Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Evaluation requirements for dedicated outdoor air conditioning equipment GB/T 40390-20212022-3-1
Evaporation cooling outdoor air conditioning equipment GB/T 39976-20212021-12-1
Fan coil unitGB/T 19232-20192020-7-1
Air filterGB/T 14295-20192020-5-1
Classification and symbol for outdoor air conditioning equipmentGB/T 37192-20182019-11-1
General technical specification of outdoor air conditioning equipmentGB/T 37212-20182019-11-1
Nonmetallic and foil-insulant composite air ductJG/T 258-20182019-5-1
The headers and flexible multi-connected devices for hot and cold water distribution to air-conditioning terminalsJG/T 529-20182018-12-1
Swimming pool dehumidification and heat recovery heat pumpCJ/T 528-20182018-11-1
The high heat density thermal control equipment for telecommunication Part 1:In-row air conditionerYD/T 3320.1-20182018-7-1
Air cleaner for ventilation systemGB/T 34012-20172018-6-1
High-efficient Filters for Air Exhaust JG/T 497-20162016-12-1
Air-to-air heat exchanger unit for ventilation and air-conditioningGB/T 31437-20152015-12-1
Modular Air Conditioning Room EquipmentJG/T 447-20142014-12-1
The Valve for Building Ventilation SystemJG/T 436-20142014-12-1
Water Evaporative Cooling Air Handling UnitGB/T 30192-20132014-9-1
Cylindrical Fresh Air Handling Units JG/T 431-20142014-8-1
The cleaning service standard for ventilating and air-conditioning systemsJG/T 400-20122013-4-1
Technical management standard for central air-conditioning and ventilation system cleaning industrySB/T 10594-20112011-11-1
Air conditioning variable air volume terminal deviceJG/T 295-20102011-8-1
Jet inducted unitJG/T 259-20092010-6-1
Air cooling and air heating coilsGB/T 14296-20082009-6-1
Central-station Air Handling UnitsGB/T 14294-20082009-6-1
Air filtersGB/T 14295-20082009-6-1
Nuclear grade high efficiency particulate air filterGB/T 17939-20082009-4-1
Safety Technical regulations for the Refrigeration & Air-ConditioningAQ 7004-20072007-7-1
Technical specification of random Polypropylene/Aluminum stable composite pipeline for air-conditioningCECS 198-20062006-4-1
Code for operation and management of central air conditioning systemGB 50365-20052006-3-1
Biosafety cabinetJG 170-20052005-6-1
Technical Code for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning DesiDL/T 5035-20042004-6-1
Fan-coil UnitGB/T 19232-20032003-12-1
Code of Acceptance for Construction Quality of Ventilation and AirGB 50243-20022002-4-1
Nuclear grade high efficiency particulate air filterGB/T 17939-19992000-8-1
Method of testing for rating air distributor performanceJG/T 20-19991999-6-4
Test methods for determining the performance of air cooling and air heating coilsJG/T 21-19991999-6-4
Code for construction and acceptance of ventilation and air conditioning worksGB 50243-19971998-5-1
Code for ventilation and fume purification desing of aluminium sneltersYS 5025-19951995-6-1
Air filterGB/T 14295-19931993-12-1
Central-station air handling unitsGB/T 14294-19931993-12-1
Specification for design of aeration blowing systemCECS 97-19971992-5-1
Quality inspection and assessment of ventilation and air-conditioning installationGBJ 304-19881989-9-1
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