Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Classification of Disperse Porosity for ZL104 Alloy CastingsQJ 1309A-2008
Process management for avionics—Aerospace and defence electronic systems containing lead-free solder—Part 3:Performance testing for systems containing lead-free solder and finishesGB/T 41275.3-20222022-10-1
Process management for avionics—Aerospace and defence electronic systems containing lead-free solder—Part 21:Guidelines for transition to lead-free electronics GB/T 41275.21-20222022-10-1
Space materials science experiment―Ground-based matching test specificationGB/T 41215-20212022-7-1
Structural elements for castingHB 7801-20062007-5-1
Rule for Re-inspection of Non-metallic MaterialsQJ 977B-20052006-5-1
QJ B 977-2005 Rule for Re-inspection of Non-metalic MaterialsQJ B 977-20052006-5-1
X-ray radiographs for representative internal defects in castingsQJ 3232-20052006-5-1
Smelting of aluminium casting alloysQJ 1182A-20052005-7-1
QJ A 1700-2004 Specification for Aluminium-alloy Investment CastingsQJ A 1700-20042004-6-1
Specification for aluminium-alloy investment castingsQJ 1700A-20042004-6-1
Test method for determining sensitivety of materials to mechanical impact in liquid oxygen and pressurized oxygen environmentQJ 3177-20032003-12-1
Technical requirements for non-destructive testing of astronautic material and parts assemblies(subassemblies)QJ 3178-20032003-12-1
Specification for T300 carbon fiber/AG-80 epoxy prepregQJ 3184-20032003-12-1
Judging of non-destructive testing interior disfigurement of copper-infiltrated tungsten for spaceQJ 3186-20032003-12-1
QJ A 502-2001 Specification for Aluminium Alloy and Copper Alloy forgingsQJ A 502-20012002-2-1
Re-Inspection Rules for Welding Materials QJ 3090-19991999-7-1
Sampling Method for Re-Inspection of Nonmetallic Material QJ 3041-19981998-10-1
Technical Specifications for Phosphoric Acid Anodic Oxide Film Before Cementing of Aluminum AlloyQJ 2907-19971997-10-5
Inspection Method for Bonding Quality of Honeycomb Sandwich Structure with Laser Holography QJ 2915-19971997-10-5
Test Method for Acoustic Emission of Composite Structure Part QJ 2914-19971997-10-5
Process Specification of Phosphoric Acid Anodic Oxide Layer Before Cementing Alumium AlloyQJ 2908-19971997-9-1
QJ A 1373-1996 Casting Fecrco Processable Permanent Magnet Alloy QJ A 1373-19961996-12-1
Technical Specifications for Copper Alloy Castings QJ 171A-19961996-12-1
Casting FeCrCo Processable Permanent Magnet Alloy QJ 1373A-19961996-12-1
QJ A 171-1996 Technical Specifications for Copper Alloy Castings QJ A 171-19961996-12-1
Measurement Method for Shielding Efficiency of Plane Materials QJ 2809-19961996-10-1
Metal Material Reinspection Rules QJ 1386A-19951995-12-31
Test Method for Outgassing Rate of Spacecraft Material - 45~1000 ℃ Gas Output and Outgassing RateQJ 2693.2-19941994-12-24
Metallographic Test Method for Beryllium Bronze QJ 2337-19921992-12-30
Test Method for Rigid Solid Low-temperature Linear Thermal Expansion CoefficientQJ 1522-19881988-12-1
Test Method for Volatile Performance of Materials in Vacuum QJ 1558-19881988-11-1
Test Method for Thermal Conductivity of Metal At Low TemperatureQJ 1402-19881988-10-1
Specification for Electroforming Process - Electroformed Nickel SolutionQJ 1405-19881988-10-1
Test Methods for Static Immersion Corrosion of Metallic Materials in Nitro Oxidizer QJ 1387-19881988-10-1
Ultrasonic Inspection Method for FRP Laminate QJ 1274-19871988-4-1
Technical Specification for RTV Silicon Rubber Glass Cloth QJ 1280-19871988-3-1
Technical Specification for Die Castings of Aluminum Alloy, Copper Alloy and Zinc Alloy QJ 170-19871987-12-1
Compression Test Method for Metallic Sheet Materials QJ 905-19851986-12-1
Production Instruction for Chemical Nickel Plating of Nonmetallic Material QJ/Z 168-19861986-12-1
Technical Specification for HTV Silicon Rubber Glass Cloth QJ 1192-19871986-10-1
Test Method for Condensable Volatile of Materials in Vacuum QJ 1371-19881986-7-3
Test Methods for Mass Loss of Material in Vacuum QJ 1322-19871986-7-3
Technical Specification for Magnesium Alloy Castings QJ 168-19851986-1-1
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