Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Regulations governing the layout of driver's cabs of locomotivesGB/T 6769-20162017-7-1
Confirmation of the rated output of electric locomotives and electric multiple unitsGB/T 3319-20152016-6-1
General technical specifications for low floor tramcarCJ/T 417-20122013-4-1
Technical specification for railway locomotive car body—Part 2:Electric locomotive car bodyGB/T 25334.2-20102011-3-1
Radiator for converter of electric locomotive and electric motor unitsGB/T 25331-20102011-3-1
General technical specification for straddled monorail vehicleCJ/T 287-20082008-12-1
Absorbent Compressed Air Dryer on Locomotive and Power CarTB/T 3183-20072008-5-1
Foreside windscreen for locomotives and motor unitsTB/T 1451-20072007-12-1
Heat exchanger for electric locomotive main transformerTB/T 3157-20072007-12-1
General technical specification for electric locomotive GB/T 3317-20062007-5-1
Test methods for electric locomotives on completion of construction and before entry into service GB/T 3318-20062007-1-1
Railway applications-Electric equipment for rolling stock-Part 3: Electrotechnical components-Rules for d. c. circuit-breakersTB/T 1333.3-20042004-11-1
Railway applications-Rolling stock-Characteristics and tests of pantographs for main line vehiclesTB/T 1456-20042004-11-1
Technical specification for diesel locomotive bogiesTB/T 2740-20032003-12-1
Technical specification for electric locomotive bogiesTB/T 1997-20032003-12-1
Railway applications-Rolling stock equipment-Capacitors for power electronicsTB/T 3075-20032003-9-1
Railway applications-Rolling stock Protective provisions against electrical hazardsTB/T 3076-20032003-9-1
Specification of DC 110V switching power supply s cubicle for locomotiveTB/T 1395-20032003-9-1
Steeped metal carbon slider for electric locomotive power collector sliderTB/T 1842.2-20022002-7-1
Powder metallurgy slider for electric locomotive power collector sliderTB/T 1842.1-20022002-7-1
EMC tests and limits for rolling stock apparatusTB/T 3034-20022002-7-1
Regulations governing the layout of drivers cabs of locomotivesGB/T 6769-20002001-8-1
Regulations relating to fire preventive and fighting measures for electric locomotivesGB 6771-20002000-8-1
Visibillity conditions for drivers cabs of locomotivesGB 5914.1-20002000-8-1
Special safety regulations for drivers cabs of locomotivesGB 6770-20002000-8-1
Position of front and side windows and other windows for driver s cabs of locomotivesGB 5914.2-20002000-8-1
Definition of the rated output of electric locomotives and motive power unitsGB/T 3319-19981999-8-1
Calculation Method for Temperature Rise and Inductance Test after Loading of Electric Locomotive Smoothing ReactorTB/T 2521-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Overvoltage of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2516-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Traction Characteristic of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2511-19951996-7-1
Test method for Start and Power Measurement after Loading of Electric Locomotive Auxiliary UnitTB/T 2520-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Resistance of Electric Locomotive TB/T 2514-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Electric Braking Characteristic of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2515-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Active Current of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2525-19951996-7-1
Testing Method for Tractive Characteristic of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2510-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Grounding Overload Protection of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2523-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Overall Efficiency of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2509-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Temperature Rise Test after Loading of Electric Locomotive Main TransformerTB/T 2522-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Traction Branch Current Ripple Factor of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2512-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Traction Motor Input Characteristic of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2513-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Power Current Characteristic of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2524-19951996-7-1
Test Method for Power Factor and Harmonic of Electric LocomotiveTB/T 2517-19951996-7-1
General technical specifications for electric locomotivesGB/T 3317-19821983-10-1
Method for defining rated power of electric locomotivesGB 3319-19821983-10-1
Rules for inspecting and testing of electric locomotives after completion of constructionGB/T 3318-19821983-10-1
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