Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
QJ A 1886-1997 General Specifications for Microwave DevicesQJ A 1886-1997
QJ A 1796-1998 General Specifications for Separable (Umbilical) Electric ConnectorsQJ A 1796-1998
QJ A 1511-1998 Acceptance Specification for Semiconductor Discrete Devices QJ A 1511-1998
Process management for avionics—Aerospace and defence electronic systems containing lead-free solder—Part 3:Performance testing for systems containing lead-free solder and finishesGB/T 41275.3-20222022-10-1
Process management for avionics—Atmospheric radiation effects—Part 9:Single event effect fault rate calculation methods and procedures for avionic equipment GB/T 41270.9-20222022-10-1
Process management for avionics—Atmospheric radiation effects—Part 7: Management of single event effects (SEE) analysis process in avionics design GB/T 41270.7-20222022-10-1
Control requirements of forbidden and restricted components for space applicationsGB/T 41041-20212022-7-1
Assurance requirements for system in package for space applicationsGB/T 41037-20212022-7-1
General specification for super high-low temperature circular electrical connector for space applicationsGB/T 41036-20212022-7-1
Test method for aerospace ATX power supplyGB/T 41035-20212022-7-1
COTS semiconductor parts for space application―Quality assurance requirementsGB/T 41040-20212022-7-1
General specification for high speed transmission connectors for aerospaceGB/T 39341-20202021-6-1
Aerospace electronic time deterministic network protocolGB/T 39340-20202021-6-1
Design rules and methods for areospace electrical connectorsGB/T 39339-20202021-6-1
General specification of microwave switch for space applicationGB/T 38771-20202020-11-1
General design requirements of semiconductor integrate circuit for space applicationGB/T 38345-20192020-7-1
Design and verification requirements of fibre optic components for space applicationGB/T 38313-20192020-7-1
Selection and control requirements for key materials used in tantalum capacitors for space applicationGB/T 38346-20192020-7-1
Lithium ion battery design and verification requirements for space applicationGB/T 38314-20192020-7-1
Requirements for qualification of space componentsGB/T 29074-20122013-7-1
General Specification for Surface Acoustic Wave Filter of AerospaceQJ 3288-20072007-11-1
QJ A 2227-2005 Reinspection Requirement for Valid Storaging Term and Exceeded Valid Storaging Term of Aerospace PartsQJ A 2227-20052006-5-1
Reinspection Requirement for Valid Storaging Term and Exceeded Valid Storaging Term of Aerospace PartsQJ 2227A-20052006-5-1
General requirements for procedures for wire harness of aircraftHB 6438-20052006-5-1
Detail specification for hybrid integrated circuits type HB2824S12、HB2815D45 DC/DC convertersQJ 3211-20052005-7-1
Detail specification for YS2 connectors electrical circular under-deep-waterQJ 3209-20052005-7-1
Conducting wire connector for small sizeHB 6-10-20042004-12-1
QJ A 2616-2004 Screen Requirements of Quartz Crystal UnitQJ A 2616-20042004-12-1
Screen requirements of quartz crystal unitQJ 2616A-20042004-12-1
Reviews and cognizance for quality assurance ability of space electronic parts supplierQJ 3164-20042004-6-1
Lead forming technical requirements for space electron elementQJ 3171-20032003-12-1
Reflow soldering technical requirements for space electron elementQJ 3173-20032003-12-1
Technique requirements of installation for microwave componentsQJ 3172-20032003-12-1
Managerial requirements for destructive physical analysis of componentsQJ 3179-20032003-12-1
Flaky connectorHB 8117-20022003-2-24
Specification for jumperHB 8120-20022003-2-24
Jumper for tubular connectorHB 8111-20022003-2-24
Jumper for flaky tubular connectorHB 8113-20022003-2-24
T-jumper for tubular connectorHB 8116-20022003-2-24
ConnectorHB 8114-20022003-2-24
Casing coupling connecting with electric wireHB 8118-20022003-2-24
T-jumper for flasky connectorHB 8115-20022003-2-24
Wide connector with electric wireHB 8119-20022003-2-24
Management Requirements for New Electronic Components of Aerospace ApplicationQJ 3152-20022003-2-1
General Technical Requirements for Crimp ConnectionQJ 3085-19991999-10-30
Detailed Specifications of XJ 45 Quartz Resonator QJ 3064-19981999-2-5
Detailed Specifications of XJ 44 Quartz ResonatorQJ 3063-19981999-2-5
Acceptance Uncovering Check Method of Semiconductor Devices QJ 1908A-19981999-1-1
Specification for Acceptance of Integrated Circuit QJ 1995A-19981999-1-1
Assurance Requirements for Aerospace Electrical, Electronic and ElectroMechanical (EEE) DevicesQJ 3057-19981999-1-1
Detail Specification for Superminiature (Φ15.5×8.4) Sealed Temperature RelayQJ 3056-19981998-12-5
Management Requirements for Device Failure Analysis QJ 3065.5-19981998-10-25
Management Requirements for Device Screening and Re-Inspection QJ 3065.4-19981998-10-25
Management Requirements for Electronic Device Procurement QJ 3065.2-19981998-10-25
Management Requirements for Device Evaluation QJ 3058-19981998-10-25
Selection and Application Management Requirements for Components?QJ 3065.1-19981998-10-25
Test Method of Multilayer Printed Board for AerospaceQJ 832A-19981998-10-1
Semiconductor Discrete Devices - Specifications for AcceptanceQJ 1511A-19981998-10-1
General Specification for Astronautic Multilayer PC BoardQJ 831A-19981998-10-1
Series and Type Spectrum of Time Delay Relay for Aerospace QJ 3052-19981998-9-30
Management Requirements for Device Manufacturing and AcceptanceQJ 3065.3-19981998-9-25
Detailed Specifications of Z602 Voltage Controlled Crystal OscillatorQJ 3047-19981998-8-16
Detailed Specifications of Z601 Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator QJ 3046-19981998-8-16
General Specications for Separated (Sheded) Electrical Connector QJ 1796A-19981998-8-15
Detailed Specifications of XJ 39 Quartz Crystal Component QJ 2981-19971997-10-17
Detailed Specifications of XJ 17 Quartz Crystal Component QJ 2978-19971997-10-17
Detailed Specifications of XJ 36 Quartz Crystal Component QJ 2980-19971997-10-17
器件QJ 1906A-19971997-10-15
Detailed Specification for Crimp Contact Rectangle Electric Connector of Type J16QJ 2926-19971997-9-15
Detailed Specifications for J18 Series Small Rectangle Electrical Connectors of Printed Circuit Board TerminalsQJ 2927.2-19971997-9-15
Detailed Specifications for J18 Series Small Rectangle Electrical Connectors of Tin Welding TerminalQJ 2927.1-19971997-9-15
Verification Regulation of DC Converter QJ 2954-19971997-9-13
Detailed Specification for ASW Band-pass Filter of SBP 80 and SBP 270QJ 2925-19971997-9-1
General Specification for Microwave Device QJ 1886A-19971997-9-1
Detail Specification for JHB029 Low-pass Filter of Hybrid Integrated Circuit QJ 2922-19971997-6-30
Specification for Guide Rail of Printed-circuit Board QJ 2830-19961996-11-19
Detailed Specification for CMOS Digital Gate Array of Semiconductor Integrated Circuit QJ 2875-19971996-10-13
Technical Requirements for Netallizing Printed-circuit Board Hole QJ 2860-19961996-10-13
Detailed Specification for JHB309 Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Servo Circuit of Hybrid Integrated Circuit QJ 2877-19971996-10-13
CY1 Series Rectangular Line Sprung Electrical Connector HB 7292-19961996-10-1
General Specification for Incandescent Bulb for Aircrafts HB 7294-19961996-10-1
J Series Rectangular Line Sprung Electrical Connector HB 7293-19961996-10-1
Hermetically Sealed Electromagnetic Relay - Specifications for Screening QJ 789A-19951995-11-1
Technical Requirements for Installation Process of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitive ApparatusQJ 2711-19951995-10-26
General Specification of Solenoid Valve for SatelliteQJ 2650-19941995-1-1
175℃ Type B Circular Terminal HB 6983-19941994-12-1
175℃ Type A Circular Terminal HB 6982-19941994-12-1
175℃ Type A Rectangular Terminal HB 6984-19941994-12-1
175℃ Type C Rectangular Terminal HB 6986-19941994-12-1
175℃ Type B Rectangular Terminal HB 6985-19941994-12-1
175℃ Type E Rectangular Terminal HB 6988-19941994-12-1
Collection Card and Filling Requirements for Failure Data of Aerospace Electronic Devices QJ 2663-19941994-12-1
175℃ Type D Rectangular Terminal HB 6987-19941994-12-1
Terminology for Aerospace RelayQJ 2659-19941994-10-27
General Technical Specifications for Sheet Metal Stamping Part of Electronic ProductsQJ 261-19941994-10-27
Quality Management Requirements for Imported Electronic DevicesQJ 2671-19941994-8-1
General Specification for Copper Crimp Terminal and Joint of Aircraft Wire HB 6676-19921993-5-1
Collecting Head of Cable ShieldingHB 6673-19921993-5-1
General Specifications for Aircraft Power Transformer HB 6682-19921993-5-1
General Specification for Aircraft Transformer Rectifier HB 6683-19921993-5-1
Technical Specification for Collecting Head of Cable ShieldingHB 6674-19921993-5-1
Technical Specifications for 42-element Lead Sulphide Infrared DetectorsQJ 2333-19921992-12-1
General specification for aircraft battery plugs HB 6576-19921992-10-1
Design requirements and test methods of electric explosion subsystem and electric exploder HB 6487-19911991-7-1
Small-sized rectangular electrical connector for locating metal shell HB 6383-19891990-6-1
Electrical connection module HB 6384-19891990-6-1
Electrical wire spring socket connector for printed-circuit board HB 6382-19891990-6-1
Double column assembly line bank HB 6192-19891989-12-1
Conductive slip ring for platform HB 6217-19891989-12-1
Single column assembly line bank HB 6191-19891989-12-1
General technical specification for electromagnet for aviation HB 6188-19891989-12-1
Single column shielding combination line bank HB 6193-19891989-12-1
Printed wiring design for aviation HB 6207-19891989-12-1
Conductive slip ring for aircraft gyroscope HB 6218-19891989-12-1
Technical specification for combined type line bank HB 6194-19891989-12-1
Specification for Screening of Medium-Power SCRQJ 1524-19881989-1-1
General Technical Specification for Air Flow Relay QJ 1503-19881988-12-31
Analog-To-Digital Conversion InterfaceQJ 1532-19881988-12-31
One-Step Rapid Leak Detection Screening Method for Pressurized Nitrogen FillingQJ 1540-19881988-12-31
Code for Design of Microstrip Circuit QJ 1536-19881988-12-31
General Technical Specification for Aerospace DC Driven MotorQJ 1504-19881988-12-1
Test Methods for Electrical ConnectorsQJ 1508-19881988-11-1
Measuring Methods for Broadband Amplifiers of Semiconductor Integrated CircuitsQJ 1460-19881988-10-1
Specification for Crimp Connection of Wire for Crimping Type Connector Assembly HB 6144-19881988-7-1
Specification for Screening of Low-Power Unidirectional SCRQJ 1300-19871988-4-1
Specification for Screening of Silicon Microwave Mixer and Detector Diodes QJ 1299-19871988-4-1
Analysis Methods for Nickel Rendering Acidic Gold Plated Solution of Edge ConnectorQJ 1206-19871987-12-1
Production Instructions for Nickel Rendering Acidic Gold Plated Edge ConnectorQJ 1205-19871987-12-1
Technical Specification for Nickel Rendering Acidic Gold Plated Edge ConnectorQJ 1207-19871987-12-1
General Specification for Miniature Hermetically Sealed Electromagnetic Relay QJ 1078-19861987-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Linear ResolversHB 6109-19861987-7-1
General Technical Specifications for Sine-cosine ResolversHB 6110-19861987-7-1
Plug (Socket) Lettering Requirements QJ 1221-19871986-10-1
Series Spectrum of Permanent-magnetic D.C. Torque MotorQJ 1067-19861986-7-3
Contact Element Series for Electric Connector QJ 934-19851986-1-1
General Technical Requirements for Pin Jack of Aircraft Connector AssemblyHB 5874-19851986-1-1
Technical Specifications of Semiconductor Diode and Triode Screening for Aviation HB 5832-19831984-1-1
Technical Requirements of Semiconductor Diode and Triode for Aviation HB 5831-19831984-1-1
Ordinary Fuse Series for AircraftHB 5796-19821983-5-1
Manual for Selection of Micromotors QJ/G 13-19821983-3-1
Semiconductor Discrete Devices - Specifications for Screening QJ 787-19831983-1-1
Technical Specifications for Low Power Supply Transformer and Filtering Choking CoilQJ 764-19821983-1-1
Design of Transformer and Choking Coil QJ/Z 117-19821983-1-1
Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors - Specifications for Screening QJ 788-19831983-1-1
Semiconductor Integrated Circuits - Specifications for Screening QJ 786-19831983-1-1
Technical Specifications for Low Frequency Transformer and Choking Coil QJ 765-19821983-1-1
General Technical Specifications for Precision Wire Wound Potentiometer Use for Aviation HB 5633-19811981-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Non-wire-wound Potentiometer Used for Aviation HB 5622-19811981-10-1
Technical Specification for Electromagnetic Relay and Contactor of Aircrafts (on Trail)HB 5523-19801981-1-1
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