Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Switch machines for railways—Part 2:Test methodsGB/T 25338.2-20192020-3-1
Switch machines for railways—Part 1:General specificationGB/T 25338.1-20192020-3-1
Technical specification for crossing signal equipment within the stationGB 10493-20182019-2-1
Technical specification for crossing signal equipment in waysideGB 10494-20182019-2-1
Cab signal systems on boardTB/T 3287-20132013-7-1
AX Series relays for railway signalingGB/T 7417-20102011-3-1
Switch machine for railway—Part 1:General specificationGB/T 25338.1-20102011-3-1
Test methods for railway signal relaysGB/T 6902-20102011-3-1
Track Lead, Midpoint Connectors for Impedance Bond - Part 3: Midpoint ConnectorTB/T 3205.3-20082008-12-1
Track Lead, Midpoint Connectors for Impedance Bond - Part 1: Track LeadTB/T 3205.1-20082008-12-1
Railway Point DetectorTB/T 3200-20082008-12-1
Technical requirements for railway signal lamps TB/T 1917-20082008-12-1
The technical specification of ZPW-2000 track circuitTB/T 3206-20082008-12-1
Track Lead, Midpoint Connectors for Impedance Bond - Part 2: Midpoint Connecting LineTB/T 3205.2-20082008-12-1
Surge protective devices for Railway signal systemTB/T 2311-20082008-9-6
Railway Signal Lighting UnitTB/T 3202-20082008-9-6
Alternating-current two-element relay for railway signaling plug-in typeTB/T 2024-20072008-5-1
The More Important Safety Conditions to be Observed in the Use of Electronic Components in Railway Signalling TechniquesTB/T 3177-20072007-8-20
General Technical Requirements for Railway Signal DC Neutral RelaysTB/T 3176-20072007-8-20
Test Methods for Railway Signal Relays TB/T 3174-20072007-8-20
Computer-based interlocking unit console for railway stationTB/T 3126-20052006-1-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 5: Hump signal power supply panelTB/T 1528.5-20052005-12-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 2: Test methodsTB/T 1528.2-20052005-12-1
ZD6 series electric switch machinesTB/T 1477-20052005-7-1
Test methods for switch machinesTB/T 2613-20052005-7-1
ZD9/ZDJ9 series electric switch machinesTB/T 3113-20052005-7-1
General specifications for switch machinesTB/T 2614-20052005-7-1
Technical specification for railway hand signal lightTB/T 1700-20042004-8-1
Installation & design technical specification for electric derailer and singnal protective equipment of train inspection and repairingTB/T 2053-20042004-8-1
Railway signaling flagTB/T 3092.1-20042004-8-1
Standard color sample of railway signaling flagTB/T 3092.2-20042004-8-1
25Hz phase detecting track circuit microelectronic receiverTB/T 3090-20042004-8-1
HF-25 series protection boxesTB/T 2026-20042004-8-1
Lightning protection transformer for railways signal system equipmentTB/T 2653-20032003-9-1
ZY series electrohydraulic switch machineTB/T 2673-20022003-6-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 3: All-interlocking signal power supply panelTB/T 1528.3-20022003-2-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 7: 25Hz signal power supply panelTB/T 1528.7-20022003-2-1
S700K-C electric switch machineTB/T 3069-20022003-2-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 4: Computer-interlocking signal power supply panelTB/T 1528.4-20022003-2-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 1: General rulesTB/T 1528.1-20022003-2-1
Railway signal power supply panel -- Part 6: Block section power supply panelTB/T 1528.6-20022003-2-1
Testing methods for railway signal relaysGB/T 6902-20012002-8-1
Technical Specification for BE Series Choke Transformer TB/T 3028-20022002-7-1
XSZ-150 and XSZ-200 Combined Signaling GearTB/T 2498.2-19992001-5-1
Technical Requirements for Automatic Control or Alarm at Level Crossing TB/T 2969-19992000-3-1
General Requirements of Railway Light Annunciator TB/T 2970-19992000-3-1
Rail Insulation Piece of Polymer Material TB/T 2927-19981998-11-1
Incombustible Cable Trench of Magnesite Composite Material for Railway Communication Signal TB/T 2926-19981998-11-1
Type 30 DerailerTB/T 2903-19981998-9-1
ZK 3-A Type Electropneumatic Switch Machine TB/T 2860-19971998-4-1
JT1 Type Locomotive Signaling Equipments for General Purpose TB/T 2859-19971998-4-1
Technical Specification for Station Track Clear Inspection Equipment for Interlocking by Electric Locks of Arm Panel TB/T 2854-19971997-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Track Circuit TB/T 2852-19971997-10-1
Technical Specification for 25Hz Phase Sensitive Track CircuitTB/T 2853-19971997-10-1
Signal Cable Box TB/T 2674.1-19951996-10-1
JZSJC Type AC Filament Switching RelayTB/T 2657-19951995-12-1
DK.X3 Grade Crossing SignalTB/T 2471-19931994-7-1
DK.S Crossing FlasherTB/T 2472-19931994-7-1
DK.K3 Crossings Control PanelTB/T 2473-19931994-7-1
Luminous Intensity for Light Signal of RailwayTB/T 2353-19931993-10-1
Lamps for railway signalGB/T 14046-19931993-7-1
Gas Discharge Tube for the Lightning Protection of Railway Signaling Equipments TB/T 2310-19921992-12-31
General Technical Specifications for Railway Signal Polarized Relay TB/T 2309-19921992-12-31
Lightning Impulse Test for Transformer, Relay and Silicon Rectifier for Railway Signal TB/T 2313-19921992-12-31
Technical Conditions of Electric Lock for SignalTB/T 1117-19611992-1-1
Signaling Equipments for Railway Frequency-shift LocomotiveTB/T 2118-19901990-12-1
KD.Y3 Type Sounder of Railway Grade Crossing TB/T 2123-19901990-12-1
DK.SW Type Transceiver for Naked Track Circuit in Railway Grade CrossingTB/T 2122-19901990-12-1
XX-type Signal SlotTB 2105-19891990-5-1
XBD Type Electric Motor Signal Mechanism TB/T 2104-19891990-5-1
Technical specification for crossing signal equipment within the stationGB 10493-19891989-10-1
Technical specification for crossing signal equipment in waysideGB 10494-19891989-10-1
The more important safety conditions to be observed in the use of electronic components in railway signalling techniquesGB/T 10495-19891989-10-1
TS4-type Console Interlocking System TB 2022-19881988-12-1
General technical requirements for railway signal DC neutral relaysGB/T 9080-19881988-11-1
Insulating Board for Track Circuit TB 1949-19871988-8-1
PG Type Track Circuit Test PanelTB 1918-19871988-8-1
XB Type Transformer Tank TB 1871-19871987-12-31
ZB Type Plate Changer Operated by SemaphoreTB 1868-19871987-12-31
DBD Type Switch Indicator Lamp and DBT Type Derail Indicator LampTB 1872-19871987-12-31
DX Type Signal Lamp TB 1873-19871987-12-31
JB Type Contacts Operated by SemaphoreTB 1867-19871987-12-31
TG Type Conduit Regulator TB 1566-19851985-7-1
Technical Requirements for Hydraulic Transmission System of Car RetarderTB 1552-19841985-6-1
DZB Type Semaphore Auto-control Signal Light TB 1577-19851985-6-1
Insulation and Voltage Resistance for Communication Signal ProductsTB/T 1448-19821983-6-1
Insulation Resistance of Signal Product TB 1447-19821983-6-1
Track Circuit ParameterTB 1445-19821983-5-1
Type 8H2-180 Conversion Locking Port TB/T 1365-19801981-1-1
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