Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Domestic insulated containersGB/T 11416-20212022-7-1
Glass containers—Quality requirements for Chinese spirits bottle GB/T 24694-20212022-7-1
Method for the determination of the hot-end coating thickness of glass bottle GB/T 40913-20212022-6-1
Determination of SiO2,Al2O3,Fe2O3,K2O,Na2O,CaO,MgO content of soda-lime-silica glass by X-ray fluorescence spectrometric method GB/T 40915-20212022-6-1
Beer bottlesGB 4544-20202021-8-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 13:6 leads 100 regularGB/T 37869.13-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 12:6 leads 89 regularGB/T 37869.12-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 8:4 leads 63,66 and 70 regularGB/T 37869.8-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 11:6 leads 82 regularGB/T 37869.11-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 5:4 leads 43 and 48 regularGB/T 37869.5-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 9:4 leads 63,66 and 70 deepGB/T 37869.9-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 2:3 leads 33 mediumGB/T 37869.2-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 10: 6 leads 77 regularGB/T 37869.10-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 7:4 leads 58 deepGB/T 37869.7-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 1:GeneralGB/T 37869.1-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 14:8 leads 110 regularGB/T 37869.14-20192020-5-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 6:4 leads 53 and 58 regularGB/T 37869.6-20192020-5-1
Class containers—Height and non-parallelism of finish with reference to container base—Test methodsGB/T 37852-20192020-3-1
Glass containers—Standard tolerances for flaconnageGB/T 37851-20192020-3-1
Glass containers—Dimensions for 26H126 crown finishGB/T 37855-20192020-3-1
Wide-mouth glass containers—Deviation from flatness of top sealing surface—Test methodsGB/T 37854-20192020-3-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 4:3 leads 38 mediumGB/T 37869.4-20192020-3-1
Glass containers—Dimensions for 26H180 crown finishGB/T 37856-20192020-3-1
Glass containers—Vacuum lug finishes—Part 3:3 leads 38 regularGB/T 37869.3-20192020-3-1
Implementation guidelines for the management and control system of Flat glass manufacturing enterprises work safety risk classificationDB37/T 3275-20182018-7-12
Implementation guideline for the management and control system of risk classification for production safety of glass packaging container manufacturing industryDB37/T 3293-20182018-7-12
Implementation guidelines for the system of screening for and elimination of Flat glass manufacturing enterprises hidden risks of work safety accidentsDB37/T 3276-20182018-7-12
Glasswares - StemglassesQB/T 4946-20162016-9-1
Glass containers―Standard tolerances for bottlesGB/T 21299-20152016-4-1
Glass containers―Test method for impact resistanceGB/T 6552-20152016-4-1
Glassware - OrnamentQB/T 4623-20132014-7-1
Glass containers - Milk glass bottlesQB/T 4622-20132014-7-1
Glass contains—Manufacture—VocabularyGB/T 9987-20112012-9-1
Glass tumblersQB/T 4162-20112011-8-1
Tempered glassware for eating & drinkingQB/T 4064-20102011-3-1
Glass containers—Chinese spirits bottleGB/T 24694-20092010-5-1
Test method for the transmittance of domestic glassGB/T 5433-20082009-9-1
Test method for density of glass by buoyancyGB/T 5432-20082009-9-1
Glass containers - Internal pressure resistance - Test methodsGB/T 4546-20082009-9-1
Glass containers—Resistance to vertical load—Test methodGB/T 22934-20082009-9-1
Test method for verticality of glass bottles GB/T 8452-20082009-9-1
Test methods for stress examination of glass containersGB/T 4545-20072008-9-1
Glass containers—Test methods of the thermal shock resistance and thermal shock enduranceGB/T 4547-20072008-9-1
Glass-Resistance to attack by hydrochloric acid at 100℃ - Flame emission or flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodGB/T 6581-20072008-9-1
Glassware-Hydrolytic resistance of the interior surfaces of glass containers-Determination by flame spectrometry and classificationGB/T 4548.2-20032003-7-1
Domestic insulated containersGB/T 11416-20022003-1-1
Rotating plate of glass for TVQB/T 2562-20022002-12-1
Silver coated glass mirrorJC/T 871-20002001-5-1
Beer Jigger QB 2437-19992000-5-1
All-glass Evacuated Solar Collector Tubes for Glass Tubes QB/T 2436-19991999-12-1
Test Methods for Glass TumblerQB/T 3561-19991999-4-21
Machine Pressed Glass TumblersQB/T 3559-19991999-4-21
Packing for No. 5 narrow mouthed vacuum flaskQB/T 3728-19991999-4-21
Machine Blown Glass TumblersQB/T 3558-19991999-4-21
Technical Requirements on Glass Lamp Shades for Civil and Construction UseQB/T 3593-19991999-4-21
Glossary of terms relating to vacuum flaskQB/T 3723-19991999-4-21
500ML Crown-shaped White Spirit Bottle QB/T 3562-19991999-4-21
Glass containers - Crown finishes dimensionsQB/T 3729-19991999-4-21
Glass containers-Internal pressure resistance-Method of testGB/T 4546-19981998-12-1
Spectacles lensesGB 10810-19961997-5-1
Beer bottlesGB 4544-19961997-1-1
Test method and classification for hydrolytic resistance of the interior surfaces of glass containersGB/T 4548-19951996-8-1
Glass bottles for carbonated drinksQB 2142-19951996-6-1
Heat-resisting Instrument Pressed with Borosilicate Glass QB/T 2111.2-19951996-3-1
Heat-resisting Instrument Blown with Borosilicate Glass QB/T 2111.1-19951996-3-1
Glass containers-Thermal shock resistance and thermal shock endurance-Test methodsGB 4547-19911992-3-1
Glass containers--Crown finishes dimensionsGB 10809-19891990-2-1
Laboratory glassware bottlesGB/T 11414-19891990-2-1
Domestic insulated containersGB/T 11416-19891990-2-1
Laboratory sintered(fritted) filters-Porosity grading, classification and designationGB 11415-19891990-2-1
The glass blanks of photochromic spectacle lensGB 9105-19881988-10-1
Glossary of terms relating to vacuum flaskGB 5427-19851986-5-1
The density of daily use glass; Test methodGB 5432-19851986-5-1
The transmittance of daily use glass; Test methodGB 5433-19851986-5-1
Released alkali tests of glasses and glass containers for pharmaceutical preparationsGB 4771-19841986-1-1
Glass containers;Stress examination;Method of testGB/T 4545-19841985-3-1
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