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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Railway applications—Communication, signaling and processing systems—Software for railway control and protection systems GB/T 28808-20212022-7-1
Gauge for standard gauge railways—Part 2: Structure gaugeGB 146.2-20202021-5-1
Railway applications—Technical criteria for the co-ordinations in the passenger train neutral-section passing system with no power consumptionGB/T 36981-20182019-7-1
Terms for railway tunnelGB/T 16566-20182019-2-1
Terms for railway permanent wayGB/T 36505-20182019-2-1
Terms for railway bridgeGB/T 36543-20182019-2-1
Railway applications—Specification and demonstration ofreliability,availability,maintainability and safety(RAMS)—Part 2:Guide to the application for safetyGB/T 21562.2-20152016-7-1
Railway applications―Test methods of rolling stock on test rigsGB/T 32358-20152016-7-1
Railway applications―Insulation coordination―Part 1:Basic requirements―Clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipmentGB/T 32350.1-20152016-7-1
Railway applications—Specification and demonstration of reliability,availability,maintainability and safety (RAMS)—Part 3:Guide to the application for rolling stock RAMGB/T 21562.3-20152016-7-1
Railway applications — Insulation coordination — Part 2: Overvoltages and related protectionGB/T 32350.2-20152016-7-1
Railway applications - Communication, signaling and processing systems - Software for railway control and protection systemsGB/T 28808-20122013-2-1
Railway applications - Communication, signaling and processing systems - Safety related electronic systems for signalingGB/T 28809-20122013-2-1
Railway applications - Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systemsGB/T 28807-20122013-2-1
Railway applications—Technical criteria for the coordination between power supply and rolling stock to achieve interoperabilityGB/T 28027-20112012-4-1
Track gage for standard gauge railway TB/T 1924-20082008-7-1
Checking of rolling stock clearance for Standard gauge railways - Part 1: Methods for inspectingGB/T 16904.1-20062007-5-1
Checking of rolling stock clearance for standard gauge railways—Part 2:clearance treadleGB/T 16904.2-20062007-5-1
Rules for railway product identification codeTB/T 3137-20062006-8-7
Railway Bridge Terminology TB/T 1852-19862002-7-1
Terminology for railway freight loading and securingTB/T 3041-20022002-7-1
The China Railway thesauri preparation and use rulesTB/T 1943-20012001-12-1
Determination of Maximum Heat Value for Material Combustion TB/T 2981-20002000-11-1
Work Standard - Large-scale Tamping Vehicle Operation TB/T 2658.17-19992000-1-1
Work Standard - Power Stabilizing Machine Operation TB/T 2658.18-19992000-1-1
Work Standard - Ballasting and Shaping Machine Operation TB/T 2658.19-19992000-1-1
Code for the design of railway for petrochemical industrySH 3090-19981999-9-1
A.C. voltage of electric traction for the railway main linesGB 1402-19981999-8-1
Operation Standard - Line Maintenance Operation TB/T 2658.5-19981999-4-1
Code for design of ultrared detection system for railway vehicle axle temperatureTB 10057-19981999-1-1
Technical Specification for Railway Retroreflection Marking TB/T 2929-19981998-11-1
Technical Specification for Test Bench of Fuel Supply Pump TB/T 2881-19981998-9-1
Protection Distance of AC Electrified Railway to TV Transposer StationTB/T 2823-19971998-4-1
Permissible Value for Influence of AC Electrified Railway on Oil (Gas) Pipeline (Oil Depot Included) and Protective Measures TB/T 2832-19971998-4-1
Rolling stock gauges for standard gauge railways. The general rules and methods for inspecting of rolling stock gaugeGB/T 16904.1-19971998-2-1
Rolling stock gauge for standard gauge railway. The gauge for upper part of electric locomotiveGB/T 16904.3-19971998-2-1
Calculation Condition and Method for Harmonic Voltage Distortion Rate of Electrified Railway TB/T 2799-19971998-1-1
Product Drawings and Design Documents - FormatTB/T 2003-19971998-1-1
Classification and Assessment for Damage of Railway Subgrade TB/T 2818-19971998-1-1
Calculation Condition and Method for Negative Sequence Current of Electrified Railway TB/T 2797-19971998-1-1
Standard for Railway Lighting Illuminance TB/T 494-19971998-1-1
Measure Value and Predicted Calculation Method for Three-phase Voltage Unbalance Degree Caused by AC Electrified RailwayTB/T 2798-19971998-1-1
Classification for High Temperature Operation of Railway IndustryTB/T 2855-19971997-10-1
Classification Test Method for Railway Dangerous GoodsTB/T 2688-19961996-11-10
Terminology for railway station and terminalGB/T 15165-19941995-5-1
Ground Test Method for Horizontal and Vertical Force of WheeltrackTB/T 2489-19941995-4-1
Railway Line Terms TB/T 1352-19941995-4-1
Fatigue Test Method for the Connection of Railway Steel Bridge TB/T 2349-19931993-10-1
Floppy Disk Format for Data Exchanging of Railroadiana TB/T 2189-19911992-12-1
Chemical Analysis Methods for Phosphorus Carbon Brake Shoe, Sulfur, Silicon, Manganese and Phosphorus in High Phosphorus TB/T 2230-19911992-10-1
Techinical Conditions for Static Voltage Protection of Electric Railway Parallel CapacitorTB/T 2280-19911992-7-1
Technical Operation Standard for Railway Car Accountant - Coming Train Technical Operation TB/T 2301.2-19921992-1-1
Technical Operation Standard for Railway Car Accountant - Departing Train Technical Operation TB/T 2301.3-19921992-1-1
Railway Communication Engineering Graphical SymbolsTB/T 1169-19911992-1-1
Technical Operation Standard for Railway Car Accountant - Shift Handover Technical OperationTB/T 2301.1-19921992-1-1
Technical Operation Standard for Railway Car Accountant - Through Train Technical OperationTB/T 2301.4-19921992-1-1
Techinical Conditions for Train Tail SidelightTB/T 2175-19901991-8-30
Item of Description for Railroadiana Machine Reading Data and Specification TB 2099-19891989-10-1
Calculation Method for Calculation Condition of Electrostatic Dangerous Influence of AC Electrified Railway to Telecommunication Line TB 1881-19871988-12-13
Calculation Method for Standardization Coefficient of Railway ProductsTB/T 1889-19871988-7-1
Pictograms used in railway passenger serviceGB/T 7058-19861987-4-1
Ultrasonic Test for Bimetal Bearing Bush of Aluminum Base Alloy on Steel Backing of Diesel Engine of Diesel LocomotiveTB/T 1659-19851985-7-1
gauge for Standard gauge railwGB 146.2-19831984-10-1
Rolling stock gauge for standard gauge railwaysGB 146.1-19831984-10-1
Railway Curve Gauge WideningTB 1350-19831983-10-1
Locomotive and car clearance boundary and structure clearance boundary for 762mm gauge railways; Classification and basic dimensionsGB 188-19631964-1-1
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