Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Inspecting specification for railway wagon dumper and bulk cargo unfreezing warehouse GB/T 18818-20212022-7-1
Strength design and test of body structures of EMU/DMUTB/T 3451-20162017-4-1
Centralized journal temperature alarm system for railway passenger carTB/T 2226-20162017-4-1
Technical specification of system for the levitation control of medium-low speed maglev transportation vehicleCJ/T 458-20142014-12-1
Water supply devices of railway passenger car TB/T 1720-20102011-6-1
Tests on railway passenger cars negotiating minimum radius curvesTB/T 2218-20102010-10-1
The limiting value and measurement method for the interior noise in the railway passenger coachGB/T 12816-20062007-5-1
Test method for static strength for railway passenger car-bodiesTB/T 1806-20062007-5-1
Design Parameters for Passenger Train DoorTB/T 1813-19862002-7-1
Railway Passenger air conditioning test methodsTB/T 1675-20012001-12-1
Design Parameter for Heating and Ventilation of Railway Passenger Train TB 1955-20002000-11-1
Design Parameters for Supply Voltage of Passenger Train TB/T 1765-19862000-6-1
Technical Specification for Independent Warm Water Heating Boiler for Railway Passenger Train TB/T 1887-19991999-9-1
General Technical Specifications for Heating Device of Passenger Train TB/T 1719-19981998-11-1
Testing Method for Insulation Resistance of the Car Electrical Wiring of Railway Passenger Cars TB/T 2249-19961997-2-1
Test Method for Pressure Resistance of Vehicle Electrical Wiring of Passenger Train TB/T 2227-19961997-2-1
Test Code for Train Running Under BrakingTB/T 2554-19951997-1-1
Fireproof Performance Test for Nonmetallic Material of Railway Passenger Car - TerminologyTB/T 2559-19951997-1-1
Test Method for Static Balance of Wheel and Dynamic Balance of Wheelset of Railway Passenger CarTB/T 2562-19951997-1-1
Type and Basic Dimension of S-shaped Web Wheel for Railway Passenger CarTB/T 2561-19951997-1-1
Structural Design for Fire Protection of Passenger Train TB/T 2640-19951995-12-1
Operation Range Outside Plate of Passenger Train TB/T 5-19931994-7-1
Techinical Conditions of Generator Car of Railway Passenger Car with Air Conditioner TB/T 2396-19931994-7-1
Heat Insulation Test Method for Passenger TrainTB/T 1674-19931994-7-1
Test Method and Assessment Indexes for Longitudinal Dynamics of Railway Passenger TrainTB/T 2370-19931994-7-1
Techinical Conditions for Braking Device of Passenger CarTB/T 2231-19911992-10-1
Cold Protection and Heating Test Method for Passenger TrainTB/T 1676-19911992-10-1
Heat Engineering Calculation Method for Air Conditioning Passenger TrainsTB/T 1957-19911992-10-1
Techinical Conditions for Overhaul of Cylindrical Roller Bearing of Railway Passenger Cars TB/T 2243-19911992-10-1
Techinical Conditions for Pipe Fittings of Warm Water Heating Plant of Passenger TrainTB/T 2220-19911992-10-1
Design Parameters for Equipment in Dining CarTB/T 1796-19861992-7-1
General technical specifications for passenger cars on rallwaysGB/T 12817-19911992-2-1
Dimension Parameter and Technical Specification for Seats in Hard-seat CarTB/T 1755-19861992-1-1
Measuring Methods for Interior Lighting Illumination of Railway Passenger Train TB/T 2142-19901990-12-1
Interior Lightening and Hygiene Requirequirements for Railway Passenger Train TB/T 2141-19901990-12-1
Storage Battery Tray of Passenger Car TB 1895-19871988-7-1
Main Design Parameter for Passenger Room Internal Unit of Railway Hard SleeperTB 1954-19871988-7-1
Technical Specification for Inductor Generator of Passenger TrainTB/T 1672-19851987-1-1
Test Method for Inductor Generator of Passenger Train TB 1673-19851987-1-1
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