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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Motor vehicles-type and model designationGB/T 9417-1988
Bench test methods of static roll stability for motor vehicles, trailers and combination vehiclesGB/T 14172-20212022-3-1
Road vehicles—Advanced driver assistance systems—Terms and definitionsGB/T 39263-20202021-6-1
Road vehicles—Traffic accident analysis—Part 1:VocabularyGB/T 39424.1-20202021-6-1
Road vehicles—Collection of accident data for evaluation of occupant restraint performanceGB/T 39423-20202021-6-1
Road vehicles—Traffic accident analysis—Part 2:Guidelines for the use of impact severity measuresGB/T 39424.2-20202021-6-1
Thermal balance capacity on-road test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 12542-20202021-4-1
Qualified certificate of vehicleGB/T 21085-20202020-11-1
Identification for passenger cars and their parts, includes Amendment 1GB 30509-2014/XG1-20202020-7-23
Motor vehicle main dimensions measurement methodGB/T 12673-20192020-5-1
Road vehicle—Vehicle identification number (VIN)GB 16735-20192020-1-1
Road vehicle—World manufacturer identifier (WMI) codeGB 16737-20192020-1-1
Motor vehicles—Symbols for controls,indicators and tell-talesGB 4094-20162019-7-1
Specification for automobile after-sales serviceGB/T 36686-20182019-4-1
Power-driven vehicles manufacturers plateGB/T 18411-20182019-1-1
Road vehicle-Plates and labelGB/T 25978-20182018-12-1
Motor vehicles steep hill climbing test methodGB/T 12539-20182018-12-1
Terminology of electric vehiclesGB/T 19596-20172018-5-1
Test method of static vibration for all terrain vehiclesGB/T 33437-20162017-7-1
Test method of reliability and durability for four wheeled all-terrain vehiclesGB/T 33436-20162017-7-1
Mobile laboratory--General specification for carriersGB/T 33253-20162017-7-1
Technical specifications for Micro low-speed electric vehiclesT/TBPS 1001-20162016-8-1
Identification code for public transport infrastructureT/ITS 0028-20152016-1-1
Test methods for energy consumption of heavy-duty hybrid electric vehiclesGB/T 19754-20152015-10-1
Safety signs and information symbols for the use of busGB 30678-20142015-7-1
Identification for Passenger Cars and Their PartsGB 30509-20142014-12-1
Sampling methods of testing particulate contamination of hydraulic oil of special purpose vehicle hydraulic systemQC/T 29105.3-20132014-3-1
Test methods of low temperature performance for passenger carGB/T 28958-20122013-7-1
Specifications for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in demonstrationGB/T 29123-20122013-7-1
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles facilities for demonstration specificationsGB/T 29124-20122013-7-1
Road vehicle—Electromagnetic compatibility terminologyGB/T 29259-20122013-6-1
Road vehicle - Electrical performance of starter motors - Test methods GB/T 26674-20112011-12-1
Road vehicle - Alternators with regulators - Test methodsGB/T 26672-20112011-12-1
Technical specifications for motor vehicle point-to-point speed measurementGA/T 959-20112011-10-1
Symbols for controls,indicators and tell-tale for all-terrain vehiclesGB/T 24928-20102011-1-1
Caution symbols for all-terrain vehiclesGB/T 24933-20102011-1-1
Caution symbols for all-terrain vehiclesGB 24933-20102011-1-1
Terms for all terrain vehiclesGB/T 24936-20102010-12-1
Code of designation all-terrain vehiclesGB/T 24934-20102010-12-1
The test method of maximum stable side-inclination for all-terrain vehiclesGB/T 24935-20102010-12-1
Fuel cell electric vehicles—TerminologyGB/T 24548-20092010-7-1
Acceleration performance test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 12543-20092010-1-1
Terms marks and designation for special purpose vehicles and special trailersGB/T 17350-20092010-1-1
Minimum turning circle diameter minimum turning clearance circle diameter and out value test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 12540-20092010-1-1
Minimum stable speed test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 12547-20092010-1-1
Static roll stability test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 14172-20092010-1-1
Thermal balance capacity on-road test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 12542-20092010-1-1
Test method of durability for motorcycles and mopedsGB/T 4570-20082009-6-1
Test method of reliability for motorcycles and mopeds GB/T 5374-20082009-6-1
Parking distance monitoring & warning device for motovehicleGB/T 21436-20082008-9-1
Limits of dimensions,axle load and masses for road vehiclesGB 1589-2004/XG2-20082008-2-18
Motor vehicle—Heating performance requirement—Test methodGB/T 12782-20072007-12-1
Motor vehicle--Ventilation and heat insulation—Test methodGB/T 12546-20072007-12-1
Motor vehicle--Starting performance—Test methodGB/T 12535-20072007-12-1
Limits of dimensions, axle load and masses for road vehiclesGB 1589-2004/XG1-20052005-11-14
Road vehicle-Test method of exposure to weatheringQC/T 728-20052005-7-1
Terminology of electric vehiclesGB/T 19596-20042005-6-1
Passenger cars—Luggage compartments—Method of measuring reference volumeGB/T 19514-20042004-11-1
Limits of dimensions,axle load and masses for road vehiclesGB 1589-20042004-10-1
Road vehicle—Vehicle identification number (VIN)GB 16735-20042004-10-1
Road vehicle - World manufacturer identifier (WMI) codeGB 16737-20042004-9-1
Coding rules of automobile part and componentQC/T 265-20042004-8-1
Road vehicles--Controls indicators and tell-tales--VocabularyGB/T 4782-19842002-8-1
Road Vehicle - Manufacturer’s PlateGB/T 18411-20012002-5-1
Vehicle identification number bar-code labelGB/T 18410-20012002-5-1
Classification of power-driven vehicles and trailersGB/T 15089-20012002-3-1
Automotive emission-Terms and definitionsGB/T 5181-20012002-3-1
Motor vehicles and trailers—Types—Terms and definitionsGB/T 3730.1-20012002-3-1
Natural gas vehicle and liquefied petroleum gas vehicle—VocabularyGB/T 17895-19992000-8-1
Numbering rules for automobile products and partsQC/T 265-19991999-3-15
Road Vehicle - Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - Content, Constitution and Management RulesQ/HBM 113-19981999-1-1
Road vehicles--Vehicle identification number(VIN)--Content and structureGB/T 16736-19971997-9-1
Road vehicles--World manufacturer identifier(WMI)codeGB/T 16737-19971997-9-1
Road vehicles--Vehicle identification number(VIN)--Location and attachmentGB/T 16735-19971997-9-1
Road vehicles-World parts manufacturer identifier (WPMI) codeGB/T 16738-19971997-8-1
Road vehicle-Masses-Vocabulary and codesGB/T 3730.2-19961997-7-1
Method of random input running test-Automotive ride comfortGB/T 4970-19961996-11-1
Method for Vibration Test of Automobile Parts Q/HBM 108-19941994-5-1
vibrations - Land vehicles - Method for reporting measured dataGB/T 13860-19921993-10-1
Motor vehicles-Graphical symbols to designate brake fluid typesGB/T 14168-19931993-7-1
Static roll stability test method for motor vehiclesGB/T 14172-19931993-7-1
Classification of motor vehicles QC/T 59-19931993-6-1
Motor vehicles and towed vehicles—Dimensions of vehicles—Terms and difinitionsGB/T 3730.3-19921993-4-1
Test method for degree of solid pollution on hydraulic oil for hydraulic system of special automobile - Microscope particle counting method QC/T 29105.4-19921993-1-1
Test method for degree of solid pollution on hydraulic oil for hydraulic system of special automobile -Tems and definitionsQC/T 29105.1-19921993-1-1
Limit of solid pollution degree of hydraulic oil for special automobile hydraulic systemQC/T 29104-19921993-1-1
Test method for degree of solid pollution on hydraulic oil for hydraulic system of special automobile - Device and device cleaningQC/T 29105.2-19921993-1-1
Motor vehicles-Technical condition-Insnpection methodGB/T 12677-19901991-10-1
Motor vehicles-Weight parameter-Measuring methodGB/T 12674-19901991-10-1
Motor vehicles-Durability running-Test methodGB/T 12679-19901991-10-1
Reliability Running Test Method for AutomobilesGB/T 12678-19901991-10-1
Motor vehicles-Ventilation and heat insulation-Test methodGB/T 12546-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-General rules of road test methodGB/T 12534-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Acceleration performance-Test methodGB/T 12543-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Minimum turning diameter-Method of measurmentGB/T 12540-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Steep hill climbing-Test methodGB/T 12539-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Minimum stable speed-Test methodGB/T 12547-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Passing topography capacity-Test methodGB/T 12541-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Starting performance-Test methodsGB/T 12535-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Cooling capacity for engine cooling system-Test method on roadGB/T 12542-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Height of gravity center-Measuring methodGB/T 12538-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Towing performance-Test methodGB/T 12537-19901991-9-1
Motor vehicles-Coastdown-Test methodGB/T 12536-19901991-9-1
Rain proof performance test method for busesGB/T 12480-19901991-6-1
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