Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical standard for bolt connection prefabricated concrete wallboard structure buildingsT/CBMCA 021-2021
Standard for quality evaluation of urban underground spaceT/CSRME 012-2021
Technical specification of site testing of building and building enclosure energy conservation DG/TJ 08-2038-2008
Technical specification for construction risk assessment of urban large underground spaceT/CSRME 013-2021
Ready-mixed mortarGB/T 25181-20192020-7-1
Design specification for conservation and reinforcement of earthen site in arid environmentGB/T 36747-20182019-4-1
SupportforsignsofgeographicalnameMZ/T 109-20182018-11-5
Foamed ceramic thermal insulation board in buildingsJG/T 511-20172017-9-1
Standard for symbols and code names used in design of engineering structuresGB/T 50132-20142015-5-1
Code for anti-collapse design of building structuresCECS 392-20142015-5-1
Technical Specification for Green Production and Management of Ready-mixed ConcreteJGJ/T 328-20142014-10-1
Technical stipulation for the Design of Civil Structure of fossil fuel Power PlantDL 5022-20122012-3-1
Ready-mixed mortarGB/T 25181-20102011-8-1
Performance standards in building - Performance test for precast concrete floors - Behavior under concentrated loadGB/T 24497-20092010-4-1
Horizontal joints between load-bearing walls and concrete floors—Laboratory mechanical tests—Effect of vertical loading and of moments transmitted by the floorsGB/T 24495-20092010-4-1
Grooved vertical joints with connecting bars and concrete infill between large reinforced concrete panels - Laboratory mechanical tests - Effect of tangential loadingGB/T 24496-20092010-4-1
Unified Standard for Reliability Design of Engineering StructuresGB 50153-20082009-6-1
Code of valuation with bill quantity of electric power construction wirks Fossil Fuel Power Plants worksDL/T 5369-20072007-12-1
Code for design of high-rising structuresGB 50135-20062007-5-1
Technical standard for inspection of building structureGB/T 50344-20042004-12-1
Code of Geotechnical Centrifuge Model TestsDL/T 5012-19992004-6-1
Design code of long distance pipeline engineering for slurry transportationCECS 98-19981998-3-2
Specification for Design and Construction of Trussed StructureJGJ 7-19911992-4-1
Specifications for the design of highrise structuresGBJ 135-19901991-6-1
Construction operation specification for structure installation engineeringYSJ 404-19891990-3-1
Construction operation specification for special structure engineeringYSJ 405-19891990-3-1
Construction operation specification for bricklaying engineeringYSJ 406-19891990-3-1
Specifications for the design of steel structuresGBJ 17-19881989-7-1
Building constructions-specifications for loads of architectural structuresGBJ 9-19871988-7-1
Design of structures-general symbols units of measurement and basic termsGBJ 83-19851986-7-1
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