Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Pharmaceutical glass tube GB/Z 12414-20212022-6-1
Glass—Hydrolytic resisitance of glass grains at 98℃—Method of test and classificationGB/T 6582-20212022-3-1
Glassware一Stress examination methodsGB/T 15726-20212022-3-1
Glass resistance to attack by a boiling hydrochloric acid gravimetric method of test and classificationGB/T 15728-20212022-3-1
Laboratory glassware—Capacity methods testing and use of volumetric instrumentsGB/T 12810-20212022-3-1
Glass—Resistance to attack by a boiling aqueous solution of mixed alkali—Method of test and classificationGB/T 6580-20212022-3-1
Laboratory glassware-Graduated pipettes GB/T 12807-20212021-12-1
Packaging container—Grape wine bottleBB/T 0018-20212021-7-1
Laboratory glass and glassware outward defect termsGB/T 35599-20172018-7-1
Heat resistant glass wares by blowingGB/T 35596-20172018-7-1
Glass trays for microwave ovenGB/T 35597-20172018-7-1
Heat resistant glass wares by pressingGB/T 35598-20172018-7-1
Glass containers—Testing methods for arsenic and antimony releaseGB/T 35595-20172018-7-1
Released alkali tests of glasses and glass containers for pharmaceutical preparationsGB/T 4771-20152016-7-1
Glass―Determination of coefficient of mean linear thermal expansionGB/T 16920-20152016-7-1
Laboratory glassware―Principles of designand construction of volumetric glasswareGB/T 12809-20152016-7-1
Laboratory glassware - One mark piettesGB/T 12808-20152016-7-1
The measuring cup of beerQB/T 2437-20152016-3-1
Laboratory glassware—BurettesGB/T 12805-20112012-9-1
Laboratory glassware—One-mark volumetric flasksGB/T 12806-20112012-9-1
Methods for chemical analysis of borosilicate glassesGB/T 28209-20112012-9-1
Laboratory glassware—Petri dishesGB/T 28213-20112012-9-1
Laboratory glassware—Graduated measuring cylindersGB/T 12804-20112012-9-1
Laboratory glassware—CondensersGB/T 28212-20112012-9-1
Determination of softening point for glassGB/T 28195-20112012-9-1
Laboratory Glassware - Pipettes Colour CodingGB/T 28214-20112012-9-1
Determination of annealing point and strain point for glassGB/T 28196-20112012-9-1
GB/T 28215-2011GB/T 28215-20112012-9-1
Laboratory glassware—Filter funnelsGB/T 28211-20112012-9-1
Glass—Double liner method for determination thermal coefficient expansionGB/T 28194-20112012-9-1
Glass cells GB/T 26791-20112011-12-1
Laboratory glassware - FlasksGB/T 22362-20082009-5-1
Laboratory glassware - BeakersGB/T 15724-20082009-5-1
Laboratory glassware - Wide necked boiling flasks GB/T 22067-20082009-5-1
Laboratory glassware - Safe requirement of heat resisting glasswareGB 21549-20082009-3-1
Laborator glassware - Thermal shock and thermal shock endurance - Test methodsGB/T 6579-20072008-9-1
Laboratory glassware—Interchangeable conical ground jointGB/T 21297-20072008-9-1
Glass containers—TolerancesGB/T 21299-20072008-9-1
Laboratory glassware—BottlesGB/T 11414-20072008-9-1
Laboratory glassware—Text tubesGB/T 21298-20072008-9-1
Glass hollowware—Test method for lead and cadmium releaseGB/T 21170-20072008-4-1
Laboratory glassware - Filter funnelsQB/T 2560-20022002-12-1
Laboratory glassware -- Test tubes and culture tubesQB/T 2561-20022002-12-1
Guidelines on types of apparatus glass their composition and test methodsQB/T 2559-20022002-12-1
Principles of construction and adjustment of glass hydrometersGB/T 17764-19991999-1-2
Petri Dish QB/T 2296-19971998-2-1
Methods for thermal shock test of laboratory apparatus glass (stick method)GB/T 15727-19951996-7-1
Laboratory glassware-Conical beakerGB/T 15724.2-19951996-7-1
Laboratory glassware - Flask(multiple neck)GB/T 15725.4-19951996-7-1
Glassware-Stress examination methodsGB/T 15726-19951996-7-1
Laboratory glassware-Flask(narrow neck)GB/T 15725.1-19951996-7-1
Laboratory glassware-Ground flasksGB/T 15725.6-19951996-7-1
Loboratory glassware-DesiccatorGB/T 15723-19951996-7-1
Laboratory glassware-Kjeldahl flaskGB/T 15725.2-19951996-7-1
Glass - Resistance to attack by a boiling hydrochloric aci dgravimetric method of test and classificationGB/T 15728-19951996-7-1
Laboratory glassware-Flask(wide neck)GB/T 15725.3-19951996-7-1
Separating Funnel and Dropping Funnel of Laboratory Glassware Instrument QB/T 2110-19951996-3-1
Condenser Pipe of Laboratory Glassware Instrument QB/T 2109-19951996-3-1
Laboratory Glassware - Pipet Color MarkQB 2107-19951996-3-1
Appearance Defect Terms of Glass and Its Product Used for InstrumentQB/T 2108-19951996-3-1
glassware - Interchangeable spherial ground jointsGB/T 14149-19931993-10-1
Glassware - Stress Examination Methods Measurement Method of Polarization OpticsQB 961-19851992-8-1
Technical condition for testing chinaware acceptance inspection of petroleum productsSH/T 0317-19921992-5-20
Laboratory glassware-Graduated pipettesGB/T 12807-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-Graduated pipettesGB 12807-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-BurettesGB/T 12805-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-One-mark pipettesGB/T 12808-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-Principles of design and construction of volumetric glasswareGB/T 12809-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-one-mark volumetric flasksGB/T 12806-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-Conical graduatesGB/T 12803-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware-Volumetric galssware-Methods for use and testing of capacityGB/T 12810-19911992-2-1
Laboratory glassware; Methods for thermal shock testGB/T 6579-19861987-5-1
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