Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General specification for metal aneroid accummulator of rocket propellant transfer systemQJ 3208-20052005-7-1
General specification for auto fallen connector of low temperature propellant fill-drained and exhaustedQJ 3188-20042003-12-1
Safety Requirements for Low Temperature Filling System QJ 3029-19981998-7-1
General Specification for Inflation Equipment Storing and Transporting Firing BoxQJ 3030-19981998-7-1
Design Code for the Hydraulic System of Launching Vehicle QJ 2977-19971997-9-1
Design Specification for Hydraulic Oil Source VehicleQJ 2962-19971997-9-1
Design Code for Normal Temperature Filling System QJ 3031-19981997-7-1
General Specification for Bomb Body Insulation Transportation Box QJ 2796-19961996-10-19
General Technical Specifications for Lifting Device - Cord Lifting DeviceQJ 2472.2-19931993-9-1
General Technical Specifications for Lifting Device - Beam-type Lifting DeviceQJ 2472.1-19931993-9-1
General Technical Requirements for Satellite Lifting, Turnover, Parking and TransportationQJ 2249-19921992-11-1
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