Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Buoyline wire winchCB 896-1979
Flag float CB 767-1968
RowlockCB 476-66
Indicator buoy release gear CB 889-1978
Boat davit CB 545-1977
RowlockCB 476-1966
Inverse-bar type keel block CB 656-67
Life raftCB 640-68
Rescue buoy CB 546-1976
Boat poleCB 473-1966
Flag float CB 767-68
Inflatable Liferafts- Types A and D RaftsHG 2714.1-1995
Life raftCB 640-1968
Boat poleCB 473-66
Rescue buoy CB 546-76
Buoyline wire winchCB 896-79
Boat davit CB 545-77
Plastic life float shelfCB 3066-1979
Escape trunk CB 674-1979
Inverse-bar type keel block CB 656-1967
Lifesaving appliances for inland waterway ships—Bed-type,pillow-type and cushion-typeGB 14035-20182018-9-1
Thermal protective aids for life-savingGB/T 12757-20172018-7-1
Marine fluorescence signs - Part 1:Life-saving signsGB/T 35387.1-20172018-7-1
Personal flotation devices―Part 7:Materials and components―Safety requirements and test methodsGB/T 32234.7-20152016-4-1
Ships and marine technology―Pyrotechnic life-saving appliance―Testing,inspection and marking of production unitsGB/T 32228-20152016-4-1
Work lifejackets for shipGB/T 32227-20152016-4-1
Marine child-lifejacketGB/T 32232-20152016-4-1
Ships and marine technology-Breathing apparatus for ships-Part 3:Self-contained breathing apparatus(safety equipment)required by the IMO IBC and IGC CodesGB/T 32078.3-20152016-3-1
Marine colorized pipe identificationGB/T 32082-20152016-3-1
Ships and marine technology―Breathing apparatus for ships―Part 1:Emergency escape breathing devices(EEBD)for shipboard useGB/T 32078.1-20152016-3-1
Ships and marine technology―Breathing apparatus for ships―Part 2:Self-contained breathing apparatus for shipboard firefightersGB/T 32078.2-20152016-3-1
Ships and marine technology―Survival equipment for survival craft and rescue boatsGB/T 32081-20152016-3-1
Marine Life-saving Indicating PosterGB/T 30487-20142014-6-1
Light for Survival Craft and Rescue BoatsGB/T 30488-20142014-6-1
Measures for periodic servicing and maintenance of lifeboats and release gearsGB/T 29127-20122013-7-1
Retro-reflective sheeting for use on life-saving appliancesGB/T 26086-20102011-7-1
Lifejacket lightsGB/T 5869-20102011-3-1
Technical conditions of lifeboat glass fiber reinforced plastics laminateGB/T 16167-20092009-11-1
Ships and marine technology - Hydrostatic release unitsGB/T 23299-20092009-11-1
Specification for open lifeboatGB/T 14355-20092009-11-1
Ships and marine technology - Sea anchors for survival craft and rescue boatsGB/T 23302-20092009-11-1
Ship and marine technology - Launching appliances for free-fall lifeboatsGB/T 16303-20092009-11-1
Ships and marine technology - Gas inflation systems for inflatable life-saving appliancesGB/T 23298-20092009-11-1
Ships and marine technology - Launching appliances for davit-launched lifeboatsGB/T 11626-20092009-11-1
Ships and marine technology - Inflatable rescue boats - Coated fabrics for inflatable chambersGB/T 23303-20092009-11-1
Self-igniting light for lifebuoy and self-activating smoke signalGB 3107-20082009-10-1
Self-igniting light for lifebuoyGB 4541-20082009-10-1
Pyrotechnic distress signals for shipsGB 4543-20082009-10-1
Life BuoyGB 4302-20082009-5-1
Marine LifejacketGB 4303-20082009-5-1
Testing method for rescue boatCB/T 3978-20082008-10-1
Technical specification of enclosed lifeboatsGB/T 20842-20072007-8-1
Marine insulated immersion suitsJT/T 662-20062006-10-1
Shelf of life buoyCB/T 640-20052006-5-1
Marine inflatable life jacketJT 346-20042004-9-1
Line-throwing appliances for shipJT 539-20042004-9-1
Testing method for enclosed lifeboatCB/T 3960-20042004-6-1
Marine child lifejacketJT 469-20022002-5-1
[HG/T 2714.3-1995] (Inflatable liferaft. Y-type raft)HG 2714.3-19952001-3-1
Technical condition of inflatable lifebuoysJT 387-19991999-7-1
Technical conditions of marine air sac in inland riversJT/T 302-19961997-3-1
Technial requirement of free-fall lifeboatGB/T 16302-19961997-1-1
Technical requirement of launching appliances for free-fall lifeboatGB/T 16303-19961997-1-1
Technical conditions of lifeboat glass fiber reinforced plastics laminateGB/T 16167-19961996-10-1
Code for Dropable Ballast Equipment of Submarine CB 1283-19951996-8-1
Technical Specification for Hydrostatic Pressure Release Device for Inflatable Life Raft CB 3065-19941994-8-1
Partially enclosed lifeboat. SpecificationGB/T 14651-19931994-7-1
Technical Conditions for Inflatable Life Raft CB 3593-19941994-5-1
Specification for open lifeboatGB/T 14355-19931993-12-1
Life Saving Appliances (Bed-type, Pillow-type and Cushion-type) for Inland Waterway ShipsGB 14035-19931993-10-1
Technical requirement for lifeboat davit installationGB 13406-19921993-1-1
Technical requirement for lifeboat davit installationGB/T 13406-19921993-1-1
Inflatable Life Raft Frame CB 3068-19911992-7-1
Red flare parachute signal for shipsGB 3107.2-19911992-3-1
Self-igniting light for lifebuoysGB 4541-19911992-3-1
Self-igniting light and orange smoke signal for lifebuoysGB 3107.10-19911992-3-1
Thermal protective aids for life-savingGB 12757-19911991-12-1
Thermal protective aids for life-savingGB/T 12757-19911991-12-1
Specification for totally enclosed lifeboatsGB 11573-19891990-3-1
Test of thermal insulation buoyant immersion suitsGB 9954-19881989-5-1
Boat Bottom Plug CB* 471-19851987-1-1
OarCB* 474-19841986-1-1
Work life jackets for shipsGB 4304-19841985-1-1
Life jackets for shipsGB 4303-19841985-1-1
Life buoysGB 4302-19841985-1-1
Work lifejackets for shipsJT 107-19911985-1-1
Work Boat With Paddles of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic CB* 3067-19831984-5-1
Sea AnchorCB* 197-19831984-5-1
Metal Collision MatCB 975-19811982-1-1
Plastic life floatCB 449-19651966-4-1
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