants -- Determination of water washout characteristics of lubricating greasesSH/T 0109-20042004-9-1
Standard test method for measuring friction and wear properties of lubricating grease using a high-frequency linear-oscillation (SRV) test machineSH/T 0721-20022002-7-1
Test method for fretting wear protection by lubricating greasesSH/T 0716-20022002-7-1
Determination of rust - Prevention characteristics of lubricating greasesSH/T 0700-20002001-5-1
89D Grease for Brake Cylinder of LocomotivesTB/T 2788-19971998-1-1
Lubricating greases for electric contacting pointSH/T 0641-19971997-12-1
Food machinery lubricating greaseGB 15179-19941995-6-1
Extreme pressure lithium lubricating greaseGB 7323-19941995-6-1
General purpose lithium lubricating greaseGB 7324-19941995-6-1
No.7407 gear lubricating grease SH/T 0469-19941994-12-1
No.7405 threaded sealing grease under high pressure and high temperature SH 0595-19941994-10-1
Molybdenum Disulfide Extreme Pressure Lithium-based GreaseSH/T 0587-19941994-10-1
Determination method for contact resistance of lubricant greaseSH/T 0596-19941994-10-1
SH/T 0336-1994SH/T 0336-19941994-10-1
Corrosion-resistant and lubricating grease specialized for unbonded tendonsJG 3007-19931993-12-1
极压复合锂基润滑脂SH/T 0535-19931993-10-1
EP Bentonite Grease SH/T 0537-19931993-10-1
Bentonite Grease SH/T 0536-19931993-10-1
Extreme Pressure Complex Alluminum-based GreaseSH/T 0534-19931993-10-1
Evaluation method for automotive gear oil corrosion (L-33 method)SH/T 0517-19921993-7-1
Evaluation method of bearing capacity for automotive gear oil (L-37 method)SH/T 0518-19921993-7-1
Evaluation Method of Thermal and Oxidative Stability for Gear OilSH/T 0520-19921993-7-1
Performance evaluation method for anti-abrasion of automotive gear oil (L-42 method)SH/T 0519-19921993-7-1
Determination method for lubricating grease leakage of automobile wheel bearingSH/T 0326-19921992-5-21
Determination method for soap content in lubricating greaseSH/T 0319-19921992-5-20
Performance test method for water resistance and water resistance of lubricating grease - Ethanol (1:1) solution SH/T 0453-19921992-5-20
Greases used for rolling millSH/T 0113-19921992-5-20
Determination method for chemical stability of lubricating greaseSH/T 0335-19921992-5-20
Determination method for evaporativity of lubricating greaseSH/T 0337-19921992-5-20
Determination method for mechanical admixture of lubricating grease (extraction method) SH/T 0330-19921992-5-20
Identification method for deleterious particle of lubricating grease SH/T 0322-19921992-5-20
Test method for corrosion of lubricating greaseSH/T 0331-19921992-5-20
Determination method for free alkali and free organic acid of lubricating greaseSH/T 0329-19921992-5-20
SH/T 0325-1992SH/T 0325-19921992-5-20
Test method for storage stability of lubricating greaseSH/T 0452-19921992-5-20
No.4 high temperature grease (No.50 high temperature grease) SH/T 0376-19921992-5-20
Determination method for stability of lubricating grease rotary drumSH/T 0122-19921992-5-20
Determination method for lubricant abrasion resistance (four-ball machine method)SH/T 0204-19921992-5-20
Barium-based lubricating grease SH/T 0379-19921992-5-20
Determination method for gear abrasion of lubricating greaseSH/T 0427-19921992-5-20
Aluminum based lubricanting greaseSH/T 0371-19921992-5-20
Determination method for extreme pressure property of lubricating grease (four-ball machine method)SH/T 0202-19921992-5-20
No.7023 low-temperature aviation grease SH/T 0466-19921992-5-20
Determination method for low-temperature torque of ball bearing lubricating grease SH/T 0338-19921992-5-20
Determination method for ash of lubricating greaseSH/T 0327-19921992-5-20
Determination method for ultimate strength of lubricating greaseSH/T 0323-19921992-5-20
No.7903 oil-proof sealing grease SH/T 0011-19901992-4-1
Lubricating grease; Corrosiveness to copper; Copper strip testGB/T 7326-19871988-3-1
Petroleum products; Lubricating greases and oils; Determination of evaporation lossGB 7325-19871988-3-1
Lubricating grease; Corrosiveness to copper; Copper strip testGB 7326-19871988-3-1
Calcium base greaseGB 491-19871988-3-1
Petroleum products; Lubricating greases and oils; Determination of evaporation lossGB/T 7325-19871988-3-1
Standard test method for corrosion preventive properties of lubricating greasesGB/T 5018-19851985-1-2
Lubricating greases;Determination of dropping point(wide temperature range)GB/T 3498-19831983-12-1
-60~180℃ Medium and Light Load Lubricating Grease Used for AviationHB 5221-19821983-1-1
Determination of colloid-stability of lubricating greasesGB/T 392-19771978-1-1
of mechanical impurities in lubricating greases(acid decomposition method)GB/T 513-19771977-7-1
of water content in lubricating greasesGB/T 512-19651965-10-1
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