Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirement of laser ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry online monitoring system for dioxins in the municipal solid waste incineration flue gasT/CAEPI 28-2020
Specification for Design of Combustible Gas and Toxic Gas Detection and Alarm for Petrochemical IndustryGB 50493-20092009-10-1
Technical requirement for environmental protection product Water quality on-line automatic monitor of Chemical Oxygen Demand(CODCr)HJ/T 377-20072008-3-1
The technical requirement and test procedures for Water quality automatic samplerHJ/T 372-20072008-1-1
Technical specifications for check and acceptance of wastewater on-line monitoring system(on trial)HJ/T 354-20072007-8-1
Technical guidelines of wastewater on-line monitoring equipments and installation(on trial)HJ/T 353-20072007-8-1
Technical specifications for the operation and assessment of Wastewater on-line monitoring system(on trial)HJ/T 355-20072007-8-1
Technical specifications for validity of wastewater on-line monitoring data(on trial)HJ/T 356-20072007-8-1
Verification Regulation of Formaldehyde Gas AnalyzerJJG 1022-20072007-5-28
Gas monitors and alarms for workplace General technical requirementsGB 12358-20062006-12-1
General specification for air ion measuring instrumentsGB/T 18809-20022003-4-1
Technical conditions of sampler for stack dustHJ/T 48-19992000-1-1
Technical conditions of detector of sulphur dioxide concentration for constant potential electrolysis methodHJ/T 46-19992000-1-1
Technical conditions of sampler for stack gasHJ/T 47-19992000-1-1
Indicators of fluorine ion analyzerCJ/T 38-19991999-6-4
General Technical Specifications for Calibrating Installations of Dust Sampler MT 502-19961996-8-1
General Technical Specifications for Calibration Device of Light Interference Methane Tester MT 424-19951995-12-1
Detector Tube of Hydrogen SulfideMT 51-19941994-10-1
Detector Tube for OxygenMT 275-19941994-10-1
Detector Tube for Ammonia GasMT 273-19941994-10-1
Detector Tube for Nitrogen OxideMT 272-19941994-10-1
Detector Tube for HydrogenMT 276-19941994-10-1
Detector Tube for Carbon DioxideMT 274-19941994-10-1
Vehicle Emission Analyzer - Requirements for Mixed Gas Storage Vessel for CalibrationJB/T 6852-19931994-1-1
Fixing Installation for Gas Measuring and SamplingHJ/T 1-19921993-1-1
Mine harmful gas in the air of carbon monoxide measuring methodMT 137.1-19861986-4-1
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