Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Operating code of practice for important products traceability—Dried sea cucumberDB37/T 4352-2021
Product of geographical indication—Rushan OysterDB37/T 3928-2020
Prawn crackersGB/T 11772-1989
Frozen silver fishGB 10031-1988
Salmon for raw consumptionT/CAPPMA08-2018
Manufacturing practice for processing of fresh and frozen cultured obscure pufferGB/T 39122-20202021-5-1
Processing technical specification for lyophilized sea cucumberDB37/T 4031-20202020-8-9
General rules of fresh marine fish GB/T 18108-20192019-10-1
Guidelines for the sensory evaluation of aquatic productsGB/T 37062-20182019-7-1
Quick frozen tilapia filletsGB/T 21290-20182019-1-1
Code of practice for the processing of frozen surimiGB/T 36395-20182019-1-1
Frozen surimiGB/T 36187-20182018-12-1
Terms of fishery product processingGB/T 36193-20182018-12-1
Frozen whitebaitGB/T 35375-20172018-7-1
Frozen crawfishSC/T 3114-20172018-6-1
Salted kelpSC/T 3212-20172018-6-1
Instant kelpSC/T 3301-20172018-6-1
Grades and specifications of dried sea cucumberGB/T 34747-20172018-5-1
Fresh and quick frozen turbotDB37/T 3173-20182018-4-29
General technical requirements for Wadding of heat-bonded nonwovensDB37/T 3059-20172017-12-30
Frozen scallopGB/T 31814-20152015-10-1
Temperature-controlled techniques of storage and transportation for low-temperatureDB12/T 564-20152015-7-1
Determination of astaxanthin in Haematococcus―High performance liquid chromatography methodGB/T 31520-20152015-5-15
Dried seasoned raw fish filletSC/T 3203-20152015-5-1
Salted jellyfish and salted jellyfish headSC/T 3210-20152015-5-1
Dried abaloneSC/T 3219-20152015-5-1
Determination of sea cucumber polysaccharldes in Apostichopus japonicus and interrelated products. High performance liquid chromatographySC/T 3049-20152015-5-1
Dried GracilariaSC/T 3218-20152015-5-1
Frozen breaded shrimp or prawnGB/T 21672-20142015-3-1
Salted fishGB/T 30894-20142015-3-1
Quick frozen shrimps or prawnsGB/T 30889-20142015-3-1
Quick frozen fish fillets―breaded or in batterGB/T 22180-20142015-3-1
Haematococcus pluvialis powderGB/T 30893-20142015-3-1
Method for the inspection of total mercury content in aquatic products for exportSN/T 0393-20132014-6-1
Determination of toxaphene residues in aquatic products for export―GC methodSN/T 0502-20132014-3-1
Code of practice for salted fish GB/T 27988-20112012-6-1
Quick frozen finfishGB/T 18109-20112012-4-1
Dried oysters GB/T 26940-20112012-2-1
Technical procedures of small-packed frozen aquatic product processingDB31/T 569-20112012-1-1
Lotus rhizome powderGB/T 25733-20102011-6-1
Green food—Mollusk leisure foodNY/T 1888-20102010-9-1
Green food—Manufacturing practice standard of ocean fishery productsNY/T 1891-20102010-9-1
Shreded squidGB/T 23497-20092009-12-1
Dried laverGB/T 23597-20092009-12-1
Green food-Aquatic flavouringNY/T 1710-20092009-5-1
Green food-Algae and algae productsNY/T 1709-20092009-5-1
Green food——Dried aquatic productNY/T 1712-20092009-5-1
Inspection of carbon monoxide residues in aquatic products for import and export-Gas chromatography methodSN/T 2052-20082008-11-1
Quick frozen fish fillets-breaded or in batterGB/T 22180-20082008-11-1
Product of geographical indication—Fuyuan ova of amur sturgeon,kaluga sturgeon and chum salmonGB/T 19853-20082008-10-1
Code on quality and safety control of eel products for exportGB/Z 21700-20082008-7-1
Code on quality and safety control of fishery products for exportGB/Z 21702-20082008-7-1
Frozen breaded shrimp or prawnGB/T 21672-20082008-6-1
Green food-Jellyfish productsNY/T 1515-20072008-3-1
Green food -Frog and frog productsNY/T 1516-20072008-3-1
Frozen roasted eelGB/T 21289-20072008-3-1
Green food - Sea cucumber productsNY/T 1514-20072008-3-1
Quick frozen tilapia filletsGB/T 21290-20072008-3-1
Determination of chloramphenicol residues in aquatic product-Radio-receptor assay methodSN/T 1966-20072008-3-1
Determination of sulfonamides residues in eels and eel products - High performance liquid chromatographic methodSN/T 1965-20072008-3-1
Determination of domoic acid in shellfish for import and export-LC-MS/MS methodSN/T 1867-20072007-10-16
Green Food - Surimi ProductsNY/T 1327-20072007-7-1
Green Food-Canned FishNY/T 1328-20072007-7-1
Salted Sea CucumberSC/T 3215-20072007-7-1
Code of practice for quick frozen tilapia filletsSC/T 3037-20062007-2-1
Irradiation practice for the control of microflora in freeze aquatic productsNY/T 1256-20062007-2-1
Code of practice for salted fishSC/T 3038-20062007-2-1
Frozen breaded shrimp or prawnSC/T 3118-20062007-2-1
Light salted and semi-moist dried large yellow croakerSC/T 3216-20062006-10-1
Processing technical standard on frozen roast eelSC/T 3027-20062006-10-1
Processing technical standard on frozen raw peel shrimpSC/T 3026-20062006-10-1
Inspection of paralytic shellfish poison in shellfish for import and export-High performance liquid chromatographySN/T 1735-20062006-8-16
Tunas for raw consumptionSC/T 3117-20062006-5-1
Determination of arsenic in seafood for import and export--Hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometrySN/T 1643-20052006-5-1
Pollution-free Food - Specification for Product Sampling - Part 7: Aquatic Products NY/T 5344.7-20062006-4-1
Fish oil for feedsSC/T 3504-20062006-4-1
Microcapsules of fish oilSC/T 3505-20062006-4-1
Detection of norovirus in shellfish--Conventional RT-PCR and real-time RT-PCRSN/T 1635-20052006-2-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication-Fuyuan Roe of amur sturgeon,kaluga sturgeon,and chum salmonGB 19853-20052005-12-1
Method of sampling plans for fish and fishery productsSC/T 3016-20042004-3-1
Fish mealGB/T 19164-20032003-12-1
Oyster sauceSC/T 3601-20032003-10-1
Roast shrimpSC/T 3305-20032003-10-1
Frozen surimi productSC/T 3701-20032003-10-1
Salted shrimp pasteSC/T 3602-20022003-3-1
Terms of fish processingSC/T 3012-20022002-12-20
Determination of oxytetracycline,tetracycline and chlortetracycline residues in fishSC/T 3015-20022002-12-20
Dried cut wakameSC/T 3213-20022002-12-20
Salted wakameSC/T 3211-20022002-12-20
Technical criterion for dried laver processingSC/T 3014-20022002-12-20
Frozen crawfishSC/T 3114-20022002-12-20
Frozen prawnSC/T 3113-20022002-12-20
Rules for the inspection of salted small shrimp for exportSN/T 1108-20022002-11-1
Pollution-free food. JellyfishNY 5171-20022002-9-1
Rules for inspection of surimi product for import and exportSN/T 1091-20022002-9-1
Rule for the inspection of frozen fillets with bread crumb for exportSN/T 1034-20022002-6-1
Method for the inspection of instant jellyfish for exportSN/T 1003-20012002-6-1
Rule for the inspection of frozen cooked crab and products for exportSN/T 1074-20022002-6-1
Method for the determination of amnesic shellfish poison in shellfish for import and exportSN/T 1070-20022002-6-1
Rules of inspection of iced fresh and products for exportSN/T 1075-20022002-6-1
Method for the inspection of frozen squid for exportSN/T 1000-20012002-6-1
Dried seasoned fish filletSC/T 3203-20012001-11-1
Dried squidsSC/T 3208-20012001-11-1
Dried sea cucumberSC/T 3206-20002001-11-1
Sea urchinSC/T 3902-20012001-11-1
Salted jellyfish and salted jellyfish headSC/T 3210-20012001-11-1
Dried shrimpSC/T 3204-20002001-11-1
Method for the determination of indole in frozen shrimp and shrimp products for export - Colorimetric methodSN/T 0944-20002000-12-31
Prawn crackersSC/T 3901-20002000-4-1
Dried scallop adductorSC/T 3207-20002000-4-1
Salted kelpSC/T 3212-20002000-4-1
Roast fish filletSC/T 3302-20002000-4-1
Polyunsaturated fish oil productsSC/T 3503-20002000-4-1
Fish oilSC/T 3502-20002000-4-1
Rule of inspection of frozen halfbeak fish fillets for exportSN/T 0777-19991999-8-1
Fish Sauce SB/T 10324-19991999-4-15
Food grade spirulina powderGB/T 16919-19971998-1-1
Method for the determination of the multiple residues of organochlorine pesticides in aquatic products for exportSN 0598-19961997-5-1
Rules for the inspection of salted jellyfish and jellyfish head for exportSN/T 0387-19951996-5-1
Rules for the inspection of frozen swimming crab (portunidate) for exportSN/T 0389-19951996-5-1
Rules of insepection of frozen cuttlefish fillets for exportSN/T 0381-19951996-5-1
Rules for the inspection of frozen prawn for exportSN/T 0384-19951996-5-1
Rules for the inspection of frozen ark shell meat (fresh & deveined) for exportSN/T 0391-19951996-5-1
Rules of inspection of frozen shell meat boiled for exportSN/T 0382-19951996-5-1
Rule of inspection of frozen puffer for exportSN/T 0383-19951996-5-1
Rules for the inspection of frozen scallop meat for exportSN/T 0385-19951996-5-1
Rule of inspection of frozen frog legs for exportSN/T 0438-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of frozen river shrimp for exportSN/T 0435-19951996-1-1
Rules of inspection of frozen boiled river clam meat for export (Corbicula fluminea)SN/T 0432-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of iced-fresh loach slice for exportSN/T 0434-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of frozen cooked crayfish products for exportSN/T 0437-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of salted undaria for exportSN/T 0439-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of frozen silver fish for exportSN/T 0431-19951996-1-1
Rules for inspection of frozen roasted eel for exportSN 0386-19951996-1-1
Rules for inspection of frozen peeled prawn for exportSN/T 0390-19951996-1-1
Method for the determination of toxaphene residues in aquatic products for exportSN 0502-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of live crab for exportSN/T 0436-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of frozen dace fillet for exportSN/T 0433-19951996-1-1
Rules for inspection of frozen pollock fillets for exportSN/T 0429-19951996-1-1
Rule of inspection of frozen fishes for exportSN/T 0379-19951996-1-1
Method for the determination of paralytic shellfish poison in shellfish for exportSN 0352-19951995-11-1
Method for the determination of piromidic acid residues in eel for exportSN 0335-19951995-11-1
Method for determination of polychlorinatedbiphenyl residues in aquaatic products for exportSN 0201-19931993-8-1
Inspection rule of frozen pond-smelt for exportSN/T 0226.2-19931993-7-1
Inspection method of dried seasoned filefish fillet for exportSN/T 0225-19931993-7-1
Inspection rule of frozen roasted pond-smelt for exportSN/T 0227-19931993-7-1
Inspection method of frozen Angler fish fillet for exportSN/T 0226.1-19931993-7-1
Inspection method of frozen uncooked peeled shrimp for exportSN/T 0223-19931993-7-1
Instant kelpGB 11784-19891990-7-1
Instant kelpSC/T 3301-19891990-7-1
Frozen silver fishSC/T 3109-19881989-7-1
Roast fish filletGB 6631-19861987-3-1
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