Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Field test method for air leakage of civil air defense works—Blast airtight door, airtight doorDB37/T 4287-2020
Solid shed frame of Civil air defence works DBJT 08-71-1996
Planning standard of civil air defence works of regulatory planningDB37/T 4370-20212021-7-15
Directives for supervision and inspection of civil air defence works safety productionDB37/T 4012-20202020-8-9
Code for technology of transformation from peacetime to wartime of civil air defense worksDB37/T 3470-20182019-1-29
Code for appraisal of safety of early civil air defence worksDB37/T 2955-20172017-6-23
Code for design of civil air defence basementGB 50038-20052006-3-1
Code for construction and acceptance of civil air defence worksGB 50134-20042004-8-1
Standard for quality inspection and assessment of civil air defence worksRFJ 1-19902002-12-1
Grade V and VI civil air defence works with combination of peacetime and wartime (personnel shelter, war preparations storehouse, civil defence garage) (equipment fascicule)DBJT 08-10-19972001-12-1
Code for fire protection design of civil air defence worksGB 50098-19981999-5-1
Waterproofing of Underground Engineering DBJT 08-1984-19971996-8-1
Code for design of civil air defence worksGB 50225-19951996-3-1
Solid Frame for Civil Air Defense WorkDBJT 08-1971-19961995-12-1
Ventilation and lighting window of Grade VI semi-embedded type air defence basement DBJT 08-56-19931994-1-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of civil air defence constructionGBJ 134-19901991-5-1
Technical specifications for underground construction-moisture preventionGBJ 108-19871988-7-1
Specifications for the design of civil air-raid facilities-fire preventionGBJ 98-19871987-10-1
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