Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Wide Joint Paste YB/T 2807-1978
Low borosilicate glass ampoule (Trial)YBB 0033(02)-2002
The oral solid medicinal polypropylene bottle (Trial)YBB 0011(02)-2002
The oral liquid medicinal polypropylene bottle (Trial)YBB 0008(02)-2002
Kyanite. Andalusite. SillimaniteYB/T 4032-1991
PVC / low-density polyethylene solid medicinal compound rigid sheet (Trial)YBB 0023(02)-2002
Pyrogen test method (Trial)YBB 0002(03)-2003
Techinical Conditions of Tin ConcentrateYB 736-1982
General requirement for laminated films and products for pharmaceutical packagingYBB 00132002-2015
Metallurgical industry of heating, ventilation design drawing proceduresYBJ 9076-1997
Metallurgy Nozzle YB/T 4087-1982
Injection Vials Made of High Borosilicate Glass TubingYBB 00292005-191
Injection test proceduresYBJ 14-1989
Chain management terminologyYB/T 10456-2008
Pharmaceutical tube made of high borosilicate glassYBB 0001-1-2005
Static load testing proceduresYBJ 17-1990
Alloy with chrome oreYB/T 5277-1999
The multilayer coextruded infusion film, bags General Clauses (Trial)YBB 0034(02)-2002
Composite Pipe(PE/AL/PE)for Pharmaceutical Cream PackagingYBB 0025-2005
Pilger rolls technical conditionsYB 4055-1991
The hemolytic check method (Trial)YBB 0003(03)-2003
Well groove shovel probe rulesYBJ 7-1988
Iron and steel enterprises to design energy-saving technology requirementsYBJ 51-1998
Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (steelmaking equipment)YB 9244-1992
Natural building materials soil, sand, stone investigation proceduresYBJ 6-1988
Magnesite oreYB 4065-1991
Geotechnical investigation report and data compilationYBJ 2-1988
Soil test proceduresYBJ 42-1992
Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (hydraulic and lubrication equipment)YB 9246-1992
Oral solid pharmaceutical PET bottles (Trial)YBB 0026(02)-2002
Polyvinyl chloride / polyvinylidene chloride solid medicinal compound rigid sheet (Trial)YBB 0022(02)-2002
Determination of tensile properties Law (Trial)YBB 0011(03)-2003
DolomiteYB 2415-1981
Metallurgical seismic design of buildingsYBJ 9081-1997
Vinyl chloride monomer assay (Trial)YBB 0014(03)-2003
Acute systemic toxicity test method (Trial)YBB 0004(03)-2003
Chinese Industry StandardYB H65002-1990
Polyester / LDPE pharmaceutical packaging composite film bags (for trial implementation)YBB 0018(02)-2002
Metallurgical electrical equipment installation construction and acceptanceYBJ 217-1989
Quinoline distillation range of industrial measurement methodYB/T 5283-1999
Determination of the true density of carbon materials (distilled water boiling method)YB/T 4091-1991
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil (Trial)YBB 0015(02)-2002
Efficient heat exchanger technology jet conditionYB 4053-1991
Beneficiation equipment installation engineering quality assessment standardsYB 9240-1992
Halogenated Butyl Rubber Stopper for Injection Sterile Powder YB 0005-2005
Techinical Conditions of Nickel ConcentrateYB 742-1982
Vibration test proceduresYBJ 21-1991
TCN23-330A vacuum pug mill technical conditionsYB/T 3224-1988
Steelmaking equipment installation engineering quality acceptanceYBJ 202-1988
Technical Specification for Metal Shear Blade [Bound Volume]YB/T 4070.1~4070.2-2006
Injection vials made of high borosilicate glass tubingYBB 0029-1-2005
Design, construction and acceptance of pileYBJ 24-1992
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5083-1993
Geotechnical field description rulesYBJ 4-1988
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film bag General Clauses (Trial)YBB 0013(02)-2002
Measurement proceduresYBJ 26-1987
Determination of the true density of carbon materials (distilled water boiling method)YB 4091-1992
Pharmaceutical tube made of neutral horosilicate glassYBB 0001-2-2005
Biaxially oriented polypropylene / low density polyethylene pharmaceutical packaging composite film bags (for trial implementation)YBB 0019(02)-2002
Julvyixi GutiYaoyong Yingpian PVC sheet for Solid Pharmaceutical PackagingYBB 0021-2002
Titanium concentrate(rock minerals)YB/T 4031-2015
LDPE Films and Pouches for Medical PackagingYBB20352012
Technical requirement of waste heat utilization equipment designYB/T 4483-2015
All-natural material sintering mulliteYB/T 5267-1999
Injection vials made of moulded neutral borosilicate glassYBB 0006-2-2005
Chinese Industry StandardYB H24001-1990
SilicaYB 2416-1981
Injection Vials Made of High Borosilicate Glass TubingYBB 00292005-1
Infusion bottles made of neutral borosilicate glassYBB 0002-2-2005
Determination of carbon materials inherent moistureYB/T 5297-2006
Gas transmission rate assay (Trial)YBB 0008(03)-2003
Polyamide / aluminum / PVC cold stamping molding hard piece of solid medicinal compound (Trial)YBB 0024(02)-2002
The oral fluids Medicinal PET bottle (Trial)YBB 0010(02)-2002
Control of oral liquid of low borosilicate glass bottles (Trial)YBB 0028(02)-2002
Assemblages for prefilled syringes (with stainless-steel needles) YBB00112004-2015
Techinical Conditions of Antimony Concentrate YB 2419-1981
Field large direct shear test proceduresYBJ 20-1999
Soda-lime glass molded injection bottle (Trial)YBB 0031(02)-2002
Interim Provisions on YG-type Construction Technology of Expansion Anchor Bolt YBJ 204-1991
Aluminum the medicinal ointment tube (Trial)YBB 0016(02)-2002
Synthetic rutileYB/T 5286-1999
Ampoules made of neutral borosilicate glass tubingYBB 0032-2-2005
Peel strength measurement method (Trial)YBB 0010(03)-2003
Low-density polyethylene infusion bottle (Trial)YBB 0001(02)-2002
Primary skin irritation test method (Trial)YBB 0007(03)-2003
Pumping test proceduresYBJ 15-1989
Metallurgical and mining ground narrow gauge railway design specificationsYB 9065-1994
PVC / polyethylene / polyvinylidene chloride hard piece of solid medicinal compound (Trial)YBB 0020(02)-2002
Zinc-5% aluminum- rare earth alloy- coated cable for building engineeringYB/T 4543-2016E
Chinese Industry StandardYB 5013-1993
Metallurgical machinery and equipment installation engineering quality inspection and assessment criteria (iron equipment)YB 9243-1992
Tundish with silica insulation boardYB 4033-1991
An oral liquid pharmaceutical high-density polyethylene bottles (Trial)YBB 0009(02)-2002
T148 automotive diesel crankcase technical conditionsYB 3225-1988
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5085-1993
Determination of aluminum carbon refractories Chemical analysis of the amount of alumina capacity. EDTAYB/T 4077-1999
Low borosilicate glass the control injection bottles (Trial)YBB 0030(02)-2002
Injection vials made of neutral borosilicate glass tubingYBB 0029-2-2005
Water vapor transmission rate assay (Trial)YBB 0009(03)-2003
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5087-1993
Assay coefficient of linear thermal expansion (Trial)YB B0021(03)-2003
Polyester / aluminum / polyethylene pharmaceutical packaging composite film bags (for trial implementation)YBB 0017(02)-2002
Technical Specification of Bauxite Chamotte YB 2212-1982
Iron and steel industry term General Plan and Transportation EngineeringYB 9080-1997
Polypropylene medicinal eye drops bottle (Trial)YBB 0007(02)-2002
PVC solid medicinal rigid sheet (Trial)YBB 0021(02)-2002
Reinforced concrete structures 400MPaIII level application of technical regulationsYB 9072-1992
The skin sensitization Check Law (Trial)YBB 0005(03)-2003
Building (structure) building materials grading standards of earthquake damageYB 9255-1995
Refractory mortar load softening temperature test method (differential - heating method)YB 4022-1991
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5189-1993
Water hydrogeological investigation normsYBJ 31-1986
Low-density polyethylene medicinal eye drops bottle (Trial)YBB 0006(02)-2002
Insulating tiles for ingot casting. preparation of specimensYB/T 5276-1999
Railway with 38 to 60 kilograms per meter railYB/T 68-1987
Sample preparation requirements cellar with glass melting refractory products testYB 4015-1991
Pre-drilling pressuremeter testing proceduresYBJ 23-1991
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5258-1987
Intradermal stimulation Inspection Act (Trial)YBB 0006(03)-2003
YB/T 9051-1998 Technical Regulations on Energy Saving for Iron and Steel Enterprise ProjectsYB 9051-1998
Dynamic contact load testing proceduresYBJ 18-1990
Test Specifications for Metallurgical ConstructionYBJ 222-1990
Iron and steel enterprise telecommunications design requirementsYBJ 63-1991
Industrial furnace steel plant design requirementsYB 9079-1994
Aluminium, Stibium and Magnesium - Steel Bimetal Sheet YB 699-1980
Techinical Condition of High Manganese Steel CastYB 3210-1980
Technical Specifications for Hardened Mortar Compressive Strength Inspection with Impact Method YBJ 248-1992
Engineering geological mapping rulesYBJ 5-1988
Vinylidene chloride monomer assay (Trial)YBB 0015(03)-2003
Water pressure test proceduresYBJ 16-1989
Heat seal strength assay (Trial)YBB 0012(03)-2003
Niobium Phosphorus semisteelYB 4025-1991
Hot-rolled light gauge H sectionsYB/T 4113-2003
The densitometry (Trial)YBB 0013(03)-2003
Iron and steel enterprises to design energy-saving technologies (Trial)YBJ 51-1986
Water analysis specificationYBJ 32-1986
Manganese-rich slagYB 2406-1987
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5011-1993
Ampoules Made of Middle Borosilicate Glass TubingYBB 00322005-2-2015
Legend geotechnical engineering drawings rulesYBJ 3-1988
Chinese Industry StandardYB H95001-1990
Continuous casting mold powder. Determination of lithium oxide content. Flame atomic absorption spectrometric methodYB/T 190.9-2015
Pre-tensioned prestressed concrete pile centrifugal production technical regulationsYB 9237-1991
Operation Specifications for Engineering and Hydrogeological Geological Drilling YBJ 45-1992
Standard for Longitudinal Macroscopic Structure of GH4133B Alloy Disk Type Forging YB/T 4093-1991
The cytotoxic Check Law (Trial)YBB 0001(03)-2003
Tin-lead alloy eletroplated steel stripsYB/T 5195-1993
Oral solid pharmaceutical high-density polyethylene bottles (Trial)YBB 0012(02)-2002
Static Sounding rulesYBJ 22-1991
Grey cast iron pipes and fittings for train off waterYB/T 5188-1993
Wire Rope Oil prison determination approachYB/I 4182-2008
Determination of continuous cooling transformation diagram of steel. Dilatometric method YB/T 5128-2018
Polypropylene infusion bottle (Trial)YBB 0002(02)-2002
Determination of bulk density of carbon materialsYB/T 5323-2006
Chinese Industry StandardYB/T 5053-1993
Chinese Industry StandardYB H65001-1990
Vane shear test proceduresYBJ 19-1990
Soda-lime glass vial (Trial)YBB 0027(02)-2002
High-concentration terpenic oil YB 5002-1987
Injection Vials Made of Neutral Borosilicate Glass TubingYBB 00292005-192
YZJ-19A type articulated vibratory roller technical conditionsYB 3223-1988
Drug packaging materials and drug compatibility test guidelines (Trial)YBB 0014(02)-2002
Steel bar grating and matching parts Part3:Grating stair treads YB/T 4001.3-20202020-10-1
Device for high-pressure water jet sand blasting (pill) cleaning to steel surface treatment YB/T 4802-20202020-10-1
Hot rolled corrosion resistant railYB/T 4817-20202020-10-1
Steel bar grating and matching parts Part 2:Grating platform ball-type guardrails YB/T 4001.2-20202020-10-1
Stainless steel welded steel pipe for water supplyYB/T 4204-20202020-10-1
Fireclay brick and semi-silica brick for coke ovenYB/T 4168-20192020-1-1
Nozzle and well bricksYB/T 4111-20192020-1-1
Functional refractories for continuous castingYB/T 007-20192020-1-1
Steel bar grating and matching parts Part 1:Steel bar gratings YB/T 4001.1-20192020-1-1
Refractory products-Alumina bubble bricksYB/T 4764-20192020-1-1
Slide gate bricksYB/T 5049-20192020-1-1
Burned microporous alumina-graphite brickYB/T 113-20192020-1-1
Iron and steel scraps technology conditions for steelmaking process YB/T 4737-20192020-1-1
Steel wire strands for antiwisting ropeYB/T 4747-20192020-1-1
Non-carbon ladle lining bricksYB/T 4765-20192020-1-1
Alloyed cast iron grinding ballsYB/T 092-20192019-11-1
FluorsparYB/T 5217-20192019-11-1
Low chromium alloyed cast iron cylpebsYB/T 093-20192019-11-1
Forging (rolling) steel grinding ballsYB/T 091-20192019-11-1
Technical norm for safety operating of iron ore businessYB/T 4648-20182019-7-1
Technical specifications for waste heat recycling of rotary hearth furnace flue gasYB/T 4722-20182019-7-1
Iron-bearing dust and sludge. Determination of zinc content. EDTA titrimetric method YB/T 4726.1-20182019-7-1
Technical specification for safety operating of manganese mineYB/T 4649-20182019-7-1
The technical specification of recycling for stainless steel scrapYB/T 4717-20182019-7-1
Steel slag. Determination of silicon dioxide content. Perchloric acid dehydrate gravimetric analysis & silicon molybdenum blues photometry methodYB/T 4724-20182019-7-1
Evaluation guide for safety operation of metallurgical minesYB/T 4650-20182019-7-1
Technical specification for sensible heat utilization of coke oven raw gas in stand pipeYB/T 4723-20182019-7-1
Technical specification for air floatation on-line dispose process for oil-containing sludge in hot rolling YB/T 4714-20182019-4-1
Steel for metal hot-cutting circular saw blades YB/T 4689-20182019-4-1
Hot rolled steel sheet and strip with resistance to fatigue for automobile wheel YB/T 4687-20182019-4-1
Iron and steel. Determination of aluminium nitride precipitated phase content. Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometic method after electrolytic separation YB/T 4799-20182019-4-1
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