Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Regenerated stripping liquid for display device manufacturing industry useT/JSSES 14-2021
Group standard for ex-situ regeneration of alumina base catalystT/JSSES 11-2020
Regenerated diluter for electronic device manufacturing industry useT/JSSES 13-2021
Environmental management—Guide on life cycle assessment for electrical and electronic equipmentGB/Z 40824-20212022-5-1
Method of testing the performance of equipment for industrial organic waste gas purificationGB/T 40200-20212021-12-1
The clothing with safety sign for the working people on roadsGB/T 24031-20212021-10-1
Technical specification for recycling and utilization of copper anode mudGB/T 39778-20212021-10-1
Guidlines for circular economy practical technologies in thermal power industry(coal-fired power generation company)GB/T 39162-20202021-5-1
Guide for circular economy evaluating—Thermal power industryGB/T 39200-20202021-5-1
Technical specifications for extraction of aluminum oxide from high-alumina fly ashGB/T 39201-20202021-5-1
Environmental management—Material flow cost accounting—General framework GB/T 24051-20202020-12-1
Grade evaluation for collection site of renewable resourceGH/T 1295-20202020-9-1
Guidelines for treatment of rural domestic wasteGB/T 37066-20182018-12-28
Guide rule of rural domestic sewage treatmentGB/T 37071-20182018-12-28
Environmental management systems―General guidelines on implementationGB/T 24004-20172018-7-1
Technical specification for compilation for water quality criteria date―Part 2:Aquatic toxicityGB/T 34666.2-20172018-5-1
General principles for circular economic assessment of electrical and electronic productsGB/T 34143-20172018-2-1
Environmental management-Water footprint-Principles,requirements and guidelinesGB/T 33859-20172017-12-1
Environmental management syste - s?Requirements with guidance for useGB/T 24001-20162017-5-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 1: Room air conditioners and household refrigeratorsGB/T 32355.1-20152017-1-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 5 : Small and medium three-phase asynchronous motorGB/T 32355.5-20152016-7-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 2: Washing machines, television sets and computersGB/T 32355.2-20152016-7-1
Quality and environment safety evaluation guidelines for integrated utilization product of industrial solid wasteGB/T 32328-20152016-7-1
Assessment values of recyclability rate for electrical and electronic products―Part 4: Copier and printerGB/T 32355.4-20152016-7-1
Assessment guidelines for integrated utilization technology of industrial solid wasteGB/T 32326-20152016-7-1
Technical specification for classification of the environmental risk grade of oil depot operatorSZDB/Z 161-20152016-1-1
Technical specification for classification of the environmental risk grade of dangerous chemicals operatorSZDB/Z 160-20152016-1-1
Technical specification for classification of the environmental risk grade of plating & surface finishing industrySZDB/Z 156-20152015-12-1
Technical specification for classification of the environmental risk grade of printed circuit board industry in Shenzhen citySZDB/Z 151-20152015-10-1
Guide for the hazardous waste standardization management of chlor-alkali enterprisesDB21/T 2488-20152015-9-2
Grade specification for waste paper classificationSB/T 11058-20132014-12-1
Standard for construction and operation of scrap-metal recycling enterprisesSB/T 11049-20132014-12-1
Technical guidelines for environmental supervision of construction project in Shenzhen citySZDB/Z 111-20142014-9-1
Life cycle assessment specification on steel products(Product category rules)GB/T 30052-20132014-5-1
Implementation guidelines of environmental management system for waste resourse multiple utilization enterprisesGB/T 29750-20132014-3-1
Production life cycle assessment specification for float glass(Product category rules)GB/T 29157-20122013-10-1
Production life cycle assessment specification for metal-plastic decorative panel(Product category rules)GB/T 29156-20122013-10-1
Environmental management—Environmental communication—Guidelines and examplesGB/T 26450-20102011-6-1
Environmental management—Integrating environmental aspects into product design and developmentGB/T 24062-20092010-2-1
Environmental labels and declarations—Type Ⅲ environmental declarations—Principles and proceduresGB/T 24025-20092009-12-1
The recovery marking of products and componentsGB/T 23384-20092009-12-1
Environmental Protection Guide for Developing Circular Economy in Aluminum IndustryHJ 466-20092009-7-1
Environmental Protection Guide for Developing Circular Economy in Iron and Steel IndustryHJ 465-20092009-7-1
Guidelines for environmental impact assessment - Atmospheric environmentHJ 2.2-20082009-4-1
Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Requirements and guidelinesGB/T 24044-20082008-11-1
Environmental management - Life cycle assessment - Principles and frameworksGB/T 24040-20082008-11-1
Guideline for the assessment on the reuse and recycling system of waste electrical and electronic equipmentGB/T 21474-20082008-8-1
Guide for established of eco-industrial parks planningHJ/T 409-20072008-4-1
Cleaner production standard-liquor industryHJ/T 402-20072008-3-1
Cleaner production standard-Tobacco industryHJ/T 401-20072008-3-1
Specification for environmental information system integrationHJ/T 418-20072008-2-1
Environmental information terminologyHJ/T 416-20072008-2-1
Specification for emvironmental database design operation and managementHJ/T 419-20072008-2-1
Environmental aspects—Inclusion in electrotechnical product standardsGB/T 20877-20072007-8-1
Technical guideline for environmental impact assessment Constructional project of petroleum and natural gas development on landHJ/T 349-20072007-8-1
Environmental management systems General guideline on principles,systems and support techniquesGB/T 24004-20042005-5-15
Environmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for useGB/T 24001-20042005-5-15
Environmental management - VocabularyGB/T 24050-20042004-10-1
Environmental management—Environmental assessment of sites and organizations(EASO)GB/T 24015-20032003-10-1
Specification for formulating environmental Impact Statement of thermal power plant construction projectHJ/T 13-19962003-9-1
Environmental management--Life cycle assessment--Life cycle interpretationGB/T 24043-20022002-10-1
Environmental management--Life cycle assessment--Life cycle impact assessmentGB/T 24042-20022002-10-1
Environmental management--Environmental performance evaluation--GuidelinesGB/T 24031-20012001-11-1
Environmental management--Environmental labels and declarations--Self-declared environmental claims(Type Ⅱ environmental labelling)GB/T 24021-20012001-8-1
Environmental management - Environmental labels and declarations - Type Ⅰenvironmental labelling - Principles and proceduresGB/T 24024-20012001-8-1
Application Manual for Standard Quality of Chinese Current Chemical Industry and Petroleum Products ZBBZH/ZX2000-11-1
Environmental management -VocabularyGB/T 24050-20002000-10-1
Environmental management--Life cycle assessment--Goal and scope definition and inventory analysisGB/T 24041-20002000-10-1
Environmental management--Environmental labels and declarations--General principlesGB/T 24020-20002000-10-1
Environmental management--Life cycle assessment--Principles and frameworksGB/T 24040-19991999-11-1
Technical guidelines for environmental impact assessment Ecological environment of nature resource developmentHJ/T 19-19971998-6-1
Environmental management systems-Specification with guidance for useGB/T 24001-19961997-4-1
Guidelines for environmental auditing--Audit procedures--Auditing of environmental management systemsGB/T 24011-19961997-4-1
Environmental management systems-General guidelines on principles, systems and supporting techniquesGB/T 24004-19961997-4-1
Guidelines for environmental auditing--General principlesGB/T 24010-19961997-4-1
Technical guidelines for environmental impact assessment surfacewater environmentHJ/T 2.3-19931994-4-1
Technical guidelines for environmental impact assessment general principlesHJ/T 2.1-19931994-4-1
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