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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical specifications for unified power flow controllerGB/T 40867-20212022-5-1
Electrical endurance testing for circuit-breakers above a rated voltage of 52 kVGB/T 39891-20212021-10-1
Monitoring system of operating status for overhead transmission linesGB/T 25095-20202021-7-1
High-voltage test techniques for low-voltage equipment—Definitions,test and procedure requirements,test equipmentGB/T 17627-20192020-7-1
Evaluation standard for green supply chain management—Power transformer manufacturingDB37/T 3838-20192020-1-31
Technical guide for live working on distribution lineGB/T 18857-20192019-12-1
High-voltage test techniques-Partial discharge measurementsGB/T 7354-20182019-4-1
Guidelines for insulation co-ordination of flexible DC converter stationGB/T 36498-20182019-4-1
Technical specification for bushings of 1 000 kV AC systemGB/T 24840-20182019-2-1
General technical specification for on-line monitoring device on overhead transmission linesGB/T 35697-20172018-7-1
Technical specification for valvehall fittings of ±800 kV ultra high voltage direct current(UHVDC)transmission projectGB/T 35693-20172018-7-1
Insulation co-ordination―Part 3:Procedures for high-voltage direct current(HVDC) converter stationsGB/T 311.3-20172018-4-1
Simulation training system for live workingGB/T 34569-20172018-4-1
Testing procedure of radio interference generated by high voltage equipmentGB/T 11604-20152016-4-1
Guide to the interpretation of high-voltage alternating current switches for rated voltage above 3.6kV and up to and including 40.5kVNB/T 42063-20152016-3-1
High Voltage and High Current Test Techniques - Part 4: Definitions and Requirements for Test Currents and Measuring SystemsGB/T 16927.4-20142014-10-28
High-voltage static var compensator in magnetically controlled reactor typeNB/T 42028-20142014-8-1
System Tests for High-voltage Direct Current (HVDC) InstallationsGB/T 30423-20132014-7-13
Traceability of Heavy Direct Current Measure System Based on Standard Shunts in High Power LaboratoryNB/T 42024-20132014-4-1
Treatment of Uncertainty of the Test DataNB/T 42023-20132014-4-1
Insulation co-ordination—Part 2:Application guideGB/T 311.2-20132013-7-1
High-voltage test techniques—Part 2:Measuring systemsGB/T 16927.2-20132013-7-1
Insulation co-ordination - Part 1:Definitions, principles and rulesGB 311.1-20122013-5-1
The guide for composition of the ±800kV converter station operating codeGB/T 28814-20122013-2-1
Insulation co-ordination for equipments of ±800 kV high voltage direct current converter stationsGB/T 28541-20122012-11-1
High-voltage test techniques—Part 1:General definitions and test requirementsGB/T 16927.1-20112012-5-1
DC voltage measuring device for HVDC transmission systemGB/T 26217-20102011-7-1
High voltage test techniques—Part 3:Definitions and requirements for on-site testingGB/T 16927.3-20102011-5-1
Digital recorders for measurements in high-voltage impulse tests—Part 2:Software requirementGB/T 16896.2-20102011-5-1
AC filters for HVDC systemsGB/T 25093-20102011-2-1
Live washing regulation of insulating live-working washing agentGB/T 25098-20102011-2-1
Insulating live-working washing agentGB/T 25097-20102011-2-1
Technical specification for capacitor voltage transformers of 1 000 kV AC systemGB/Z 24841-20092010-5-1
Technical specicaltion for oil-immersed shunt reactor of 1000 kV AC systemGB/Z 24844-20092010-5-1
Technical specification for bushing of 1000 kV AC systemGB/Z 24840-20092010-5-1
Seismic qualification for high-voltage switchgear and controlgearGB/T 13540-20092010-4-1
Technical guide for live working in distribution lineGB/T 18857-20082010-2-1
Regulation of hot washing for electric power apparatusGB/T 13395-20082009-8-1
Insulation coordination - Part 3: Procedures for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stationsGB/T 311.3-20072008-5-20
Patrol system for power transformation facilitiesDL/T 1036-20062007-5-1
Guide for application of voltage measuring system in DC&AC high voltage tests on siteDL/T 1015-20062007-3-1
Technical guide for HVDC overhead transmission linesDL/T 436-20052006-6-1
Voltage measurement by means of standard air gapsGB/T 311.6-20052005-12-1
Partial discharge measurementsGB/T 7354-20032004-5-1
Technical guide for live working in distribution lineGB/T 18857-20022003-4-1
High-voltage testing techniques with very fast impulses - Part 1: Measuring systems for very fast from overvoltages generated in gas-insulated substations GB/T 18134.1-20002000-12-1
Enviromental pollution classification and external insulation selection forhigh voltage transmission line,power plant and substationGB/T 16434-19961997-7-1
Synthetic testing of high-voltage alternating current circuit-breakersGB/T 4473-19961997-7-1
Guide for insulation coordination of HVDC convertor stationsDL/T 605-19961997-5-1
Limits of radio interference from AC high voltage overhead power transmission linesGB/T 15707-19951996-10-1
Limits of radio interference from AC high voltage overhead power transmission lines GB 15707-19951996-10-1
Typical rules of fire protection for electric power installationsDL 5027-19931994-5-1
Measuring method for audible noise along overhead transmission linesDL 501-19921993-7-1
Electrical measuring transducers for converting a. c. electrical quantities into d. c. electrical quantities Part 1: General purpose transducersGB/T 13850.1-19921993-5-1
General specification for SCADA system to the district power networkGB/T 13730-19921993-5-1
Electrical measuring transducers for converting a. celectrical quantities into d. celectrical quantities Patr 2; Transducers for outdoor use and other severe environmentsGB/T 13850.2-19921993-5-1
Operating tests under severe ice conditions for high-voltage switchgearGB/T 13601-19921993-4-1
Short-line fault tests for A.S. high-voltage circuit-breakerGB/T 4474-19921993-3-1
Anti-seismic characteristic test for high-voltage switchgearGB/T 13540-19921993-3-1
Electrical Symbols and Letter Symbols for High-voltage Switch GearsJB/T 5872-19911992-10-1
Measurement of power-frequency electric fields GB/T 12720-19911991-10-1
Test methods for measuring radio interference from high voltage equipment GB 11604-19891990-3-1
Application guide for insulation co-ordination of high voltage transmission and transformation equipmentGB/T 311.7-19881989-1-1
Terminals for transformers,high-voltage apparatus and bushingsGB/T 5273-19851986-4-1
High voltage test techniques; Part 5:Sphere-gaps for voltage measurementGB/T 311.6-19831985-10-1
Power Station Automation Device Method for Designing Types of ProductsJB/T 3215-19841984-7-1
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