Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Hakka fried tea cooking and drinking procedures and technical specificationsT/GDAQI 049-2021
Lingnan tea brewing procedures and technical specificationsT/GDAQI 050-2021
Puer tea from small area of Qianjiazhai region in Zhenyuan countyT/CATSI 08_002-2020
Yaozhai balance teaT/GXAS 017-2019
Processing Technological Regulations for Black Tea with Flowery-fruity FlavourGH/T 1296-2020
Product of geographical indication-Qishe TeaDB5223/T 1-2019
Technical specification for Taiwan style Oolong tea processingGB/T 39562-20202021-6-1
Taiwan style Oolong teaGB/T 39563-20202021-6-1
Oolong tea—Part 9:BaiyaqilanGB/T 30357.9-20202021-4-1
Mengdingshan tea - Part 1: Basic requirementsGH/T 1307-20202021-3-1
Mengdingshan tea- Part 2:Green teaGH/T 1308-20202021-3-1
Mengdingshan tea technological regulations for tea production and processingGH/T 1309-20202021-3-1
Kaihua Longding TeaGH/T 1276-20192020-3-1
KEEMUN Congou Black teaGH/T 1178-20192020-3-1
Technology specification for Steamed green tea processingGH/T 1277-20192020-3-1
Powder TeaGH/T 1275-20192020-3-1
Method for moisture,total polyphenols and caffeine in tea polyphenol products–Near infrared reflectance spectroscopyGH/T 1259-20192019-12-1
Method for Moisture,Total Polyphenols and Caffeine in Instant Tea in Solid Form –Near infrared reflectance spectroscopyGH/T 1260-20192019-12-1
Instant Puer tea in solid formGH/T 1244-20192019-10-1
Technology regulations for Fu tea processingGH/T 1246-20192019-10-1
Specification for the construction of ecological tea plantationGH/T 1245-20192019-10-1
Classification and basic guidlines of renewable resources industrial zoneGH/T 1249-20192019-10-1
Zhangpingshuixian teaGH/T 1241-20192019-10-1
Flavored teaGH/T 1247-20192019-10-1
Product of geographical indication―Wuyi rock-essence teaGB/T 18745-2006/XG1-20182019-4-1
Technological specification for Congou black tea processingDB33/T 2164-20182018-12-7
Determination of total polyphenols and catechins content in teaGB/T 8313-20182018-11-1
Technology regulations for Oolong tea processingGB/T 35863-20182018-9-1
Dark tea—Part 5:Fu teaGB/T 32719.5-20182018-6-1
Yellow teaGB/T 21726-20182018-6-1
TeabagGB/T 24690-20182018-6-1
Methodology for sensory evaluation of teaGB/T 23776-20182018-6-1
Technical regulations for processing of black teaGB/T 35810-20182018-6-1
Green tea—Part 2:Dayezhong green teaGB/T 14456.2-20182018-6-1
Instant tea in solid form―Part 2:Determination of total ashGB/T 18798.2-20182018-6-1
The method of tea classification by chemical analysisGB/T 35825-20182018-6-1
Black tea-Part 2:Congou black teaGB/T 13738.2-20172018-5-1
Tea vocabulary for sensory evaluationGB/T 14487-20172018-5-1
Black tea-Part 1:Broken black teaGB/T 13738.1-20172018-5-1
Determination of theanine in tea-Using high performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 23193-20172018-5-1
White teaGB/T 22291-20172018-5-1
Instant tea in solid form-Part 1:SamplingGB/T 18798.1-20172018-5-1
Green tea—Part 1:Basic requirementsGB/T 14456.1-20172018-2-1
Jasmine teaGB/T 22292-20172018-2-1
Oolong tea--Part 6: DancongGB/T 30357.6-20172018-1-1
Dark tea—Part 1:Basic requirementsGB/T 32719.1-20162017-1-1
Dark tea—Part 4:Liupao teaGB/T 32719.4-20162017-1-1
Green tea - Part 6: Steamed green teaGB/T 14456.6-20162017-1-1
Green tea—Part 3: Green tea made from medium and small-leaf varietiesGB/T 14456.3-20162017-1-1
Dark tea - Part 2:Huajuan teaGB/T 32719.2-20162017-1-1
Green tea - Part 5: Mee teaGB/T 14456.5-20162017-1-1
Green tea - Part 4: Gunpowder tea GB/T 14456.4-20162017-1-1
Good manufacturing practice of teaGB/T 32744-20162017-1-1
Dark tea - Part 3: Xiangjian teaGB/T 32719.3-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for Mee tea producing and manufacturingGB/T 32742-20162017-1-1
Technical specification for white tea processingGB/T 32743-20162017-1-1
Jingshan TeaGH/T 1127-20162016-11-1
Technological specification of Needle(bud)-shape green tea processingDB33/T 2013-20162016-7-7
Oolong tea―Part 2:Tieguanyin-including Amendment 1GB/T 30357.2-2013/XG1-20162016-4-26
Tea products―Part 1:Instant tea in solid formGB/T 31740.1-20152015-11-2
Tea products―Part 2:Tea polyphenolsGB/T 31740.2-20152015-11-2
Requirements for fresh leaves of teaGB/T 31748-20152015-11-2
Technological regulation of Xiangcha tea processingDB33/T 967-20152015-6-7
Local food safety standards―Substitute teaDBS52/ 002-20142015-6-1
Renewable resources recycling network basic requirementsGH/T 1093-20142014-12-1
Grade of edible birds nestGH/T 1092-20142014-10-1
Herbal teaGH/T 1091-20142014-10-1
Rich-selenium teaGH/T 1090-20142014-10-1
Instant Tea - Part 5: Methods for Determination of Free-flow and Compacted Bulk DensitiesGB/T 18798.5-20132014-6-22
Good Manufacturing Practice in Brick Tea EnterpriseGB/T 30378-20132014-6-22
Determination of Iron,Manganese,Copper,Zinc,Calcium ,Magnesium,Potassium,Sodium,Phosphorus,Sulfur in Tea - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometryGB/T 30376-20132014-6-22
Tea - Determination of Dust and Broken ContentGB/T 8311-20132014-6-22
Oolong Tea - Part 1: Basic RequirementsGB/T 30357.1-20132014-6-22
Instant Tea in Solid Form - Part 4: SpecificationGB/T 18798.4-20132014-6-22
Oolong Tea - Part 2: TieguanyinGB/T 30357.2-20132014-6-22
Planting Technology Standard for Tree of Brick TeaGB/T 30377-20132014-6-22
Compressed tea—Part 8:Mi zhuan teaGB/T 9833.8-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 5:Tuo teaGB/T 9833.5-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 4:Kang zhuan teaGB/T 9833.4-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 1:Hua zhuan teaGB/T 9833.1-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 6:Jin teaGB/T 9833.6-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 2:Hei zhuan teaGB/T 9833.2-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 3:Fu zhuan teaGB/T 9833.3-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 9:Qing zhuan teaGB/T 9833.9-20132013-12-6
Compressed tea—Part 7:Jin jian teaGB/T 9833.7-20132013-12-6
Black tea—Part 3:Souchong black teaGB/T 13738.3-20122013-7-1
Technology requirement for making standard samples of teaGB/T 18795-20122013-7-1
General Requirement of the Tea Sensory Test RoomGB/T 18797-20122013-7-1
Technological regulations of tea processingGH/T 1077-20112012-3-1
Product of geographical indication—Laoshan green teaGB/T 26530-20112011-11-1
General principle for tea packagingGH/T 1070-20112011-7-1
General principle for tea storageGH/T 1071-20112011-7-1
Determination of dicofol residues in tea for import and exportSN/T 0348.1-20102011-5-1
Determination of magnetic metals content in teaNY/T 1960-20102011-2-1
Product of geographical indication-Tanyang Gongfu teaGB/T 24710-20092010-5-1
TeabagGB/T 24690-20092010-1-1
Technique specification for producing and manufacturing of brick teaGB/T 24615-20092009-12-1
Requirements for material of brick teaGB/T 24614-20092009-12-1
Methodology of sensory evaluation of teaGB/T 23776-20092009-9-1
Product of geographical indication—Xinyang Maojian teaGB/T 22737-20082009-6-1
Product of geographical indication—Fujian Oolong teaDB35/T 943-20092009-5-30
Determination of theanine in tea - High performance liquid chromatographyGB/T 23193-20082009-5-1
Product of geographical indication - Songyang teaDB33/T 739-20092009-4-7
Zhejiang green teaDB33/T 733-20092009-3-11
Jasmine teaGB/T 22292-20082009-3-1
White teaGB/T 22291-20082009-3-1
Instant tea in solid form - Part 1: Sampling GB/T 18798.1-20082009-3-1
Instant tea in solid form - Part 2: Determination of total ashGB/T 18798.2-20082009-3-1
Instant tea in solid form - Part 3: Determination of moisture contentGB/T 18798.3-20082009-3-1
Black tea - Part2: Congou black teaGB/T 13738.2-20082009-3-1
Product of geographical indication - Puer teaGB/T 22111-20082008-12-1
Product of geographical indication - Gougunao tea GB/T 19691-20082008-12-1
Product of geographical indication - Huangshan maofeng teaGB/T 19460-20082008-12-1
Product of geographical indication—Mengshan teaGB/T 18665-20082008-12-1
The terms of tea sensory testsGB/T 14487-20082008-12-1
Product of geographical indication - Dongting(mountain) biluochun tea GB/T 18957-20082008-11-1
Determination of tetradifon residues in tea for import and exportSN/T 2072-20082008-11-1
Determination of Benzyl Acetate in tea-drink - Gas chromatography method GB/T 21914-20082008-11-1
Determination of lead,arsenic,cadmium,copper,iron content in tea for import and export—Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric methodSN/T 2056-20082008-11-1
Product of geographical indication—Hangzhou white chrysanthemumGB/T 18862-20082008-10-1
Green tea - Part 2: Dayezhong green tea GB/T 14456.2-20082008-10-1
Yellow tea GB/T 21726-20082008-10-1
Black tea—Part 1:Broken black teaGB/T 13738.1-20082008-10-1
Product of geographical indication—Zhenghe white teaGB/T 22109-20082008-10-1
Code on quality and safety control of tea for exportGB/Z 21722-20082008-10-1
Product of geographical indication - Yongchun Foshou tea GB/T 21824-20082008-10-1
Product of geographical indication - Taiping houkui tea GB/T 19698-20082008-10-1
Product of geographical indication—Longjing teaGB/T 18650-20082008-10-1
Product of geographical indication—Chuzhou chrysanthemumGB/T 19692-20082008-10-1
Green tea - Part 1: Basic requirements GB/T 14456.1-20082008-10-1
Product of geographical indication—Lushan yunwu teaGB/T 21003-20072007-12-1
Process Technical Regulation for Zhulan Scented TeaNY/T 1391-20072007-9-1
Product of geographical indication - Anxi tieguanyin tea GB/T 19598-20062007-6-1
Product of geographical indication - Yuhua teaGB/T 20605-20062007-4-1
Product of geographical indication - Wuyi rock-essence tea GB/T 18745-20062006-12-1
Product of geographical indication - Anji bai tea GB/T 20354-20062006-11-1
Product of geographical indication - Wuniu zao tea GB/T 20360-20062006-10-1
Lnspection of 9 organic heterocyclic pesticides in tea for import and exportSN/T 1591-20052005-12-1
Jingshan tea Part 3: Quality and safety requirementDB33/257.3-20052005-8-9
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication-Gougunao teaGB 19691-20052005-8-1
Products of designations of origin or geographical indications--Taiping houkui teaGB 19698-20052005-8-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication-Chuzhou chrysanthemumGB 19692-20052005-8-1
Inspection of the total residues of dithiocarbamate pesticides in tea for exportSN/T 1541-20052005-7-1
Rule of quarantine of tea import and exportSN/T 1490-20042005-4-1
Bilochun teaNY/T 863-20042005-2-1
Pollution-free food drink chrysanthemumNY 5119-20042005-2-1
KudingchaNY/T 864-20042005-2-1
Product of designations of origin of geographical indication―Anxi tieguanyin teaGB 19598-20042005-1-1
Rules for inspection of instant coffee for import and exportSN/T 1391-20042004-12-1
Test method of Fluorine in tea -- Electrode method for selection of Fluorine ionNY/T 838-20042004-9-1
Lu'an Melon Seed TeaNY/T 781-20042004-6-1
Huangshan Maofeng TeaNY/T 782-20042004-6-1
Black teaNY/T 780-20042004-6-1
Zisun teaNY/T 784-20042004-6-1
Dongtingchun teaNY/T 783-20042004-6-1
Puer teaNY/T 779-20042004-6-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication―Huangshan maofeng teaGB 19460-20042004-5-1
Pollution-free food. TeaNY 5244-20042004-3-1
Pollution-free Food - Technical Regulation for Jasmine Tea Processing TechnologyNY/T 5245-20042004-3-1
Rules for the inspection of steamed green tea for exportDB33/T 418-20032003-5-26
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication--Dongting(mountain) biluochun teaGB 18957-20032003-4-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indication--Hangzhou white chrysanthemumGB 18862-20022003-4-1
Green food-TeaNY/T 288-20022003-3-1
Product of designations of origin or geographical indications-Longjing teaGB 18650-20022003-3-1
Fuzhuan Tea DB33/T 389-20022003-2-1
Instant tea in solid form--Determination of moisture contentGB/T 18798.3-20022003-2-1
Instant tea in solid form--SamplingGB/T 18798.1-20022003-2-1
Instant tea in solid form--Determination of total ashGB/T 18798.2-20022003-2-1
Qingzhuan Tea DB33/T 388-20022003-2-1
Rules for the inspection and quarantine of export guava leafSN/T 1130.1-20022003-1-1
Rich - Selenium teaNY/T 600-20022002-12-20
Hangzhou white chrysanthemumNY/T 602-20022002-12-20
Method for the determination of multiple pyrethroid residues in tea for import and exportSN/T 1117-20022002-11-1
Organic tea processingNY/T 5198-20022002-9-1
Pollution-free food. Scenting tea with jasmineNY 5122-20022002-9-1
Wuyi rock-essence teaGB 18745-20022002-8-1
Mengshan teaGB 18665-20022002-6-1
tea - Tuo teaGB/T 9833.5-20022002-6-1
Jingting lu xue teaNY/T 482-20022002-2-1
Environmental conditions of the place of origin of the pollution-free food teaNY 5020-20012001-10-1
Tea Beverage QB 2499-20002001-10-1
Pollution-free food tea production technical regulationsNY/T 5018-20012001-10-1
Pollution-free food and tea processing technology proceduresNY/T 5019-20012001-10-1
General rules for the inspection of health caring tea for exportSN/T 0797-19991999-8-1
Method for the determination of toxaphene residues in tobacco for exportSN 0640-19971998-1-1
Method for the determination of dicofol residues in tea for export―Gas chromatographySN/T 0348.1-19951995-11-1
Method for the determination of dicofol residues in tea for export—Liquid chromatographySN/T 0348.2-19951995-11-1
Green teaGB/T 14456-19931994-5-1
The terms of tea sensory testsGB/T 14487-19931994-2-1
Tea Sensory Evaluation Method SB/T 10157-19931993-10-1
The second set of broken black teaGB/T 13738.2-19921993-7-1
Transport Package of Raw Tea SB/T 10094-19921993-6-1
General Technical Specifications for Storage and Maintenance of Tea SB/T 10095-19921993-6-1
Method for determination of BHC DDT residues in tea for exportSN 0147-19921993-5-1
terms of tea processingSB/T 10036-19921992-12-1
terms of tea processingSB/T 10034-19921992-12-1
Tea--Determination of tea polyphenols contentGB/T 8313-19871988-7-1
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