Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical conditions for installation of shafting and main engine for speed boat CB 647-1967
General technical specification for welding of specialties CB 813-75
Technical conditions for installation of shafting and main engine for speed boat CB 647-67
General technical specification for brazing of specialties CB 812-75
General technical specification for brazing of specialties CB 812-1975
General technical specification for welding of specialties CB 813-1975
Integrity requirements of superstructure fabrication for shipGB/T 39136-20202021-5-1
Testing method of phased array technology for ship steel weldGB/T 39211-20202021-5-1
Integrity requirements of section fabrication for shipGB/T 39214-20202021-5-1
Rules for the construction of thermoplastic shipsDB37/T 4025-20202020-8-9
Spudcan penetration technology of self-elevating drilling unitGB/T 37457-20192019-12-1
Jack-up jacking system installation requirementGB/T 37459-20192019-12-1
Technical requirements of closing condition for shipGB/T 35346-20172018-7-1
Determination of fume emission rate during arc welding of shipbuildingGB/T 33434-20162017-7-1
China shipbuilding quality standardGB/T 34000-20162017-1-1
Requirement of corrosion protection for floating production and storage units offshoreGB/T 31972-20152016-1-1
Ships and marine technology―Large yachts―Measurement and assessment of the visual appearance of coatingsGB/T 31885-20152015-12-1
General installation requirements of S-lay system equipments for shipsGB/T 31882-20152015-12-1
Requirements for self-elevating units truss legs fabricationCB/T 4403-20142014-10-1
Technology requirements of touch up before block painting for shipCB/T 4150-20112011-10-1
Specifications of ballast tanks painting for shipCB/T 4168-20112011-10-1
Basic requirements of contract design detailed design and production design interrelatedCB/Z 254-20112011-10-1
One-side submerged are welding process with multiple wires for FCBCB/Z 278-20112011-10-1
Technological requirements for ship upgrading or launching relying on air-bagsCB/T 3837-20112011-10-1
Technology requirements of carbon arc - Air gougingCB/Z 67-20082008-10-1
Repair welding for defects of 604,607 steel castingsCB/Z 120-20082008-10-1
Installation technology requirements for degaussing cables in surface shipCB/Z 274-20082008-10-1
Technical requirments for automatic duble side submerged arc welding of hullCB/T 3995-20082008-10-1
Technology requirements for arrangement and fitting of ship piping systemsCB/Z 345-20082008-10-1
General specification for torpedo weldingsCB 813-20082008-10-1
Chemical cleaning and preservation for pipes of marine dieselCB/Z 95-20072007-11-1
CO2 one - Side welding procedure with ceramic backingCB/Z 802-20072007-11-1
Installation technology for cables in shipCB/T 3908-20072007-10-1
Quality specification of flame cutting plane for marine rolling steelCB/T 3123-20052006-5-1
Zinc-electroplanting for marine fittingsCB/Z 54-20052006-5-1
Normal forms of welding groove and outside size of welds for 921A steel etc.CB 1220-20052006-5-1
Hot dipping galvanizing for marine fittingsCB/Z 343-20052006-5-1
China shipbuilding quality standardCB/T 4000-20052005-12-27
Installation technology for electric equipment of submarineCB/Z 127-20042004-12-1
Technical requirements of brazing and soldering for torpedoCB 812-20042004-12-1
Typical Process of Low-frequency Ring Transformer and Choking Coil WindingCB/Z 212.2-19862004-6-1
Typical Process of Low-frequency Ring Transformer and Choking Dipping Paint and Wrapping CoverCB/Z 212.3-19862004-6-1
Typical Process of Low-frequency Ring Transformer and Choking Coil Iron Core ManufacturingCB/Z 212.1-19862004-6-1
Ship steel weld magnetic particle testing & penetration testing technology and quality classificationCB/T 3958-20042004-6-1
Specification for welding of aluminum-titanium-steel cladding transition jointCB/T 3953-20022003-2-1
Technical requirements for automatic vertical-up electrogas weldingCB/T 3947-20012002-2-1
Rule of examination for submarine hull structure welderCB 1357-20012002-2-1
Requirements of execution in the oil water module of fiberglass reinforced plastics fishing vesselSC/T 8121-20012001-10-1
Procedures requirements for construction of fiberglass reinforced plastics coated wooden fishing vesselSC/T 8123-20012001-10-1
Technology of marine GFRP products hand lay up methodCB/T 180-19982001-1-1
Technical requirements for copper pipes brazingCB/T 3832-19992001-1-1
Deck coveringCB/T 3361-19981999-6-1
Specification for bending and heat-treatment of 921A bulb flats by means of MF inductionCB/Z 181-19981999-6-1
Technical requirements of submarine shaft system installation CB/Z 209-19841999-6-1
Installation technology of electrical equipment in shipCB/T 3909-19991999-6-1
Installation technology of cables in shipCB/T 3908-19991999-6-1
Processing technical requirements for pressure-resist hull stucture of submarineCB/Z 134-19981998-8-1
Technical requirements of repair welding for defects on the 921A etc. steel plates used in naval shipsCB/Z 121-19981998-8-1
Requirements of ship hull lofting CB/Z 41-19981998-8-1
Maintain technology of electrical equipment for naval shipCB/Z 128-19981998-8-1
Technical requirements of coating plastic for steel pipeCB/T 3366-19981998-8-1
Technical requirements of cutting fitting and welding for detachable plates of pressure hull on submarineCB/Z 126-19981998-8-1
Compiling requirements for list of parts and sub-assembly of hull block structureCB/T 3814-19981998-8-1
Inspection regulation of welding quality for submarine hull strutureCB/Z 125-19981998-8-1
Technical requirements of steel structure welding for submarine 921A etc.CB/Z 124-19981998-8-1
Earthing technology of electrical equipment and cable shield for naval shipCB/Z 132-19981998-8-1
Hull structure welding groove type and sizeCB/T 3190-19971998-6-1
Catered material and coating specification for electric appliance instrument and weaponCB/T 765-19971998-6-1
Design and drawing requirement of synthesizing cable wiring way diagramCB/T 3797-19971998-6-1
Cable sealing technology of naval shipCB/Z 130-19971998-6-1
Main and partial cable books edit requirementCB/T 3793-19971998-6-1
Painting specification for ship steel outfittingCB/T 3798-19971998-6-1
Inspection requirements for weld seam surface quality of ship hullCB/T 3802-19971998-6-1
Requirements for Cable Laying of Submarine CB 1312-19961997-6-1
Chemical cleaning of steel, brass, aluminum tubesCB/T 3760-19961997-4-1
Thickness Series and Quality Requirements for Metallic and Chemical CoatingsCB/T 3764-19961997-4-1
Requirements for Quality of Welded Joints for Marine Aluminium AlloysCB/T 3747-19951996-8-1
Marine Flame-retardant Safety Net CB/T 3749-19951996-8-1
Low-temperature-welding of hull structureJT/T 240-19951996-6-1
Requirements for Installation and Test Effectiveness of Main Machine Centralized Control SystemCB/T 3618-19941994-10-1
Requirements for Test Effectiveness Quality of Refrigeration System CB/T 3622-19941994-10-1
Requirements for Installation and Tightness Test Quality of Marine System and Power PipelinesCB/T 3619-19941994-10-1
Requirements for Installation and Test Effectiveness of Rudder SystemCB/T 3623-19941994-7-1
Techinical Specifications for Electrical Installation of Control EquipmentCB/Z 184-19821994-7-1
Essentials for Design and Drawing of Comprehensive Electric Fitting PlanCB/T 3652-19941994-7-1
Requirements for Quality of Alignment and Boring for Rudder and ShaftCB/T 3625-19941994-7-1
Ship steel weld radiographic testing technology and quality classificationCB/T 3558-19941994-5-1
Requirements for Thermal Insulation Quality of Piping System and CabinetsCB/T 3603-19931994-5-1
Flame-retardant Facility for Laying Cable CB/T 3562-19931994-5-1
Marine Cable Strapping TapesCB/T 3496-19921993-7-1
Technical Specifications for Welding of TA 5 Titanium Alloys CB/T 1216-19921993-3-1
Rules for Radiograph and Ultrasonic Inspection of Ship Steel Welds CB/T 3177-19941993-2-1
Process for Laying off of Pipes Without AllowanceCB/T 3365-19911992-7-1
Shell Plating InformationCB/T 3382-19911992-7-1
Specification for welding of titanium and titanium alloy clad steel plateGB/T 13149-19911992-5-1
Specification for welding of stainless steel clad steel plateGB/T 13148-19911992-5-1
The specification for welding of copper and copper alloy clad steel plateGB/T 13147-19911992-5-1
Rust grades and Preparation Grades of Steel Surfaces before ApplicatiGB 8923-19881989-3-1
Technical Conditions of Repair Welding for Cast Titanium Alloy Propellor CB 1162-19861987-10-1
Manual Welding Process of Cast Steel Stern PostsCB/Z 69-19861986-12-16
Welding and cutting safety in shipCB 3910-19991983-1-1
Regulations for Repair Welding of Civil Copper Alloy Propellor CB* 3095-19811983-1-1
Regulations for Repair Welding of Copper Alloy Propellor for Naval Vessel CB 970-19811981-10-1
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