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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Terminology for telecommunication switching and signalling in telecommunicationGB/T 14733.4-20122013-2-1
Technical specification of national No.7 signalling system 2 Mbit/s high speed linkGB/T 28505-20122012-10-1
Technical requirements of 900/1 800 MHz TDMA digital cellular mobile network signaling system No.7 ISUPGB/T 28500-20122012-10-1
Technical specification of stream control transmission protocolGB/T 28510-20122012-10-1
Media Gateway Control Protocol(MGCP)GB/T 28524-20122012-10-1
Technical specification for national No.7 signalling system—GSM mobile telephone user part (MTUP)GB/T 28506-20122012-10-1
Technical requirements of adaptation layer of No.7 signalling interworking with IP MTP2 user adaptation layerGB/T 28503-20122012-10-1
Technical requirement of interworking between No.7 signalling and IPGB/T 28502-20122012-10-1
Technical Requirements for Session Initiation Protocol Part 4 SIPs Applications about call control Based on Softswitch NetworkYD/T 1522.4-20092009-9-1
Test method for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Part 2:SIPs Applications about Call Control Basedon Softswitch NetworkYD/T 1938.2-20092009-9-1
Technical Requirements for Session Initiation Protocol Part 3 Interworking between ISUP and SIP-Supplement 1YD/T 1522.31-20092009-9-1
Test method for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Part 1:Basic Session Initiation ProtocolYD/T 1938.1-20092009-9-1
Technical Requirements for Session Description ProtocolYD/T 1936-20092009-9-1
Test Methods for V5.2 User Adaptation LayerYD/T 1919-20092009-9-1
Test Methods for the Adaptation Layer of ISDN Signalling Interworking with IPYD/T 1918-20092009-9-1
Technical Requirements and Testing Methods for the Billing of the Digital Cellular Mobile Telecommunication Network Point to Point Short Message ServiceYD/T 1684-20072008-1-1
Testing Methods for National No.7 Signalling System——GSM Mobile Telephone User Part (MTUP)YD/T 1662-20072007-12-1
Testing Methods for Bearer Independent Call ControlYD/T 1663-20072007-12-1
Overall Technical Specification for ENUMYDC 048-20072007-3-16
Bearer independent call bearer control specificationYD/T 1309-20042004-2-9
Test specification for national No.7 signalling system - Message Transfer Part (MTP)and Telephone User Part (TUP)YD/T 1304-20042004-2-9
Technical specification for public IP voice switchYD/T 1296-20032003-12-30
Access Network Technical Specifications-Very-high-speed Digital Subscriber LineYD/T 1239-20022002-11-8
Bearer independent call control specification - Part3 : procedure of BICCYD/T 1193.3-20022002-6-21
Bearer independent call control specification-Part 1:functional of BICCYD/T 1193.1-20022002-6-1
Numbering for automatic telephone in public phone networkGF 018-19952002-4-1
Digital subscriber signalling system No.1(DSS1)-signalling specification for frame mode basic call controlYD/T 958-19981998-9-1
Digital subscriber signalling system No.1(DSS1)-typical DSS1 service indicator codings for ISDN telecommunications servicesYD/T 913-19971998-1-1
Regulations for session initiation period of data transmission over public telephone networkYD/T 887-19971997-7-1
between mobile station and base station and mobile services switching centre in public land mobile communication network at 450MHz bandGB/T 14401-19931994-1-1
Interoffice junction digital line signalling system for telephone automatic switching networkGB 3971.2-19831984-10-1
Multi frequency register signalling system for telephone antomatic switching networkGB 3377-19821983-10-1
Ringing and tone for telephone automatic switching networkGB 3380-19821983-10-1
Inband pulsing single frequency line signalling system for telephone automatic switching networkGB 3376-19821983-10-1
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