Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Eddy current testing of fuel element end cap weld for PHWRGB/T 25450-20102011-5-1
Helium leak testing of PHWR nuclear fuel bundlesGB/T 25448-20102011-5-1
PHWR fuel element coating-measurement of thickness-beta backscatter methodGB/T 25451-20102011-5-1
Helium leak testing of nuclear fuel rod for PWRGB/T 11813-20082009-4-1
Test method of weld of fuel rod for PWR - Metallographic examination and radiographic testing GB/T 11809-20082009-4-1
Specification for nuclear fuel rods of miniature neutron source reactorGB/T 13368-20082009-4-1
Spectrophotometric determination of titanium in uranium hexafluorideGB/T 14501.5-19931994-4-1
determination of silicon in uranium hexafluorideGB/T 14501.4-19931994-4-1
Specifiation of nuclear fuel rods for miniature neutron source reactorGB/T 13368-19921992-1-2
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