Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Design Rules and Methods for Vibration Control On-board Electronic EquipmentQJ 2841A-2008
Performance test method for spacecraft under ambient pressure and thermal environmentGB/T 38201-20192020-5-1
Test requirements for micro-nano satellitesGB/T 38027-20192020-3-1
Interface requirement for micro-nano satellite equipmentGB/T 38024-20192020-3-1
Grounding requirements of spacecraftGB/T 29084-20122013-7-1
Design guidelines for spacecraft launch windowGB/T 29078-20122013-7-1
Storage requirements for satelliteGB/T 29082-20122013-7-1
QJ A 1579-2005 Vibration Test Method for SpacecraftQJ A 1579-20052006-5-1
Vibration Test Method for SpacecraftQJ 1579A-20052006-5-1
General specification for solar array simulatorQJ 3170-20032003-12-1
Test method of vacuum performance and safety monitor requirement for the bulkhead of cryogenic tanks of launch vehiclesQJ 3167-20032003-12-1
Technical Requirements for Sealing Leakage Detection of Satellite General Assembly QJ 1838A-19991999-9-1
Method for Vacuum Thermal Test of SatellitesQJ 1446A-19981998-10-5
Requirements for Quality Management of Large Satellite TestQJ 2937-19971997-10-5
Test Method for Thermal Transmission of Gun TunnelQJ 2895-19971997-10-1
General Specification of Central Bearing Cylinder for SatalliteQJ 2880-19971996-10-13
General Specification for Wireless Location Device of Spacecraft Recovery System QJ 2787-19961996-10-1
Dynamometry for Transonic Wind Tunnel of AerospacecraftQJ 2721-19951996-10-1
Test Method for Force Measurement in Gun Tunnel of Aerospacecraft QJ 2798-19961996-9-1
Cleanliness Requirements and Depollution of Satellite Optical SurfaceQJ 2624-19941995-1-1
Pressure Test Method for Transonic Wind Tunnel of AerospacecraftQJ 2593-19941994-9-30
General Acceptance Specification for Plane Round Parasol and Ring Parasail QJ 1308-19871988-11-1
Calculation Method for Satellite Shined Factor QJ 1439-19881988-10-1
The Mathematical Model for Satellite Orbit Calculation - Rectangular EquationQJ 1437-19881988-10-1
Calculation Methods for Quality Characteristics of Satellite QJ 1277-19871988-4-1
Engineering Calculation of Satellitic Aerodynamic Force Coefficient QJ 1107-19871987-10-1
Terminologies for Aerospacecraft Structural StrengthQJ 646-19821985-5-1
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