Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Requirement for Experiments on Control System SimulationQJ 1659A-2008
General requirements for aerospace control system engineeringGB/T 40698-20212022-5-1
Design requirements for mitigation of operational debris of launch vehicleGB/T 38194-20192020-5-1
General Specification for the Seeker Antenna on MissilesQJ 2804A-20082008-10-1
Accuracy Checking Flight and Evaluation Methods for Surface-to-Air Miaaile Guidance StationsQJ 1998A-20072007-11-1
QJ A 1286-2005 Testing Regulation for Attitude Control System of SatelliteQJ A 1286-20052006-5-1
Testing regulation for attitude control system of satelliteQJ 1286A-20052006-5-1
General specification for TV seekerQJ 3207-20052005-7-1
Test method of platform based air-suspension gyroscopeQJ 1458A-20042004-12-1
QJ A 1458-2004 Test Method of Platform Based Air-suspension GyroscopeQJ A 1458-20042004-12-1
Major precision parameters and testing methods for gyroscopesQJ 1079A-20042004-12-1
QJ A 1079-2004 Major Precision Parameters and Testing Methods for GyroscopesQJ A 1079-20042004-12-1
General specification for ground based barrage GPS jammerSJ 20888-20032004-3-1
General Specification for Infrared Localizer on Ground and WarshipQJ 3158-20022003-2-1
Inertial Platform Design CodeQJ 3016-19981998-9-1
Design Code for Single-degree-of-freedom Liquid Rate InteGrating Gyroscope QJ 3017-19981998-9-1
General Specification for Ground Guidance Radar Control SystemQJ 2900-19971997-9-15
General Specification for Unidirectional Liquid Rate InteGrating Gyroscope QJ 1456A-19971997-9-1
QJ A 1729-1996 Test Methods for Aerospace Antenna QJ A 1729-19961997-1-2
Test Procedures for AntennasQJ 1729A-19961997-1-2
Code for Design of Millimeter Wave Semiactive Homing Head QJ 2834-19961996-12-1
Code for Design of RF Switch Controller for Satellite QJ 2833-19961996-12-1
General Specification for Unidirectional Static Pressure Liquid Rate Integrating Gyroscope QJ 1241A-19971996-10-31
General Specification for Magnetic Powder Clutch QJ 1240A-19961996-10-31
General Specification for Telemetering Antenna on Bomb QJ 2720-19951996-10-1
Method for Calibration of Ground Based Redar Angle Distance QJ 2805-19961996-9-21
Code for Design of Autopilot QJ 2811-19961996-9-20
General Specification for Air Float Single Degree of Freedom Integrating Gyro QJ 2779-19951995-12-30
General Specification for Three-axis Rotating Table QJ 2780-19951995-12-30
General Specification for Telemetering Antenna on Ground QJ 2726-19951995-10-26
General Specification for Safety Instruction Receiver on BombQJ 2732-19951995-10-26
Terms of Infrared Seeker QJ 1279A-19951995-10-26
Test Method for Simutation of Autopilot QJ 2634-19941994-10-25
General Specification for Gyroscope QJ 894-19921992-9-30
Test method for three-axis stabilized satellite control systemQJ 2463-19931991-6-10
General technical specification for aircraft rocket control box HB 6439-19901990-12-1
Specification for Comprehensive Test of Control System QJ 1485-19881988-11-1
Designation for Code of Gyroscope Product QJ 1455-19881988-10-1
General Technical Specification for Wireless Altimeter QJ 1298-19871988-4-1
Code for Design of Satellite Control System Scheme QJ 1297-19871988-3-1
Development Program of Satellite Control SystemQJ 1296-19871988-3-1
Test Method for Hydrostatic Liquid-bearing Gyro PlatformQJ 1120-19871987-8-1
Test Method for Liquid-bearing Gyro Platform QJ 1121-19871987-8-1
General Technical Specification for Electrical Parts of Inertial Instrument QJ 253-19861987-5-1
General Technical Specification for Rate GyroscopesHB 5943-19861987-1-1
Terminologies for Guidance Station QJ 1200-19871986-10-1
Terminologies for Autopilot QJ 1186-19871986-10-1
Designation for Product Code of Accelerometer QJ 928-19851986-1-1
Series and Type Spectrum for Accelerometer Product QJ 929-19851986-1-1
Designation for Code of Rate Gyroscope Product QJ 926-19851986-1-1
Terminology of Inertial Instrument QJ 895-19871986-1-1
Series and Type Spectrum for Rate Gyroscope Series QJ 927-19851986-1-1
Gyro Motor Series and Type Spectrum QJ 896-19861986-1-1
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